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Welcome to a comprehensive list of quicksand and deep mud scenes in movies and television. A lot of credit goes to Dave L., Rob F., Jacob A., and QSFur whose lists of scenes I started with, drew from, and expanded upon. An additional acknowledgment goes to Dave L. again for his wonderful collection of video clips. And a big "thank you" to the many others in the community who contributed valuable information and made this a group effort.

A "@" after the Title indicates I have collected the scene on DVD video, either from my own collection, from the collections of others, or from the MPV Quicksand Clip Tapes.

A question mark "?" before a Movie Title, TV Show, or TV Episode indicates it is uncertain if this is the correct Movie, Show, or Episode for the quicksand scene described. It also indicates other unknown information and may question if a quicksand scene is even present in the program.

If you know of a scene that is missing, incorrectly identified, or inaccurately described, please email me with as much information as possible, and I'd be happy to make the update.

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================================================================= 3 Supermen In The Jungle (aka The Three Supermen in the Jungle; Fantastic Supermen and the Amazon; Los Tres Supermen En La Selva) @ 1970 Italian - Brad Harris, George Martin, Sal Borgese, Femi Benussi, Pasquale Simeoni In this third entry in the popular Three Fantastic Supermen series from Italy, the three acrobatic superheroes, along with a jungle explorer, attempt to reclaim the stolen lease of an African uranium mine, but they must first battle Russian scientists who plan to exploit a lost tribe of Amazons. After making a wrong left turn, they suddenly find their jeep sunk in quicksand. After pulling the explorer out of the bog, the superheroes (wearing black capes and red tights) swing across on a vine and use the vines to pull the jeep out. 7 Days to Live (aka Seven Days to Live; Du lebst noch 7 Tage; Seven D) @ 2000 US/German - Amanda Plummer, Sean Pertwee, Nick Brimble A woman who is dealing with the death of her young son finds that a move to an old house in the country doesn't exactly help, as she starts having visions of her own impending death. The woman, with bare legs and wearing a long white shirt, dreams that her dead son tricks her into a deep muddy bog where she steps in, struggles, and sinks to her neck before waking. But she wakes up to find her feet soiled with muck. 8th Man (aka Tobor the 8th Man) "The Monster Bird"
1965 TV B&W animated Japan - Jerry Berke, Bob Gaynor, Jack Metger
Animated series about an android super-hero. He was the scientist's eighth attempt at creating a super being. The hero is consumed by the baddie's shifting sands but manages to escape using his rockets.

12 Mile Road 2003 TV-Movie - Tom Selleck, Maggie Grace, Wendy Crewson A divorced farmer takes in his troubled teenage daughter for the summer, a summer which changes the lives of the two of them, and their friends and family, and threatens to ruin his present life and blight his future... until fate, and a driving rainstorm, intervene. The farmer and his girlfriend rescue a large cow from a mud pit. The fall in and get completely covered in thick brown mud. 12 to the Moon (aka Twelve to the Moon) 1960 - Ken Clark, Michi Kobi, Phillip Baird An international twelve-person team embarks on an expedition to the moon to attempt mankind's first expedition to the moon, in order to claim it as international territory and prevent disputes over it between nations. There they encounter a faceless alien intelligence who conclude that the human race is too immature and dangerous and must be destroyed. After being unable to rescue two crew members flash-frozen in some ice in a cave, the remaining space travelers head back to the ship. On the way, the British geophysicist stumbles into some strange dry lunar quicksand and is slowly sucked under as the others try to pull him free. The 13 Cold Blooded Eagles (aka Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles; Xin leng xue shi san ying) @ 1992 Hong Kong - Yan Yee Kwan, Waise Lee A man and woman (he wearing a silverish Samurai-like full-length wrap-around garb and she wearing a nice purplish dress with pearls) run through a swampy forest in the misty early morning and suddenly find themselves in a leaf-covered watery quicksand bog. He stumbles in first up to his waist, then inadvertently pulls her in as well as she hangs on to his sleeve. He tells her to climb back out before it's too late as they sink chest deep, but she tosses her silk sash around a nearby tree limb and with super "kung-fu" strength pulls them both out instantly. 30 Pripadu Majora Zemana (aka 30 Cases of Major Zeman) "Bestie - 1949"
1975 TV Czech Republic - Pavla Marsalkova, Petr Jakl, Radoslav Brzobohaty
A TV serial celebrating 30 years of Czech Police (1945-75). It tells a story of one man returning from a concentration camp in 1945 - a true communist - who joins the newly created communist-led police forces and spends his life at the service. In each episode, he solves a case. He begins with post-war Nazis hiding in the Czechoslovakia, "agents from the West", continues with couple of murders, as well as some usual crimes. It ends with stories aimed to criticize independent musicians and artists and showing them all as drug addicts. A woman is being pursued through a misty marsh by three men and runs into a deep watery bog. She struggles and slowly sinks under.

The 100 "The Gospel of Josephine" @
2014 TV USA - Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos
Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet. Jordan investigates Sanctum. Meanwhile, Octavia and Diyoza discover the threats of the new planet firsthand. Lastly, Bellamy and Clarke butt heads. Two women are chasing a man through a forest at dusk and run across some unstable ground. The man turns and points his gun at the women, making them stop on the quaking ground. They begin to sink in some kind of "quicksand" that resembles gelatine beads. Once they are stuck, the man takes off. The women argue and sink, with one of them struggling down to her waist and the other only to her knees. The man returns with a rope and offers to rescue them if they provide information he wants. Night falls, and the one woman is up to her neck in the strange stuff and the other to her chest. A strange storm hits, and the one women is pulled out, but there is not time to pull the other out, so she goes under while the other run for cover. The escaped women returns to find the surface of the "bog" crystallized. She breaks the surface, and the other women is pulled free alive.

999 "?" @ 199? TV British reality rescue drama In one of the programs, there is a segment about a guy, Terry Howlett, who gets stuck in quicksand on a Malcomb Bay beach in Lancashire County, Alaska at low tide. He is stuck there all night, and the rescue team, using air and water pressure hoses, have a race against time in the morning trying to free him before the tide comes in. 999 "?" @ 199? TV British reality rescue drama In one of the programs, there is a segment about two 12 year old boys, Steven Tucker and Glen McMillan from South Hampton, who try to cross some mudflats in July of 1997. The show re-enacts the rescue of Steven who gets stuck up to his armpits in the mud after they decide to walk back across the low-tide mudflats after ferrying over to the Hamble Point Marina. After Glen manages to go for help, a rescuer crawls out across the thick mud to the boy. 999 "?" @ 199? TV British reality rescue drama In one of the programs, there is a segment about two young brothers, Adam and Shane Watson, racing each other to school. Adam takes a short-cut into a small construction area and sinks into some thick deep mud created by recent rains and mud slides. His younger brother runs for help while a local man crawls out to help the boy but can't pull him free. Fire rescue arrives and saves the young boy. 90210 "Blood Is Thicker Than Mud"
2008 TV USA - Shenae Grimes-Beech, Tristan Mack Wilds, AnnaLynne McCord
A Kansas family relocates to Beverly Hills, where their two children adapt to the infamous social drama of West Beverly Hills High. Naomi is convinced that Annie's new business partner P.J. is the perfect man for her, but discovers her sister Jen is also interested in him. At a carnival, Naomi and Jen argue over Preston and end up plunging into a large pit of brown mud where they continue to insult and fight... to the enjoyment of the guys in the crowd.

Aayirathil Oruvan (aka One Man in a Thousand)
2010 India - Karthi, Reema Sen, Andrea Jeremiah
Chandramouli, a famous archaeologist, goes missing while on a research expedition. Anitha, a government officer, and Lavanya, Chandramouli's daughter, embark on an adventurous journey to find him. They face seven traps set by the Cholas: sea creatures which they flee from, cannibals who cannot eat them as long as they don't look at their face, warriors whose land they invade and brutally kill, snakes, hunger, quicksand, and a village. Many porters and army men are killed by these traps. (no quicksand)

The Acid Eaters (aka The Acid People) @ 1967 - Buck Kartalian, Pat Barrington Four average middle-class couples become weekend hippies, riding motorcycles, frolicking nude, and having a climactic orgy on a large white pyramid made of LSD. During a topless catfight, a woman is thrown into a quicksand pit up to her bare chest as several bad actors and actresses stand around and watch. She isn't shown sinking, as the next thing you see is just her arm above the surface, giving everyone the "finger" gesture. Across the Border 1914 B&W silent - Edmund Cobb, Hector A. Cobb, Grace McHugh There is no quicksand in this western film. However, actress Grace McHugh and cinematographer Owen Carter lost their lives in the production of this film on location on the Arkansas River in Colorado. While re-shooting a scene of Grace McHugh fording the river on horseback, her horse lost its footing, and she was thrown into the swift current. Owen Carter stopped filming and plunged into the river to save her. Together they succeeded to reaching a sandbar, which proved to be quicksand, and both perished. Shooting of the picture was otherwise complete and the film was released with the body of work by Grace McHugh and Owen Carter intact. Adventure Inc. (aka The Ultimate Adventure Company) "Secret of the Sand" @ 2002 TV Canadian - Michael Biehn, Karen Cliche, Jesse Nilsson The crew finds a hidden underground fortress and a magic scepter while running from adversaries in the desert. While digging around for a secret entrance to underground passages, the woman falls into (dry sand floating on water) quicksand and sinks immediately to her shoulders. The guy tries to reach her with a shovel but ends up tossing her a rope and pulling her out with the truck. They then put on scuba gear and swim under and up into the underground caverns. At the end, the protagonist falls into the quicksand while trying to retrieve the scepter that was knocked into the pit. He goes under, but the magical staff rises back up. Adventure Island
1947 B&W USA - Rory Calhoun, Rhonda Fleming, Alan Napier
Travelers find themselves marooned on an island with a maniacal self-made ruler. A couple of guys come across another guy, who had just bathed himself in the river, stuck in quicksand and yelling for help. One of the guys climbs a tree branch overhanging the dark muddy bog and tries to pull the stuck guy out as the branch is breaking. There are several attempts pulling the guy up and out... only to fall back in as the branch continues to break. The muck undulates as the guy struggles.

Adventures In Indochina (aka Les Aventuriers du Mekong) @ 1958 French - Jean Gaven, Reinhard Kolldehoff, Jean-Pierre Kerien A couple of gold seekers, a man and woman, are lost in the marsh. As they traverse stagnant swamp water, she gets stuck and sinks in the mud below fetid water. He tries to rescue her, but she drowns. He pulls her free and carries her out of the marsh. Adventures In Paradise "Nightmare on Napuka"
1959 TV B&W - Gardner McKay, James Holden, Lani Kai
On an emergency mission, Adam encounters a dope smuggler who takes advantage of the crisis. A scheming criminal (Martin Landau) leads a French naval officer and a seaman right into a stretch of quicksand. A French doctor stumbles into it while trying to rescue the other two. The hero saves all three with a heavy tree branch.

The Adventures of Batman "?" 1969 TV animated - Olan Soule, Casey Kasem Catwoman drops Batman and Robin neck deep in a vat of quicksand, but they manage to escape using rockets in their boots. The Adventures of Black Beauty "The Pit Pony" @ 1972 TV British - Judi Bowker, Michael Culver, Stacy Dorning The young girl Vicki steps into deep mud up to her knees while trying to find a safe path across the moor. The young boy with her uses the horse's lead to pull her out. The Adventures of Black Beauty "Where's Jonah?" 1972 TV British - Judi Bowker, Stephen Garlick, John Nettleton Black Beauty searches for Jonah, a pony who ran away. The kids run off to London in order to save a white pony. There is a scene where the pony keeps advancing on Ned the stable boy. The teenager backs up into a mud bog and sinks to his waist before one of the other kids pulls him out. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. "Pirates!" @ 1993 TV - Bruce Campbell, Julius Carry Brisco and Lord Bowler are captured by pirates in the desert and forced to "walk the plank" into a quicksand pit right after the pirate sinks one of his disloyal men to his death with an anchor. When they manage to free their bound hands, Brisco has Bowler push him up a little so that he can lasso his horse. Up to their necks, Brisco's second attempt is successful, and Brisco's horse pulls them out. Later, Brisco is chasing the pirate who runs into the same pit of quicksand. Brisco tries to save him by laying down and reaching out, but when the pirate tries to pull Brisco in too, Bowler pulls Brisco out by his feet, and the pirate goes under. (The quicksand is dry on top, but wet underneath.) Adventures of Captain Africa, Mighty Jungle Avenger! "?" 1955 B&W serial - John Hart, Rick Vallin, Bud Osborne Captain Africa comes to the aid of an Arabian potentate whose prime minister has been kidnapped and pledges to see that the legitimate Arabian caliph is restored to the throne which a tyrannical rival has usurped. There is a beautiful princess, a young sidekick, a dastardly villain, and a great deal of ferocious wildlife fauna as they are beset by guards of the tyrant caliph, desert outlaws, wild beasts of the jungle, and a pair of white adventurers who have a vested interest in keeping the usurper on the throne. In one of the 15 chapters, the hero was good and stuck in quicksand up to his neck, with bad guys closing in on one side and a jungle cat on the other. He manages to claw his way out at the beginning of the next chapter. (This serial was originally meant to be a sequel to the Phantom serial, but the rights were unattainable. Nonetheless, this serial is filled with stock footage taken from "The Phantom" and "The Desert Hawk" serials and cast with an actor who looked a lot like the original actor.) The Adventures of Gulliver "?" 1968 TV animated - Jerry Dexter, Ginny Tyler The adventures of Gary Gulliver into the land of Lilliput where he teams up with friendly but tiny Lilliputians in his search for his missing father. There was an episode where Flurtacia runs away from Lilliput after learning Gulliver has a signed picture of a girl with some endearing words on it. Glum follows her to try to get her back because she had jumped to a wrong conclusion. Out in the wilderness, she tries crossing a stream after hopping on a series of rocks. Glum meets her midstream on a rock, and his added weight causes it to sink in the mud. But they are rescued before their feet even get wet. The Adventures of Sinbad "The Bully" @ 1996 TV - Zen Gesner, George Buza, Oris Erhuero Sinbad helps Omar, the Sultan of Basra, slay a 40-foot Cyclops that has eaten his men and is threatening to eat the entire village of settlers. At the same time, Sinbad slays a demon from his past. Rongar stumbles into some good looking quicksand and is pulled out after sinking all the way under. Sinbad later lures the giant monster into the same swamp bog into which it sinks out of sight. Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson "Princess from the Sea" @ 1998 TV - Richard Thomas, Margo Gunn, Kieren Hutchison The Robinson family, while gathering supplies to build a fort, finds a native princess in trouble and welcomes her into their family. Ernst falls for the young woman who, as it turns out, is fleeing a tribal war. In part 2, the princess, wearing a red Victorian-style dress, is walking through the dark and foggy woods, falls into some watery quicksand, and sinks immediately up to her neck. She struggles and screams for help. The family dog alerts everyone, and they go looking for her. They find her, but she can't reach the musket to be pulled out, so another girl, dressed in native island clothing, jumps in. The Victorian dress is too wet and heavy so the girl rips it off (no nudity). They are then both pulled out. The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin "?" 1987 TV animated - Phil Baron, John Stocker, Will Ryan The cartoon stories of the "talking" toy bear. In one episode, the main antagonist Tweeg gets thrown into a pit of quicksand, and his main lackey sang a song to him, taunting him about how he was not going to rescue him. The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers "?" @
1986 TV animated - Jerry Orbach, Bob Bottone, Maia Danziger
In 2086, two peaceful aliens journey to Earth seeking help. In return for Earth's assistance, the aliens share the plans for the planet's first hyperdrive, allowing mankind to open the doors to the stars. A mudslide engulfs a guy and the wagon he's on. The daughter of the local sheriff named Amy tries to save him but is pulled in (as warned by her little dragon friend). The Galaxy Rangers save them both.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn "?" 19?? TV animated/live A goofy half-live/half-animated show about the mischievous adventures of Tom and Huck. Almost in every episode, the villain Injun Joe would threaten to throw Tom and Huck into a "quicksand swamp". In one episode, Tom and Huck were inside a whale, and Huck fell into a nasty pit of bubbling blood-like stuff and sank up to his chest until Tom pulled him out. He began yelling at Tom, "Get me out of here 'fore I get di-jested!" In the end, the bad guy falls in and meets his end. Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn "?" 19?? TV animated/live A goofy half-live/half-animated show about the mischievous adventures of Tom and Huck. In one episode, a room was filling with dry sand, and to get free, Tom, Huck, and Becky had to burn incense to get a soldier to come rescue them. Africa Extreme / Ndoki Adventure @ 2001 TV National Geographic Explorer documentary In the main segment, conservationist Dr. Michael Fay takes along National Geographic photographer Nick Nichols on a 1200 mile exploratory trek, referred to as the Megatransect, through the central African forests, from the northern Congo to the coast of Gabon, to chronicle the animals, plants, and people to help save this endangered area from encroaching civilization. In one brief scene, one of the team members is shown pulling another through some knee-deep mud. In another, the explorers must traverse a swampy pool they dub "The Green Abyss" - an area of mud covered by acidic water with bright green vegetation floating on top. In a Behind The Scenes segment of Africa Extreme, scientific writer David Coreman is shown hip-deep struggling his way out of a loamy mud bog as the cameraman humorously says, "And that's the last anyone saw of Davy Coreman." In the short Ndoki Adventure segment about another jungle trip that Nick Nichols previously made, a native guide struggling through some thigh-deep mud. Airwaves Gum (a product of Wrigleys) 19?? TV commercial Hungarian A jungle explorer is picking berries from a large bush when he begins sinking in dark brown some watery cork and sawdust quicksand. He sinks up to his neck before blowing a bubble and rising up out of the quicksand (most of this occurs off screen). Aladdin 1992 animated Disney - Scott Weinger, Robin Williams, Linda Larkin A street urchin named Aladdin accidentally meets and helps a princess named Jasmine who is in the city undercover. They fall in love with each other, but she can only marry a prince. Aladdin is thrown in jail and becomes caught up in Jafar's plot to rule the land with the aid of a mysterious lamp. Near the end, Princess Jasmine is trapped in a giant hourglass filling with sand and slowly burying her. Alex - The Last Spartan (Alix - Le dernier spartiate)
2000? animated French
Animated film short based on the comic by Jacques Martin. In a nightmare, Alex runs after his friend who is being led away by Roman soldiers to be enslaved and sinks into the ground up to his chest. A giant sand statue of Athena tries to step on him, but he awakens.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents "The Jar" 1955 TV B&W - hosted by Alfred Hitchcock At a carnival sideshow, a farmer named Charlie Hill (Pat Buttram) buys a strange jar which he takes home. His young wife, Thedy Sue (Collin Wilcox), is frightened by the Jar and insists that he throw it out. He refuses to part with the jar because it has brought him notoriety and respect in the community. People come from miles to gather in his parlor and look at the jar and the obscure contents which represent something different to each of them. Thedy arranges for a local boy, Tom (James Best), to steal the jar. When he fails, she opens it and destroys its contents. Charlie kills her and reinstalls the jar in his parlor. This time everyone sees the same thing: his wife's severed head stuffed inside. There is a scene in which Charlie stumbles into some southern swampland quicksand trying to retrieve and save the jar. He is rescued by a neighbor. All My Children @ 1993? TV soap opera Brooke (Julia Barr) is investigating a condo land scam at Willow Lake and, wearing a white blouse and black slacks, walks into a leaf-covered liquidy pool of quicksand on a foggy night. She talks to herself a lot and doesn't struggle very much. She is rescued by the handsome Edmund (John Callahan) who removes his shirt and ties it to a tree branch for her to hold on to while he runs back to get a rope. He pulls her out, and both get muddy in grayish slime. As a joke, she asks him to retrieve her designer shoes from the bog. The All-New Popeye Hour: Popeye's Treasure Hunt "The Treasure of Howe's Bayou"
1978 TV animated USA - Jack Mercer, Marilyn Schreffler, Allan Melvin
Popeye and Olive go to see about Olive's inheritance from her Auntie Bellum who passed away in the bayou. A gypsy mesmerizes Olive and has her zombies toss Popeye into some kind of brick pond full of quicksand while Bluto tries to steal the treasure. Popeye sinks under but manages to eat his spinach through his pipe and free himself from the bog and rescue Olive.

Alligator Alley (aka Ragin' Cajun Redneck Gators) @
2013 USA - Michael Baird, Nicoye Banks, Christopher Berry
When a young woman comes home from college to her redneck family, a mutated new entry to the alligator family starts attacking her kin and the rivalling family in their bayou. While searching for someone in the swamp, a woman stumbles into quicksand and begins to sink. She struggles to reach the phone she dropped just as one of the rednecked gators shows up. Fortunately, the gator is driven off by another gator that pulls her free with its tail and happens to be a family member who was changed into one of the mutated gators.

The Alligator People @ 1959 B&W - Beverly Garland, George Macready, Lon Chaney Jr. A doctor experimenting in the Louisiana bayou discovers a serum derived from alligators that allows humans to regenerate lost limbs. One of the "guinea pigs" (a man with an alligator head) stumbles into a thick pit of muddy quicksand in the swamp and quickly sinks out of sight as a horrified woman looks on. Along Comes a Woman 1985 music video by Chicago This video featured lead singer Peter Cetera in an Indiana Jones-type scenario being chased through a jungle by hostile natives. To escape the natives, he intentionally submerges himself in quicksand and then resurfaces after they have passed by (but all the video actually shows is Cetera coming back up out of the bog). Amazing Race: Family Edition "I Don't Kiss, I Make Out!" @ 2005 - TV reality In one of the episodes, one of the challenges is a jeep mud run in which some of the contestants get a bit dirty in the deep mud after getting their vehicles stuck. The Amazing Spiez "Operation: Desert Rescue" (aka "Operation: Leon's Revenge")
2009 TV French animated - Andrew Sabiston, Sugar Lyn Beard, Alyson Court
Lee, Mark, Megan and Tony are secret agents for WOOHP and must juggle their secret identities with their daily lives. The Spiez's mom is kidnapped by the Chameleon Leon. Marc has to overcome his fear of heights. At the end, the Chameleon cracks open the cement floor of a greenhouse laboratory to reveal deep mud underneath, and one by one the spies are tossed into its grip and are stuck up to their waist. Eventually, they drive the Chameleon away and pull themselves free.

Amazon (aka Peter Benchley's Amazon) "The White Witch" @ 1999 TV - C. Thomas Howell, Carol Alt, Rob Stewart Just as the airliner crash survivors think they have found a way out of the remote Amazon Rain Forest, they encounter terror in the guise of the cannibalistic Jaguar tribe and its white priestess (Margot Kidder). As the doctor, teacher, flight attendant, and Jimmy chase through a swamp after someone who stole their newfound boat, Jimmy walks knee-deep into quicksand and begins sinking. The flight attendant tries to help him and stumbles knee-deep into it as well, but the teacher quickly pulls her out. Jimmy goes all the way under, and the teacher goes out onto a log to pull him out. He reaches in and pulls someone out, but it's not Jimmy. So he goes back out and manages to pull his friend out. The doctor rolls Jimmy onto his side and squeezes the water and mud out of him, then examines the other guy who is dead and has had his arm ripped off. The quicksand was fairly watery with stuff floating on top, but it left a coating of some sort of clay-like residue on the guy. Amazon (aka Peter Benchley's Amazon) "Babel" @ 1999 TV - C. Thomas Howell, Carol Alt, Rob Stewart Karen, Jimmy, and Kennedy search for a geologists' plane, Pia discovers a wild woman living in the forest, and Talbott attempts to return to The Chosen but must first rescue the head of the Spider Tribe. While Karen and Jimmy are running from some cannibals, Jimmy once again steps into a pit of quicksand. He doesn't sink very far, but is stuck and tells Karen to keep going. As the savage is about to kill Jimmy, Karen reappears and violently subdues the native, while Jimmy crawls out of the mud pit. (Great potential, but not a good scene.) Amazon Quest @ 1949 B&W - Tom Neal, Carole Mathews, Don Zelaya Attempting to reclaim his right to a portion of a rubber company, a diamond cutter journeys into the wilds of Brazil to find his father, hoping to clear the name of his father who has been accused of deserting his family and friends for a native girl but who was actually on a secret mission on behalf of a major rubber-manufacturing empire. As he ventures deeper into the jungle, he finds romance with an Amazon woman. Panther attacks, piranhas, Indians armed with poison darts, and quicksand are just some of the thrills that keep this jungle adventure hopping. There is a brief scene in which a native guide falls into a murky and watery pool of quicksand while running away from a jaguar. Bobbing at the surface, he is pulled out by the fortune seeker. Amen "?"
1986 TV - Sherman Helmsley, Clifton Davis
The deacon is too cheap to fix a broken water line on the church grounds. While his daughter hosts an interfaith dinner out on the church lawn, he comments to the minister on how one side of the lawn seems a little soggier than the other side. Soon afterwards, as the dinner guests line up and hold hands as the minister says a prayer, they begin slowly sinking into the ground. The mud isn't seen - just the grass at the surface. But everyone's clothes do get muddy as they clutch at each other and struggle to free their legs and feet.

America's Funniest Home Videos "Athletic Supporters" @ 1990 TV - hosts: Bob Saget, John Fugelsang, Daisy Fuentes, Tom Bergeron It's the agony of defeat for not-so-athletic people in sporting mishaps caught on video tape. In one clip, a small boat of people head toward shore, and a blonde-haired woman, in shorts and holding the boat's rope, leaps out onto the river's bank and instantly plunges waist deep into the deep black muck with one leg sticking straight down and the other leg forward. She was laughing like crazy. (This clips was also shown in another "episode" in which the clip theme was "Why you should look before you leap" and also showed a guy jumping onto an embankment... only to be up to his midsection in mud.) America's Funniest People "?" 1990 TV - host: Dave Coulier This short run series, similar to America's Funniest Home Videos, had a short segment featuring the fictitious "Jackelope" - a rabbit with antlers. One episode had a guy pursuing the Jackelope and falling into quicksand. He was rescued by a gorilla that had fallen in love with him. After being pulled out, the quicksand bog was revealed to be just a wading pool of sawdust-covered water. Ammes Homes Loan Bank 197? TV commercial An explorer is wandering in the jungle and winds up to his knees in quicksand. He calls on a telephone for help, and then a ladder from a helicopter drops down to pull him out. Amor Gitano (aka Gypsy Love) @ 1999 TV Argentina soap opera - Alejandro Camacho, Hector Sanchez, Mariana Seoane This exciting tale is set in the remote past, when the decadent aristocracy imposed its unjust laws on the landless class and Gypsies were considered to be less than human. This intricate and fast-paced Gothic drama unfolds in castles and palaces, dark caves and forests, deep dungeons and secret passageways. Victims and villains confront each other in action-packed scenes while many unexpected twists and turns prevent the central couple, Adriana and Renzo, from finding each other. Audiences of all ages will enjoy this thrilling adventure story, set during a time when men were heroes, and fighting duels was the only way to preserve one's honor. Viewers will be moved by the romance between Adriana and Renzo, and the cruel fate to which their love is destined. In its final episode on the cable channel Univision, one of the minor female characters loses her life in a quicksand bog in this medieval-looking series. After fleeing from her attacker out in the forest, a young woman, wearing a heavy long white dress and carrying a baby wrapped in white blanets, runs into a bog covered with thick vegetation. She slowly sinks in the gray muck as a man rides up on horseback, grabs the end of a vine, and jumps in. He manages to take the baby and had it off to two other men, but he is unable to reach the woman and she sinks under. Amuck! (aka Replica of a Crime; Maniac Mansion; Maniac; Alla ricerca del piacere; Leather and Whips) @ 1972/1978 Italian - Sara Bay, Farley Granger, Barbara Bouchet A mystery writer turns into a sexual lunatic. When his secretary turns up missing, the woman's sister goes out looking for her. The heroine, a young blonde woman in pigtails, is convinced to go out on a hunt with the antagonist who gives her a gun with the safety set. When he starts "accidentally" shooting at her, she flees through the marsh, wearing her outdoor hunting outfit, only to fall into some watery deep mud along a stream bank. She struggles for quite some time, slowly sinking up to her chest, before the detective arrives and rescues her by taking off his coat and throwing one end out her as a lifeline. Angela Anaconda "All For One" @ 1999 TV animated - Sue Rose, Ruby Smith-Merovitz The adventures of rambunctious third-grade girl with an overactive imagination and her school friends, least of which is her nemesis Nanette who annoys her more than anyone in the whole world. Today is Nature Survival Day, and the kids are taken on a field trip to the woods where they will partake in a character building obstacle course. Nanette proves to be an inadequate leader and manages to get the troop lost. As Angela is thinking of ways to find their way back to camp, she imagines various dangers to befall Nanette, one of which includes her falling into quicksand with her heavy load of luggage.

Animal Rescue @ 2006 TV reality rescue drama Freeing a horse from mud; treating and tagging bald eaglets; animals in distress. Main story: Los Angeles rescuers save Lil Judd's horse named Destined which became stuck in a muddy creek bed while they were out on a ride after recent rains. After much digging and pulling by the rescuers, the horse is finally airlifted to safety by helicopter. (See also "Wild Rescues", and there are 2 segments of this rescue from this show with different footage.) The Anna Nicole Show "That's A Wrap!" @ 2003 TV reality comedy/documentary - Anna Nicole Smith (host) The second season of the reality series ends with an episode sure to raise the hackles of its detractors and thrill its fans. Anna's cousin Shelly needs a place to stay after having a fight with her fiance. Although still miffed about the Dark Roots incident, Anna tries to boost her cousin's spirits by giving her a makeover, buying her a new dress, and taking her to an adult club where they partake in mud wrestling. Several good shots of very muddy and scantily clad young women. Another World 1996 TV soap opera Bobby Reno (Robert Kelker-Kelly) was trapped in quicksand and sank up to his waist and chest before an "angel" pulled him out. He then saves Vicky. The Ant and the Aardvark "Technology, Phooey" 1971 TV animated - John Byner As a segment of "The New Pink Panther Show" (episode #5), the aardvark decides to get a special computer (with an unusual sense of humor) to help come up with innovative ideas to catch the ant. One of the suggestions was to use quicksand. So, the aardvark pours a small pile of quicksand onto the ground and tops it with a cherry. The ant takes the bait and sinks from sight. Then the aardvark sticks his snout into the quicksand to find the ant who emerges from a nearby anthill with the cherry, and the aardvark sinks under until only the end of his snout is sticking out. The computer ends up being a pop-up toaster. Apocalypto @
2006 - Rudy Youngblood
In the Maya civilization, a peaceful tribe is brutally attacked by warriors seeking slaves and human beings for sacrifice for their gods. Jaguar Paw hides his pregnant wife and his son in a deep hole nearby their tribe and is captured while fighting with his people. An eclipse spares his life from the sacrifice and later he has to fight to survive and save his beloved family and ultimately his way of life. The hero, dressed only in a loincloth, is running through the jungle to escape the attacking tribe. He jumps and lands in a fairly thick leaf-covered mud bog. He struggles over to a vine hanging down, while sinking lower and lower. He grabs the vine, but it breaks, and he goes completely under. His hands appear above the surface, and he manages to struggle his way to solid ground and pull himself out. He is covered in thick black mud.

Archer: Danger Island "Strange Doings In The Taboo Groves" @
2018 TV animated - H. Jon Benjamin, Amber Nash, Lucky Yates
There is no joy in Mudville as mighty Pam strikes out. Archer and Pam's search for an idol quickly lands them both in a big ol' puddle of quicksand and interpersonal conflict. Pam only sinks to her chest, while Archer eventually sinks to his chin as they banter about parting ways or marriage.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? "The Tale Of The Forever Game" @ 1992 TV Nickelodeon - Daniel DeSanto, Kareem Blackwell, Elisha Cuthbert When two friends and one bratty little sister come upon a new section of the forest, things start to go haywire. All three get involved in a strange board game that requires more teamwork than luck. Danger lurks at every turn, and the only way to save their lives is to come together to beat the forever game. As part of the game that one boy is being forced to play, his friend suddenly winds up in some very dry quicksand. His sister grabs a branch and pulls him out... with a little help from the gamer friend's good roll during the game.

Armor Hunter Mellowlink (aka Kikô ryôhei Merôrinku; Leechers Army Merowlink) "episode 3" @
1988 TV animated Japanese
The story of a soldier whose unit is sacrificed on the battlefield for reasons unknown. He manages to survive, only to be framed for a crime he did not commit. He escapes and begins seeking the truth. A female sniper, wearing a heavy cloak, tries to destroy a mech. She fails, gets shot, and flees into the jungle. Because of the cloak, they think she is Mellowlink and go after her. In the jungle, she trips and lands in a bog. There she sees the real Mellowlink and for some reason uses her last two bullets on him. The mech shows up, and with her stuck in the bog, she is easily shot down. They realize she is not Mellowlink and continue the search. Later, the mech forces Mellowlink into a similar bog, but he escapes and destroys the mech.

The Artist @
2011 B&W French - Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo, John Goodman
An egomaniacal film star develops a relationship with a young dancer against the backdrop of Hollywood's silent era. There is a scene where the silent movie star struggles with quicksand on the jungle set. The characters are watching a movie where the lead actor is playing a jungle explorer who steps into dry quicksand and sinks all the way under as he and his female costar exchange last words.

As The World Turns @ 2001 TV soap opera - Maura West, Annie Parisse, Michael Park Carly is finally convinced by Craig to testify for him again at his trial after she's already been arraigned as an accessory (and he's posted her bail). At their apartment, she runs into Julia... holding a gun. After threatening to kill both Parker and Jack, Carly leaves with Julia. Carly realizes that Julia (with a little help from Owen, of course) was behind the bombing of Barbara. They wind up at a swamp formerly known as Carly's Prize. Julia announces her intentions to bury Carly there in some quicksand, but Carly won't give in without a fight. She charges at Julia, getting grazed with a bullet in the process, and knocks her into the quicksand instead. Julia pleads for her life, and Carly pulls her out and saves her life. Julia appears to be reasonably repentant until Carly brings up the dreaded subject of Jack again, and Julia hurls Carly into the quicksand. Carly begins to sink as Jack and his back-up officers arrive. And as the violins swell, Jack pulls Carly out of the quicksand as the officers restrain Julia.

As The World Turns @ 2007 TV soap opera - Maura West, Daniel Manche, Michael Park Noah's father pays him a surprise visit; Cheri employs Elwood for an unsavory purpose; Carly sinks to a new low. J.J. manages to escape his kidnappers but runs into a patch of quicksand. Carly finds him sunk up to his neck. She tosses him one end of her jacket to pull him out but falls in herself. She manages to push J.J. out of the bog but sinks under herself. Jack arrives seconds later, plunges his hand in, and pulls her out unconscious.

A.T.O.M.: Alpha Teens on Machines "The Big Sleep" @
2005 TV animated - Jeff Black, Clancy Brown
Test pilots use high-tech gear to foil a criminal mastermind. Paine invents a new poison and devises a diabolical way to spread it all over Landmark City. When Axel tries to stop Spydah and Flesh alone, he's given a lethal dose of the toxin! He manages to designate Shark in charge of the team before going into a coma-like trance. While out in a swamp in their airboats, trying to locate the rare spider and source of the toxin in order to create an antidote for Axel, Shark jumps ashore and lands in quicksand. He sinks to his waist as Lioness shoots down a vine, swings across, and pulls him out.

At The Earth's Core @ 1976 - Peter Cushing, Doug McClure A Victorian era scientist and his assistant take a test run in their Iron Mole drilling machine and end up in a strange underground labyrinth full of prehistoric monsters and cavemen and ruled by a species of giant telepathic birds. A guy (Doug McClure) is running from a giant bird creature and falls into a leaf-covered quicksand bog and sinks to his armpits before being pulled out. His white shirt is coated with brown mud. Online Shopping
2020 TV commercial
A woman wants outdoor adventure, and a man wants a relaxing spa day in a mud bath. They compromise and end up lying in an outdoor mud bog having to be rescued.

AT&T @ 2000 TV commercial Two contestants try to win a new 2001 Ford Escape by swinging across a pit of quicksand. An attractive woman tries but slips in because the vine was greased. Then they are told to enter the easy way by using 1-800-CALL-ATT. The commercial pitch continues as the woman sinks up to her mouth in the watery bog... then ends. Attack of the Giant Leeches (aka Attack of the Blood Leeches; Demons of the Swamp; The Giant Leeches; She Demons of the Swamp) 1959 B&W - Ken Clark, Yvette Vickers, Michael Emmet Giant leeches in back waters of a Southern swamp take prisoners and suck their blood. In one scene, a man catches his wife in a dalliance with another man, and he forces them into the bayou at shotgunpoint. As the couple steps backward into the water, they begin sinking in the quicksand underneath. They plead for him to help them out, and as the spurned husband is about to give in and help them, two of the giant leeches swim up behind the two and drag them into the bayou. Aura Battler Dunbine "?" @
1983 TV animated Japanese - Shigeru Nakahara, Michie Tomizawa, Norio Wakamoto
After a motocross accident, Show Zama awakes in the mystical world of Byston Well. Here, he and other humans have been recruited by Lord Drake Luft as pilots for his newest weapons, the Aura Battlers. With time, Show encounters a woman from Earth, called Marvel, who informs him that Luft's true intentions are not very friendly. During a battle, a young girl runs off and falls into a quicksand-like passage.

Avatar: The Last Airbender "The Avatar State" @
2006 TV animated - Zach Tyler, Mae Whitman, Jack DeSena
Aang meets an Earth Kingdom general who wants to use his Avatar State as a weapon to defeat the Fire Nation. In order to force Aang into the Avatar State, the earthbender general creates quicksand under Katara. She sinks all the way under before Aang invokes his power and saves her.

Avatar: The Last Airbender "The King Of Omashu" @
2006 TV animated - Zach Tyler, Mae Whitman, Jack DeSena
Aang takes Katara and Sokka on a wild ride through the Kingdom of Omashu's delivery system, but they end-up on the wrong side of the law, and are taken to the King for punishment. The eccentric King of Omashu puts Aang through a series of challenges. At one point during the fight, the King creates under Aang who struggles his way out.

The Avengers "Game" 1961 TV B&W/Color British - Patrick Macnee, Linda Thorson Steed and Tara put together the pieces of a deadly game. In 1946, five men court-martialled Sergeant Daniel Edmund for black market activities. Now the disgraced soldier has returned with a new face for revenge. Each tribunal member is now forced to play a macabre game where death is the only winner. When Tara is captured by the madman, Steed is forced to play "Super Agent" before he can rescue her. There is a scene in which Tara is trapped in a giant hourglass filling with sand.

Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror "Episode 05: Tenshu monogatari Part 1" @
2006 TV animated Japanese - Hiroaki Hirata, Keiichi Sonobe
In this episode, a group of raiders crash at an abandoned mansion, but the ghosts from the mansion have other ideas. While making out with one of the ladies, the raider leader is terrified to see her sink into the floor.

Baby Felix & Friends "?" @
2000 TV animated Japanese - Yumi Toma, Toshihiko Seki
In a jungle full of dinosaurs, Felix's friends find themselves trapped in a green bog. With the help of a friendly dinosaur, Felix uses a vine to pull them free.

Baratok Kozt
1998 TV Hungarian soap opera - Zoltán Szöke, Izabella Varga, Csaba Tihanyi Tóth
Miklós introduces viewers into the world of Money and Charm. A guy in military fatigues is trying to communicate with a colleague when he steps into a marsh mud bog. He sinks to his neck before his fellow comrade pulls him out.

Bare Essentials @ 1991 TV-Movie - Lisa Hartman, Gregory Harrison, Mark Linn-Baker A stressed-out couple gets shipwrecked on a remote island paradise. The woman (Lisa Hartman) starts out getting her water soaked white cotton dress shirt plastered to her body after swimming to shore. Soon after, still wearing just the shirt over her bikini, she sinks up to her shoulders in jungle ooze (which you don't really get to see much of) and is hauled out with her legs and shirttail coated in muck. Batman "The Ogg Couple" @ 1966 TV - Adam West, Burt Ward, Yvonne Craig Egghead (Vincent Price) and Olga, Queen of the Bessarovian Cossacks (Anne Baxter), throw Batgirl into a vat of very dry caviar into which she sinks all the way under before being pulled out by Gotham's heros. Batman "Batman's Anniversary" and "A Riddling Controversy" @ 1966 TV - Adam West, Burt Ward The Riddler (John Astin) traps the Dynamic Duo in quicksand disguised as strawberry icing on a very large cake in celebration of Batman's anniversary in Gotham City. The caped crime fighters slowly sink to their shoulders before activating their untested boot rockets which propel them to safety. Batman - The Animated Series "?The Executioner" 1992 TV animated - Kevin Conroy The opening scene of this episode consists of a man in a trenchcoat sinking into quicksand between some sort of stone arches. BattleTech "Trade Secrets" @ 1995 TV animated Based upon the strategy war game and set during events in the Blood of Kerensky Trilogy by Michael Stackpole, a small independent unit fights their way to their home planet when news of an army of mysterious invaders calling themselves the Clans begin to conquer various worlds on their way to take Terra. A woman and two men slide down a hill and sink into the dry desert sand. They sink under the surface, and one uses a bomb to get them into an underground base. Bayou (aka Poor White Trash) 1957 B&W - Peter Graves, Lita Milan, Douglas Fowley The daughter of slovenly Cajun fisherman falls in love with Northern architect which does not rest well with her ardent (and psychotic) local suitor. After a chase through a construction site, the jealous old boyfriend pursues the local beauty into the bayou (tearing her clothes off piece by piece) where she runs and falls into a patch of muddy ground and crawls her way along until her pursuer catches her. Baywatch "The Natural" 1989 TV - David Hasselhoff, Brooke Burns, Mitzi Kapture A mysterious lifeguard begins making rescues around Baywatch but vanishes before being caught by the officials. Out on the beach, two frat brothers bury a pledge up to his neck in the sand. Suddenly, the pledge starts sinking into a sinkhole. As the pledge sinks beneath the surface, the phantom rescuer, Jessie, gets him to use the plastic tube from her bike chain to keep him breathing until the lifeguards arrive and finally manage to winch the grateful young man out of the hole. Beach Girls, The 1982 - Debra Blee, Val Kline, Jeana Tomasina A couple of wild beach girls throw a super party to help a their naive, virginal friend and her nerdy guy get with the beach blanket times when a drug smuggler's cargo of marijuana washes up on shore. There is a short, humorous mud-wrestling scene in which several young co-eds get nicely covered in the stuff. Beach of Dreams 1921 B&W silent - Edith Storey, Noah Beery, Jack Curtis A woman finds herself shipwrecked on an island with two sailors. One of them is swallowed up by quicksand, and the other attacks her, though she manages to fend off the attack and kill the assailant. Another sailor rescues her, but he refuses to marry her because of his promise not to have anything to do with common women. The Beast of Hollow Mountain @ 1956 US/Mexican - Guy Madison, Patricia Medina, Carlos Rivas An American cowboy living in Mexico discovers his cattle are being eaten by a giant prehistoric dinosaur. Near the beginning, a Mexican cowboy walks into quicksand covered in leaves. Another cowboy throws a lasso around him and pulls him out. At the end, the beast is led into the same bog and sinks to its doom. Beast of the Dead (aka Beast of Blood; Blood Devils; Horrors of Blood Island; Return to the Horrors of Blood Island) @ 1970 US/Philippines - John Ashley, Celeste Yarnall A latter-day Dr. Frankenstein tries to graft a head onto his monster from local, murdered contributors in an attempt to correct the monster's evil thinking. A frightened woman, wearing a pinkish pantsuit, runs into a watery quicksand bog while escaping her captures. She is pulled out by her pursuers and passes out. The Beastmaster @ 1982 - Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts, Rip Torn A young prince, who can communicate with animals, battles an evil priest. While chasing a couple of ferrets that stole his clothes, the Beastmaster slides down a steep bank and plops waist deep in some dry on top but watery underneath quicksand. He steadily sinks to his neck before he "commands" the ferrets to chew a tree branch down which he then grabs and pulls himself out. (There is behind-the-scenes footage in the DVD extras where they show some different and interesting angles of the quicksand scene which was one of the first scenes shot for the movie. ) Beastmaster "Dispossessed" @ 1999 TV - Daniel Goddard, Jackson Raine Dar helps the Orlas reclaim their decimated land, sacrificing his chance to find his mother. In one scene, Dar is guided through a dangerous swamp bog by a local brother and sister. The young woman, scantily clad in animal hide, probes the area ahead with a stick to find solid ground and is uncertain of the changed terrain. At one point, she leaps over a soft area to solid ground, then accidentally steps backward into a bog hole covered with dry twigs and leaves which actually sucks her down. Dar leaps over and tries to pull her out, but the bog continues to pull them both down. He commands his two ferrets to chew a vine down to them which he uses to pull the young woman out after she had been pulled under to her shoulders. Later, the antagonist's army is making its way through the swamp bog, and two soldiers step into a bog hole and are sucked under. And finally, the antagonist is trapped in the middle of the bog while Dar's tiger stalks him and presumably attacks him. Beastmaster "Fifth Element" 1999 TV - Daniel Goddard, Jackson Raine The evil Annubis is freed from his rock prison to unleash his reign of terror on the world by mastering the four elements of nature. Iara tries creating a mud hole at the feet of Annubis to trap him, but he turns the tables and uses his superior powers to drag Dar into the churning pit of muddy water and force him under. Tao tries holding onto Dar's hand but loses his grip, and Dar disappears beneath the foaming surface. After Annubis vanishes, Iara uses her powers again to make the bubbling mud hole stop churning, allowing Dar to pop back up to the surface, at which time, Tao pulls him out. Dar emerges somewhat muddy. Beastmaster "The Island" @ 1999 TV - Daniel Goddard, Jackson Raine Free-thinking Tao is captured and condemned to an island inhabited by murderous birdmen. In a fight scene with one of the island convicts, Dar begins to flee from the appearance of one of the carnivorous bird creatures and slips into a leaf-covered bog of some rather watery quicksand. As he slowly sinks, he is taunted by the convict until the creature attacks and kills him, leaving Dar sinking further. He slowly sinks all the way under, the mire rolling in over his face. With one arm raised and sinking under, he summons his pet ferrets who lower a vine down to him as he raises his arm above the surface again and pulls himself out, covered in boggy residue. Beastmaster "A Terrible Silence" @ 1999 TV - Daniel Goddard, Jackson Raine When Dar's actions anger Iara, she removes his ability to communicate with the animals which upsets the natural balance of magic. Dar and Tao come across a water buffalo stuck in the mud of a dried up water hole, and Dar wades in to help the stuck animal. He calms it down, and Tao hands him branches which he pushes into the mud in front of the animal to give it footing to get out. It stands up and walks out of the bog, but Dar is stuck to his thighs in the mire. Tao was about to pull Dar out when King Voden's men, the Nords, arrive and find Dar stuck in the muck, pull him out, and take him and Tao captive. Beetlejuice "Caddy Shock" 1989 TV animated - Stephen Ouimette, Alyson Court, Tara Charendoff Lydia is stuck competing against Clare in her school's golf P.E. course, and Clare just happens to be the reigning teen golf champ of Peaceful Pines. In an attempt to help Lydia out, Beetlejuice teleports Clare to a Netherworld country club, where she is turned into a golf trophy. Now Beetlejuice and Lydia have to win the golf tournament and get Clare back. When Clare steps into a sand trap to retrieve her ball, Beetlejuice turns it into quicksand into which she sinks into the Netherworld.

Beleza Pura "?"
2008 TV Brazil - Isis Valverde, Edson Celulari, Regiane Alves
While a group is out in the Amazon forest, looking for a tribe of natives to help reinvent the formula for a commercial product, a young lady named Rakelli stumbles into a leaf-covered bog of quicksand while trying to shoo-away the jungle insects. Panic stricken and crying, she steadily sinks from her ankles to her neck before being pulled free by other members of the group using one of the guy's belts as a rope. She emerges from the undulating bog covered in gunky wet brown residue.

Ben 10 "The Big Tick" @
2005 TV animated - Tara Strong, Paul Eiding, Meagan Smith
A typical kid becomes very atypical after he discovers the Omnitrix, a mysterious alien weapon with the power to transform the wearer into ten different alien species. A meteor crashes in Yellowstone Park, containing a planet-devouring, tick-like alien. It poisons much of Yellowstone, converting the landscape into a decayed wasteland with gray tentacles sticking out of the ground. In the forest, the tentacles attack the trio and drag them into a strange gray bog. Ben transforms into Stinkfly, pulls Grandpa Max and Gwen free, and flies off with them in tow.

The Benny Hill Show @ 1969 TV British - Benny Hill A skit based show starring English comedian Benny Hill. There is quicksand in a sketch with Benny as a newsman in the field, reporting on the dangers of the Blackmoor bogs as he is seen suddenly dropping out of the camera's view. Then the shot pans down to show a muddy patch of ground with his glasses, microphone, and note pad resting on top. The Benny Hill Show 1969 TV British - Benny Hill A skit based show starring English comedian Benny Hill. Benny fantasizes about meeting up with the woman of his dreams. Somehow, near the end of the fantasy, he and the woman are out taking a walk when she falls and disappears quickly into a bog hole, leaving behind only a few bubbles. Benny, for some reason, seems very pleased about this and skips on down the trail. The Benny Hill Show 1969 TV British - Benny Hill A skit based show starring English comedian Benny Hill. One of the regular cast members interviews Benny, who is pretending to be a famous foreign anthropologist. The interviewer steps into the fakest quicksand of them of all - a dirt-covered blanket over a hole in the ground and sinks to his fate (dumb!). The famous anthropologist stands behind him, revealing a sign spelt "DANGER -- KWIKSAND." Beverly Hills Teens "?" 1987 TV animated - Terri Hawkes, Mary Long, Jonathan Potts One of the guys sinks into quicksand up to his ankles when the group is out on a camping trip. Beverly Hills Teens "?" 1987 TV animated - Terri Hawkes, Mary Long, Jonathan Potts For a toothpaste commercial, one of the girls (the Veronica-like one) ski jumps into a giant pit of caviar. She bogs down up to her neck. Beyond The Horizon (Além do Horizonte) "Episode 106" @
2013 TV Portuguese soap opera - Fernanda Vianna, Luma Ferreira, Marcelo Mariano Nicolay
A cute woman drops a trinket while walking in the woods. While trying to retrieve it, she steps into quicksand. She sinks throughout the episode until rescued by a man whom she kisses passionately.

The Big Doll House (aka Bamboo Dolls House; Women in Cages; Woman's Penitentiary; Women's Penitentiary) @ 1971 - Judy Brown, Roberta Collins, Pam Grier A prostitute is sent to a corrupt prison camp run by a female transvestite. Her cellmates include an informer, a revolutionary, a drug addict, and a cynic. She eventually convinces them to work together to escape from this hell. There is a catfight in a muddy rice patty where a woman (Pam Grier) gets smothered down in the mud until submission. Bill Nye the Science Guy "Wetlands" 1996 TV PBS educational program with Bill Nye An episode about swamps, bogs, and marshes with a brief discussion on mud and quicksand. In one segment, Bill gets into some mud and gets stuck half way up to his knees. The scene from "A Woman In Grey" is also briefly shown. Bionic Six "Family Affair" @ 1987 TV animated - Bobbie Block, Hal Rayle, Frank Welker The episode starts off with an erupting volcano and Meg "Rock-1" Bennett sinking into a quicksand pit. When Eric "Sport-1" Bennett comes to save her, she transforms into the villain and knocks him in instead. Bionic Six "Scarabscam" @ 1987 TV animated - Bobbie Block, Hal Rayle, Frank Welker Bionic six are guarding a strange green goo. Meg "Rock-1" Bennett is pulled into the pit by the baddies and sinks until rescued by a wrecking ball. The Bionic Woman "Deadly Ringer, 1 & 2" @ 1976 TV - Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks A look-alike causes Jaime to end up in a remote prison. She escapes, wearing a light blue denim shirt and tight bell-bottom bluejean prison clothes. She runs down an embankment and starts to cross a stagnant pool of water. In bionic slow motion, she begins to sink into the quicksand under the water. She grabs a tree branch and pulls herself out, her wet pants becoming muddy in the process. She pushes over a dead tree, walks out on it, and leaps over to the other side. One of the prison guards pursuing her falls into the quicksand after slipping off the downed tree. Blazing Saddles @ 1974 - Gene Wilder, Cleavon Little, Slim Pickens, Mel Brooks A lewd spoof of westerns and racial prejudice about a railroad being built through a small town. Two guys on a railroad handcar sink in watery quicksand after running of the end of the tracks. (humorous) Blindfold @ 1966 - Rock Hudson, Claudia Cardinale A brilliant but mentally disturbed scientist is hidden away in a southern swampland by an Army general, fearing that the scientist could jeopardize national security. In one scene, a guy and a shapely brunette are riding a mule in the swamp when the animal suddenly stops. He hops down and begins to lead the mule onward, but he falls into sawdust and water quicksand. He is pulled out with the mule's lead by the woman and the mule. At the end of the movie as the stuttering villain holds a gun on the guy, the hero startles the mule into kicking the villain into some leaf-covered quicksand. He sinks to his chest before the Army in an airboat pulls him out. Blood Beach @ 1981 - David Huffman, Mariana Hill Something is attacking people one by one on the beach, sucking them into the sand and disappearing without a trace. A blonde woman, in white slacks and blue blazer, chases her wind-blown hat onto the beach where she gets pulled under the sand. Bloodlust @ 1959 B&W - Robert Reed, Wilton Graff, June Kenny A mad doctor on a remote island hunts humans for trophies and stores his teenaged victims' cadavers in glass tanks. Two young couples involved in a treasure hunt soon find themselves in an unbelievable nightmare. In one scene, one of the good guys gets steps backward into some quicksand and slowly sinks to this thighs before the other guy pulls him out. In another scene shortly thereafter, one of the hunter's henchman walks into the same watery quicksand after spotting one of the guy's shirts laying on the surface of the pit as he and the crazed hunter track the guys through the jungle. The evil doctor comments on the henchman's stupidity as he allows the baddie to slowly sinks to his chin as he is attacked by leeches in the bog. (A low-budget remake of MOST DANGEROUS GAME.) Bloody New Year (aka Time Warp Terror) @ 1987 British - Catherine Roman, Mark Powley, Nikki Brooks Five shipwrecked teenagers take refuge in a deserted island hotel that is strangely decorated for Christmas and New Years in the middle of July. Soon, strange and inexplicable things begin to happen, and the teens are killed one by one. Towards the end of the movie, two remaining teens are about to escape in an old boat when the guy is lured by another woman back onto the beach and into some quicksand. He gradually sinks in the thick tidal muck up to his neck when one of the evil entities appears and holds a running boat motor propeller to his head. Blue Peter "?" @ 1958 TV British children's program - Matt Baker (presenter 1999) At the end of the episode, Matt found himself stuck in quicksand. An explanation of what quicksand is and how it works is presented. Body and Soul @ 1994 British Masterpiece Theatre - Kristin Scott Thomas, Gary Mavers A nun, Sister Gabriel/Anna Gibson, leaves the convent temporarily to help take care of her brother's mill business after his death. She becomes a fairly shrewd businesswoman and feels attracted to Hal, one of the men who works at the mill, and thus begins to feel conflict about her religious vows. While running down a hillside in the pouring rain, Anna, in full nun habit and mud boots, falls into a deep pit of mud and sinks up to her chin before Hal pulls her free. (There is also a narrated version for the blind.) Bones "The Man in the Mud" @
2005 TV USA - Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin
A forensic anthropologist and a cocky FBI special agent build a team to investigate murders. Quite often, there isn't more to examine than rotten flesh or mere bones. The episode starts with a cute couple driving into the deep woods for a romantic mud bath in a natural hot spring. They climb in (with all the TV-14 nudity such a situation entails) and have a brief romantic moment about shoulder-deep when she finds a skeletal arm poking her beneath the mud. The team arrives to investigate the remains.

Border Incident @ 1959 B&W - Ricardo Montalban, George Murphy American and Mexican agents join forces and go undercover to infiltrate a smuggling ring. There is a climactic shootout in a quicksand-filled swamp. Near the end in a pass through the foothills, a guy gets shot and falls into quicksand and disappears. A little later, the Mexican agent wrestles with a baddie, and they both roll into dry but very undulating quicksand. The baddie goes under, and the hero is up to his neck. His partner comes to his rescue and nearly gets pulled in himself as he struggles to free him. Border River 1954 - Joel McCrea, Yvonne De Carlo, Pedro Armendariz With the South facing defeat, a Confederate officer leads a raid against the North that nets $2 million in Union gold bullion. Taking the loot to Mexico, he tries to buy arms and ammunition for the beleaguered Southern armies. But word of his fortune gets around, and the officer spends most of his time protecting it from a variety of unsavory types, including a slimy Mexican general and his even slimier German advisor. In one scene, returning to town after meeting his compatriot in the hills in order to locate their hidden gold, the officer's horse slips into quicksand. After the the cowboy and his horse get out of the quicksand and get to town, a curious bystander rubs his hand on the horse, and says, "This is quicksand!", giving the man a clue as to where the cowboy had been. Later, a shootout ensues in the hills between Officer Jim's Confederate men and General Calleja's Mexican troops. As General Calleja's men flee, he seizes Jim's girlfriend Carmelita as protection. Jim jumps on the general, but in the ensuing fist fight, both men topple into the thick muddy-brown quicksand. When Jim's hand emerges, Carmelita helps him out with rope and horse. Borderlands: A Romance of the Taiga (aka The Border: A Taiga Romance; Granitsa: Taezhnyi Roman; Granitsa - Tayozhnyy Roman) 2000 TV (mini) Russian - Aleksei Guskov, Olga Budina, Marat Basharov A love-triangle story set in the 1970s in a far eastern border garrison about a young Russian officer, his wife, and their friend, a tough officer who turns out to be a drug smuggler with desires on his friend's wife. Although the social world of these characters is a small one, it is home to an entire range of human relations: love and betrayal, friendship and bitterness, mutual assistance... and jealousy to the point of madness. In one scene, the drug dealer goes to Taiga to meet with his supplier and takes his friend along for company who is unaware of his criminal buddy's intentions to kill him and seduce his wife. The meeting place is surrounded by a quagmire, and he shows his friend its dangers. He throws a piece of meat on a rope into the mire, then pulls it out covered by leeches. While the friend waits outside, the smuggler meets with his Chinese contact and makes the deal, then informs the Chinese guy that "the second one" will never come out of the mire, referring to his friend. But as the guy leaves and attempts to secure his illegal goods, he falls into the quagmire. He struggles, sinking deeper and deeper. When he is waist deep, he gives up and calls out to his friend for help. The friend steps into the mire in order to pull the guy out and gets mired too. The other guy manages to get out of the bog and onto solid ground, while his friend sinks to his neck. He calls out for help, sayings that it's not funny, and finally goes under with only his hand remaining above the surface.... as the episode ends. But in the next episode, the bad guy changes his mind and pulls the good guy out. At the same time in another scene, two women run to the wife, saying "Both your men went to Taiga!" The all have the impression that something bad is going to happen and head to Taiga. On the way, the wife (who was lagging behind) steps off the path and falls into a quagmire. She sinks and tries to escape, but she seems to be very surprised that she can't. Mired up to her chest and armpits, she clutches at some grass nearby and calls out for help to the others who run up in horror. Both lie down on their bellies, grab the woman by the hands, and pull her to safety. The next scene shows the two women sitting on the ground and trying to calm the other woman by stroking her hair, cleaning off the mud, and removing the leeches. The one tells the others how it was being caught in the bog: "It gripped me and held so strong... and so gently... it was SO GOOD..." The others ask, "Good? How can it be good? It's so scary." She replies, dreamily, "Yes, scary... and SO NICELY." Bozo the Clown "?" 196? TV animated (Something along the lines of) Bozo and Butch are out in the jungle and come across a strange animal caught in quicksand. Bozo bends a small tree and ties it down, then ties a rope to the animal. When he cuts the rope holding the tree, it yanks the little fellow out. But because it was pulled out so fast, its legs are "sprung", and it can only hop now (kind of like having the bends). Later, Bozo gets stuck in the bog and uses the same method to free himself and hops around on a pogo-stick. Branded "The Bounty" @ 1965 TV - Chuck Connors, William Bryant An Army officer is court-martialled for cowardliness, even though he is innocent, and tries to find the scum who really caused his unfair reputation. McCord poses as a bounty hunter to find out who offered a $5000 bounty on his head. A detective agency is working for a mysterious benefactor (Michael Ansara) who turns out to be a thought-to-be-dead officer who wants McCord dead in order to hide the truth. At the end, a fight ensures, and the baddie runs off and tries to cross some swampy water, but he gets caught in the quicksand underneath and sinks under before McCord can save and and clear is name. The Brendan Leonard Show "Mud Challenge" 2003 TV reality comedy - Brendan Leonard (host) Brendan tests the validity of product warning labels, gets teens to take part in an eye-blinking contest between the sexes, and dares his friends to participate in a "mud challenge". Brendan pairs up his friends in a competition to see which team can get the muddiest. Bret Maverick: The Lazy Ace @ 1981 TV-Movie - James Garner, Ed Bruce, Stuart Margolin Bret Maverick wins the town saloon in Sweetwater during the last of the great poker games and decides to settle down, taking Tom Guthrie, who just lost re-election as Sheriff, as a partner much to the locals' disdain. Local con man Philo Sandeen finds himself up to his waist in quicksand, and Maverick tries to decide whether to help him or not: "My head says let you go under on your own; my heart says shoot you now." But he does pull him out eventually. Bride of the Monster (aka Bride of the Atom; Monster of the Marshes; The Atomic Monster) @ 1955 B&W - Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Tony McCoy A renegade scientist flees his native country to perfect a race of mutant supermen using atomic energy. Despite living in an isolated house in the middle of a swamp, with his growling and scared assistant, he attracts the attention of the police (quote, "This swamp is a monument to death. Snakes, alligators, quicksand... all bent on one thing: destruction."), a professor who is actually a spy sent to bring him home, and a reporter who is investigating mysterious disappearances in the area. A male detective wearing a trench coat stumbles into quicksand (a hole with some branches on top) while out in the swamp and slowly sinks to his waist while mutant alligators try to attack him. He frightens them away with his gun and manages to escape. Bring 'Em Back Alive "The Pied Piper" 1982 TV - Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan, John A. Zee Frank gets involved with a missionary and her young charges when a downed American pilot dies at her mission after passing on information needed in Singapore. They try to move the children to safety when they discover some baddies are after them as well as being menaced by a tiger. They come to a patch of quicksand with some animal skeletons sticking out of it and have to climb a tree and crawl along an overhanging limb to reach the other side, leaving the bad guys and the tiger behind on the other side. Bring 'Em Back Alive "Wilmer Bass and the Serengeti Kid" 1982 TV - Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan, John A. Zee Frank's old friend Wilmer Bass asks him to take care of the Serengeti Kid, an old show lion who's sporting a golden collar sought by the leader of a dangerous killer cult. While making their way through the jungle, the sidekick falls into a quicksand bog when he goes to check the path ahead, briefly going under before resurfacing. Frank hears his call for help but falls in, too. They both sink to their shoulders before another explorer rescues them. Britain's Forgotten Children
2009 UK - Brett Foraker (director)
The trailer promotes a week-long series on Channel Four aimed at highlighting the issues faced by children living in the care system in the UK today. The expression 'Wishing the ground would swallow me up' is given new meaning in this spot by 4Creative. There are scenes of children sinking into the ground.

Bronco "Shadow of a Man" @ 1958 TV B&W - Ty Hardin, Jack Elam Bronco finds himself implicated in robbery and murder when he befriends two seemingly meek men and goes looking for the loot and the culprit to clear himself of the charges. In one scene, Bronco rescues an elderly cowpoke from a watery pit of quicksand by lassoing him with a rope and pulling him across and out. He then joins the man and his companion on their venture to round up and sell wild mustangs. However, the two men are actually thieves, and when a local stagecoach is robbed and a passenger killed, the three are suspected of the crime. Later, Bronco determines that the stolen bank payroll money must be stashed near the pool of quicksand and brings along the banker to find it and clear himself of the charges. The banker almost walks into the quicksand as Bronco finds a rope tied to a tree that leads into the same bog he rescued the baddie from and pulls up a saddlebag of money. But the corrupt sheriff shows up and tries to take the loot but is shot by Bronco and falls dead onto the surface of the quicksand pit. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century "Unchained Woman" 1979 TV - Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Tim O'Connor Buck impersonates a convict in order to break an interplanetary gangster's girlfriend (Jamie Lee Curtis) out of a maximum-security prison and enlist her aid in catching her former companion. They head for a nearby spaceport for return to Earth and are pursued by an indestructible android prison guard. During their trek across a desert, the woman (wearing a tight-fitting red jumpsuit) is attacked by a creature under the dry sand and is pulled down by its tentacle until Buck rescues her. The android shows up and is thrown into the same sand pit, but he later emerges, having ripped the creature apart. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century "Journey to Oasis, 1 & 2" 1979 TV - Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Thom Christopher Hawk's first mission among the humans is to join Buck, Wilma, and Dr. Goodfellow in escorting Ambassador Duvoe (Mark Lenard) to a peace conference that could avert a galactic war. When they pass through an electrical storm, their shuttle crashes in the desert. They have to bail out of the ship when it starts sinking into the sand. After the ship is completely engulfed by the ground, they must travel by foot, encountering savage mutants and a mischievous gnome named ODX who helps them by spouting riddles. One of the riddles warns them of sands that become quick (i.e., quicksand). It is later discovered that the alien ambassador is actually two symbiotic beings when he removes his head. Bumbarash
1971 TV Movie Russian - Valeri Zolotukhin, Yekaterina Vasilyeva
A movie about WWI, Revolution and Civil War in Russia, where the main hero, a man named Bumbarash, is a soldier. He is ordered to observe enemies positions from an observation balloon. When the balloon is aloft, the enemy open fire, and the balloon tears off and flies away, then it is shot again by the enemy and falls to the ground. Bumbarash gets into a water and weed bog and mired to his neck. He tries to reach a place that seems solid, where a stunted tree grows, but he sinks deeper. It seems he is a goner. Suddenly, a shell blows up close by, and its fragments hit a small tree which falls just within reach of Bumbarash's hands. He starts to pull himself out, and the scene ends.

A Bunch of Munsch "Pigs" 1990 TV animated In this scene, a girl carrying a pig steps off a school bus and sinks all the way under in the deep brown mud of the barnyard. She pulls herself out by holding onto the pig's tail. Burglars, The 1971 B&W French/Italian - Jean-Paul Belmondo, Omar Sharif, Dyan Cannon A Greek police chief is on the trail of a gang of thieves who've stolen a cache of emeralds. It doesn't take him long to identify the guilty parties, but instead of trying to arrest them, he plots to get the emeralds for himself. At the climax of the film, the corrupt cop is lured into a silo and is sucked down into the grain, vainly clutching the emeralds. (Note: there is a publicity still from the movie of Sharif up to his neck in the grain elevator which appears as if he is sinking in some dry desert quicksand.) Calvaire (aka The Ordeal)
2004 French - Laurent Lucas, Jackie Berroyer, Philippe Nahon
A singer's car breaks down deep in the woods just before Christmas and falls prey to a disturbed recluse and an entire village of deeply disturbed woodsmen. Near the end of the movie, an old man, wearing a winter coat and gloves and carrying a shotgun, is following the tormented singer through a boggy marshland forest. The old guy stumbles into a snow-covered peat bog and is immediately stuck. He calls to the other guy who comes back and watches but does not rescue him, and the old guy goes under.

Cambric Mask, The 1919 B&W silent - Alice Joyce, Herbert Pattee, Maurice Costello John Sark owns valuable land coveted by Henry Murden, who has stolen important information indicating that a railroad company wants to buy the land. Murden is the leader of a clan called The White Riders. Entomologist Sark discovers that one of the Rider's masks is made of a handkerchief belonging to his assistant Rose Ember, with whom he is in love. The mask actually belonged to Rose's father, who was forced to join the gang by Murden. When the Riders fail to convince Sark to sell them the land, they capture him and take him to a swamp to bury him in quicksand. Rose, disguised as a Rider, rides close to Sark's horse and cuts his bonds. Sark kills Murden, and when he learns that Rose was his savior, he is happily reunited with the woman he loves. Camp Candy "?" 1989 TV animated - John Candy, Katie Leigh A young girl gets caught in a bog out in the Oatmeal Swamp, which looks more like marshmallow cream, and sinks to her neck. Campion "Mystery Mile" @ 1990 TV British - Peter Davison, Brian Glover, Andrew Burt Author Margery Allingham's enigmatic English gentleman-detective, Albert Campion, courts danger without a moment's hesitation. In this episode, Campion agrees to help the family of an American Judge who has survived several murder attempts and has decided to leave the United States and travel to England in hopes of finding a safe haven. In one scene, the old judge and a young woman walk along the coastal mudflats, passing a sign that reads "Danger Quicksand". She narrates their walk to Campion and mentions the quicksand, which the locals call "The Soft". In another scene, a group of men are searching for the missing judge. One comments that there are no footprints on his end as another tosses an old metal plate onto the surface and says "There wouldn't be" as they watch it sink out of site. In the climatic scene, the baddie has Campion captive and plans to kill him. Campion attacks him but ends up falling through the wooden floor to the bog below. He lays there, muddy but not sinking, as the baddie makes his escape. But he, too, slips and falls into the bog and sinks under, pleading for Campion to save him. Can't Help Singing @ 1944 - Deanna Durbin, Robert Paige, Akim Tamiroff A senator's daughter (who can't help singing) follows her boyfriend West in the days of the California gold rush. While walking along side the wagon train, the proper young woman, in a hoop-skirt dress and parasol, plops knee-deep into a mud puddle. Canine Patrol (aka Canine Commando) 1945 - animated Disney short Pluto is patrolling a beach for the Coast Guard when a baby turtle hatches. The turtle keeps trying to sneak into the restricted zone to swim, and Pluto keeps trying to stop him while being harassed by a crab. But when Pluto stumbles into some tidal quicksand, he suddenly needs help from his nemesis. Pluto sinks completely under except for his nose which the crab uses to pull him out by. Cannonball "?" 1958 TV B&W - Paul Birch, William Campbell, Beth Lockerbie An adventure/drama series about truckers. There was an episode about a female truck inspector who, while inspecting a trucker's cab, is forcefully grabbed and kissed by a rude trucker. She smacks him good, leaps out of the truck, and runs off into the woods, wearing a heavy double-breasted suit, skirt, and hat. The two good truckers drive up, have words with the bad trucker, and decide to go after the woman in the woods. Following her cry for help, they find her standing in a swamp, up to her skirt, and sinking in the quicksand under the water. The young guy goes high-stepping through the swamp water, throws off his cool leather jacket, grabs her around the waist, and snags a handhold on a convenient rock face just behind them. The older guy scrambles back to the truck rig, uncouples the trailer, and drives the cab off the road and into the swamp. All this time, the woman and young guy keep sinking lower (about chest deep), calling on the older guy to hurry. The older guy wades into the swamp with a long rope, throws it to them, and ties the other end on to the bumper of the cab. Then he leaps in and drags the two out of the bog. Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels "?" 1977 TV animated - Mel Blanc Cavey and the Teen Angels get stuck in quicksand. Captain Flamingo "Run Milo Run" @
2006 TV animated Canada - Tabitha St. Germain, Melanie Tonello
Milo and Wendell are competing in the Lemming Scouts Obstacle Course when, at the worst possible moment, Sanjay gets stuck in the mud in his backyard up to his waist, and Captain Flamingo must really put his obstacle course skills to the test.

Captain N: The Game Master "The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N" @ 1989 TV animated - Gary Chalk, Ian James Corlett, Michael Donovan The group visits the medieval world of Final Fantasy to have lunch with Lana's friend, the Prince. Later, Princess Lana, Kid Icarus, and Mega Man warp to where a witch lives to help remove a spell cast on Kevin but land in quicksand in some swamp. Kid Icarus uses his bow and rope arrow to get them out. Captain N: The Game Master "How's Bayou" 1989 TV animated - Gary Chalk, Ian James Corlett, Michael Donovan As foretold in an Ancient Prophecy, a teen is brought to another universe known as Videoland to defeat the evil villainess. In one scene, Lana and Simon warp into a creepy bayou in search of Kevin. As they head off, Simon places a red cloth over some mud for Lana to walk across. After she is on the other side, Simon steps out on it but ends up sunk in the mud with the cloth. He gets up, coughing and spitting mud out of his mouth. In another scene, Kevin is walking around in the swamp looking for his dog Duke. Suddenly, a live tree grabs him, but it lets go after he shoots it with his Zapper. He then uses his Power Pad to jump another tree that tries to grab him. He says, "Whoa! It's a good thing I'm a whiz with the old Power Pad, or I'd've been in deep... quicksand!" He sinks through the quicksand and falls into an underground cave. Captain Planet and the Planeteers "I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear" @ 1990 TV animated - David Coburn, Joey Dedio, Janice Kawaye While trying to save wild bears, Gi and friends are lured to a jungle clearing where they are pushed into a quicksand pit. Wheeler finds them because Gi's broken necklace was floating on the surface, and he dives in to save them. Captain Sindbad @ 1963 - Guy Williams, Heidi Bruhl, Pedro Armendariz Sindbad must vanquish a villain by getting into the protected tower where the villain's heart is kept which keeps him from being killed in combat. One of Sindbad's men sinks in some very watery quicksand while they make their way through the Land of Fire. Captive Girl (aka Jungle Jim and the Captive Girl) @ 1950 B&W - Johnny Weissmuller, Anita Lhoest, Buster Crabbe Jungle Jim is asked to locate the Wild Girl of Lake Bokonji while battling a roguish treasure hunter. He soon discovers she is an orphan who has lived in the jungle with only a tiger for a companion. Dripping wet after hiding under water from Jungle Jim, the jungle woman slips into a pool of very good looking quicksand wearing a two-piece jungle outfit. She struggles and slowly sinks on her side up to her chest before being slowly pulled to firm ground, with clumps of the wet sand clinging to her legs, by Jungle Jim. La Captura de Gabino Barrera (The Capture of Gabino Barrera) 1967/1970 Mexican - Antonio Aguilar, Amedee Chabot, Juliancito Bravo This sequel to "La Venganza de Gabino Barrera" begins with Gabino Barrera in a New York nightclub where he meets an attractive young woman who offers to drive Gabino back to his ranch in her convertible. However, she disappears (she is being pursued by three men and escapes by climbing out of the ladies' room window), only to turn up in Gabino's hotel room that night. She says she's being chased by a jealous lover who now wants to kill her. The next day as the woman is driving Gabino and his two friends towards Mexico, a carload of men forces them to stop. The woman was trying to escape with money from a bank robbery and is shot and killed by her accomplices. When the police arrive, the robbers flee, and Gabino and company are accused of the murder but escape. As the trio hides out, they are discovered by Julian, a young Mexican boy who is also on his way back to Mexico after being sent to boarding school in the U.S. by his wicked stepfather who wants to control the ranch that Julian inherited. The group is pursued by the law and another woman named Joan who wants to prove Gabino's innocence but isn't trusted by him. When the boy is returned to his stepfather, the stepfather says the boy has lost the will to live and is in need of psychiatric care after his mother fell into a quicksand pit one day while riding around their ranch, fearing the boy might jump in himself. The boy soon runs away again but is nearly caught by the stepfather and thrown into the quicksand. Gabino arrives in time to save the boy from the quicksand and throws the stepfather in instead. He gradually sinks out of sight as he pleas to be saved. Caravan @
1946 B&W British - Stewart Granger, Anne Crawford, Jean Kent, Dennis Price
During the last half of the 19th century, writer Richard Darrell saves Don Carlos from two robbers and is entrusted by Don Carlos to take a valuable necklace to Spain. Richard leaves his fiancee, Oriana and starts the trip. He meets Wycroft, a henchman for Sir Francis Castteldow, an aristocrat out to steal Oriana from Richard. Richard is beaten and left for dead in Spain where he is found and nursed back to health by the gypsy Rosal in her cave. Having lost his memory, Richard marries Rosal, while Oriana, thinking Richard dead, marries the dastardly Sir Francis. Eventually, everyone comes in contact again, with devastating results for all three. In one scene, after Rosal dresses Richard as a gypsy and swims naked for him, Richard gets caught in quicksand, and Rosal helps him escape. (Actually, he doesn't even really sink. She is on the shore, and he is watching her. When she notices, she says something like, "Don't move - you're in quicksand." He looks down to see the sand is wet and shifting, and she points out a safe path.) In a final scene, after a chase that ends in a crash, Francis tries to shoot Richard, but his gun won't fire and is chased into a foggy swamp. Richard advances on Francis with a crude whip and drives him into quicksand where he meets his fate, as Oriana watches in horror. Cardcaptors "?" 2000 TV animated - Carly McKilipp, Alyn Faber, Sam Vincent Li and Sakura are practicing a play when the sand card sneaks up on them and creates a whirl of sand. Li and Sakura sink for a moment, then fly out. Later, the sand card creates a large sinkhole, and Li falls back in while fighting it. Caribbean Mystery, The 1945 B&W - James Dunn, Sheila Ryan, Edward Ryan A former Brooklyn cop, who now works as a special investigator for an oil company, is hired to find out what has become of a team of geologists sent to the islands in search of oil deposits. After many setbacks, including frustrating attempts to deal with the local authorities, he tracks down the jungle murderer who is in cahoots with a corrupt government official and has been killing anyone who strays near the island hideout where they have been hoarding stolen treasure. Our hero must survive bullets, alligators, and quicksand before he can collar the miscreant. Castlemaine XXXX 2004 TV commercial British/Australian A man is walking along in the desert prairie and in the distance sees a sack full of XXXX beer hanging off one of the branches of a tree. As he approaches, he sees a ring of hats on the dry ground in front of the tree and pauses. But being very thirsty, he continues walking and stumbles into some quicksand. He struggles to reach the bag, but ends up sinking all the way under... leaving his hat resting on the surface of the bog. Casualty "Walk Before You Run" @ 1986 British - Rebekah Gibbs, Matthew Wait, Ian Bleasedale The paramedics are on standby at a local marathon. Elsewhere, Nathan's strange behavior towards Selena at work makes her feel uneasy, Ellen is shocked to discover that there is a chance that she could have cancer, and Comfort feels out of practice when she receives some male attention and is asked out on a date. Three cross-country marathon runners get diverted from their race course, and the lead woman, an inspirational charity worker, gets trapped in a leaf-covered bog of deep black mud and sinks up to her chest. One of the other women runners gets help while another women tries to pull the trapped woman out with a stick. Rescue worker Nina uses her army training skills to crawl out and pull her free. Nina later tells Josh that she wants to train as a paramedic. Caveman @ 1981 - Ringo Starr, Dennis Quaid, Shelley Long This spoof of prehistoric man movies follows a group of outcasts who form their own tribe. A cavewoman's blind father walks into a watery tar pit. She and others get messy getting him out. Caxambu @ 1968 Brazil - John Ireland, Keith Larsen, Carol Ohmart In the jungles of the Amazon, members of a diamond hijacking gang escape into the forest where they must contend with headhunters and other dangers. One of the men, demanding to know where the diamonds are hidden, forces another man into a dry pit of dirt and grass quicksand where he dies. The Centurions "?The Better Half, 1 & 2" @ 1986 TV animated - Diane Pershing, Pat Fraley, Vince Edwards Crystal Kane is teleported to Earth to find her long lost husband but finds a quicksand pit instead. She struggles until rescued by her husband, Chuck. Challenge Of The SuperFriends "Swamp Of The Living Dead" 1978 TV animated - Olan Soule, Casey Kasem The Legion of Doom makes a pact with the Devil to gain power and wipe out the Super Friends, but they are double crossed when the evil being also helps the Super Friends. Batman and Robin are grabbed by vines and pulled under some watery quicksand. Charlie's Angels "The Mexican Connection" 1976 TV - Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith The Angels go undercover in South America to bust a heroin smuggling ring. The baddies pursue one of them into a quaking black bog. The others arrive, and one plunges in to rescue her. (Scene does not really exist.) Charlie's Angels "?" 1976 TV - Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith A scene where two baddies are chased into quicksand near the end of the episode. (Someone swears he distinctly remembers seeing such a scene, and someone else who asked a fan website if they recall such a scene got a response that there was a scene with the bad guys going in but never the Angels themselves.) Checkmate "?" 1960 TV B&W - Anthony George, Sebastian Cabot, Doug McClure A show about two dectectives who run a very high priced detective agency in San Francisco with help from a British Oxford professor turned criminologist. In one episode, one of the men gets caught in quicksand, and another hauls him out with a fishing pole. Cheyenne "Quicksand" @ 1955 TV B&W - Clint Walker, Ty Hardin, Jack Elam After the Civil war, adventurer Cheyenne Bodie roams the West looking for fights and women. Near the end, marauding Comanches attack a wagon party on its way through dangerous Indian territory. The leader of the travelers, Indian Scout Cheyenne Bodie, accepts a challenge for their lives from the Comanche chief. In a test of courage, they purposely step into a bed of watery quicksand and sink until one of them asks to be saved. When it appears that both are stubborn enough to die, they are pulled out by the onlookers when the two of them had slowly but steadily sunk up to their chins. Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest @ 1994 - Daniel Cerny, Ron Melendez, Jim Metzler After their father's death, two teenaged brothers travel from their small farming hometown to Chicago to stay with foster parents. One of them brings along some tainted corn and secretly plants it in an abandoned warehouse lot. He then begins gathering a cult of classmates, and anyone who crosses him meets a horrible fate by an evil cornfield spirit. At one point, the demon erupts from the ground as a huge, hideous monster and attacks the gathering of followers. Running from the beast, some of the teens run into a watery mud pool and quickly sink from view. Childrens Hospital "Run, Dr. Lola Spratt, Run" @
2010 TV USA - Rob Huebel, Rob Corddry, Ken Marino
Explores the emotional struggles and sexual politics of a group of doctors charged with healthy libidos. Their dedication to their personal lives is relentless, interrupted only by the occasional need to treat sick children. When a boy trapped in quicksand comes into the ER on a Saturday, it's up to Sy to wrangle the team back together... because doctors don't work on weekends.

Chinese Odyssey (aka Tian xia wu shuang) @ 2002 Hong Kong - Tony Leung, Faye Wong, Vicki Zhao Princess Ping On longs to escape from the boring palace life. After escaping form the palace disguised as a man, she meets a charming rascal named Lung and his sister Phoenix. Phoenix becomes smitten with Ping On, but Ping On falls for Lung. Then later Ping On's brother, comes looking for her and things become even more complicated. There is a scene in which the gal distracts the guy, who is running and jumping through a marshland field, and both end up neck-deep in soft mud. They endure the night, some rain, and a wind storm as they talk about their lives. An old woman finds them in the morning and brings help from the village to free them. CHiPs "Meet The New Guy" @ 1977 TV - Erik Estrada, Larry Wilcox, Randi Oakes Ponch and a rookie (Tom Reilly) pursue health-club thieves and find a teen-age mother who stole back the baby she sold. During a chase near a construction site, a car drives off the road, flies through the air, and lands in a large pool of thin, muddy quicksand. A guy gets out and sinks to his chin before being pulled out and arrested. Ponch is then lowered onto the car and pulls a young woman and her baby out of the sinking car just before it goes under. Both are very muddy. Chopper Squad "?" 1977 TV Australian - Dennis Grosvenor, Robert Coleby, Eric Oldfield A rescue drama set around the beaches of Western Australia. There is apparently a male quicksand scene in one of the episodes. Cinco Vidas Y Un Destino (aka Five Lives And A Destiny) @ 1978 Spanish - Joaquin Cordero, Colomba Dominguez A pretty girl helps a group of convicts escape their pursuers. As five guys are walking through a muddy swamp, one steps into a mud bog up to his waist before another guy pulls him out. City Boy (aka PBS Wonderworks: City Boy) @ 1994 TV-Movie Canadain/British - James Brolin, Christian Campbell, Sarah Chalke Based on the book "Freckles" by Gene Stratton Porter, Nick is a seventeen year-old orphan who decides to leave the big city of Chicago and takes up residence in the ancient and beautiful Limberlost forest, pursuing happiness and serenity. Things seem to be going great when he is employed by a lumber company and meets the beautiful naturalist Angelica who believes the majestic forest should be preserved. Confrontation arises in Nick's new-found world when he finds himself torn between his budding romance with Angelica and the loyalty to his boss. Near the end, a group of illegal loggers are making their way through the forest, having been tricked into the swamp by Nick, when one of the older guys walks into a deep bog. He struggles up to his chest as the good guys find him, taunt him a bit on his wrong doings, but don't rescue him and are called away by cries for help from Angelica who's been grabbed by another baddie. (What happens to the guy is not shown.) Clarissa Explains It All "?" 1991 TV - Melissa Joan Hart, Jason Zimbler, Elizabeth Hess As everyday events unfold before her, a teen named Clarissa explains to the viewer the motivations behind people's actions. In one episode, there was a short and pretty lame quicksand scene involving Clarissa and her brother in one of the fantasy, storytelling sequences. Class of the Titans "Grae's Anatomy" @
2006 TV Canada animated - Kirby Morrow, Ty Olsson, Kelly Sheridan
Odie discovers of the all-seeing eye of the GRAES. Two gals and one guy get stuck in beach quicksand while pursuing the villain Cronus. He asks how they managed to track him down. When they refuse to tell, he just sits back and watches them sink up to their necks. Their friends show up and save them using a surfboard, ropes, and SCUBA tanks as makeshift rockets.

Clutch Cargo "?" 1959 TV animated A very strange action cartoon with still pictures and moving human lips superimposed on the characters for the dialogue. In one episode, they drove a truck someplace and parked it and got out to look around. The truck broke through the surface crust and sank from sight. Cobra Woman @ 1944 - Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Sabu Upon discovering his fiancee Tollea has been kidnaped, Ramu and his friend Kado track her down to a Pacific jungle island where all strangers are to be killed on arrival and the inhabitants, who are frequently sacrificed to an angry volcano god, worship the cobra. The island is ruled over by Tollea's evil twin Naja, the Cobra Woman, who, besides having designs on her new prisoner Ramu, also desires to eliminate any competition from her benevolent sister. While being pursued by the baddie guards, the exhausted young Kado walks straight into a small quicksand pit. He stumbles around a bit, stirs it up, but doesn't sink much past his shins before Ramu runs up and grabs him from behind to pull him out. (The quicksand is really nice and thick but only three feet in diameter.) Code 3 (aka Real America) "Whitewater Terror; Benny" @ 1992 TV reality rescue drama - Gil Gerard (host) A family trip down a whitewater river turns deadly (main story), but rescuers are able to able to pluck one of the young sons from the rock he clings to. Also, a story of a big work horse named Benny that wanders into some deep, sticky mud and gets stuck. The locals work at pulling him out and get rather muddy in the process. (See also "It's a Miracle".) Code R "?" 1977 TV - Martin Kove, Tom Simcox, James Houghton The adventures of the fire, police, and ocean rescue services of Channel Island, located just off the coast of Southern California. In one episode, a person is rescued after falling into some watery sawdust quicksand. Combat "A Sudden Terror" @ 1962 TV B&W - Rick Jason, Vic Morrow, Jack Hogan A soldier (Brandon de Wilde) wanders into a large expanse of quicksand while on a night patrol in enemy-occupied territory and becomes trapped. Wounded in the shoulder, Hanley tries various methods to rescue the young private who slowly sinks throughout the episode. He eventually succeeds in pulling the young man out after crawling out on a downed dead tree trunk. Come and See (aka Idi i smotri; Go and See) @ 1985 Russian - Aleksei Kravchenko, Olga Mironova, Liubomiras Lauciavicius A boy is unwillingly thrust into the atrocities of war in WWII Byelorussia, fighting for a hopelessly unequipped resistance movement against the ruthless German forces. After digging up a rifle from the shallow grave of a dead soldier, he is promptly drafted into the partisan army to fight the Nazis. Witnessing scenes of abject terror and accidentally surviving horrifying situations, he loses his innocence... and then his mind. After finding his village in ruins and finding no survivors, the two young Russian teens (the boy wearing combat fatigues and toting a rifle and the girl wearing a plain peasant dress and shin-high boots) flee in horror through a swamp. Up to their chests, they struggle their way through a boggy area filled with watery black muck. Conan and the Young Warriors "Covenet" @ 1994 TV animated Conan, two boys, and one girl are trapped in the floor when it is magically turned to quicksand. The floor glows as they sink, and they end up in the room underneath. Congo Bill, chapter 7 "Black Panther" @ 1948 B&W serial - Don McGuire A blonde jungle goddess and (a wimpy) Bill fall off a log and into some very watery quicksand, sinking to their necks before being pulled out by others in their party (in this very simple scene). Convict Women (aka Thunder County; Cell Block Girls; Women's Prison Escape) @ 1974 - Ted Cassidy, Mickey Rooney, Carol Lawson Four inmates escape from a women's prison and wind up stranded in a swamp with a lecherous redneck after them. Meanwhile, a federal agent tracks a ring of heroin smugglers through the same swamp. Wearing a pale blue prison dress, a brunette gets seriously bogged down on a very dark night in a shallow swamp river and is pulled out by a guy that has been following her. Coronelas, Las @ 1959 B&W Mexican - Martha Roth, Antonio Badu, Andres Soler Two cowgals get off their horses and wade into a murky riverbed. They become stuck in the quicksand under the water. Two guys ride up and pull them free. The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures "No Mouse Is An Island" 1998 TV animated Canadian/French - Julie Burroughs, Terrence Scammell, Rick Jones Country mouse Emily and her cousin from the big city, Alexander, visit each other and have adventures together at the turn of the century. In this "Treasure Island" based episode, a young boy is being forced to help some pirates find treasure and steps into some quicksand. He sinks until he grabs a vine above him which triggers a skeleton to pop up with a note. One of the pirates cuts the vine to get the note, plunging the boy back in. The other pirate then pulls the boy out. The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures "When Irish Mice Are Smiling" 1998 TV animated Canadian/French - Julie Burroughs, Terrence Scammell, Rick Jones Country mouse Emily and her cousin from the big city, Alexander, visit each other and have adventures together at the turn of the century. In this episode, the mice end up sinking to their waists in a mud bog before being rescued by a dog. Crocodile Hunter "Wildest Home Videos" 1997 TV Discovery adventure/documentary The adventures of a herpetologist and his wife (Steve and Terri Irwin) as they travel Australia and educate viewers. In this wild romp through the best of the video archives of the Australia Zoo, the Irwins get snapped at by crocodiles, bitten by snakes, and chased by various furry things. It has some scenes of men and one woman (Terri) wading knee-deep in relatively thick mud while crocodile wrangling, wearing jeans and/or khaki shorts. Crocodile Hunter "Freshwater Crocs" @ 1997 TV Discovery adventure/documentary Steve and Terri Irwin journey to the Outback of North Queensland to study the Australian freshwater crocodile in its natural environment as it struggles to survive in the diminishing rivers of the dry season. They work to capture a feshwater crocodile trapped in a dried-up and very muddy water hold. Terri, wearing some khaki shorts, steps into some thick gray mud where she sinks up to her knees and has difficulty moving. And while Steve lays on top of the croc, she has to tie its back legs and hold its tail. The croc thrashes around a few times, and Terri keeps falling down in the soft mud while trying to move forward and has quite a hard time standing up. The both get nicely covered in mud. Crossfire Trail (aka Louis L'Amour's Crossfire Trail) @ 2001 TV-Movie - Tom Selleck, Wilford Brimley, Mark Harmon Based on the Western novel by Louis L'Amour, a restless drifter and skilled sharpshooter promises a dying friend that he will care for the man's wife and Wyoming ranch. There is a short scene in which two cowboys, with help from a third man on a horse, pull a young cow from a thick pool of seeping oil out on the range. (Though there is no actual sinking involved, the undulating pit looks great, and the two men get covered in the black stuff while struggling around in it.) The Covered Wagon 1923 B&W silent - J. Warren Kerrigan, Lois Wilson, Ernest Torrence A glorious and laborious account of the largest wagon train on record to cross the Valley of the Platte River by courageous men and women who left their homes in the spring of 1848 to migrate to Oregon. When a herd of buffalo storm over the plain, the men take off to hunt them. In all the frenzy, the bad guy uses this opportunity to get rid of the hero and takes a shot at him. But he misses and rides his horse into quicksand. Hearing his cry for help, the hero's sidekick comes and pulls him out of the muck, but the moment he recognizes the victim, he tries to throw him back in. However, the hero stops him. Cruel Swamp (aka Swamp Women; Swamp Diamonds) 1955/1966 - Carole Mathews, Marie Windsor, Jil Jarmyn, Beverly Garland A policewoman is sent undercover to a Louisiana bayou women's prison in order to infiltrate the "Nardo Gang" who have stolen some jewels. She helps them escape to discover where the loot is hidden. (It was said that one of them sinks in some quicksand; however, there is no such scene.) Crusoe @ 1989 - Aidan Quinn, Ade Sapara An old story with new twists on slavery, racism, power, and greed. About one quarter into the movie, Crusoe and a native are fighting when they fall into a pit of muddy quicksand. The native pulls himself out while Crusoe sinks up to his chin. After scraping the mud off himself, the native lowers a tree branch down to Crusoe who then proceeds to pull himself out. Cry of the Hunted @ 1953 B&W/Color - Vittorio Gassman, Barry Sullivan, William Conrad While being transported to a courthouse to play informer, a fugitive escapes and is pursued through the Louisiana's swamplands. In a fight scene in the swamp, a guy gets knocked into some thick muddy quicksand next to a river and struggles himself up to his neck before the younger guy he was fighting decides to rescue him. Curse II: The Bite @ 1988 - Jill Schoelen, J. Eddie Peck, Jamie Farr, Bo Svenson While taking a road trip across New Mexico, a young couple land in trouble when the man gets bitten by a radioactive snake, resulting in his arm turning into a lethal snake's head which attacks everyone he comes into contact with. At the end of the movie, the woman is chased into a very muddy drainage pit at a construction site. The mud is thick and fairly deep as she wallows around and gets very muddy. Curse of the Crystal Eye @ 1993 - Jameson Parker, Cynthia Rhodes, Mike Lane A group of explorers search through Asia and Africa for the fabulous lost treasure of Ali Baba and endure many dangers in pursuit of their desired goal. As the group begins to cross an old rope bridge over a menacing pool, it collapses, plunging them into some watery quicksand below. The hero valiantly helps the heroine to solid ground, and both end up wet and covered in sawdust-like residue. Curse of the Living Corpse @ 1964 B&W - Helen Warren, Roy Scheider A millionaire who suffers from seizures that make him appear to be dead lives in fear of premature burial. Contained in his will is the promise that should he be buried alive, he will return from the grave to murder his heirs in the manner they most fear. The villain, one of the heirs, drags a woman out to the woods and backs her into a mud bog up to her thighs. The hero shows up and pulls the woman out. The hero fights the villain in the mud and knocks him into the same bog. The villain soon goes under. Curse of the Swamp Creature @ 1966 - John Agar, Francine York, Shirley McLine Deep in the rural swamps of Texas, an Everglades geological expedition for oil runs across a mad scientist involved in the creation of half-alligator, half-human monsters, using local swamp people, in an attempt to discover the secret of evolution. After a provocative dance number, a young Caribbean dancer is pursued into the woods surrounding a swamp by a slimeball guy trying to force his attentions on her. She stops on the bank of the river which has up-welling currents of rippling water. When he closes in on her, she pushes him backwards into the river, and he begins to sink into the quicksand under the water. Already up to his waist, he extends his arms and cries out for help, but she just stands there, hugging herself in fear and shock, watching him sink under. Cutey Honey (aka Kyutei Hani) "Diamond Princess" @ 1973 TV animated Japanese - Eiko Masuyama Virtual Hacker creates illusions where Honey is trapped by black tentacles while she watches a young boyfriend and an old man sink slowly neck deep in a rainbow swirled quicksand bog. Cutthroat Island (aka Corsari; Die Piratenbraut) @ 1995/1996 French/Italian/German - Geena Davis, Matthew Modine, Frank Langella A fearless female pirate, her educated slave, and her seafaring crew embark on a daring quest to claim a hidden island's secret treasure by recovering the three portions of a treasure map, the final portion of which is held by her murderous uncle. Her task is made difficult by her skeptical crew and the efforts of the British crown to end her raids. Half way into the movie, her slave, who is also an accomplished thief and liar, steals the last piece of the map from her uncle while his crew slept after having followed the "good" pirate to the island. However, as the female pirate goes looking for him, she finds him up to his chest, sinking in a leaf-covered quicksand bog. As he slowly sinks to his chin, she forces him to hand over the portion of the map before she will rescue him. (Note: the TV version has a few seconds of the scene edited out.) Daa! Daa! Daa! "The First Christmas with Saionji" @
2000 TV animated Japanese - Kaori Nazuka, Yukiko Mikame
Miyu is normal 8th grade girl, until her parents are hired by NASA and dump Miyu with their family friend Saionji and take off to America. In this scene, the girl invites a boy to her Christmas party, but he rejects her offer. Depressed, she (symbolically) sinks into the ground. Her friends try to pull her out while telling her to get a grip. They tell her that he's probably shy. She agrees and snaps out of it, but she knocks her four friends in instead.

Dad's Army "The Big Parade" @ 1968 TV B&W/Color British - Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn The Walmington-On-Sea platoon of the voluntary Home Guard is commanded by pompous bank manager Captain Mainwaring. He and his motley band of men provide the seaside town's last line of defense against the Nazi hordes during World War 2. In this episode, the platoon has to lead a big parade to mark the start of Spitfire Week. Captain Mainwaring decides that they need a mascot. Private Sponge offers to let them have a ram from his farm, provided they can catch one. Private Pike ends up trapped in a bog when he disappears behind a bush and starts yelling for help. The others find him up to his waist in watery mud. As he slowly sinks to his chest, the others attempt to rescue him, using clothes and a sign they find nearby reading "Beware of the BOG!". They manage pull him out when he reaches his chin. The parade finally gets underway without a mascot. Danger Island (aka The Banana Splits Adventure Hour: Danger Island) "?" 1968 TV - Jan Michael Vincent, Ronne Troup, Frank Aletter This was one of the live-action serials from the "Banana Splits" comedy show about five people stranded on a remote jungle island: Professor Hayden and his young daughter Lesley, Link Simmons, Morgan, and the silent native, Chango. Together they faced deadly natives, pirates, landslides, and earthquakes. There was one episode where a guy falls into quicksand and is rescued by the female lead. Danger! 50,000 Volts "Episode #?" 2002 TV British reality - Nick Frost (host) In this eight-part series, Nick Frost takes a humorous look at extreme-survival techniques. In this episode, he gets expert advice on surviving heat exhaustion, keeping a sinking ship afloat, and how to avoid being kidnapped from a car. The intrepid presenter also learns what to do if caught in quicksand or a forest fire and discovers the correct procedure for dealing with a bite from a venomous snake. ?Danger on Dangergrass Moor 198? TV-Movie British or Australian children's program Three kids are out walking on the moor as one of them explains that it is called "dangergrass" because there is quicksand under the grass and you didn't know about it until you were in it. One of the kids sinks into the dangergrass slowly and has to be pulled out by the other two. Danger: Quicksand! (aka Extreme Planet "Quicksand") 2000 TV National Geographic documentary Quicksand is the stuff of Hollywood westerns, B-movies, and science-fiction flicks. This Engel Brothers Media production for National Geographic meets the survivors and the relatives of victims who have encountered this terrifying force of nature. The film explains how this strange phenomenon works, dispels old myths, teaches viewers how to avoid quicksand hazards, and demonstrates how people can make their very own quicksand pits at home. From Ireland to Alaska, we will explore the world's most infamous beaches, coastal flats, and mountain spillways to dig at the true nature of quicksand. The Dark Crystal 1982 - Stephen Garlick, Lisa Maxwell, Barry Dennen In this elaborate Jim Henson and Frank Oz muppet creation, the mysterious Dark Crystal maintains equilibrium between good and evil in a mythical kingdom, and when it was broken, the evil Skeksis took over, killing off the elf-like Gelflings and enslaving everyone else. But now, two surviving Gelflings - Jen, who was raised by the all-knowing and benevolent Mystics, and Kira, who grew up amongst the swamp-dwelling Podlings - join forces on a dangerous quest to find the missing shard and "heal" the precious Dark Crystal and restore order to their world. In the scene where Jen meets Kira in the swamp, he is startled and falls into a shallow pond in which he starts sinking (a few inches) in the mud. Kira summons a creature that lives in the pond, and it lifts him out to safety. Dark Waters @ 1944 B&W - Merle Oberon, Franchot Tone, Elisha Cook Jr. A young woman, whose parents drowned when the ship they were traveling on sank and she alone survived, goes to her relatives in order to recover emotionally. Unfortunately, she encounters various scam artists who intend to kill her and steal the family assets. One of the conspirators, Cleeve, is guiding Mr. Sydney through the swamp as they pursue the woman and her doctor. Cleeve goes ahead to find them but ends up walking into a thick bog of quicksand, slowly sinking from his knees to his neck, panicking and pleading to be saved. After he goes under, Mr. Sydney gives up after the doctor informs him that he'll never get out without his help. Darkwing Duck "Dances with Bigfoot" 1991 TV animated Disney - Jim Cummings, Dan Castellaneta Disguised as the Crimson Quackette, it's Gosalyn's turn to be the hero when she must learn where her dad has disappeared to. When she finally finds him being treated like a king among the Bigfoot tribe in the Pacific Northwest, she must do some quick thinking to prevent herself, Darkwing, and Honker from becoming volcano chow. In one scene, Gosalyn and her friend end up in quicksand and get out using one of her dad's gadgets. Darkwing Duck "Bad Luck Duck" 1991 TV animated Disney - Jim Cummings, Dan Castellaneta Negaduck is at it again and steals a magic amulet that can bring inanimate objects to life, and Darkwing gets the blame. The witch doctor from whom Negs stole the amulet places a bad luck curse on Darkwing. While Darkwing maintains that he doesn't believe in curses or bad luck, he's not having a good day, and at one point, runs into quicksand. Darkwing Duck "Double Darkwings" 1991 TV animated Disney - Jim Cummings, Dan Castellaneta Jambalya Jake is back, this time with a plan to do in Darkwing Duck. However, his plans are altered when he whammifies the wrong duck with Granny Whammy's hex powder. Launchpad becomes Jake's all too willing slave and in his Darkwing Decoy suit, and Jake decides to drag Darkwing's good name through the mud. Darkwing is lured to a construction site and sinks into quicksand. He escapes using a rocket with a rope attached. Darkwing Duck "Water Way to Go" 1991 TV animated Disney - Jim Cummings, Dan Castellaneta FOWL is out to steal all the oil in Oilrabia so they can control the market. SHUSH sends Darkwing and Launchpad to help, but they get lost in the desert and find... a fleet of ships? Steelbeak forces the duo to walk the plank off a ship in the desert and sink into quicksand. The scene is very short, and they end up in an underground cave. Daughter of the Sun God 1962 - William Holmes, Lisa Montell This adventure chronicles the exploits of an author/explorer on a trip to Peru to hunt for the missing uncle of his pretty young companion. Her archaeologist uncle disappeared while searching for a lost Incan city that he found upon an ancient map. Together the writer and the girl launch an expedition to search for this legendary city. They are guided by another Yankee archaeologist. It is he who swiped the map from the woman's uncle. With their help, he hopes to find the city so he and his gang of thieves can loot it. Along the way they encounter many dangers including, snakes, crocodiles, jaguars, and quicksand. The writer and the niece get their first and warn the Incas living their. The Indians neatly dispatch the evil archaeologist and his band. It is the pretty young woman that ends up sinking in the quicksand bog as they make their way though a croc infested swamp. The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return 1975 TV-Movie - Dan Dailey, Ronne Troup, Brooke Adams, Christina Hart Cabe is a drifting western trapper hoping to gain extra homesteading land by pretending to have a family. He hires three "fallen women" to pose as his daughters. Unfortunately, the real father of one of the girls kidnaps his daughter, compelling the remaining ladies to track her down. There was a nice mudfight between the three women in the original version, but it was cut out on subsequent showings. Dawn of the Mummy @ 1981 - Brenda King, Joan Levy, Ellen Faison A group of fashion models disturb the tomb of a mummy and revive an ancient curse. In a very dark scene, a young woman, wearing a red robe, is chased into some dry quicksand (which can hardly be seen) by the mummy after finishing a midnight skinny-dip. The Dawns Here Are Quiet (aka A Zori Zdes Tikhiye) 1972 B&W/Color Russian - Yelena Drapeko, Yekaterina Markova, Olga Ostroumova During World War II, a small unit of female soldiers in the Soviet army discover that a German subversive detachment has landed and, with their male sergeant, must fight for their lives to get the news to headquarters. Combat sequences of them in conflict with a German patrol, trying for a surprise attack on Russian positions, is interspersed with their memories of their husbands and civilian lives. There is a scene of the group traversing a boggy marsh. Later, one of the young women is sent back to get word of enemy movement and numbers to the command post. As she heads back through the swamp, carrying a pole and wearing only her undergarments, she steps into a deep quagmire and thrashes desperately to keep from drowning. Eventually, she sinks under and dies. Days Of Our Lives 1984? TV soap opera Tony DiMera's evil look-alike cousin, Andre DiMera (both played by Thaao Penghlis), also known as the Salem Slasher, was going around killing certain people. Andre took a trip with Anna and the others on a fake fashion expo, but the plane crashed on Stefano's island. While the two men were duking it out in a jungle clearing, one charged the other, and they both toppled into some quicksand up to their chests. They continued verbally abusing each other as they slowly sank deeper. The girlfriend shows up with a gun and has to determine which on is Tony. Anna chooses correctly and rescues Tony who in turn tries to save Andre but ends up going under. Days Of Our Lives 1998 TV soap opera A short scene out in the swamp in which Bo (Peter Reckell) rescues Greta the Swamp Girl (Julianne Morris) from quicksand. (Other events included Sami rushing Will to the hospital after Lucas accidentally dropped him while playing, and John and Hope showing her comb to an antique dealer who said it was stolen from a private collection.) Days Of Our Lives 2000 TV soap opera Greta's stepfather dies and leaves her $100 million and the promise that 10,000 orphans will be gifted with homes, but first Greta (Julianne Morris) must pass tests to prove she is virtuous, courageous, and pure of heart. So she and pal Austin (Austin Peck) take an incredible journey into the Garden of Eden via virtual reality where they, as Adam and Eve, have to survive several tests of virtue. At one point, an evil witch, blaming Greta for her troubles, magically lifts her into a "mini-volcano" into which she steadily sinks from her waist to her shoulders. Dead Man's Gun "The Phrenologist" @ 1997 TV anthology series - Kris Kristofferson (narrator) Set in the mythic old West, the series explores the legend of a dead man's gun that grants whoever possesses it unforeseen powers... but with dangerous results. A youth helps a haberdasher win his love with assistance from the gun. When a teenage boy tries to help a man sinking in quicksand, he winds up drowning in the intrigue of the man's shady actions. Befriending a lovelorn phrenologist, the two must deal with the power of Dead Man's Gun, irate outlaws, and large sums of cash. The guy is riding when his horse stops and flips him into a bog of watery quicksand. He sinks to his waist before his calls for help are heard by a young boy, but the boy can't pull him out. (Lousy quicksand, but the actor plays it well.) Guest stars: C. Thomas Howell, Torrey Dickinson, Vincent Gale Deadly Trackers @ 1973 - Richard Harris, Rod Taylor A gentle sheriff seeks revenge on renegade outlaws who had senselessly slaughtered his family. In a confrontation, the good guy knocks the baddie into some fairly good looking yellowish quicksand. He begins to pull him out as the baddie tells him the information he wanted. When he also admits to killing his kid, the sheriff lets go and watches him die. Death Curse of Tartu @ 1967 - Fred Pinero, Doug Hobart, Babette Sherill Four junior anthropologists disturb an Indian's grave in the Everglades and are killed off by the forces of nature one by one. Decent shots of three young ladies wading through knee-deep marsh muck. Later, a female student in a bikini takes a swim in a very muddy marsh pond and crawls through some nice, gray, shallow mud moments before she's mauled by an alligator. At the film's climax, a blonde, wearing a blouse and a knee-length khaki skirt, is chased by the reincarnated villain and shaken off a log into watery sawdust quicksand. She struggles all the way under while the hero and villain fight. The villain lands in the same quicksand and goes under, and woman is rescued with only her hand visible above the surface. Death Mask @ 1998 - James Best, Linnea Quigley, John Nutten Wilbur works in an old carnival and shows some gruesome things to the public. He covered his face because he had a sadistic father who burned his face. Everybody makes jokes about his scars and when the new boss fired him, he go to an old swamp-witch who gives him a peace of wood from a hanging tree and Wilbur makes a mask from this piece of wood and put all his anger in this mask. When he puts the mask on, everybody who looks on this mask commits suicide. He has created the Death Mask. There is a scene in which a woman drowns in a pit of quicksand and is bitten in the face by a snake as she struggles to her doom. Death Weekend (aka The House by the Lake) @ 1976/1977 - Brenda Vaccaro, Don Stroud, Chuck Shamata, Richard Ayres A model and a playboy plan to spend a weekend at his remote country mansion. On the way, they are harassed by several drunken troublemakers. The gang follows them and breaks into the mansion, killing the playboy and terrorizing the model, but she manages to kill them one by one. One of the madmen with a knife chases the woman through a swamp at night and stumbles into watery quicksand and goes under... with a little help from her foot. Deltora Quest "Nij and Doj's Trap" @
2007 TV animated Japanese - Ryosuke Sakamaki, Yűsaku Yara, Ayahi Takagaki
Lief, Barda, and Jasmine stumble upon what appears to be a kind old couple, living in a house in the middle of a swamp. As they walk to the house, they fall into quicksand and sink to their waists. The old couple saves them by tossing the trio a rope, then takes them into their home. However, they turn out to be Jin and Jod, two of the witch Tegan's monster children.

Dennis the Menace "Dennis of the Jungle" @ 1987 TV animated - Brennan Thicke, Phil Hartman, Jeannie Elias While on a sight-seeing safari boat ride, Dennis and Margaret jump overboard, get lost in the swamp, and get stuck in some deep mud. They pull themselves out by grabing a big snake. Denver, The Last Dinosaur "?" 1992 TV animated While out in the jungle, a young girl, wearing a denim baseball cap and bluejean coveralls, stumbles into quicksand and is rescued by her puppy. Detention "A Friend in Greed" @ 1999 TV animated - Tara Charendoff, Carlos Alazraqui, Kathleen Freeman Wild adventures of a group of kids at Benedict Arnold Middle School as they try to keep from being caught and spending time in detention. When Lemonjella and Orangejella find a treasure map, the kids start scheming against each other over buried treasure, and Shareena and Gug end up getting stuck in quicksand. The Detour "The Funeral" @
2016 TV USA - Jason Jones, Natalie Zea, Ashley Gerasimovich
A contemporary father takes his family on a road trip across America, but a set of crazy, unforeseen circumstances causes them to end up on the run from the FBI. Having crashed their plane into the Alaskan wilderness, the family must rely on one another to survive. The father walks into quicksand and pulls his son and wife into it when trying to get pulled out.

The Devil At 4 O'Clock @ 1961 - Spencer Tracy, Frank Sinatra Father Doonon and three convicts land on a South Sea Island where the priest is to replace Father Perreau who is retiring. But an erupting volcano spells doom for the island, and the priests and convicts set out to help evacuate a children's hospital by leading them down from the mountain, through the jungle, and to the sea where a schooner awaits. As the group is trooping along a trail past a large ditch full of volcanic mud, the French prisoner with a boy on his shoulders falls into the river of mud when the wooden bridge gives way. The child is quickly passed up to the others while the guy sits there up to his waist in the muck with hands outstretched, calling for help. However, he begins to drift away from the bank towards a wider area of the bog with the current. He sinks deeper, finally calling on God before going under. In the meantime, one of the others quickly ties a rope around his waist and dives into the watery mud, swimming to try to reach him. But he is too late and is pulled back out. Devil-Ship Pirates @ 1964 Hammer - Christopher Lee, Andrew Keir, John Cairney A ruthless pirate steers his vessel into criminal activity. The cutthroats invade a small English coastal town and terrorize the residents until the villagers revolt against the pirate's evil rule. A young girl is chased by a couple of pirates, one of whom steps knee-deep into a small muddy bog hole along the way. She hides behind a big tree along side a watery bog, slips in, and becomes stuck. Later that night, her boyfriend rescues her and fights one of the pirates in the bog. He kills the pirate who sinks out of sight while he struggles his own way out. The Devil's Nightmare (aka Vampire Playgirls; Castle of Death; The Devil Walks at Midnight; The Devil's Longest Night; Nightmare of Terror; Succubus) @ 1971 Italian - Erika Blanc, Jean Servais, Daniel Emilfork The victim of an ancient family curse has been transformed into a succubus. She is given the task of seducing and killing seven obnoxious tourists (representing the seven deadly sins) who wind up in her remote European villa after having been directed there by a mysterious man in black. While looking for some treasure in the basement "dungeon", the evil woman pushes another woman wearing a red dress into a pit of gold dust into which she sinks out of sight. The Devonsville Terror @ 1983 - Donald Pleasence, Suzanna Love, Robert Walker Jr., Paul Willson Three hundred years after three witches were burned at the stake in a New England town, a mysterious woman arrives to exact revenge on the town males. In a very "real" and "vivid" dream, a guy and woman walk through a marsh, and he falls into quicksand under the water and dies of suffocation while sleeping in bed. Diamonds Are Forever @ 1971 - Sean Connery, Jill St. John, Charles Gray When the British Government suspects the existence of a world-wide diamond smuggling operation, James Bond is called in to investigate a millionaire casino owner but finds it is really Ernst Stavro Blofeld of SPECTRE with a laser satellite weapon behind it all. In the opening sequence, Bond kills two of Blofeld's doubles: one in a tub of muddy clay by releasing volumes of it onto him from above and drowns him, and the other by wheeling him strapped to a cart into a deep pool of the stuff. Digimon Frontier "?" 2002 TV animated Japanese - Junko Takeuchi, Hiroshi Kamiya, Sawa Ishige Takuya is learning to control his Beast Spirit, Vritramon. As Takuya and the others hike through a forest, they come across a puzzle. Only Takuya and Tomoki get it right, and the others sink into some dark-brown mud. Takuya and Tomoki try to rescue them, but it's a difficult struggle. Then, Grottomon attacks and kidnaps Tomoki, leaving Takuya to begin the chase. (You don't see how they escape the mud.) Dino Babies "?" 1996 TV animated Canadian - Sam Khouth, Sarah Strange In one of the episodes, a young girl dragon, dressed as "Alice in Wonderland", walks into some deep mud along a dirt path and sinks up to her chest before being pulled free by a couple of playing card characters. Dino King 3D: Journey to Fire Mountain @
2019 South Korea animated - Hee-soon Park, Erin Connor, Jacqui Duncan
Speckles, a ferocious tarbosaurus and his young son junior, mourning the loss of their family in an epic battle, roam the lands in search of food, adventure, and peace. A pack of predators chase a young calf into a muddy swamp bog. As the prey struggles and sinks, one of the hunters jumps out onto the doomed one, causing it to sink under. The hunter soon discovers it is now trapped in the bog and begins to sink in the quickmud. The leader of the pack realizes it is a lost cause and the group flee, leaving the doomed dinosaur sinking under.

Dinosaurus! @ 1960 - Ward Ramsey, Kristina Hanson, Paul Lukather Undersea explosions near a Caribbean island causes the unearthing of two dinosaurs and a caveman. The locals are stranded and in danger from the carnivorous tyrannosaurus. Near the end, the wounded brontosaurus, having survived an attack by its fellow saurian, staggers into quicksand and promptly drowns. Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone @
2005 animated - Alyssa Milano, Tara Strong, Alec Medlock
An orphaned boy sets out in search of adventure, but when a shipwreck lands him on an island where Dinosaurs and Humans coexist, he finds not only adventure but a family as well. Kex lands in quicksand after his skateboard hits a fallen tree branch. He slowly sinks to his chin before Mara and 26 pull him free.

Dirty Jobs "Cheese Maker" @
2005 TV reality/documentary - Mike Rowe (host)
Mike visits the San Francisco Zoo and learns what it's like to be a zookeeper; Mike then goes a Vermont cheese factory to see what it takes to be a cheese maker; and finally, Mike learns how to be a volcanic ash mud bath mixer (spa technician) in California and takes a thick, black mud bath after a very dirty day.

Distant Drums 1951 - Gary Cooper, Mari Aldon, Richard Webb During the Seminole Indian War in 1840, a US Army captain leads a military expedition against a ring of gun runners deep in the Florida Everglades, while evading Indians, alligators, and quicksand. (No quicksand scene despite what the plot summary said.) Divorce Italian Style (aka Divorzio All 'Italiana) @ 1962 B&W Italian - Marcello Mastroianni, Daniela Rocca A whining sex-crazed Sicilian wife drives her husband to consider divorce. Unfortunately, it is easier to murder in Italy than it is to divorce. The man, watching his wife enjoy being buried up to her neck in the sandy beach, imagines her sinking and screaming in quicksand. Django @ 1966 Italian/Spanish - Franco Nero, Angel Alvarez, Rafael Albaicmn A mysterious gunfighter arrives in a Mexican border town, dragging a small coffin behind him. When he attempts to save a woman who is being attacked by a group of bandits, he finds himself in the middle of a conflict between Mexican gangsters and racist Yankee thugs, with the innocent townspeople and a fortune in Mexican gold stuck somewhere in between. There is a lot of mud in this movie, including the main character slogging through some at the beginning, townspeople walking through very muddy streets, and two women wearing dresses getting all muddy fighting in the street. And there's a nightmarish touch to the frontier town with its muddy streets and mysterious bridge going nowhere over a quicksand bog. In the scene where he rescues the woman near the start of the movie, he shoots all the bandits and ends up shooting one of them a second time, whereupon he falls down a hill and sinks under in quicksand. In another scene, two women argue and get into a brawl in the muddy streets in front of the saloon. Near the end, the mysterious coffin falls off a wagon and slides down the hill into the same pit of quicksand. Django chases after it but gets mired himself. The woman he rescued earlier runs out on the rope bridge and tries to pull him up and out after he sinks to his neck, but the she is shot by the baddies. Django is then rescued by the baddies using ropes and horses... only to be tortured by them. Doctor Who (aka Dr. Who) "Carnival of Monsters, parts 1, 2, 3, 4" @ 1963 TV B&W/Color British - Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning The adventures of an eccentric time-traveling alien and his various companions. His exile rescinded, the Doctor takes Jo for a trip in the TARDIS and they land inside a MiniScope, an electronic peepshow housing several dangerous alien species just for the amusement of those watching, owned by a tatty circus showman. While they romp around in an odd mixture of landscapes, Jo, dressed in tight fitting jeans and over-the-knee boots with thick soles, gets stuck knee-deep in some mud under a shallow stream, and the Doctor has to pull her free. (Color episode) Doctor Who (aka Dr. Who) "Full Circle" @ 1963 TV B&W/Color British - Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, Matthew Waterhouse The TARDIS passes through a CVE en route to Gallifrey and enters the pocket universe of E-space and the planet Alzarius, a world whose changing climate and changing native life forms threaten a community of people from a crashed Starliner. After steeling some fruit, a boy is pursued through the marsh by an old man. He stumbles and falls after running into some knee-deep mud. During a short altercation, the old man knocked down along side the marsh pond and is dragged beneath by something. Later, amphibious creatures emerge from the marsh and walk the muddy banks. (Color episode) Doctor Who (aka Dr. Who) "The Sontaran Experiment" 1963 TV B&W/Color British - Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen Sent to Earth to try and repair the Nerva's transmat beam, they find it a wasteland of weeds, but habitable and seemingly deserted. The Doctor and his two companions soon discover that there is a group of Galsec colonists stranded there, and that one by one they're being captured and tortured by an alien who is carrying out experiments to assess whether humans would be a threat to a Sontaran invasion force. The Doctor's companion Sarah Jane Smith has been captured and is tied to a rock. She is being tested by the alien for her reaction to fear and imagines seeing a snake, then imagines that she is slowly being enveloped by mud (which is shown as a close-up of some mud creeping up around her torso and lasts about 10 seconds at best). Doctor Who (aka Dr. Who) "The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe, 1 & 2" @ 1963 TV B&W/Color British - Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford The Master disrupts the Trial with the news that the whole thing is a set-up to disguise crimes of the High Council, and that the Valeyard is really a near-last regenerative form of the Doctor himself, who takes refuge in the Matrix, drawing the Doctor and the Master into his deadly fantasy virtual reality inside. The cliffhanger ending of part 1 and the opening of part 2 had the Doctor sinking to his "doom" in some rather thick peat-like tidal quicksand. He goes all the way under as arms reach out from under the mire to drag him in, but he soon rises back out as he realizes it's all in his mind. (Color episode) Doctor Who "The Doctor's Daughter" @
2008 TV UK - David Tennant, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate
On the planet Messaline, in the middle of an endless war, the Doctor meets the most important woman of his life. Martha falls in a watery pool of quicksand at night on an alien planet but is saved by an alien when it jumps in to push her out.

Don't Cry 19?? music video by Asia There was a very brief scene of one of the band members, in an Indiana Jones-type outfit, stepping into and sinking immediately up to his chest in very watery quicksand, and one later cut of him struggling to get out as he was up to his chin. Dora and the Lost City of Gold @
2019 USA - Isabela Monet-Merced, Benicio Del Toro, Eva Longoria
A teenage explorer named Dora leads her friends on an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost city of gold. While in the jungle, she and her friends walk into an expanse of quicksand. They make crude jokes about the sound effects, until they learn they are actually stuck and sinking. They sink up to their waists until Dora tells them to lay back and swim out. All do except for the adult guy who panics and goes under... only to reappear from below.

Doraemon and the Legend of the Sun King 19?? animated Japanese A young boy gets stuck in quicksand while going on a journey to save his kingdom. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist "New Phone System" 1995 TV animated - Jonathan Katz, H. Jon Benjamin, Laura Silverman Katz gets a new phone system at the office with all kinds of great features... supposedly. Guest patient Andy Kindler says he knows all there is to know about quicksand because all the old movies had quicksand in them. The episode did show people stuck in quicksand... if you consider squiggle-vision a viable medium for a quicksand scene. At one point, Kindler even says he has become a connoisseur of quicksand. In a voice over of a scene of a woman stuck up to her waist in quicksand, he says something to the effect of "No, that's too oatmealy." Dr. Who and the Daleks @ 1965 British - Peter Cushing Dr. Who, his two grand-daughters, and Barbara's boyfriend Ian are transported through time and space to the planet Skaro, where a peaceful race of Thals are under threat of nuclear attack from the planet's other inhabitants: the robotic mutant Daleks. A guy gets his foot stuck in some weird mud and grass and is helped free. Dragon Inn (aka Xin long men ke zhan; New Dragon Inn) @ 1992 Hong Kong - Maggie Cheung, Yan Yee Kwan, Tony Leung Ka Fai During the Ming Dynasty, a power hungry eunuch employs an evil sect in his quest to rule China. He intends on destroying the rebelling clans by using a traitorous secretary's children as bait. Ultimately, the two warring factions end up in the rundown Dragon Inn right in the middle of the desert. An extravagant climax features dizzying acrobatics and masterful fight sequences as the two clans go head-to-head in a no-holds barred finale battle. In a desert fight scene during a sandstorm with lots of very fast action, acrobatics, and swordplay, the warriors very suddenly find themselves buried in the Drift Sand, and a fatally wounded young woman, Mo-Yan, sinks out of sight in the dry sand. Dragon Quest "?" @
1999 TV animated Japanese - Long John Baldry, Toru Furuya
Once upon a time, there was a knight called YUSHA who had beaten the king of darkness in a legendary duel. At the end of the battle, the monsters who were under control of the king of darkness were freed from the spell and began to live a normal life on the isle of Demurin. There is a scene of a Native American (?) girl sinking into a strange sand bog. A warrior girl runs to rescue her but falls in when the edge gives way. Both end up in an underground cavern.

Drums O' Voodoo (aka She Devil; Louisiana) 1934 B&W - Laura Bowman, Augustus Smith, Morris McKenny A preacher, dedicated to purging his Bayou parishioners of their voodoo superstitions, and a powerful voodoo priestess team up to save the preacher's beloved niece who has fallen into the clutches of Satanic brothel owner. The villain is vanquished in a bizarre climatic battle involving symbolic bolts of lightning and a pool of bubbling quicksand. Blinded by a flash of lightning, the baddie stumbles into a swamp and is swallowed by quicksand. Duck Tales "Sweet Duck of Youth" 1988 TV animated In one episode, an arrow hits Launchpad's helicopter, causing it to fall and land in quicksand. Hewey, Dewey, and Louis create a path of floating devices from their helicopter to the edge of the pit and hop on it to safety. When Scrooge tries to do the same, he finds he is too heavy and sinks neck-deep. Launchpad gets his helicopter to work again, Scrooge grabs his cane and hooks it over part of it, and Launchpad flies him to safety. Duck Tales "?" 1988 TV animated In one episode, Scrooge is on a quest to find a galleon's lost treasure, but he is not the only one. He walks into some quicksand and is rescued by Hewey, Dewey, and Louis.

Duelo de Pasiones (Duel of Passions)
2006 TV Mexican soap opera - Erika Buenfil, Ludwika Paleta, Sergio Goyri
Flor is trying to escape one of her captors on horseback when she dismounts and stumbles into a quicksand pit (a pool of pond water with leaves on top) up to her chest. Her captor leaves her there. Later a dog shows up which she sends to get help. The dog wakes up her friend who was knocked out earlier, and he runs to the rescue. He stands on the muddy bank and pulls her free with a long branch.

The Dukes of Hazzard "The Treasure of Hazzard County" 1979 TV - Catherine Bach, Tom Wopat, John Schneider The Dukes help a history professor find a Civil War strongbox buried in Hazzard County that contains a regimental payroll, but Boss Hogg and a couple of thugs are also after it. Near the end, Daisy and another woman get into a fight in a patch of mud while out in the swamp. They both get completely covered in dark, brown mud from head to toe before Daisy wins their little wrestling match. (Honorable Mention: Bo mentions earlier the dangers out in the swamp: "Alligators... Quicksand!") The Dukes of Hazzard "Baa, Baa White Sheep" @ 1979 TV - Catherine Bach, Tom Wopat, John Schneider Boss Hogg's good twin, Abraham Lincoln Hogg, shows up to claim his share of their aunt's inheritance, but mean Boss long ago had his brother declared legally dead. Daisy, in her famous cutoffs and a spaghetti-string teal blouse, chases Benny the Quill, who forged some checks and got Luke and her into trouble with the law, and falls into some crust and water quicksand. Luke grabs onto a tree branch, leans over, and pulls her free as she sinks up to her shoulders. The Dukes Of Hazzard "Enos Strate to the Top" @ 1979 TV - Sonny Shroyer, James Best When Daisy is kidnapped after taking a snapshot of two bank robbers, Deputy Enos catches the crooks, with help from the Dukes, and is catapulted into a big-city police job. Near the end, Enos is pursuing the thugs whose car breaks through a road barrier and splashes into a pool of very watery quicksand. The thugs get out and point their guns at Enos who turns a sign around that says, "DANGER - QUICKSAND". They raise their hands in surrender as they begin to sink. (This scene also appeared in the opening credits of the short-lived spin-off series.) The Dukes of Hazzard "Coy Meets Girl" @ 1979 TV - Byron Cherry, Christopher Mayer The Dukes' truck gets hijacked along with its cargo: a friend's priceless antiques and a runaway orphan teenaged girl (Michele Greene) who went unnoticed by Coy and Vance. The girl, wearing jean cover-alls and a red-and-white checkered shirt, walks into a thick pit of muddy quicksand and is rescued by Coy after she sinks to her neck. She is heavily covered in thick brown mud. Dungeons & Dragons "The Garden Of Zinn" @ 1983 TV animated - Willie Aames, Donny Most, Adam Rich Cavalier, Ranger, Wizard, and Acrobat are grabbed by vines and pulled into the soft ground by a demons disguised as Dungeonmaster. They end up in an underground passage. Dungeons & Dragons "?" 1983 TV animated - Willie Aames, Donny Most, Adam Rich Barbarian Woman falls into a pond and sinks under the surface. Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie @ 2000 - Lee Arenberg, Richard O'Brien, Tom Baker, Jeremy Irons Based on the greatest selling fantasy-adventure roleplaying game of all time, a tyrant attempts to overthrow a peaceful kingdom ruled by a tough empress. The evil mage tricks the ruling council into giving him the scepter which controls the Golden Dragons and proceeds to wreck havoc. The empress assembles a group of young heroes to find the legendary Rod of Savrille, a mythical rod that has the power to control Red Dragons, a species even mightier than the Gold, and restore order the the empire. In one scene, the thief walks onto a colorful "quicksand carpet" and sinks to his neck in the white goo before being pulled out by the baddie. Dynasty "Alexis in Blunderland" @ 1981 TV - John Forsythe, Heather Locklear, Emma Samms Returning from her trip to Natumbe, Alexis is greeted by Dex and his gloomy prognosis for Colbyco. Desperate to liquefy her assets, she makes plans to sell the Carlton Hotel and the Vitron tankers, as the realization she may lose everything finally hits her; Finding out about Fallon's one night stand with Jeff, Sammy Jo squares off with Fallon. Wrestling with each other, they fall into a water trough and then take a roll through some deep gray mud before they finally realize they are fighting over a man neither wants anymore; Adam plots to double cross Jeff by reading Steven's confidential notes on the pipeline; Sable schemes to take Alexis' oil tankers; Blake receives a bad news call from Krystle's doctor and gathers the family. Dynasty "Ben" 1981 TV - John Forsythe, Joan Collins, Linda Evans A crisis in Hong Kong sends Blake overseas, leaving Krystle to speak beside Alexis at the co-company dedication. When Alexis publicly denounces Blake's character, a vicious argument ensues and lands the two enraged women in the mud. They tumble down a slope in the woods wearing skirts, jackets, hose, and heels, but don't get very muddy. Dynasty "The Fair" 1981 TV - John Forsythe, Joan Collins, Linda Evans As Alexis' grand fair draws near, Sean assures her that all is going according to plan. Participating in the merriment of the Olde English Fair, Alexis and Krystle are chosen for a tug-of-war contest. Strung out between a pool of slosh, Alexis and Krystle pull ferociously until Alexis is thrust into the oozing mud. Eagle's Brood, The 1935 B&W - William Boyd, James Ellison, William Farnum Saloon owner Addison Richards' bandits kill the son and daughter-in-law of famous Mexican bandit El Toro as they are carrying gold across the border to El Toro. His small grandson Pablo witnesses the murder. Brutally sought by the killers, he is hidden away by Richards' dance-hall gal. When El Toro crosses the border to rescue his grandson, he encounters lawman Hopalong Cassidy, who, with pal Jimmy Ellison, promises to save Pablo after El Toro saves Hoppy's life in a quicksand pit. Easy Fortune Happy Life (Fu Qi You An Kang) "Episode 1" @
2009 TV Taiwan - Lan Cheng Long, Chen Qiao En, Roy Qiu
A rich, arrogant, and hot tempered bad boy tries to please his grandfather to gain inheritance to his grandfather's herbal medicine company using any means necessary. A girl leads a guy into a swamp and pushes him into a watery bog. While she's laughing at him, a snake slithers by her feet. She panics and falls into the bog with him. They sink for a while. She talks a lot, and he kisses her apparently to shut her up. She screams, and they are rescued.

El Tesoro De Isla De Pintas (aka The Treasure of Point Island) @ 19?? Spanish Three boys in the jungle suddenly hear another boy's cries for help as he struggles and sinks in watery quicksand. A man shows up and pulls him out. Elimidate "All-Stars in Las Vegas" @ 2004 TV reality - Kerry McFadden (presenter) Brian is down to choosing Kelly or Deanne who engage in mud wrestling in shallow gray mud. Brian then jumps in and joins them before eliminating one of his dates.

Elina (aka Elina - Som om jag inte fanns;)
2002 Swedish/Finnish - Natalie Minnevik, Bibi Andersson, Marjaana Maijala
In rural Finland of the early 1950s, little Elina returns to school after recovering from tuberculosis, the same illness that killed her father a few years earlier. Elina's family belongs to Finnish-speaking Finns frowned upon by a staunch schoolmistress who starts hounding Elina for questioning her authority. Elina's mother, sister, and a liberal young male teacher all try to mediate the ensuing battle of wills between Elina and Miss Holm. Elina was taught by her father how to navigate the swamps without sinking. After his death, she believes his spirit resides in the bogs. Elina finds consolation in wandering out on the dangerous marshlands to have imaginary conversations with her dead father. One day she avoids her cruel teacher by running around the bog. The teacher won't follow her and instead leaves her out there. Elina watches the teacher leave while talking to her dead father, but Elina fails to notice she is sinking. Another teacher hears about what happens and goes out to the marsh to find Elina up to her waist in the watery bog. The kind teacher tosses her apron to keep her afloat while another kid goes for help. They talk, and Elina says that she believes her father doesn't want to be alone any more and is pulling her down. A third teacher comes out with a board to place on the ground. The teacher kneels on the board and uses it to pull Elina free.

Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl (aka The Krofft Supershow: Electrawoman and Dynagirl) "?" 1976 TV - Deidre Hall, Judy Strangis, Norman Alden This was one of the serials of the "The Krofft Supershow" in which a pair of gorgeous spandex-clad caped crime fighters battle evil doers. In one episode, Electra Woman and her older guy boss are locked in a tiny room with a glass door which is filling up with sand. Electric Company, The 1971 TV PBS children's educational program There is a skit involving a movie that is being filmed in the city park by a frustrated director played by Rita Moreno. The actress, wearing a leopard skin jungle outfit, is already chest deep and sinking in some very fake foam rubber quicksand, while a crusty old man is trying to rescue her with a cane. The actress complains in a very bad Swedish accent that the quicksand was "vanilla" when she specifically asked for "chocolate". Then she sinks under, and the cast members dive in, looking for her. The damsel reappears in a manhole a few yards away and hams up the scene by talking to the camera. (humorous) Ellen "The Spa"
1994 TV US - Ellen DeGeneres, David Anthony Higgins, Joely Fisher
Paige persuades Ellen to relieve her job stress at a posh health spa she is going to for the weekend, which brings out tension between both of them over the painful massages, mud baths, and dinner schedules. A scene where Ellen and Paige are soaking in a mud bath.

Empire "Where the Hawk Is Wheeling" @
1962 TV B&W USA - Richard Egan, Robert Culp, Terry Moore
Jim Redigo is foreman for the enormous Garrett Ranch owned by matriarch Lucia with her children Tal and Constance. A woman rides her horse into some watery quicksand, and two ranchmen rescue her.

En Peligro De Muerte (aka Breed of Snakes; In Danger of Death) @ 1987 Mexican - Valentin Trujillo, Olivia Collins, Lina Santos In one scene, a young woman in a skimpy outfit is out in the jungle and hears cries for help. She finds a young man stuck in some very watery quicksand and, after some effort, pulls him out and runs away. In another scene, a man and woman are walking through a very muddy swamp when she stumbles into a watery pool of muck. Both get very muddy as he pulls her out. Encyclopedia "The Q Volume" 1999? children's educational show This episode's topic: Quicksand! The segment starts with a male jungle explorer trying to pull his feet out of a dry sand pit. A jungle man swings by on a vine and introduces himself as "Jungle Man" and calls the explorer "Dancing Man" (because he's trying to pull his feet out). The explorer says he's stuck up to his ankles, so now the jungle man calls him "Stuck Man". As the explorer sinks to his knees, the jungle man swings back and forth and explains that he is sinking in quicksand and now calls him "Stuck and Sinking Man". Then the jungle man begins to explain how quicksand work, and the explorer interrupts him. The jungle man says, "Now you are Stuck and Sinking and Interrupting Man... very RUDE!" As the jungle man finally pulls the explorer out after sinking up to his neck, the scene closes with the explorer asking how much he should tip for something like that. (humorous) Erementar Gerad "Viro" @ 2005 TV animated Japanese - Akira Ishida, Mikako Takahashi, Nana Mizuki After a routine raid, the rookie sky pirate Coud finds a most unusual cargo in his mates' cargo hold: Ren, an "Edel Reid", a race prized by humans for granting special combat power to their partners through "Reacting". Viro is sent to kill Coud, but she secretly starts to fall for him. Her boss plants a Sinkhole Monster for her to trap him in. She leads him to it and runs off, but little does she know her boss planted a second monster for her. While running frightened through the forest, a young girl falls into quicksand and is almost attacked by a giant centipede monster from beneath the bog before being pulled free by a young boy who jumps in beside her and uses a hook and rope tossed around a nearby tree. Escape from Experiment Island "Fire Engine" 2003 TV reality - hosted by Steven Lee Merkel and Vanessa Collingridge Two teams on a Scottish island must construct a fire truck to win their escape. The trucks must endure extreme terrain and quicksand. (No actual quicksand is seen.) Escape from Hell (aka Escape; Savage Island; Hellfire on Ice, Part 2: Escape from Hell) @ 1979 Italian - Anthony Steffen, Ajita Wilson A typical sexploitive about woman prisoners escaping from a South American prison jungle with lots of partial and full nudity. Several scenes of slave labor carried out in watery places. The escape sequence at the end features a dash through the swamp where one woman succumbs to a watery pool of quicksand. (A badly edited version of this film appears as "Savage Island" with Linda Blair appearing in short scenes at the beginning and end but not in the jungle.)

Estate of Panic "That Sinking Feeling"
2008 TV reality/contest - Steve Valentine (host)
In this episode, the contestants have to brave a "sinking room" among other hazards to find money. The catch is the floor is 8-10 inches of what appears to cornstarch pudding, and they have to keep moving lest they become stuck and sink. Hilarity ensues!

Eva uber Bord (aka Romancing the Jungle) @
2017 German - Julia Hartmann, Stephan Luca, Peter Benedict
Eva is a writer for a german newspaper. She wants to write a story about the life on a container ship. But then they are captured by pirates and it begins an adventure through the jungle with the smuggler Nik. While running through the jungle from pirates, Eva jumps off a small rocky ledge onto the ground below and rolls into a pool of watery quicksand near the edge of a swampy river. She slowly sinks from her ankles to her shoulders as the pirates taunt her from above. She tries to entice them to rescue her by highlighting her breasts to no avail. Nik arrives, fights off the baddies, makes his way down to her, and pulls her free with a stick.

Everglades "?" 1961 TV B&W - Ron Hayes, Gordon Casell A series about a park ranger named Lincoln Vail stationed in the Everglades, running around in an airboat, scaring the hell out of the wildlife he is supposed to be protecting. In one episode, a backwoodsman is accused of a crime he did not commit. So, he takes his family into the swamps to hide, and the ranger goes after him. The woodsman comes across a small pool of water and leads his tracks up to it, then takes his family off to the side into the bushes. The ranger comes running up, looks down, and (the shrewd tracker that he is) runs right into watery quicksand. He struggles a bit, gradually sinking from his waist to his shoulders. He calls out to the woodsman, telling him that he cannot add murder to his false charges. The woodsman's wife finally asserts herself, urging the woodsman to help. Reluctantly, the woodsman runs back to the pit, pulls the ranger from the quicksand, and they agree to go in together to fight for justice in the court. The Evil (aka Cry Demon; House of Evil) @ 1977 - Richard Crenna, Joanna Pettet, Andrew Prine, Victor Buono A psychologist and his wife rent a haunted house for use as a drug rehabilitation center. When strange things start to happen, they invite a group of students to help investigate. A trapdoor discovered in the cellar exudes a nasty force that engulfs and disposes of them all one by one. One guy finally escapes out of the house but walks right into some quicksand located out in front of it. Evil Stalks This House @ 1981 - Jack Palance, Frances Hyland, Helen Hughes, Christopher Lee A story concerning an old dark house and a family curse. (The film was initially telecast in five half-hour serialized installments as the pilot for a syndicated horror anthology titled Tales of the Haunted.) A man and his two children stop at a house for help when their car breaks down. The two sisters that live there also care for a mentally handicapped guy who is about 30 years old but acts like he's 10. This guy takes the kids down into a secret cellar in the barn to show them his gold coins. When their father finds them, the guy is upset and knocks the man backwards into a black quicksand bog. The others don't help him right away, but eventually the guy pulls the man out just before he goes under. In another segment, the man hides from someone by submerging himself in the same quicksand pit. And towards the end of the (very bad) movie, the man and another guy get into a struggle, and the other man dies after being pushed into the black bog. In the struggle, a gas line is broken, and the man tries to fix it. But he falls in the bog (for the 3rd time) when his makeshift platform gives way. In his struggle to get out, the dead guy surfaces and gives the man a fright. Eventually, the man drags himself out and collapses. The final scene shows the man still at the house but mentally impaired like the other guy, apparently from natural gas poisoning or something. Ewoks (aka The All New Ewoks; Ewoks & Droids Adventure Hour; Star Wars: Ewoks) "?" 1985 TV animated Canadia/US - Jim Henshaw, Denny Delk The adventures of Wicket and the Ewoks years before the Battle of Endor. While out in the swamp, an Ewok gets caught in some quicksand. Exile @ 1990 TV-Movie Disney - Christopher Daniel Barnes, Scott Bloom, Sarah Buxton Fifteen teens on a study program abroad learn to survive when they crash on an uncharted Malaysian island. One of the boys steps into some fairly thick and muddy quicksand and sinks to his shoulders. A fairly large snake slithers past him before he is pulled out by his friend. Eye of the Cat (aka Wylie) 1969 - Michael Sarrazin, Gayle Hunnicutt, Eleanor Parker A man and his girlfriend plan to murder and rob the man's eccentric but wealthy aunt. However, the aunt keeps dozens of cats in her home, and the man is deathly afraid of cats. The man convinces his aunt to get rid of her beloved cats, but before he can carry out the scheme, the cats reappear and scare the wits out of the man. It is later revealed that the aunt's other nephew is in collusion with the avaricious girlfriend all along, with the two of them having planned to murder the man after he killed his aunt. (There may be a scene of a man slowly sinking into quicksand in the Network-TV version. New scenes were added to the TV showing to make it "less intense." It has a different last half-hour, replacing the plot's supernatural element and an army of killer housecats with one somewhat-menacing housecat and a person with a paranoid delusion. This was made from outtakes and a few new scenes filmed in 1971, shortly before it aired.) The Fall Guy "Stranger Than Fiction" 1981 TV - Lee Majors, Heather Thomas A novelist who made an incriminating tape is chased through the Everglades by a syndicate boss (Richard Lynch) who wants the tape after his aide accidentally falls out a window, and she is accused of pushing him. While hunting for treasure in the Everglades, Heather Thomas falls into some quicksand. (Scene never existed.) Family Double Dare "?" 1988 TV - game show hosted by Marc Summers Two-member teams of children and their parents compete to answer questions and complete stunts. One of the obstacles that was to be run during the bonus round course was "The Tank", always filled with a different substance; in this taping, it was quicksand. As Marc gave the tour, three men sat in the tank, chest-deep in the quicksand, playing cards with a giant deck. The Family Next Door 1939 B&W - Hugh Herbert, Joy Hodges, Eddie Quillan A plumber of modest means and questionable skills continually fails to fulfill his family's aspirations to climb the social ladder and improve their lot, but their dreams are always compromised by papa's ineptitude, so his wife begins investing in real estate. It is discovered that the purchased land contains pockets of quicksand. In an early scene, workers discover the soft earth when driving a large stake into the ground and their mallets sink under. Later, the little girl's dog runs into a patch and gets stuck. The girl tries to help the dog but gets stuck, too. The brother runs out to help her, and with the help of the father, they pull her and the dog out with a rope. Fantaghiro (aka Prinzessin Fantaghiro; Cave of the Golden Rose) @ 1991/1994 TV-Miniseries Italian/German - Alessandra Martines In parts 3 & 4 (aka Fantaghiro II) of this 10-part miniseries, Fantaghiro and Romualdo are preparing their marriage when the Black Queen, disgusted by their deep love, captures Fantaghiro's father, and Romualdo and his soldiers go on their journey to free him. Fantaghiro then follows Romualdo although she promised him to stay home. About 45 minutes into part 3, Fantaghiro rides off into the countryside on her talking horse. After riding awhile, she dismounts and walks ahead of her horse down the path. Suddenly, she hears the horse calling for help and turns to see him sinking. She dashes back to help, only to run smack into the dry sawdust quicksand herself. She initially sink to the tops of her legs but quickly sinks to her chest. There are a couple close-up shots of her flailing about as she sinks to her chin, as well as her horse up to its neck, and a final shot from behind her as her head disappears under the churning bog. She wakes up a few scenes later in an underground cavern with a bunch of bandits. Fantasia @ 1940 animated Disney Disney animators set pictures to classical music as Leopold Stokowski conducts the Philadelphia Orchestra. In the "Rite of Spring" segment which tells the story of evolution, from single-celled animals to the death of the dinosaurs, there is a scene of some dinosaurs stuck in the mud as they travel across the wastelands. Fantastic Balloon Voyage @ 198? - Hugo Stiglitz, Jeff Cooper Three men encounter a variety of strange and unusual sights as they adventure across the equator in a hot-air balloon. After bailing out of the balloon and into the water below to help lighten the load, a shapely slave girl wearing a skimpy bikini and a ruggedly handsome guy in a half unbuttoned white shirt try to keep up on the ground. Trying to avoid some crocodiles, she runs into a muddy pool and has to be dragged out, coated with brown goo from head to toe. She and her rescuer then swim a croc-filled river, getting cleaned off in the process, to the safety of the balloon again. Fantasy Island "Chain Gang" @ 1978 TV - Ricardo Montalban, Herve Villechaize A young man's (Dennis Cole) obsession to clear the name of his dead father could wind up getting him killed. After landing himself in an island prison, he escapes with a man (Cameron Mitchell) whom he believes killed his father. During a fight, the man plunges into very realistic, thick, tan quicksand, sinks up to his neck, and is rescued by the guy and his wife (Pat Klous) just as Mr. Roarke shows up at the last minute. (Episode is coupled with "The Boss".) Fantasy Island "The Searcher" @ 1978 TV - Ricardo Montalban, Herve Villechaize A woman (Laurette Spang) has a desperate need to find her father, who's whereabouts have been kept a secret from her since she was a child. She eventually learns that the man to whom she is engaged (James Darren) was caught cheating with her mother by her father on a cruise. The guy disappears, and her father was charged with his murder, apparently having dumped the body into the sea. In one scene, the bad guy tries to kill her father in some thin brown quicksand, but the man escapes to later, in another scene, force the bad guy into some thick black mud where he confesses to the deception in front of his daughter just as Mr. Roarke shows up at the last minute with the police. (Episode is coupled with "The Way We Weren't".) Fantasy Island "The Devil and Mr. Roarke" @ 1978 TV - Ricardo Montalban, Wendy Schaal The Devil (Roddey McDowell) arrives on the island to try and capture the immortal soul of Mr. Roarke through his goddaughter and tries to collect on another contract for the soul of a woman guest who is there with her husband, but his plans are thwarted by the fact that she is pregnant. The Devil causes a young island woman to fall into a pool of quicksand that he conjured up. Julie tries to help her out but is unable to do so and asks the Devil's help. Having provoked a "deal", the Devil causes a branch to fall for Julie to grab and pull the girl out of the dry on top but wet underneath quicksand. (This 90 min episode is coupled with "Ziegfeld Girls" and "Kid Corey Rides Again".) Fantasy Island (aka Fantasy Island: Series Two) "?" 1998 TV - Malcolm McDowell, Edward Hibbert, Louis Lombardi In one of the episodes that was shot but was never aired (the series was canceled just before this episode was to be broadcast), there was apparently a quicksand scene. The F.B.I. "?" 1965 TV - Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Philip Abbott, Lynn Loring A cop drama based on real FBI files. There is a quicksand scene toward the end of one of the episodes that took place in the state of Florida. Fear House
2008 USA - Aleece Jones, Matthew Stiller, Olivia Price
Friends and family pursue an estranged writer to an isolated house only to find that, once they've entered, their own fears will kill them if they leave. A guy is running through a field of dirt when his foot gets caught in the ground. He struggles and sinks all the way under in the dry dirt, yelling at an unseen foe.

Filthy Riches "Honey Pot Spot" @
2014 TV USA reality
Film crews follow worm hunters, eel fisherman, ginseng hunters, mushroom hunters, and Burl tree hunters as they go about collecting these items. Bloodwormers Jim and Andy run into trouble at a notorious wilderness site called "The Men's Club" where they get stuck in deep muddy quicksand.

Fireball XL5 "The Day in the Life of a Space General" 1962 TV British - Paul Maxwell, Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson Another Gerry Anderson science fiction series using Supermarionation. Lieutenant Ninety becomes General Ninety but things don't go very well for him. Steve Zodiac takes Jock to planet Olympus for his holiday. Once there, Jock is knocked unconscious, and Steve falls in a quagmire. General Ninety orders all patrol ships to intercept an invasion fleet in Sector 23, but it turns out to be a meteorite. Steve, saved by Jock, is told to land XL5 on Landing Pad 1, along with Freighter A14, but a tanker is taking off from it as well, and XL5 crashes into Space City, causing other ships explode in flames. As Space City burns, Lieutenant Ninety wakes up and discovers it was all a horrible nightmare. Hero Steve Zodiak gets stuck in a quagmire on a alien planet after falling off his space-bike. Interesting use of muddy live-action hands and puppeteer work as he struggles to tie a rope round himself when being rescued. Fireballs 1990 Canadian - Goran Kalezic, Mike Strapko, Eric Crabb In this fluffy sex spoof, a Japanese businessman plans to build a factory and has his sights set on the old fire station. Needing to get rid of the old firemen working there, he brings in a group of young female rookies, and the three male firefighters discover that they enjoy passion's fire more than the real thing. A competition is held in order to determine who stays and who goes. There is a scene where the men are lead through a forest, and one by the men are eliminated. One gets stuck in quicksand and disappears. Flash Gordon @ 1980 - Sam Jones, Melody Anderson, Topol, Max von Sydow Flash is skyjacked aboard Dr. Zarkov's rocketship along with Dale Arden. The threesome are drawn into the influence of the planet Mongo, controlled by Ming the Merciless who plans to destroy the Earth. While Flash is running from the Tree People, he falls into a black bog of quicksand but pulls himself by a root out after going under.

Flash Gordon "Possession" @
2007 TV - Eric Johnson, Gina Holden, Giles Panton
Flash, Zarkov, and Baylin are drawn into a battle between good and evil when an evil sorceress steals Dale's spirit and body after Joe steals a rift blaster and visits Mongo to secure photographic evidence of the planet's existence. During the final confrontation, the old henchwoman tosses the vessel containing Dale's spirit into a bog to keep it away from Zarkov. Flash jumps in up to his waist and wades out to get it while the witch's "children" rise from the thick brown mire and try to stop Flash. The bog monsters pull Flash under the quaking bog until Zarkov plays a magic harp which blocks the evil magic and drives the creatures back under the bog. Flash resurfaces with the magic jar with Dale's soul and restores it to her body after driving out the evil sorceress.

Flight Log "Episode 1" 1998 TV Discovery Wings Presenter Brendan O'Brien visits Australia to see the joint services team brave crocodiles and waist-deep mud to rescue a crashed Spitfire. The Flintstone Kids "?" 1986 TV animated In one episode, two boys and one girl wander into a tar pit. The Flintstones "The Gruesomes" 1960 TV animated - Alan Reed, Jean Vander Pyl, Mel Blanc The Flintstones befriend their next-door neighbors, the strange new inhabitants of Tombstone Manor. Fred and Barney agree to baby-sit their child, and when the kid vanishes, Fred and Barney search all over for him. Fred tries digging around in a sandbox, not realizing it was a QUICKsand box, and started sinking until Barney pulled him out. The Flintstones "The Monster From The Tar Pits" 1960 TV animated - Alan Reed, Jean Vander Pyl, Mel Blanc Fred is the stunt double in Gary Granite's latest picture in which he is dressed up in a monster costume and sinks into a tar pit, waving his hand "bye-bye". Flipper "Junior Ranger" 1964 TV - Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin, Tommy Norden A Junior Ranger (David Soul) gets off to a bad start by mistaking Flipper for a shark and nearly shooting him, then blaming Bud for a launch accident he caused. But he redeems himself when Flipper helps him rescue an injured diver. While the rookie game warden is out patrolling his new area, he attempts to help a small bear out of quicksand. He crosses a long branch to rescue the cub and ends up falling in himself. The cub thrashes around more and more, causing both to sink deeper. He shoots his gun in the air to alert Porter who climbs out on the same branch and rescues them. (There is no quicksand in this episode; it may have been confused with the "Gentle Ben - Codename: Disaster" episode.) Flipper "Flipper and the Elephant 1,2,3" 1964 TV - Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin, Tommy Norden In an effort to help the McCoys raise money, Flipper, Sandy, and Bud help Bonnie escape with the elephant and chimpanzee to rent the animals to "Anderson's Land and Sea Circus". In taking a shortcut, they lead Flipper through a freshwater canal, causing Flipper to become desperately sick. Sandy heads off through the Everglades to get help but becomes trapped in quicksand. (Continued in next episode.) After rescuing Sandy from quicksand and Flipper from the canal, Bud leads everone back to Coral Key Park. (But despite the plot description, there is no quicksand. What happens is Sandy thrashes his way through the mangroves, up to his knees in water, gets his leg caught in some roots, and can't pull free until he is finally rescued.) The Flying Nun "You Can't Get There from Here" (aka Marooned) @ 1967 TV - Sally Field, Marge Redmond, Madeleine Sherwood When the wind drops, Sister Bertrille plummets onto a jungle island, wrecking her cornette. There, she meets a feuding couple named Carlos and April. During a humorous fight and chase sequence, Sister Bertrille wanders into some rather watery quicksand up to her shoulders before being dragged out. Fonz and the Happy Days Gang "It's A Jungle Out There" @ 1980 TV animated - Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, Don Most Near the end of the episode, Richie, Ralph, and Cupcake fall from a broken bridge, land in quicksand, and sink for a bit. Cupcake tries to use her powers to get them out but is unable to do so. They are saved when The Fonz stomps on a downed tree which somehow catapults them out of the mess. The Forest Rangers (aka Les Cadets de la foret) "The Wendigo" @ 1963 Canadian - Graydon Gould, Gordon Pinsent, Michael Zenon A young Indian girl named Emmasina is chased through the bush by an evil spirit called "Wendigo." She is in danger and panic sets in. Ted and Chub follow her to Seven Wolves Lake where she fights off the spirit with a ceremonial mask. Junior Rangers Chub and Ted follow the girl through a boggy flooded forest. Chub takes a different path around some trees and sinks down to his waist in the thick peat bog before Ted pulls him out.

Fortune Quest "?" (episode #8) @ 1991 TV animated Japanese - David Kaye
A blonde girl, wearing a red mini-skirt and white boots, is running through the forest, with her white cat and small alien friend, along side a waterfall and steps ankle deep into pinkish quicksand. She then sinks up to her chest as she calls out for help. A young man, wearing a black uniform, runs up to help. He plucks a couple of vines from a nearby tree and tosses it out to her. The girl grabs hold tightly as the guy braces his foot against a rock and pulls her free.

Frankenfish @ 2004 TV Movie - Tory Kittles, K.D. Aubert, China Chow A series of brutal attacks in the Louisiana swamps leave the local police mystified. Sending in a coroner originally from the area and a biologist to investigate, they learn that a group of genetically engineered Chinese snakeheads are responsible. It all boils down to a fight for survival with the voracious predators slowly picking off the humans. At the end, one of the guys falls off an airboat into some river mud along the bank and briefly begins to wiggle his way out before being attacked by the fish. Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles "?" 1966 TV animated - Ted Cassidy, Don Messick, Paul Frees Frankenstein Jr. is a robot constructed by a boy-genius to fight crime, and The Impossibles are undercover agents disguised as a rock group. While Multi-Man chases after a witch, she throws down some quicksand seeds, and Multi-Man sinks into the quicksand. He saves himself by multiplying. Freckles 1960 Movie - Martin West, Carol Christensen, Roy Barcroft Adaptation of the Gene Stratton-Porter novel detailing the adventures of a self-effacing, one-handed orphan who ventures into the Big Bear Lake territory of Northern California where he finds a job at a logging company as a guard, protecting the timber against lumber thieves. He falls in love with Christensen, the daughter of his lumber baron boss, and proves his worth by capturing a gang of criminals that's after the timber. This version does not have any quicksand. Frigidaire @ 197? TV commercial Unusual scene with a woman in a red jacket, stretch pants, and hiking boots inside a giant refrigerator "exploring". She swings on a rope and lands in a giant cake. She sinks up to her thighs in the chocolate frosting "bog" and becomes stuck. Frogs @ 1972 - Ray Milland, Sam Elliott, Joan Van Ark In an old mansion located on a private island in the Florida Everglades, the Crockett family has assembled on the Fourth of July to celebrate the birthday of its wheelchair-bound patriarch whose pesticides are responsible for much of the toxic pollution found in the swamplands and are destroying bayou wildlife. Now, all the rebellious swamp critters seek revenge and are out to destroy his whole family. (There was a quicksand scene filmed, as seen in preview trailers and on the back of the video box, of a woman out chasing a butterfly and ending up chest-deep in a leaf-covered bog with her hands raised up for help, but the scene was cut or reshot with her falling into a small pool of murky swamp water, crawling out covered in big leeches, and finally dying of a rattlesnake bite. The DVD contains this scene in the theatrical trailer.) From Hell It Came @ 1957 B&W - Tod Andrews, Tina Carver, Gregg Palmer, Robert Swan On a faraway south-sea island, a native prince is sentenced to death by a witch doctor for fraternizing with white scientists. He comes back to life as a walking tree stump that lumbers around getting his revenge on those who murdered him. In one scene, it throws a young island woman into quicksand and watches her sink to her death. At the end, monster is about to dump another woman into the quicksand, but the hero shoots it in the back, causing it to drop the girl and turn around. The hero then shoots it again, and the monster falls backward into the quicksand and sinks out of sight. Fruit of the Loom 197? TV commercial with English comic actor Terry Thomas A jungle explorer sinks in quicksand and is pulled out by his partner with a pair of that brand of underwear to show the strength of its waistband. Fury (aka Brave Stallion) "?" 1955 TV B&W - Peter Graves, Bobby Diamond, William Fawcett A show about a rancher named Jim, his adopted street orphan named Joey, and a black stallion named Fury who encounter many great adventures together. Joey and Fury are out riding around the ol' range when Fury steps into a pool of water and rears up, throwing Joey into it. Joey sits there up to his armpits in the pool of dark water, swishing his hands around, saying, "It's quicksand, Fury! Run, get help." Fury gallops back to the ranch house where the only one there is an injured rodeo champion who can't walk. He discerns that something is wrong and drags himself up out of his chair, mounts up on Fury, and rides to Joey's rescue (who has not sunk an inch) and pulls him out with a rope. Fury of the Congo @ 1951 B&W - Johnny Weissmuller, Sherry Moreland, William Henry Deep in the Congo jungles dwells the Okongo, a giant spider that produces a potent narcotic after ingesting certain jungle plants, and evil smugglers want the drug. A chimp swinging on a vine knocks Jungle Jim off a log into some good looking quicksand. He pulls himself out using the same vine after sinking to his shoulders. Futurama "Episode Two: The Series Has Landed" @ 1999 TV animated - Billy West, Katey Sagal, John Di Maggio The professor gives the gang a delivery job on the moon which is home to a theme park and some lunar farmers. Fry's determination to find the original moon-landing site with Leela becomes a matter of life and death. Meanwhile, Bender learns that romancing a lunar farmer's robot daughter can be hazardous to your CPU. While driving around the moon, Fry and Leela crash a lunar rover into a crater and begin to sink into the "quick" moondust. Leela uses the oxygen tank as a jetpack to make their escape. Galaxy Angel "?" @
2000/2006 TV animated Japanese - Mika Kanai, Ryoko Shintani
Milfeulle Sakuraba is the newest member of the Angel Brigade, a branch of the Transvaal Empire military whose primary mission is to search for relics known as ‘Lost Technology'. While chasing her breakfast through the jungle, a girl runs into quicksand and sinks up to her chest and thrashes about.

Galileo Mystery "?Das Mädchen aus dem Moor" @
2007 TV German documentary - Aiman Abdallah, Walter von Lucadou, Sibel Balta
A blonde woman sinks into a man-made bog wearing a dry suit and attached with safety harness in order to test a theory.

Galtar and the Golden Lance "?" @ 1985 TV animated - Lou Richards, Mary McDonald-Lewis, David Mendenhall An outer space sword and sorcery adventure featuring a light-hearted blonde warrior named Galtar, searching for the vile Tormack who is responsible for the deaths of Galtar's parents and accompanied by the beautiful princess Goleeta and her feisty younger telekinetic brother Zorn who also have a score to settle with Tormack. In one episode, the young boy tries to help a small white wolf pup that is stuck in a watery quicksand bog but slips in himself. The young princess then comes to rescue the boy. She grabs him by the feet and tries to pull him out, but she is then pulled in head-first, her legs sticking up. Then Galtar comes to their aid and pulls them all out by their feet. Galyon @ 1977 - Ina Balin, Stanley Brock, Lloyd Nolan When the daughter and son-in-law of a wealthy man are abducted by terrorists, he hires a mercenary to travel to South America to bring them back. A young Asian (?) girl whacks a guy repeatedly with a stick and knocks him into a water and grass quicksand pit in which he dies. Game Warden Wildlife Journal 1998 TV There was a segment on Alaskan mudflats, alerting people of the dangers of walking out on the mudflats of a tidal estuary. One warden, wearing hip waders, stepped onto a patch of wet silt and worked his foot under the surface of some very thick goo. He then tried to extricate it with great difficulty, explaining what happens when a tourist gets their foot stuck in the mud and then gets the other foot bogged down too when trying to free the first leg. There is mention a story of a woman drowning when she got stuck while trying to free her vehicle. The people desperately tried to rescue her, but they couldn't free her before the tide came in. Then a rescue team demonstrated a technique of rescuing someone from tidal quicksand, using pumps with compressed air and water to loosen up the muck around the person. A man acted as the victim and was trapped waist deep while his colleagues tried to get him out. They first demonstrated trying to pull him out which was impossible. They then pushed a long probe, that was attached to a hose and pump, down into the silt. With either water or air running through it, they loosened up the mud enough to be able to pull him out. His legs were nicely coated in thick, sticky brown muck when they came out. Gamera vs. Barugon (aka Gamera tai Barugon; War of the Monsters) @ 1966 Japanese - Kojiro Hongo, Kyoko Enami, Koji Fujiyama After a treacherous expedition to retrieve a giant opal, disaster strikes as the opal reveals itself to be an egg which spawns Barugon, demon dog from Hell! Armed with 3 horns, a long sticky tongue, freezing gas, and rainbow beams of destruction from the spines on its back, Barugon wreaks havoc on Japan. Gamera comes to save the day. During the trek through the jungle, the expedition of three guys run into a boggy patch of ground. As they try to carefully walk through, the lead guy is heard falling into leaf-covered quicksand up to his neck. Another cuts a vine from a nearby tree and swings out over the pit, telling the trapped guy to grab his legs. With help from the third guy up in the tree, they are able to pull the guy out safely.
Gargoyles "The Hound of Ulster" @ 1994 TV animated - Keith David, Salli Richardson, Brigitte Bako In Ireland, Goliath, Elisa, and Angela find themselves trapped by the Banshee, who believes they're agents of Oberon come to take her back to Avalon. A strange noise knocks the Gargoyles out of the sky while flying and into a bog. Goliath watches as Elisa Masa and Angela sink before going down himself. They end up in cave. Gargoyles "Walkabout" @ 1994 TV animated - Keith David, Salli Richardson, Brigitte Bako Fox and her mother runs a nano-tech experiment in the Australian outback, but the conscious nanotechnology threatens to get out of control. Called the Matrix, the nanotech organism escapes and begins devouring everything in its path. In one brief scene, Elisa Masa gets pulled into a pool of nanites and sinks, but she gets pulled out right away. Gargoyles "Ill Met by Moonlight" @ 1994 TV animated - Keith David, Salli Richardson, Brigitte Bako Goliath, Elisa, and Angela hope for some rest when they find themselves returning to Avalon. But the peace short lived, as Oberon appears, demanding that the humans and gargoyles leave the island to make way for the return of his children. In one scene, the fay king causes the earth to swallow the three wanderers, and just as they are about to drown, the queen makes him stop and release them. Then Goliath must fight a weakened fay king. The Gary Coleman Show "?" 1982 TV animated (Hanna-Barbera) In one episode, a young boy (wearing Native American garb?) is running through a swamp and lands up to his knees in some quicksand on the bottom of a small river. He grabs an overhead vine and pulls himself up and out. GEICO Insurance @
2015 TV USA commercial
A guy is being chased through the desert by a vehicle and runs into quicksand. He sinks up to his chest as he commands a nearby cat to go get help. The cat, of course, just sits there as he sinks.

General Hospital 1994 TV soap opera - Antonio Sabato, Cari Shayne Jagger was stuck in quicksand on an island and went up to his chest before Karen pulled him out. General Hospital @ 1996 TV soap opera - Jonathan Jackson, Anthony Geary, Genie Francis, Stephen Nichols Laura's son Lucky and his dog Foster stumble around in a dark swamp, playing some sort of computer game. Suddenly, Lucky steps into quicksand and quickly sinks up to his chest. He calls out to Foster to help pull him out. Eventually, Laura finds him and tries to pull him out. Fortunately, Stefan shows up and jumps in to save him. Luke then arrives with a rope and pulls Lucky and Stefan out of the watery bog. General Hospital 1997 TV soap opera - Maurice Benard, Vanessa Marcil, John Carlos After Sonny shoots Rivera before Rivera could shoot Brenda in the back, the Tin Man runs into a nearby swamp with Sonny and Jax's cop guard V. in pursuit. Sonny finds the Tin Man in the swamp and holds a gun on him. He refuses. She says to do it, or she'll shoot. He tells her he'll comply if she comes and holds her gun on the Tin Man. The Tin Man brushes her gun away and takes off with Sonny and V. again in pursuit. The Tin Man lands (off camera) into a typical Hollywood quicksand pit and is shown already up to his chest. V. argues with Sonny to not kill him. But Sonny wins, and they let him sink all the way under. However, the guy manages later to get out of the quicksand. General Hospital 2002 TV soap opera On 11/12/2002: Sonny and Brenda end their kiss, and Sonny urges Brenda to make the most out of whatever time she has left. After breaking free from his restraints, Alcazar fires a flare gun at Sonny but hits the plane wreckage which bursts into flames. Alcazar manages to grab Brenda, but Sonny attacks Alcazar and orders Brenda to run. Alcazar gets the upper hand and holds Sonny at gunpoint as Brenda finds herself sinking in some dry sandy quicksand. Meanwhile, Carly is forced into a drinking match with an island local in order to gain access to his boat. Carly wins the contest and Jason carries her to the boat. Jason spots the burning wreckage, and he and Carly race to rescue Sonny and Brenda. Then on 11/13/2002: Alcazar prepares to kill Sonny as Jason arrives on the scene. Sonny and Jason struggle with Alcazar. Carly finds Brenda sinking in quicksand. In the process of trying to rescue Brenda, Carly falls into the quicksand. Brenda and Carly argue. Jason and Sonny rescue Brenda and Carly and inform them that Alcazar is under control. On the plane ride home, Alcazar plants a seed of doubt about what really happened between Sonny and Brenda in Carly's already suspicious mind. Gensomaden Saiyuki "Sandstorm/The Quicksand Trap"
2000 TV Japanese anime - Braden Hunt, Akira Ishida, John Area
Demons and man lived together in harmony until a band of rogue demonic forces seek to resurrect a diabolical monster and a dark spiritual power covered the land. While traveling in the hot desert, the foursome are caught in quicksand and are buried alive. However, Hakkai managed to let his pet dragon escape. Later, Sanzo awakes and finds himself on a bed, unable to move.

Gentle Ben "Code Name: Disaster" @ 1967 TV - Clint Howard, Dennis Weaver, Beth Brickell A children's show about the adventures of an orphaned black bear, Ben, and the people who are now his family. Flood waters threaten life in the Everglades and cause an old man to be trapped by quicksand. The ranger gathers the area men to assist in the rescue of trapped animals, but when an old guy from the area tries to help, he is excluded from the work and feels rather down. Later, when he comes across a bear cub caught in a pool of quicksand, he walks out on a limb and pushes the bear to safety with a stick then falls in himself. He goes all the way under (from his falling) and pops up shoulder deep where he remains for much of the episode. He sends his scruffy little dog named Spunky to fetch help, and the dog (of course) enlists the aid of Mark and Ben (the bear) who lend him a stick. (The quicksand has a nice gunky layer of somewhat thick stuff on top, but it's watery underneath.) George of the Jungle 1997 Disney - Brendan Fraser, Leslie Mann A live-action version of the TV classic cartoon. The bumbling jungle hero falls for an heiress after saving her life. However, the filmed quicksand scene ended up on the cutting room floor! A promotional on the Disney Channel had a very quick glimpse of what appeared to be George diving into a bog, and Disney Adventures magazine had a picture of George standing in the bog with Ursula on his shoulders, both of them covered in mud. The article read: "We made quicksand with oatmeal and soup thickener," Steven says. "It looked great!" "It stunk!" Brendan says. "Luckily, we spent just one evening in it. It was either get the scene right or go back in." Apparently, George hears a scream from Ursula and finds her already deep in the quicksand. He dives in and comes up beneath her.

George of the Jungle "Love In The Air" @
2007 TV animated - Lee Tockar, Paul Dobson, Michael Daingerfield
Tookie-Tookie falls in love with a picky Ooh-Ooh bird, and George can't understand why such an emotion is so important. When everyone tries to help their toucan friend build a nest to impress his lady bird, Ape makes a comment about supporting nature and how they are supposed to let nature happen. He then promptly sinks out of sight in a bubbling pool of quicksand.

George Of The Jungle "Trial By Jungle" @
2015 TV Canadian animated - Cory Doran, Linda Ballantyne, Jeff Lumby
The King of the Jungle is back! Magnolia has never felt like she 'fit in' in the jungle - a feeling only made worse when she's abandoned by her friends in the wild. Various jungle perils seem to dislike and befall Magnolia all at once, including a quick sink in quicksand.

Geronimo Stilton "Sorceress of the Bayou" @
2009 TV Canada animated - Brian Drummond, Erin Mathews, Richard Ian Cox
Geronimo Stilton is mouse who goes on some wacky adventures. A professor disappeared on a bayou and Geronimo and his family need to investigate. But a sorceress tries to stop their investigation. While in Split Stump Swamp, Trap blunders into quicksand while going to look for some food. He sinks to his neck before the others pull him out with a rope.

Get Married If You Can (Cásese quien pueda)
2014 Mexico - Martha Higareda, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Juan Pablo Medina
Ana is a bride to be that gets drunk after finding some secrets from her fiancée and ends up in a jungle. Daniela, has always been afraid to tell her best friend she has feelings for him, both their courage will be tested. A woman wearing a wedding dress in a tropic rain forest jungle stumbles into quicksand and sinks to her shoulders. She finds a donkey already stuck in the same bog. She is there until late at night as it rains.

Get Smart "Schwartz's Island" @ 1965 TV - Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt Agents 86 and 99 get shipwrecked on their honeymoon and end up on an island where KAOS has a giant magnet. The Chief joins them there, and the three of them are forced into "synthetic sand". Agent 99 is wearing white jeans and a blue shirt. Funny shots as they sink knee-deep, waist deep, chest deep, and then shoulder deep in sawdust and water. The Ghost Of Cypress Swamp @ 1977 TV-Movie Disney - Jeff East, Jacqueline Scott, Vic Morrow A lost teenager and solitary murderer form an unusual friendship. A hermit that was thought to be dead is discovered to still be alive and is found living in a swamp by some young teens. While out hunting, the boy's dog runs after a big cat and gets stuck in a watery bog of quicksand (as the opening credits continue to display). Holding onto a branch, the boy wades in and pushes the dog to safety, which then runs off again. Towards the end of the movie, the kid comes across a patch of light brown ground in contrast to the black ground around. "That's quicksand, boy!" says the hermit who pops up from behind a log after having been attacked by a big cat. Later, the youths find his footprints leading up to the quicksand and assume the worst. However, the young boy sees a started game of tic-tac-toe and realizes the old hermit is actually alive, confident that he is once again believed to be dead. The Ghoul (aka The Thing in the Attic) @ 1975 British - Peter Cushing, John Hurt, Alexandra Bastedo A young woman, out on the moors after running out of gas with her boyfriend who has not returned, encounters a kind old doctor (and former priest) and his sinister gardener. He takes her into his big old house where she must spend the night. She is killed by something from the attic that eats human flesh. One of her friends comes looking for her and is told she was put on a bus. When confronted by the guy, the gardener panics and runs into the foggy marsh. The guy chases him and, dressed in a black tux, steps into quicksand up to his thighs. The gardener taunts him as he continues on, when he too steps into some quicksand and struggles. The other guy gets himself out of the bog and rescues the gardener after extracting the truth about what happened to his friend. G.I. Joe "The Pyramid of Darkness" @ 1984 TV animated Lady Jay and Flint get knocked into a strange pink mud pit. Destro laughs over them as they sink. They are later rescued by one of Lady Jay's spears. (Scene appears in parts 2 & 3) G.I. Joe "The Games Master" @ 1984 TV animated While on an island of toys and candy, Lady Jay and a baddie get knocked into a pit of caramel (butterscotch actually). She is rescued by her enemy while the baddie is rescued by the good guy. G.I. Joe "?Jungle Trap" 1984 TV animated In one of the early episodes, one of the good guys (blonde crew-cut hair) is being chased by the Cobra guys on jet skis or air boats through a swamp. Joe hit a stump and went flying through the air and into a pit of light brown liquid quicksand. He floated there neck deep, and the Cobra guys walked up to the edge of the pit and looked at him. One of the Cobra guys said, "He's had it!" at which point Joe struggled, grunted, then sank under the surface. The bad guys left, and a few moments later, Joe pulled himself back out by grabbing a tree root. Having amnesia, he wandered through the swamp and ended up being found by his colleagues. Gilligan's Island "Voodoo Something to Me" @ 1964 TV B&W/Color/Colorized - Alan Hale Jr., Bob Denver When supplies begin to disappear, the Skipper believes the island is hexed by voodoo, especially when he thinks that Gilligan has been changed into a chimp. Gilligan slips and slides down a hill into a pool of liquid mud. While washing off, a chimp takes his clothes. (B&W/Colorized episode) Gilligan's Island "Waiting for Watubi" @ 1964 TV B&W/Color/Colorized - Alan Hale Jr., Bob Denver While digging a pit for cold food storage, the Skipper uncovers an evil statue which brings him bad luck. After tripping over Gilligan who was tying his shoes, the Skipper takes the lead and plops into some black quicksand. While Gilligan tries to hack down a vine, one falls, and the Skipper pulls himself out. (B&W/Colorized episode) Gilligan's Island "Where There's A Will" @ 1964 TV B&W/Color/Colorized - Jim Backus, Russell Johnson Mr. Howell writes a new will to include the castaways, but when he thinks they are trying to kill him, he heads for the other side of the island. After seeing his suitcase sink in quicksand, he places his hat on the surface to appear as if he died, but the others were just organizing a party for him and rip up their copy of the will in sorrow. (Color episode) Gilligan's Island "Man With a Net" @ 1964 TV B&W/Color/Colorized - Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer While trying to capture a rare butterfly, botanist Lord Beezly (John McGiver) walks into quicksand. The Howell's pull him out with a butterfly net as he sinks up to his neck. (Scene is often cut for syndication; Color episode) Gilligan's Island "High Man on the Totem Pole" @ 1964 TV B&W/Color/Colorized - Tina Louise, Dawn Wells Gilligan believes he is descended from headhunters when his likeness appears on a totem pole. When Gilligan comes across Ginger and Mary Ann enjoying a mud bath, immersed up to their necks, he thinks for a moment that the real headhunters cut their heads off. (Color episode) Girl of the Limberlost 1934 B&W - Louise Dresser, Ralph Morgan, Marian Marsh A story about a mother who has despised her child since the womb because it was the pregnancy that led to the death of her husband. He fell into quicksand while sloshing through the bayou with the wife one day, and due to her state, she had to stand helplessly by and watch him die. (Any quicksand?) Girl of the Limberlost 1945 B&W - Ruth Nelson, Dorinda Clifton, Loren Tindall Second adaptation of Gene Stratton Porter's novel about a vengeful mother who tortures her hated daughter because she blames the child for the death of her husband who fell into quicksand and couldn't save him because she was burdened with child. (Any quicksand?) Girl of the Limberlost, A 1990 TV-Movie - Tobias Andersen, Joanna Cassidy, Annette O'Toole A schoolgirl whose dreams are beginning to fade finds friendship with a woman studying a nearby swamp. (No quicksand scene) Girls On Film 198? music video by Duran Duran In the R-rated version of this video on their "Dancing On The Valentine" collection, there is explicit female mud wrestling and their showering off afterwards. God Help Us @ 19?? A CNN news report about a Brazilian soap opera that has an opening title sequence with people in formal clothes, drinking champagne, and partying in a room that fills with "quicksand". Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster (aka Gojira tai Hedora; Godzilla vs. Hedora) @ 1971 Japanese - Akira Yamauchi, Toshie Kimura, Hiroyuki Kawase From Earth's pollution a new monster is spawned. Hedora, the smog monster, destroys Japan and fights Godzilla while spewing his poisonous gas, sulfuric acid, and thick sludge. Toward the end in the climatic battle, Godzilla is knocked into a large pit which the Smog Monster fills with thick gray sludge. Godzilla thrashes around on his/her back trying to escape. The Gold Bug (aka Edgar Allen Poe's The Gold Bug) @ 1979 TV-Movie - Anthony Michael Hall, Roberts Blossom, Geoffrey Holder Shortly after the Civil War, while exploring the long deserted and reputedly haunted Sullivan's Island off Charleston S.C., a boy encounters two obsessed eccentrics living there. The boy helps them unravel the mystery to find buried pirate treasure, but in joining the search, he falls under the same obsession... and curse. Toward the end of the first part, the boy is talking to one of the men. When they finish, the man gives the boy a gold beetle for luck, and the boy darts off running back to his boat. He runs into a small pool of quicksand and sinks chest deep. He yells for help and is pulled out by the mute man. Golden Gate Community Help House 197? TV commercial (California) In a message about drug abuse, two teenaged boys and a teenaged girl are sinking in a quicksand bog in a jungle setting. As the first kid pulls himself out after he sinks to about waist deep, the narrator says something like, "Sometimes you can help yourself." The boy then tosses a rope to the girl who is neck deep and pulls her out. The narrator then says, "Sometimes you need the help of others." Then both teens hold their arms out to the third kid who just looks at them, scared, and then slips under. The narrator says, "But if you don't ask for help, your sunk." Goldie Gold and Action Jack "Island of Terror" @ 1981 TV animated - Judy Strangis, Sonny Melendrez Goldie Gold, a wealthy and beautiful 18-year-old and publisher of The Gold Street Journal, and her top reporter, adventurer Jack Travis, solve crimes with a vast array of state-of-the-art gadgetry. While trying to escape some dogs on the island, Goldie and Jack run into a pit of quicksand and sink up to their hips. Jack uses Goldie's necklace to lasso a tree branch and pull them out. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (aka Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo)
1966 USA - Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Lee Van Cleef
A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery. In a deleted scene, three people are trekking through the desert with their camels during a sandstorm, and the young man, who has fallen behind, stumbles into quicksand. The man and woman hear his cries for help and try to pull him out, but he goes under.

The Good Life (aka Good Neighbors) "Sweet and Sour Charity" 1975 TV British - Richard Briers, Penelope Keith, Felicity Kendal The escapades of a couple (and their neighbors) who decide to "escape the rat race" and turn their Surbiton home into an urban farm. The Goods hit trouble when they find that the oil from the central heating tank stored in the garden has leaked under the fence and into their soil. When Tom is thinking of buying a farm and leaving Surbiton, Barbara doesn't want to move. She turns to Tom and says, "But at least it's on solid ground" while stamping on the ground. She promptly starts sinking into watery mud. She sinks up to her knees as both she and her husband look down in amazement. Then the show ends. (It seems there may be an earlier scene, too, based on what she said.) Good Times @ 1967 - Sonny Bono, Cher, George Sanders Sonny and Cher play themselves and spoof many Hollywood classic movie scenes when Sonny fantasizes about their potential movie roles. There's a Tarzan segment in which Sonny swings on a vine from a tree and winds up falling into some dry quicksand with a tiger pawing at his head while he goes down to his neck. The Goodies "?" 1970 TV British - Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie Long running British situation comedy with the vaguest of situations. The Goodies are a three man agency whose brief is to do "anything, anytime". There was an episode when the three main characters agreed to help out at an estate. One dressed up as a nanny to take care of this kid who was in danger, supposedly. Throughout the show, our heros escape numerous death traps including giant spiders, jungle cats, and even quicksand... while stumbling over the numerous skeletons of previous nannies. Turns out the child was the one causing all of the mayhem. Goosebumps (aka Ultimate Goosebumps) "How I Got My Shrunken Head, 1 & 2" @ 1995 TV An anthology of children's horror stories. The depths of the jungle are a wild place for a twelve year old boy when, after having terrifying dreams upon receiving a shrunken head from his aunt, he is invited to the island of its origin. He is unprepared for the dangers that lie ahead - poisonous spiders, quicksand, zombies - when has to rescue his missing aunt from the evils that lurk in the jungle with the aid of the shrunken head and a little magic. In part 2, the boy sinks all the way under in some rather dry quicksand before being pulled out by a girl. Gorilla's in the Ndoki Forest @ 199? TV nature documentary A young male explorer and his native guides have great difficulty traversing a very wet, muddy, and thickly foliated swamp. The Great Adventurer @ 1996 animated children's film Part of the Kids Club Series which is designed to provide the best in non-violent family entertainment. A boy reporter is assigned to write an article on 11-year-old Jody who seems to have a rather dull daily routine. That all changes, however, once alligators and quicksand are thrown into the mix. As the the children run through the swampy forest, one of them runs into quicksand and sinks up to his waist. The other boy tries to pull him free, but the edge gives way, and he falls in, too.

Growing Up Creepie "The Scared Twitch Project"
2006 TV animated - Athena Karkanis, Richard Yearwood, Stevie Vallance
A school club gets lost while searching for Bugfoot. There is a scene where the characters fall off a cliff and land in a muddy swamp. (No sinking or quicksand but they are covered in thick gooey muck.)

Gui meng jiao (aka Spooky, Spooky; The Haunted Island)
1988 Hong Kong - Alfred Cheung, Wu Ma, Joyce Godenzi
Years ago, a village head in the Hong Kong countryside executed a man for committing adultery by drowning him in the ocean. His mistress, in attempts to flee the village, dies when she plummets into a pool of quicksand. Years later, people swimming in the ocean mysteriously vanish, and their bodies wash ashore days later. A local policeman who practices Taoist magic believes a water ghost is responsible for their deaths and joins forces with his colleague to rid the countryside of this demon. In a night scene, a woman in glasses gets pulled into a bog by a ghostly hand while trying to find her missing friend, Fatty. In another night scene, a guy falls into the same bog, and the woman with him tries to save him but ends up simply whipping him with her belt instead. Others in the area come to their aid. One of the guys takes off his pants to use as a rope. When they pull him out, they also drag out a skeleton.

Guiding Light, The 1984 TV soap opera - Carrie Nye, Khin-Kyaw Maung During a birthright squabble involving a doll that was buried under a cottage and contained a deathbed statement, a self-serving real estate agent Susan Piper drowns in quicksand in Barbados, and her accomplice John Young falls on his own sword. The Guiding Light 2006 TV soap opera - Crystal Chappell, Laura Wright During an argument at a house construction site, Olivia brushes past Cassie and knocks her into a mud pit where they continue their disagreement. Both get completely covered in mud, wrestling and flinging mud at each other. Richard and Alan arrive and get into the action as well.

Gulliver's Travels (aka Saban's Gulliver's Travels) "?" 1992 TV animated There was a scene where Gulliver fell on his belly into quicksand and splashed around a bit before his dog rescued him. ?The Gunfighter "?" 199? TV A short-lived western series from the WB Network which had an episode in which the hero and his faithful sidekick threw their hats onto a pool of quicksand to make the villains think they had gone down. There is apparently a quicksand scene in one of the episodes. Gunsmoke (aka Marshall Dillon; Gun Law) "Gold Mine" @ 1955 TV B&W/Color - James Arness, Ken Curtis, Amanda Blake In a rough mining town to claim a gold mine she inherited, Kitty is befriended by a young mute boy after she is confronted by a collection of cutthroats and thieves. Dillon can't leave Dodge and sends Thad to find Kitty and look after her. In one scene, the men are fighting and fall into the muddy slurry pit. Kitty tries to pull the boy out and gets pushed in herself. She crawls out, then helps the boy get out as the baddies run off. In another scene, the bad guys are teasing her and shooting at her feet. She walks backwards and stumbles into the same mud hole. She struggles a bit before the marshal shows up and runs off the baddies. The boy tries to help her out, but she refuses until she can berate Matt, then she pretty much stands up and walks out. Gunsmoke (aka Marshall Dillon; Gun Law) "Hard-Luck Henry" @ 1955 TV B&W/Color - James Arness, Ken Curtis, Amanda Blake Known as "the smartest Haggen," Festus regrets the title when his cousin "Hard-Luck" Henry Haggen (John Astin) comes looking for advice. Festus tries to get a box full of gold coins away from his relatives and back to Dodge, but the Dooleys who are feuding with the Haggens are also trying to get their hands on the box. When two rival hillbilly clans fight over the transfer of a strongbox of gold, Henry ends up stumbling into a small, bubbling, and watery bog while holding the chest. He struggles up to his shoulders, leaning first one way and then the next, as others gather on either side of the bog and try to grab the strongbox which is just out of reach. Marshal Dillon arrives and gets them to pull Henry out after they secure the strongbox with a long slender stick through the handle. But when they try to lift the strongbox out, the handle breaks, and the box sinks into the bog. (humorous) Gungala la pantera nuda (aka Gungala, The Naked Panther; Gungala, The Black Panther Girl) @ 1968 Italian - Kitty Swan, Jeff Tangen, Tiffany Anderson The beautiful, savage Gungala, who reigns over the jungle and communes with the animals, battles mad Arabs who want to take over the African continent and falls in love with a member of an expedition sent to find her. While walking in the jungle with his servent(?), a man dressed in Arabian clothing, complete with turban, walks into fairly thick black quicksand and struggles his way under as his servent watches. Another guy shows up and takes the pendant from the doomed man's hand just before it disappears below the surface. Guns Of Darkness (aka Act of Mercy) @ 1962 B&W - David Niven, Leslie Caron An Englishman living in the South American nation of Tibulacion with his shrewish wife encounters the wounded and deposed president of the country and tries to smuggle him across the border. They drive their station wagon across a stream into a deep bog, and the car begins to sink. After climbing out the back and onto the hood, they jump into the quicksand and attempt to reach firm ground as the car sinks out of sight. She is wearing a smart looking skirt and blouse. After a very long struggle through the ooze, they barely manage to escape with their lives. The Hallelujah Trail @ 1965 - Burt Lancaster, Lee Remick, Brian Keith, Jim Hutton A wagon train heads for Denver with a cargo of whisky for the miners. Chaos ensues as the Temperance League, the US cavalry, the miners, and the local Indians all try to take control of the valuable cargo. While seeking to escape from the rampage, the wagons drive headlong into a swamp called "Quicksand Bottoms" and sink out of reach of the thirsty townspeople in some watery sawdust quicksand, despite the desperate tries of some of the men who end up wallowing around in the bog. Hamish MacBeth "?" @ 1995 TV British - Robert Carlyle, David Ashton, Shirley Henderson Hamish Macbeth is a police constable in the small Scottish town of Lochdubh. In one episode, two crooks are heading across the moor and get stuck in a grass covered bog as some locals - Joe, Andy, and Frankie - torment them concerning some money that is now gone. The locals leave as the crooks sink and use their cell phone to call their third accomplice who arrives too late as they sink under in the black mire. Hana no Ko Lunlun (aka Hana No Ko Runrun; Flower Girl; The Flower Child Lun Lun; Lulu, The Flower Angel) "The Tear's Stained Love in the Mud"
1979 TV Japanese anime - Mari Okamoto, Fuyumi Shiraishi, Takuzô Kamiyama
Magical girl Lun Lun is trying to find the seven-colored flower all over Europe to bring it back to the king of another planet. A girl in a wheelchair befriends a boy who is a knife thrower. While going through the woods, the girl spots a pretty flower on a cliff. To impress her, the boy throws one of his knives and cuts it down for her. When he goes to get it, he stumbles into quicksand. He struggles for a bit, and she crawls out of her wheelchair to try to reach him. She reaches his hand, but only gets pulled in herself. They both sink and cry out for help. Lun Lun hears them and comes to the rescue. She transforms into a lumberjack, cuts a vine, and pulls them out.

The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island @ 1981 TV-Movie - Scatman Crothers, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain The famous Harlem Globetrotters crash-land on Gilligan's Island. A mad doctor and his accomplice plan to take over the island for its rich energy supply by scaring everyone away. While trying to keep the Professor from signing an application form, Gilligan sinks under in dry quicksand. The Professor pulls him out with a bamboo pole. (humorous) Harper Valley P.T.A. "?" @ 1981 TV - Barbara Eden, Fannie Flagg, Anne Francine, George Gobel A snooty woman's pendant, wrapped in a handkerchief, is sinking in a watery bog. She wades out into it, wearing a gaudy red dress and hat. Eden, who set up the situation and even has the local news filming it, disrobes to her one-piece swimsuit and wades in to save her. Both splash around and crawl out, wet and muddy. (humorous) Heartbeat "We're All Allies Really" @ 1992 TV British - Nick Berry, Niamh Cusack, Juliette Gruber A series about an English policeman in the 1960's assigned to a small village. A young German man named Dieter comes to the village in search of his father's grave, and when an eccentric old man on holiday with his wife goes missing on the moors, he joins the search and ends up sinking up to his neck in a muddy, grass covered bog. But the man from the moorland rescue team refuses to help him because Dieter's father was one of those who bombed the man's parent's house during the war. However, Constable Nick persuades the man to rescue Dieter by walking across ladders placed across the dark mire.

Heartbreakers 2001 - Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gene Hackman A mother and daughter con team walk away with hefty divorce settlements as one seduces wealthy men into marriage while the other seduces them into infidelity immediately after the wedding. Sneaking around the swamps of Florida, the young woman slips in some mud and falls down. Not much coverage, but a cute muddy moment.

Hell Girl (aka Jigoku Shoujo: Girl From Hell) "From Beyond the Twilight" @
2005 TV animated Japanese - Kana Ueda, Tomoko Kawakami
A junior high school student is framed for embezzling class money and going out with a salaryman by her classmate. A girl gets revenge on her bully by teaming up with demons. One of the demons points to a wall at the end of a long hallway and shows the bully her two young friends slowly being sucked into a strange blue vortex. The young girl watches in horror and runs away yelling.

Her Shattered Idol 1915 B&W silent - Robert Harron, Mae Marsh, Elmo Lincoln Mae Carter, the wealthy ward of Colonel Nutt, a lovable bug hunter, teases her uncle's nephew Robert but finally accepts his engagement ring. After Mae is impressed by the physique of Ben the blacksmith, she dreams that she is Robert's cave woman. While eating shrubs, she is carried off by a giant and rescued by Ben, who then fights Robert and wins. The next morning, Mae gives back Robert's engagement ring and plans to elope with Ben, when Colonel Nutt, to whom Robert confides his troubles, banking on his experience with women, tells Mae to invite Ben to live with them for a month. During an engagement party, Mae is disgusted by Ben's stupidity, rude manners and his pipe-smoking mother. She breaks the engagement and plans again to marry Robert, but during the ceremony, Ben steals her to marry her in another town. After a number of escapades, Robert saves Mae and Ben from drowning in quicksand, and finally marries Mae. Hercules (aka Disney's Hercules) "Hercules and the Girdle of Hyppolyte" 1998 TV animated Disney - Tate Donovan, Matt Frewer, James Woods An amazon princess slides down a mountain and lands waist deep in a black bog. She uses a rope to lasso a tree and pulls herself out. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys "The Road to Calydon" @ 1995 TV - Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst Hercules is guiding a group of refugees through a swamp. While being attacked by a giant, winged reptile, a young girl (Portia Dawson) and her brother fall into a very dry quicksand pit. After knocking the beast into another pit, Herc dives in with a vine and pulls them out after they had gone all the way under. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys "One Fowl Day" @ 1995 TV - Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst Ares is out to get Iolaus and Autolycus for turning Discord into a chicken, and Katherine the pig (Alexandra Tydings) wants to be turned into a human. However, her animal instincts drive her to roll around erotically in a thick pool of mud and partially disrobe. Iolaus and Autolycus also spend a lot of time trudging through a swamp and covered in mud. The Herculoids "?" 1967 TV animated - Mike Road, Ted Eccles, Ted Cassidy Zok the dragon and possibly the boy Dorno get stuck in quicksand. Hi-de-Hi! "The Perils of Peggy" 1980 TV British - Su Pollard, Ruth Madoc, Paul Shane The comedic goings on of a group of former actors and entertainers at an English holiday camp. In spite of her coldness towards him, Clive is desperate to win Gladys back, but he requires the help of Ted and Peggy. The camp custodian Peggy attempts to make the camp manager Clive appear heroic so that he could impress the senior camp counselor Gladys. Peggy and some of her colleagues dig a pit of fake quicksand on the beach, complete with a "Danger Quicksand" sign. As Clive and Gladys approach, Peggy steps into the pit screaming for help. The plan backfires when Peggy finds the pit uncomfortable and jumps back out in plain view of everyone. Gladys showed fury with Clive for his attempts at heroism with "home made quicksand" and storms off. Later, Gladys' cries for help are heard, and Clive finds her up to her shoulders in real quicksand further down the beach. Clive gets down on hands and knees and crawls out to save her (which is not shown). Hidalgo @ 2004 - Viggo Mortensen, Zuleikha Robinson, Omar Sharif Set in 1890, this is the story of a Pony Express courier who travels to Saudi Arabia to compete with his horse, Hidalgo, in a dangerous race for a massive contest prize, in an adventure that sends the pair around the world. There is a scene in which the horse and rider break through the crust of a quicksand saltmarsh bog, throwing the rider who almost immediately sinks up to his shoulders in thick gray quicksand. The hero finds him with just his head sticking out and is lassoed and pulled free against his will. Hideous! @ 1997 - Michael Citriniti, Rhonda Griffin, Jacqueline Lovell A wealthy collector of mutant human freaks finds himself in deep trouble when the owner of his latest acquisition decides he wants it back. But while the two men are battling it out over ownership, the creature himself musters his horrifying compatriots to get bloody revenge on their captors. After driving past a wooden "Danger Quicksand" sign in the middle of a wintery forest, a woman, scantily clad in black leather and topless, steps over an dirty puddle of melting snow. (There is no quicksand in this movie.) High Tide @ 1987 British - Ian McShane, Kika Markham, Terence Rigby A dog is run over by a car, and the owner investigates and finds himself faced with a dying man who utters a cryptic phrase, putting him in great danger. A guy is chased by a villain across a tidal mud flat. They both start to sink into the thick gooey mud, but only the villain (naturally) goes under. The other guy lays back, extracts his legs, and crawls away. High Tide 2001? Stuart Baird directs this action-thriller story of a man who, while vacationing in Alaska, gets caught in quicksand and whose fiancee must save him before the rising tide kills him. Highway Dragnet @ 1954 B&W - Richard Conte, Joan Bennett, Wanda Hendrix An ex-Marine is accused of murdering a former Las Vegas model. He escapes the police and hitches a ride with a magazine photographer who, by coincidence, is the one who killed the model because the model had earlier caused the suicide of her husband. The woman, wearing a white dress, is pursued by the guy along the shoreline and out onto a rickety walkway which collapses. She falls into the water and gets stuck in the quicksand underneath. With the cops within earshot, he gets the murder confession out of her as she sinks only to her waist after hitting the concrete bottom. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show "Honey, We're Past Tense" @ 1997 TV - Peter Scolari, Barbara Alyn Woods, Bruce Jarchow On a weekend camping trip, a big storm hits the campground, and the new BIVIAB and its occupants are transported thousands of years into the past where they encounter a clan of cave people menaced by a ravenous tyrannosaur. Two of the boys end up trapped in a very watery and lame bog. They get pulled out by the others forming a human chain. Horror Hospital (aka Computer Killers; Doctor Bloodbath) @ 1973 British - Michael Gough, Robin Askwith, Vanessa Shaw Jason, a member of a 1960's pop group, decides he needs a break at a country retreat. On the train he meets Judy, niece of Aunt Harris who owns a place with her husband Dr. Storm and who are using the guests for surgical mind-control experiments. About 45 minutes in, the teen protagonist is chased into the forest by one of the evil doctor's minions, a guy wearing black leather motorcycle gear and a helmet. They fight, and the minion falls into a lightly steaming bog of moderately thick grass and peat and quickly sinks out of sight. The Horrors of Spider Island (aka Ein Toter hing im Netz; It's Hot in Paradise; The Spider's Web; Girls of Spider Island; A Corpse Hangs in the Web) @ 1959/1960/1963/1965 B&W German - Harald Maresch, Helga Franck, Alexander D'Arcy A troupe of beautiful showgirls is stranded on a deserted island when their plane crashes. Their routine of skinny-dipping and devising new skimpy outfits is interrupted when a radioactive spider bites their manager and turns him into a wild-eyed, furry-faced monster with three fangs and a passion for strangling. At the end, the spider monster guy sinks into some tidal quicksand. Horse Sense @ 1999 TV-Movie - Joey Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence, Susan Walters Two antagonistic cousins - one city, one country - manage to put aside their differences and work together to save their ranch from foreclosure. Near the end, a horse gets stuck in some mud, and the young boy and his older cousin rescue it. The boy gets quite muddy. Hostage (aka Colt - Flight 802) @ 1987 US/South African - Wings Hauser, Karen Black, Kevin McCarthy A retired army officer living in South Africa enlists the aid of ex-soldiers for a rescue mission when a planeload of innocents, including his daughter and grandson who needs a kidney transplant, is hijacked by Arab terrorists who plan to hold them as hostages until the release of their imprisoned leader. In a fight scene at the end of the movie, the baddie holding a young boy hostage throws him into some watery quicksand. As the boy sinks, the fight continues before the bad guy gets knifed, falls unconscious into the quicksand, and goes under. The boy sinks to his neck before being rescued as the baddie resurfaces and grabs the boy but quickly goes back under. Hot Lead and Cold Feet @ 1978 Disney - Don Knotts, Jim Dale, Karen Valentine Rival brothers try to win the family fortune and take over the small western town. In a duel with an old foe on a VERY muddy street at night, Knotts sinks all the way under into the road in some fairly thick black mud, leaving just his hat floating on the surface. (humorous) The Hound of the Baskervilles @ 1959 Hammer - Peter Cushing, Andre Morell, Christopher Lee, Marla Landi Super sleuth Sherlock Holmes investigates the curse surrounding the heirs to the Baskerville estate. Watson stumbles into the Grimpen Mire while chasing Stapleton's young daughter Cecile through the moor and is pulled free by her and her father after sinking to his armpits. At the end of the movie, Cecile runs into the mire while fleeing from Holmes and (very quickly) goes under and dies while screaming. The Hound of the Baskervilles (aka Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles) @ 1972 TV-Movie - William Shatner, Stewart Granger, Bernard Fox Super sleuth Sherlock Holmes investigates the curse surrounding the heirs to the Baskerville estate. In the opening, an escaping convict runs into some rather dry quicksand near a creek and dies. At the end, the villain runs into the same type of quicksand while being chased by the hound and Holmes and dies, too. The Hound Of The Baskervilles @ 1977 - Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Terry Thomas Peter Cook and Dudley Moore team as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in this parodied version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes classic as they try to break a noble family's killer-dog curse. Near the end, someone turns the warning sign marking the safe path toward town or the deadly path toward the Grimpen Mire, and the four suspects end up in a very watery bog. Calls for help find them (already sitting) chest deep a pool of murky water. Hound of the Baskervilles, The 1982 TV-Movie British - Tom Baker, Terence Rigby, Christopher Ravenscroft A four-part miniseries adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous novel. In the final part, Holmes pursues Stapleton across the Grimpen Mire. Stapleton falls into the mire in the distance, but Holmes can't reach him as he doesn't know the safe path through the bog. The Hound of the Baskervilles @ 1983 TV-Movie British - Ian Richardson, Donald Churchill, Martin Shaw, Francesca Gonshaw Super sleuth Sherlock Holmes investigates the curse surrounding the heirs to the Baskerville estate. Early in the film, a beautiful young woman flees Baskerville on a white horse in the foggy night of the moor, and both run into the foggy and muddy Grimpen Mire. The woman struggles to shore and is pulled out by Baskerville as the horse goes under. At the end of the movie, Holmes pursues Stapleton across the foggy moor, but the villain takes a wrong step and is also consumed by the thick mire as Holmes unsuccessfully tries to pull him free. The Hound of the Baskervilles (aka Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles) @ 1988 TV-Movie PBS - Jeremy Brett, Edward Hardwicke Super sleuth Sherlock Holmes investigates the curse surrounding the heirs to the Baskerville estate. At the end, the villain walks into the very black Grimpen Mire and disappears while trying to escape across the moor. The Hound of the Baskervilles 2000 TV-Movie Canadian - Matt Frewer, Kenneth Welsh, Jason London Super sleuth Sherlock Holmes investigates the curse surrounding the heirs to the Baskerville estate. In one scene, Sir Henry and Dr. Watson are out walking the moor and are warned by Stapleton to skirt around one of "the deadly sucking bog holes of the Grimpen Mire". He kicks a small log onto the surface where it lands with a splat, floats for a second or two, and then gets sucked under the undulating liquid mud surrounded by grass. At the end, the hound turns on Stapleton and pursues him into the bog and attacks him. The mire is a watery reed bed with no mud to be seen anywhere, and the scene is at night. Man and beast thrash around before going under with a large bubble surfacing through a small thin mat of peat floating on the water. The Hound of the Baskervilles @ 2002 TV-Movie British - Richard Roxburgh, Ian Hart A BBC adaptation of the classic Arthur Conan Doyle story. In once scene, an escaped convict and the two policemen chasing him fall into the thick Grimpen Mire. The convict struggles halfway up his chest, manages to grab onto a fallen tree, and then pulls himself to safety. Then one of the policemen stumbles in, and when the other went to help, he also stumbles in. They both sink steadily and quickly, the second man trying to rescue the first. As the mud rose up the face of the first man, the bog made gurgling noises as he slipped beneath the surface, just his hat partially sticking out of the quaking morass. The other man was calling out the name of the first as the mire rose up his chin. The prison escapee rested on the ground as he watched the second man sink beneath the muck. Near the end, it's Holmes who gets trapped in the bog while chasing after Stapleton. He taunts Holmes as he slowly sinks to his shoulders until Watson saves the day by shooting the baddie in the head just before he was about to shoot Holmes. Watson then uses his coat to pull Holmes to safety. House Of Frankenstein @ 1944 B&W - Boris Karloff, John Carradine, Lon Chaney A mad doctor meets Dracula, the Wolf Man, and Frankenstein's monster. At the film's end, the torch bearing villagers arrive to chase the mad doctor, who is being dragged along by the creature, into a swamp. He tells the Monster to stay clear of the (rather watery) quicksand but he is ignored, and both sink out of view. How to Commit Marriage @ 1969 - Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope, Jane Wyman A separated couple pretend that they are happily married so that they can adopt their daughter's newborn baby. At the very end, the youngster's fathers (Gleason and Hope) are both up to their chins in mud when a mud slide pours into their house. Hudson's Bay "The Watch"
1959 TV B&W Canada - Barry Nelson, George Tobias, Eric Clavering
Western dealing with stories connected to the Hudson's Bay Company and its fur trade shortly after North America was colonized. Banner discovers American soldiers on an expedition to find the source of the Mississippi River, which they hope is the natural border between the U.S. and Canada. Disappointed that it is not, a fight ensues over what should be the border, but Banner's party and the soldiers settle their differences after being forced to work together to escape quicksand. Banner and the lead soldier tumble into the very watery bog hole and sink to their shoulders. Two others crawl out to form a human chain and pull the stuck guys out.

Human Discoveries "And Then They Almost Died" @
2019 TV USA animated - Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron, Jillian Bell
A group of friends living at the dawn of human civilization are the first to discover necessities like fire and the wheel as they stumble onto humanity's best and worst innovations. After falling into the comfort of their relationship, a near-death experience makes Jane and Gary wonder if comfort is a good thing. A very brief and humorous scene in which Jane and Gary are sinking up to their necks in quicksand. But once they realize it's doing "nothing for them" sexually, they stand up and walk out of the bog.

The Human Monster (aka Dark Eyes of London; Dead Eyes of London) @ 1939 B&W British - Bela Lugosi, Hugh Williams, Greta Gynt A series of strange deaths takes place in London. All appear to be accidents, but the victims are single men with no family and have a link to a life insurance company run by the mysterious Dr. Orloff. A "creature" throws his "master" out the window of the castle's upper floor who lands into the thick mud of the moat below and sinks out of sight.

Huntik: Secrets & Seekers "Words of Truth, Heart of Lies" @
2009 TV animated - Yuri Lowenthal, Rebecca Soler, Karen Strassman
Lok discovers a journal and an amulet that discuss the mysterious Titans. Lok's fathers journal leads them to Prague where the strongest of Titans supposedly resides. It is also the capital of The Organization, meaning the gang is going to need more help, but who will volunteer to assist them in their quest. In the catacombs beneath the cemetery, Lok, Sophie, and Zhalia stumble into a trap of green living mud that tries to pull them under, while The Professor tries to get the journal and key. The team struggles against the bog as the baddies leave. Their friend subdues their guards and saves them just in time.

I Don't Mind 1999 music video by Drain STH (an all-female Swedish heavy metal group) There is a brief quicksand sequence of lead vocalist Maria going down for the count. I Wear Your Love @ 1999 music video by Lisa Angelle Several short scenes where she is wet, handling a snake, and sensuously playing in the mud out in a jungle-like setting. I-Witness Video 1992 TV - Patrick Van Horn (host 1992-93), John Forsythe (host 1993-94) Sensational footage caught on video of natural disasters, car chases, and crime scenes filmed by amateurs and professionals and presented as "warnings" of what happens to those who fail to take precautions or heed the law. One segment included footage of some people who were hiking though Australia's wilderness and came across a watering hole with a bunch of dead kangaroos laying on the edge. The tourists thought the water was poisoned and killed the kangaroos. But when they got close, they noticed the ground became bouncy and soft. They realized that it was quicksand, and the kangaroos had become trapped and died of hunger, thirst, and/or exposure. But over to one side, they saw one kangaroo still alive, partially sunk into the saturated ground. They laid down a log across the surface, and a guy made his way close to the kangaroo. As he reached over, the kangaroo bent away from his hands, but he managed to grab a hold of its ear and lift it up high enough for it to get footing hop away, with the lower half of the animal all muddy. A park ranger said that they do try to check those hazardous places once in a while. During the video, the announcer made statements like, "These tourists RISKED THEIR LIVES to save this kangaroo!" And when the guy steps out on a log to grab the kangaroo, the announcer said, "Remember: this is QUICKSAND!" (See also "Real TV".) I'll See You In Hell 1963 B&W Italian/USA - John Barrymore, Eva Bartok, Max Knight A movie about diamond robbers in which the last remaining character in the story - a tall, dark haired, bearded crook - ends up running through the same swamp in which he had earlier killed his partner by pushing him into quicksand (though it is not shown). The very last scene has the robber going through his bag and finding it empty, then looking down to find his feet stuck. He pulls and pulls and finally looses his balance and tumbles into the waiting sawdust and water quicksand. His descent is slow and gradual until the quicksand rolls over his face as he yells for help. I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! 2003 TV reality - Bruce Jenner, Robin Leach, hosted by John Lehr Ten celebrities are abandoned in the Australian outback with only minimal means of survival in order to raise money for charity. In the commercial promoting the show, Downtown Julie Brown is shown very briefly up to her neck struggling in a thick bog of brown mud and saying "Get me out of here!". Her face and hair were also mud-covered as if she'd been submerged. However, the scene was made for the promo and doesn't appear in the show. Ice Cold In Alex (aka Desert Attack) @ 1958 B&W British - John Mills, Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms Set in North Africa during WWII, an alcoholic army officer, a cute nurse, and an unbeknownst German spy are trying to get across the desert in an army ambulance to Alexandria. Halfway through the movie while they are crossing the Quattara Depression (a vast salt-marsh), they become suspicious of the German who tries to evade them at night. But in doing so, he becomes heavily mired in very thick mud. They rescue him by pulling him out using the truck... but not before he had gone completely under.

Iggy Arbuckle "Pig Coloured Glasses" @
2007 TV Canada animated - Fabrice Trojani, Jonathan Wilson, David Berni
The many misadventures of a park ranger-who also happens to be a pig-and his animals companions as they try to protect nature. Jigger's nephew visits his uncle. Chip follows Iggy into the swamp to count baby crocodiles. When escaping approaching adult crocs, Iggy and Chip swing on a vine out of reach. But the vine breaks, and they land in quicksand. They sink to their necks before being rescued by Jiggers, who wears long stilts to wade through the quicksand and fish them out to safety.

Iisa Pa Lamang (Isadora falls to her death - 20081028)
1992 TV Philippines soap opera - Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Lloyd Samartino
Isadora and Vernon wait for Sophia before they escape out of the country. But Sophia shows up with Catherine who is furious upon finding out that it was Isadora who killed their father. Isadora confesses that it was her who shot Estelle and killed Aura. She fires the gun at Catherine, but Sophia protects her sister and ends up getting shot. Vernon arrives and forces Isadora to flee. Isadora and Vernon loses each other on the way. Catherine catches Isadora, and as the two struggles with each other, Isadora falls to a quicksand. She begs for help, and Catherine runs into Miguel. On their return however, Isadora is nowhere to be found. Miguel and Sophia are later devastated thinking that their mother is already dead. Or isn't she?

The Incredible Hulk "Death in the Family" (aka Return of the Incredible Hulk) @ 1978 TV (2nd movie) - Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Jack Colvin David discovers his new employer administering a questionable drug to her crippled stepdaughter, a young heiress named Julie (Laurie Prange). While being chased through the swamp by the baddies, David and Julie run into leaf-covered muddy quicksand. The girl, covered in mud, crawls out with David's help, but he is stuck. Angry, he turns into the Hulk and struggles until the Julie stands and pulls a branch down for him to pull himself out, also very covered in mud. After jumping across the morass, the baddies run into the quicksand but escape by having their dogs pull them out with their leash.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull @
2008 - Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Shia LaBeouf
Famed archaeologist and adventurer Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones is called back into action when he becomes entangled in a Soviet plot to uncover the secret behind mysterious artifacts known as the Crystal Skulls. Indy and Marion walk into a leaf-covered clearing amongst the jungle foliage with their fellow adventurers in an attempt to hide from the bad guys, and they soon begin to sink into a pit of sandy "dry sand" quicksand. They slowly sink to their chests as their son returns and pulls Marion out first, But when Indy is tossed the "rope", it is actually a large constricting rat snake which he finally grabs and is pulled out when he reaches his neck.

Initiation of Sarah, The 1978 TV-Movie - Shelley Winters, Morgan Fairchild, Robert Hays, Kay Lenz A withdrawn young sorority pledge gets even for being humiliated in a hazing prank after she learns she has psychic and telekinetic powers and uses them against her rivals. There is apparently a quicksand scene in which the main character and two other young women fall into some quicksand. The shy girl gets out but the other two women go under. (It has been confirmed that this scene doesn't really exist.) Intruder In The Dust @ 1949 - David Brian, Claude Jarman Jr., Juano Hernandez, Will Geer An elderly black man is arrested for the murder of a townsman because he was discovered near the body and the revolver he carried had just been fired. The jailed man's story involves a beating he suffered at the hands of the victim. They dig up the dead man's coffin to prove that his gun was not the murder weapon, but when the corpse is found instead in a quicksand bog, even the dead man's father has his doubts. In one scene, a boy on horseback tries to cross a stream, but the horse won't do it because it senses the quicksand on the bottom of the stream. Later, when discussing how the murder could have disposed of the body without a trace, the same pool of quicksand it mentioned. The victim's old man father runs to the bridge and jumps into the quicksand, searching for the body of his son. He sinks just above his waist before he is pulled out by the others, then the body is pulled out. Island of Kirigi 19?? B&W At the end of the film, natives ran into some quicksand which the heroes already new about. The heroine also seemed to be covered with mud up to her knees (did she fall in previously?). Island of ??? 19?? After a tall, scantily clad woman is startled by an evil jungle statue, she runs away screaming... straight into a quicksand bog where she struggles and continues to scream. The Isle of Fantasy (aka Kai xin le yuan) 1985 Hong Kong - Raymond Wong, Fennie Yuen, Loletta Lee An irascible door-to-door salesman who, after a bizarre series of incidents, winds up trapped on a deserted island with a group of beautiful girl scouts. Though their den mother instantly dislikes the guy, a few of the scouts take a shine to the man, helping him not freeze or starve on the island's harsh climate. Later, fearsome gorillas, famished crocodiles, carnivorous plants, pirates, and drug runners all make life complicated for the castaways. In once scene, the group is dressed in ballroom gowns while on some sort of outside social event. The guy lays his coat over a wet patch of ground for one of the girls to cross on, but she ends up plunging over her head in a waist deep pool of grass and water which is some kind of pheasant trap set by one of the other girls. There is another scene were one of the girls, in her scout uniform, walks into the same type of trap that two other scouts are building. And when one of them tries to help her out, she is pulled in head first, too. (HUMOROUS) It's a Miracle "Benny" @ 2001 TV Christian reality rescue drama - Richard Thomas (host) Clips from past shows recall dramatic rescues. Included: a mountain climber falls hundreds of feet and lands where his cell phone can receive a signal; and members of a local community work together free a large horse named Benny trapped in deep, sticky mud of a drained pond. (See also "Code 3".) It's About Time "?" 1966 TV - Imogene Coca, Joe E. Ross, Cliff Norton A comedy in which two astronauts, after breaking the speed of light, accidentally travel back in time to prehistoric Earth. Unable to return, they make friends with the "natives". In one episode, the caveman chief stumbled into quicksand and went all the way under before the astronauts pulled him out.

Jack Armstrong "Chapter 8: The Secret Room" + "Chapter 9: Human Targets"
1947 B&W serial - John Hart, Rosemary La Planche, Claire James
Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, battles the evil Dr. Grood, who has placed a death ray aboard his spaceship orbiting Earth. In a fight scene, two guys tumble out the back of a truck and down a hill into a boggy swamp. The good guy falls in up to his neck until the hero arrives, knocks the baddie into the bog, and pulls the good guy out after crawling out on a fallen tree.

Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures "Oasis in the Desert" 2001 TV nature documentary Jack and Kathaleen journey to the Middle East to experience the animals and culture of Israel. In the Judean Desert, Jack encounters a large herd of Ibex at the beautiful Oasis En Gedi. Kathaleen hikes to the top of Masada, then floats in the Dead Sea. Later, Jack and Kathaleen square off in a father and daughter mud fight. JAG (Judge Advocate General) "Boot" @ 1995 TV - David James Elliott, Tracey Needham Lt. Austin (the blonde partner) goes undercover as a Marine recruit in order to investigate the mysterious death of a female private during boot camp and endures harassment from the suspected drill instructors. Near the end, Meg pursues the suspect (Sam Jenkins) through a swamp who runs into quicksand during a foggy night and gets a full confession before pulling her out. The killer then shows her gratitude by pushing the lieutenant into the same bog. She is then rescued by Harm. Jana of the Jungle "?" 1978 TV animated - B.J. Ward In one episode, there was a gas-well fire, and Jana and a native called Montaro were transporting nitroglycerin on a wild river. The nitro gets accidentally dumped into the river. As it's being gathered up, Montaro walks to shore and winds up in some quicksand while avoiding being attacked by a crocodile that has him trapped on one side. He sinks to his shoulders when a white leopard named Ghost brings over a magic staff that he uses to rescue himself, but the croc goes under.

Jeep Cherokee @ 1997 TV commercial While driving through the jungle, a Jeep's path is blocked by a water buffalo. It sinks completely under into watery, green-sawdust quicksand and then drives out to prove its ruggedness. Jeep Truck 1998 TV commercial A fisherman walks into some good looking orange and sandy quicksand and sinks up to his neck. Another guy in a jeep hears his shouts for help, throws him a rope, ties it to the back of the jeep, and pulls him out. The fisherman thanks his rescuer, but the rescuer does not want to give him a lift in his vehicle because he's covered in mud. The last shot is of the mud-covered guy sitting tied to the top of the jeep. Jeff's Collie (aka Lassie) "Feud" @ 1954 TV B&W/Color - Tommy Rettig, Donald Keeler, George Cleveland, Paul Maxey Gramps quarrels with Matt Brockway over accusations of cheating at checkers and both men forbid their boys to play with each other. Jeff and Porky then run off together, and when the two of them stop near a swamp to pick berries, Jeff's somewhat overweight friend falls into a bog and sinks to his chest. Jeff sends Lassie for help. Matt and Gramps soon arrive and work together to rescue Porky thus patching things up. (B&W episode) Jem! "?" 1986 TV animated - Samantha Newark, Britta Phillips A show with mystery, adventure, music, glamour, glitter, and romance that was about an all girl rock band called "Jem and The Holograms" and its mysterious leader Jem with a secret identity. In one of the "music videos" in an episode, the rival band had a scene that started out as a mudbath kind of thing with the band members in towels in or around a mudpit. Then someone pushed the girls in. A quick but nice scene.

Jenseits der Morgenrote (aka The Secret of the Black Dragon; Beyond the Dawn) @
1985 TV Movie German - Julian Glover, Ronald Beer, Ritza Brown
In 1648 Augsburg, Germany, seven men make their way to the border river Amur in an attempt to find a new land route to China across thousands of kilometres of wild land. There is a fine marsh bog scene where a Russian woman is pursued by a Mongol horse rider. She ends up struggling for her life in a bog where she sinks quite deep. The Mongol saves her life at the last moment by throwing her a rope.

Jinki: Extend "?" @
2005 TV animated Japanese
A mecha anime series surrounding the lives of two pilots of special robots called "jinki", and the manipulation behind the scenes that drew them inexorably together in a final battle. There is a scene of a girl slogging knee-deep through a swamp and suddenly falling into a hole up to her shoulders. She pulls herself out by grabbing a vine. A boy appears at the edge of the swamp and notices that her pants have been pulled off by the bog.

Johnny Bravo "Beach Buffoon" 1997 TV animated - Jeff Bennett, Brenda Vaccaro, Mae Whitman Johnny Bravo is a blonde egomaniac with big hair and big muscles who just loves pretty women. The show spoofs television shows and movies as Johnny learns about life the hard way along with his mother Bunny and his cute neighbor Suzy. In this episode, Johnny walks into quicksand, sinks, and a female pulls him out. Johnny Bravo "?" 1997 TV animated - Jeff Bennett, Brenda Vaccaro, Mae Whitman Johnny Bravo is a blonde egomaniac with big hair and big muscles who just loves pretty women. The show spoofs television shows and movies as Johnny learns about life the hard way along with his mother Bunny and his cute neighbor Suzy. In one episode, a tour guide was leading a group near a tar pit and was explaining that the small size of the dinosaur's brain was a factor in their getting trapped in it... just as Johnny Bravo steps in. Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot "?" 1969 TV Japanese - Mitsou Andou A boy and his 100 foot tall giant robot join forces with the Unicorn Agents to fight off aliens from the planet Gargoyle. In one episode, Johnny, fellow agent Marie, and the Unicorn commander encounter a monster from Gargoyle that can spew sand and end up buried waist-deep and have to be rescued. Jokk Cranberry Juice @
19?? TV commercial
A woman out picking cranberries sinks up to her neck in the muddy bog.

Jonathan Creek "?" 1997 TV British - Alan Davies, Caroline Quentin, Stuart Milligan An investigative journalist, a famous magician, and his illusion inventor team up to solve nearly impossible mysteries. In one scene, a woman talks about someone she once dated "who got turned on by women in quicksand". Later, another woman surprises her male friend by sitting in a bathtub full of oatmeal (Scott's porage oats) as if it were quicksand. Josh Kirby - Time Warrior! "Chapter 5: Journey to the Magic Cavern"
1996 Romanian - Corbin Allred, Jennifer Burns, Derek Webster
Josh and his friends free fall to the center of the Earth and land in an area occupied by a race of mushroom people. Josh Kirby proves his valor by saving his friend Irwin 1138 from cavern quicksand, but not without the help of the amazing strength of Porchini and the iron will of the beautiful Azabeth Seige.

Journey to the Center of the Earth "Caveman Captives" @ 1967 TV animated After running away from natives, a woman, a man, and Lars walk into quicksand and sink to their armpits. Lars' pet duck pulls their rope to shore, and Lars pulls them all out of the pit. Journey to the Center of the Earth 1999 TV movie - Treat Williams, Bryan Brown, Jeremy London A geology professor and his nephew lead a subterranean sojourn to the Earth's core. A human skull is seen being sucked into some shifting sand (but no quicksand). Journey to the Seventh Planet @ 1962 Danish - John Agar, Carl Ottosen, Peter Monch A U.N. space expedition to the planet Uranus discovers a bizarre world right out of their own heads, featuring places and people the crew members recall from childhood. It's all part of a fantasy created by the planet's master, a giant, pulsating brain that can also turn their worst thoughts into reality. While traveling a frozen cavern in a barren icy wasteland, one of guys stumbles into a pit of very dry snow and sinks as if it were quicksand. As one of his comrades pulls him out, he remarks that the snow is so cold that it doesn't even stick together, forming what he called quicksnow. Joy ŕ Hong Kong (aka Joy In Hong Kong) 1992 TV French - Zara Whites, Roberto Malone There is a scene in which a young woman (who also narrates the scene) is taken to an old construction site by two men, stripped naked, and thrown into a watery sink hole where she becomes stuck in the mud below and begins to sink. As the two guys leave, two others (one burly, one a midget) arrive and taunt her. Another guys arrives in a white truck, sneaks up, and attacks the bad guys, wrestling them in the reddish mud. He manages to knock them into the same pit and pull the woman out with a long stick.

Juanito Jones "?" @
2002 TV animated Spanish
A young boy who, along with Sombra, his teddy bear, travels far and away on fantastic adventure and must use his wits to get out of dangerous situations. Juanito and Sombra try to avoid some jungle natives, but run into quicksand and sink to their shoulders. They thrash about until the natives pull them out, and they become friends.

Jumanji @ 1995 - Robin Williams, Jonathan Hyde When two kids play an old magic board-game they found, they release a man trapped for decades in it and a host of dangers that can only be stopped by finishing the game. Robin Williams sinks into a hardwood floor that turns into quicksand while playing the game. He stops about neck-deep. Jumanji "Ransom of Redhead" @ 1996 TV animated - Debi Derryberry, Ashley Johnson, Melanie Chartoff When Aunt Nora is sucked into the game, the kids and Alan must rescue her from the clutches of Van Pelt. It's her first time in Jumanji and doesn't believe it is real until she, wearing her blue business suit with skirt, steps into quicksand and finds out it is. She sinks to her shoulders before the other three pull her out with a branch. Jumanji "The Magic Chest" @ 1996 TV animated - Debi Derryberry, Ashley Johnson, Bill Fagerbakke
Peter brings the Sand King's magic box of gold coins back from Jumanji only to discover that everyone who touches one of the coins turns into an animal. In a fight with the Sand People, the trio runs away and falls into quicksand. They quickly sink under and end up back home. Jumanji "Mud Boy" @ 1996 TV animated - Debi Derryberry, Ashley Johnson, Bill Fagerbakke
Peter makes a playmate out of mud who then doesn't want him to leave. When Alan and Judy come to get him, Mud Boy traps them in quicksand. Peter escapes and saves his friends. Jumanji "No Dice" 1996 TV animated - Debi Derryberry, Ashley Johnson, Bill Fagerbakke
When Alan steals the dice so that the kids will no longer be put in danger by visiting Jumanji, Peter figures out another way to get into the game and they discover the mechanical underworks of Jumanji where they are chased by The Stalker, and Jumanji transforms Peter into a toucan. The kids are thrown into a pool called the "Bog of Dispair". They sink into the water (and it looks like water, too) and end up under Jumanji. Jumanji "Robo-Peter" @ 1996 TV animated - Debi Derryberry, Ashley Johnson, Bill Fagerbakke
Ibsen makes a robot duplicate of Peter in order to trap Alan. While running from the robot clones, Judy ends up in quicksand but is quickly rescued. The robots fall in and sink under... only to walk out the other side. Jumanji "The Three Peters" 1996 TV animated - Debi Derryberry, Ashley Johnson, Bill Fagerbakke
When Peter gets mad and smashes the game, it splits him into three individuals, each with different parts of his personality. As the group flees some hostiles, they climb a muddy bank and cause it to collapse on them. The hostiles are immobilized by small landslide of mud which they get stuck in. Jumong (aka The Book of the Three Hans: The Chapter of Jumong) "Episode 4" @
2006 TV Korean - Il-guk Song, Hye-jin Han, Seung-su Kim
An epic based on the myth of Jumong, founder of the ancient Korean kingdom of Goguryeo in 37 B.C. The hero is thrown off his horse into a muddy quicksand bog. He struggles and claws at the sides until he sinks under. He is eventually discovered and pulled out by two other warriors just in time.

Jumping Ship (aka Ship Shape) @ 2001 TV-Movie - Joey Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence In this sequel to "Horse Sense", Jake Hunter and his young friend Tommy Biggs are invited to a luxury Australian island resort for a vacation and end up hiring Tommy's old cohort Michael Woods and his broken down charter boat to get them there, but a crew of modern-day pirates attempts to take over the craft, forcing the three passengers to abandon ship and take cover on a nearby island where they must work together. In one scene, Michael blindly walks into a muddy bog hole along the shoreline and sinks chest deep. He manages to crawl out and jump into the ocean to clean off. In another scene toward the end, Michael is being chased by a baddie and jumps over the same bog. The guy chasing him lands in it briefly and quickly crawls out. Jungle
2017 UK - Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Joel Jackson
A group of friends join a guide for a trek into the Bolivian jungle, searching for an Indian village. The men soon realize that the jungle is a difficult place to be. Delirious, the main character stumbles into a thick bog of deep mud and sinks to his chest. He lapses into unconsciousness and wakes up still in the bog. He manages to grab a leafy branch and pulls himself slowly out of the morass.

The Jungle Book (aka Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book) @ 1994 Disney - Jason Scott Lee, Cary Elwes, Lena Headey A faithful adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of Mowgli the jungle boy who is raised by wolves after being lost when a tiger attacked an encampment and killed his father. A big, bad guy sinks and dies in black, watery quicksand while chasing after Mowgli. His partner is unable to help him out. The Jungle Book "Save the Tiger" @
2010 TV French animated - Jimmy Hibbert, David Holt, Emma Tate
While running from Shere Khan, Mowgli ends up in quicksand and Shere Khan refuses to save him. After Baloo and Bagheera pull him out, Mowgli feels angry, but can he learn to set a better example when Shere Khan is soon in danger himself? While Shere Khan is chasing Mowgli through the jungle, the vine the boy is swinging on breaks, and he lands in quicksand. The tiger leaves him to his fate as the boy slowly sinks to his chest before Baloo and Bagheera pull him out.

Jungle Drums of Africa (aka U238 and the Witch Doctor) @ 1953/1966 B&W serial - Clayton Moore, Phyllis Coates, Roy Glenn An intrepid explorer and a missionary's daughter embark upon a perilous journey through Africa in order to get the rights to a uranium mine. En route they encounter spies, angry natives, lion attacks, and a brush with voodoo. In the 12th and final episode, two men and a woman traverse a river in a canoe that suddenly overturns, dumping all three in a quicksand bottomed river. The woman is rescued by one of two other guys on shore who swims out to them with a vine. (The clip doesn't show what happens to the other two men stuck in the quicksand). Jungle Girl (aka Edgar Rice Burrough's Jungle Girl) "Chapter 9: Treasure Tomb" @ 1941 B&W serial - Frances Gifford, Tom Neal, Gerald Mohr Nyoka the Jungle Girl fights an evil twin brother who killed her father, a sneaky crook, and jungle warriors who can't quite decide whether to sacrifice her or worship her. Nyoka, the hero, and the sidekick are chasing a native who swings on a vine across a large pool of wet gunk. Nyoka stops her friends, saying "That's quicksand!" She and the sidekick swing across safely, but when the hero swings across, the branch breaks and dumps him chest deep into the watery quicksand. The branch then falls and clunks him on the head, and he slowly sinks under. Nyoka climbs the tree and shimmies down a vine to pull him out but is interrupted when the native begins shooting arrows at them. The sidekick draws his pistol and begins firing back while Nyoka continues to hang onto the hero while hanging upside-down from the vine wrapped around her foot. The native eventually runs off, and Nyoka and the sidekick drag the hero out of the quicksand. Jungle Girl and the Lost Island of the Dinosaurs 2002 animated A young English girl is raised by jungle animals after being shipwrecked on a deserted island. Emma and her animal friends have an adventure on their hands when a group of villains threaten their safety. The young blonde girl, wearing a green safari shirt and a long green skirt, runs through the jungle into a mud pit where she sinks to her knees before pulling herself out, losing her boots. Kadoyng 1972 British - Leonard Maguire, Teresa Codling, Adrian Hall An alien crash lands on earth and decides to help a poor family. Learning of a plan by some developers to build a highway through their favorite playing field, the alien and children decided to stop them by concocting a potion that would cause giant trees to grow on the field, thus stop any building. However, the alien gets the potion wrong, and it turns the whole area into a swamp. At the ground breaking ceremony, all the developers flounder in the mud. The first victim is the mayor (the only woman in the group). She cut the red tape surrounding the field, took a step forward, and plunged right in. (humorous) Kekexili (aka Ke Ke Xi Li Mountain Patrol; Hoh Xil: Mountain Patrol) @ 2004 China / Hong Kong - Qi Liang, Zhang Lei, Duo Bujie Based on a true story, the film centers on Ga Yu, a Beijing reporter who ends up following a small mountain patrol as they venture out on a ten-day trek to catch some poachers, amidst the unforgiving lands in the uninhabited area of Qingzang Heights in Kekexili (Hoh Xil). Meaning "beautiful mountains, beautiful maidens" in Tibetan, Kekexili is a harsh, yet gorgeous mountainous plateau area located near the Chinese/Tibetan border. Led by the relentless Ri Tai, these volunteers journey through rough conditions ranging from quicksand to snowstorms, all united by a common cause - their undying love for the endangered Tibetan antelope. Together with the splendorous scenery comes ferocious snowstorms and treacherous quicksand. It's these forces of nature that eventually brought peril to a troop of voluntary mountain patroller in the pursuit of poachers of the near-extinct Tibetan antelopes during the mid 1990s. Having captured some poachers on the road, the Tibetan volunteer patrol, led by a hard-nosed Tibetan, endures fateful encounters in its dogged but dubious quest, from quicksand to machine-gun toting poachers, to cross the snowy mountain and catch the gang leader. The trouble is, the squad is out of fuel, food, and bullets. And the squad members, as well as the suspects, have got mountain sickness. The leader has to divide the group and send some of them back. But going back home is as dangerous as the route they are taking. There are snow storms, icy rivers, and quicksand. The scenery is stunningly beautiful but no one can stop to enjoy the beauty. And when the environment is so dangerous that everyone has to struggle just to stay alive, the wish to pursue justice gradually evaporates. The film concludes rather abruptly when a patrol member is swallowed by the sandy desert quicksand when his jeep gets stuck in the sand and he gets out to unload some of the weight. The death does not answer the beginning of the film in the potent measure expected by the audience. (Note: all of the very difficult scenes, including those involving quicksand and stunts, were performed in desperate conditions with non-professional, but committed and highly talented, actors.) Kill Reality "The Scorned"
2005 TV/Movie reality/horror - Jenna Morasca, Jenna Lewis, Ethan Zohn, Rob Cesternino
Reality stars get a chance to see if they can make it as actors in a real Hollywood movie. The show follows the lives of twelve reality stars that are all acting for the first time in a Hollywood horror film. They will have to deal with everything from learning their lines to handling a "nude" scene. The final movie product: In a hidden beach house on the Malibu shore, a 'twenty something' couple have a 'spitting mad' lover's quarrel. The boyfriend storms out, and into the arms of their house mate. When the infidelity is discovered, horrible violence ensues, ending with the house mate soaked in blood, the boyfriend crying in the corner of the room and his girlfriend apparently dead in the hot tub. 17 Months Later: A group of attractive twenty somethings move into the abandoned beach house, unaware of the tragedy that had kept the house vacant all these months. One by one, temptation seduces the house mates into betraying their romantic relationships and they are punished for their infidelities, by an avenging angel of death. When the first victim is killed, the police believe that it is simply a drug overdose, but a whacked out spiritualist believes in actuality, it was the ghost of the dead girlfriend. With the help of the spiritualist, the new tenants of the house fight to survive and search desperately to unlock the shocking mystery of... THE SCORNED. There is a dry quicksand scene in it that is quite literally a dirt-covered tarp over a hole in which a young women walks into while on a cell phone with the help of a ghostly hand rising from the ground.

Kilma, Queen of the Jungle (aka La Diosa salvaje; Kilma la regina della jungla) @ 1975 Spanish - Eva Miller/Blanca Estrada, Jacinto Molina/Paul Naschy, Maria Perschy A shipwrecked s.o.b. gets himself stranded on an island full of beautiful women. However, these beautiful babes can also skin you alive. Kilma (in a fur bikini) ends up in watery leaf-covered quicksand while trying to rescue a couple of diamond hunters who, while arguing, wandered into the bog. Both men go under as she slowly sinks to her waist before being pulled free by another guy. Kim Possible "Number One" @ 2002 TV animated Disney - Christy Romano, Will Friedle, Nancy Cartwright Kim teams up with Will Du, a high-strung agent of "Global Justice," on a case that leads to the discovery of Duff Killigan, the world's most dangerous golfer. After escaping from the villain's hideout across his personal golf course, Kim warns the team about possible traps being present. They stop running but end up sinking into a quicksand sand trap up to their necks. After discussing escape plans, they send Ron's pet rodent named Rufus (because he won't sink) to get Will's remote control for his flying craft which hovers over them and pulls them out. King Arthur and the Knights of Justice "?" 19?? TV animated A man is trapped in quicksand, and a woman warrior wraps a rope around her waist and comes after him. She stands behind him, and they are pulled out quickly by a crossbow. King Arthur, The Young Warlord @ 1975 British - Oliver Tobias, Michael Gothard, Brian Blessed The early years of the future King Arthur and the brutal tribal wars of ancient England are recounted in this low-budget film. Early in the movie, Arthur's men are engaged in a battle, then retreat across some swampy land. The opposing forces pursue them but become stuck in the boggy trap set by Arthur where his men through spears at the helpless enemy who sink under the murky waters. King of the Congo (aka Thunda; The Mighty Thunda) @ 1952 B&W serial - Buster Crabbe, Gloria Dee In this convoluted adventure serial, a U.S. Air force captain begins searching for some stolen microfilm that contains vital information. Pursued by natives, a man (wearing a Tarzan-like loin cloth) plops into a deep and very thick pit of clay-like quicksand after being knocked off a log he was using to cross it. The natives pull the log away and taunt him as he struggles and sinks up to his chin. Explorers chase the natives away and pull him out. King Solomon's Mines @ 1985 - Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone, Herbert Lom, John Rhys-Davies Allan Quatermain is a fortune hunter who is convinced by Jesse Huston to help her find her father who's been lost somewhere in the African jungle. As it turns out, he's an archaeologist who knows where the legendary treasure trove of King Solomon is hidden but has been kidnaped by an army of German thugs. As the hero emerges from the jungle at the entrance to the mines, his native guide leads him along a safe path to the entrance. When the Germans emerge from the jungle, they blunder into some watery sawdust quicksand and sink up to their shoulders, calling for help. One of the baddies takes a machine gun and shoots them all and uses their bodies as stepping stones over the quicksand. King Solomon's Treasure @ 1977 - David McCallum, Patrick Macnee, John Colicos, Britt Ekland Allan Quatermain and his group of intrepid explorers set off in search of treasure in a lost Phoenician city in the heart of darkest Africa where they encounter dinosaurs and the Phoenician queen. While out hunting for dinner one late evening, McCallum steps into quicksand and slowly sinks. While his native guide goes to get help, a large serpent monster slithers in. When help arrives, the monster is shot and McCallum is pulled out after having gone all the way under. (Too dark to really see anything.) Kissyfur "?The Birds and the Bears" 1986 TV animated The gators lead Gus into a quicksand hole. Gus unsuccessfully struggles to escape while the gators go capture some of the cubs. That night, Kissyfur, Toot, and Miss Emmy search for Gus and find him in the quicksand when he's neck-deep. They throw him a vine which he catches, and they tie the other end of it to a tree. Gus submerges except for his outstretched hands. Toot gnaws down the tree, which as it falls pulls Gus safely out of the quicksand. Kissyfur "The Bear Who Cried Wolf" 1986 TV animated Kissyfur plays a number of practical jokes on his neighbors, which they don't find funny. To make it up to everybody, Kissyfur creates a water ride for his friends to enjoy. However, Lenny eavesdrops on Kissyfur's plan and changes its course. When Kissyfur's pals arrive, he attempts to demonstrate the ride to them, only to find that it now ends in a quicksand hole, into which he and his bird friend fall and become stuck. Of course, as he calls for help, no one believes him this time. Lenny accidentally falls into the water ride and lands in the quicksand himself. A vine drops, allowing Kissyfur and Lenny, both neck-deep, to climb out, only leading them to discover that their rescuers were the gators, who plan to eat them. Gus comes to the rescue from there. Knight Rider "Goliath Returns, 1 & 2" @ 1982 TV - David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, William Daniels Seeking revenge against Michael, Garthe Knight (Wilton Knight's vengeful son) breaks out of prison and kidnaps Devon, April, and a scientist to force a showdown between Kitt and his new and improved super-truck Goliath. Michael and Kitt are led on a wild goose chase, following a trail that leads to a patch of grass-covered quicksand near some high-voltage transmission lines. Kitt tries to back out but has no traction and starts to sink, rear tires spinning in the quaking bog. Michael then has Kitt fire his grappling hook onto one of the powerline towers, and Kitt pulls them out using his winch. Knights of the Round Table @ 1954 - Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Mel Ferrer The legendary sixth-century knight Sir Lancelot bravely battles for his king, and Guinevere is the queen who falls for him. During a sword fight, Lancelot falls off a cliff into orange colored and rather watery quicksand. He calls his horse and uses its lead to pull himself out. A peasant was thrown to his death in the same pit earlier. Kral Sumavy (aka Smugglers of Death) @
1959 B&W Czechoslovakia - Radovan Lukavsky, Jiri Vala, Jirina Svorcova
A film about members of SNB who guard the Czechoslovak border in 1948. A man is escorting a kidnapped woman across the swamps, but when she tries to escape, she ends up at the bottom of the bog before she could be rescued.

Krull (aka Dragons of Krull; Dungeons and Dragons; The Dungeons of Krull; Krull: Invaders of the Black Fortress) @ 1983 - Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Liam Neeson Colwyn is the leader of a mythical sword-and-sorcery group in pursuit of "the Beast" that has kidnapped his fiancee, Lyssa. The band of travelers sink when the ground turns into watery sawdust quicksand under an evil sorcerer's spell. A valiant effort is made to save one of their members who is going under, but it fails. Kruzheva "?"
2008 TV Russian - Evgeniy Miller, Elen Kasianik, Stanislav Lyubshin
A girl stumbles into a watery swamp bog after being startled by a snake. She yells and claws at the muddy bank until her boy friend pulls her out.

Kung Fu "The Stone" @ 1972 TV - David Carradine In a rough mining town, Caine becomes involved with a huge uncut diamond, a former Brazilian slave (Moses Gunn), and three boys (Ike Eisenmann) seeking revenge on a man who spurned their mother. The scene starts with the youngest boy and the fighter, who stepped in to save him, already up to their chest in pretty good looking quicksand. While a Russian immigrant (Gregory Sierra) runs to get help, Caine pulls them out with a tree branch.

Kuntilanak 3
2008 Indonesia - Julie Estelle, Ida Iasha, Reza Pahlevi
A group of youngsters is on a mission to find their missing friends in a haunting jungle. Along the way, they met Samantha who is on a different mission to the same mystical village. Strange events follow their every move and seem to be connected to Samantha who has a wicked curse. One night, a guy is lured out of the group's encampment into the foggy moonlit jungle by strange sounds. As he turns around to look, he is suddenly startled by an evil she-devil creature and falls backward into a thick muddy bog of quicksand. He struggles up to his neck and reaches across the leaf-covered bog toward solid ground but eventually sinks to his doom.

La Chevre (aka The Goat; Knock On Wood) @ 1981 French - Pierre Richard, Gerard Depardieu, Pedro Armendariz Jr. A dedicated private eye searches for a businessman's daughter in Mexico, but the case is complicated by the amateur sleuthing of the client's accountant. While two guys talk in a desert wasteland, one of them begins slowly sinking into some dry quicksand, but is pulled out when he reaches his chin. La Nina De La Mochica Azul @ 19?? A young boy walks into watery leaf-covered quicksand up to his chin. A young girl traveling with him pulls him out. Lady Tarzan @ 1990 Indian - Vinod Kumar, Jamuna, Silk Smita Near the beginning of the film, the young girl tries to catch a rabbit in the jungle. She falls into a thick muddy bog and struggles to get out as a large snake hovers nearby. An elephant comes along and sprays water on the snake and lowers its trunk which the girl uses to pull herself out of the muck. Land Before Time, The 1988 animated - Gabriel Damon, Candace Hutson An orphaned brontosaurus named Littlefoot and four other young dinosaurs set off in search of the legendary Great Valley, a land of lush vegetation where the dinosaurs can thrive and live in peace. They encounter several obstacles along the way as they learn to work together in order to survive. There is a scene in which the little pterodactyl gets stuck in a tar pit (which looks more like water), and the others wade in to free him. Land of the Dinosaurs "?" 19?? TV animated This cartoon has a quicksand scene in one of the episodes. Land of the Giants "Manhunt" @ 1968 TV - Gary Conway, Don Matheson, Don Marshall A giant criminal (John Napier) escaping from the police picks up the Spindrift with several of the little people aboard. Running scared, he gets trapped in a pit of dry quicksand. As he sinks lower, the Spindrift sinks with him. With the air running out for those inside, an ingenious escape plan is hatched to get them out. More than half the episode deals with getting the guy and ship out of the quicksand. Land of the Giants "Deadly Lodestone" @ 1968 TV - Gary Conway, Don Marshall Inspector Korbick is able to track down the space travelers with a device which detects non-native metals. It is discovered that Dan has a pin in his leg made of a metal the giants can easily detect and track. To protect the others, he decides to leave the group to live in a quicksand-infested swamp where the giants won't follow him. Steve and Dan scout out the swamp. Dan ties a rope around himself and ventures out into a very dry mud bog. Initially wading up to his knees, he quickly drops chest deep into it, and Steve pulls him out. Land of the Giants "The Graveyard of Fools" 1968 TV - Deanna Lund Famous quicksand scene with Deanna Lund. (Scene didn't really exist.) Land of the Lost "Tar Pit" @ 1974 TV - Spencer Milligan, Wesley Eure, Kathy Coleman While Cha-Ka is painting a picture of Ta on the face of a large rock down by the tar pit at the edge of the swamp, they are interrupted when Spot the coelophysis comes along. When the beast is shooed away, it walks into the tar pit and gets stuck up to its thighs. Dopey happens to be grazing nearby and goes over to see what Spot's squawking is all about. When the ledge bordering the tar pit gives way, Dopey plunges into the tar as well. While Spot manages to struggle his way out, Cha-Ka discovers what has happened and leads the Marshalls down to the tar pit where Dopey stands whining knee-deep in the muck. Their various attempts to rescue little dinosaur fail as the baby brontosaur sinks deeper. Night falls, and the tar is nearly up to Dopey's back when they end up lassoing an adult brontosaur to pull the baby dinosaur out. Land of the Lost "Timestop" @ 1974 TV - Ron Harper, Wesley Eure, Kathy Coleman Will and Holly are preparing dinner when a brief tremor shakes the area which opens a previously sealed Temple door which leads them to an ancient Altrusian relic: the Crystal Key to the Temporal Regulator. As the Marshalls trek through the jungle toward the geyser beds using the relic as a guide, Torchy the fire-lizard arrives. Cha-Ka foolishly runs out toward the cracked and fragile crust around the geysers, and the fire-breathing dinosaur pursues him until the beast's weight breaks the crust and causes it to quickly sink completely into the boiling mud below. However, Cha-Ka is left stranded on a small patch of earth, and the Marshalls have less than hour to save him before the next eruption. Using the Key, Uncle Jack reverses time until finally reaching the point where Torchy sank in the boiling mud. The beast surfaces from his infernal grave and steps back into the jungle, as does Cha-Ka in the other direction, allowing Will and Holly warn Cha-Ka against fleeing toward the geyser beds. The Land That Time Forgot @ 1975 - Doug McClure, Susan Penhaligon During WWI, a German U-boat sinks a British ship and takes the survivors on board. After it makes a wrong turn, the submarine ends up in the unknown land of Caprona, where they find dinosaurs and Neanderthals. At the very end, the heroine wearing a white sailor's outfit, is being chased by a caveman when they both plunge into a watery brown pool of quicksand. They flounder around until the hero arrives, plunges in, gives the cro-mag a solid kick, and pulls her and himself to the edge while the baddie sinks out of sight. Landslide 1992 British - Anthony Edwards, Melody Anderson, Lloyd Bochner A geologist and sole survivor of a car crash suffers from selective memory loss and attempts to piece together his past while confronting shady dealings in a small town. In the end after trapping the good guys in a shed in a muddy construction area where a dam is about to break, the villain tries to run away towards his vehicle (which was already shown sinking) only to blunder into a patch of "quick clay" and become stuck. The good guys are lifted out by helicopter just before the dam breaks and the villain meets his doom. Laramie "License To Kill"
1959 TV B&W/Color USA - Robert Fuller, John Smith, Spring Byington
Adventures on a Wyoming cattle ranch that also serves as a stagecoach way station. A bounty hunter turned sheriff arrests Jess and starts dragging him back to Colorado on a trumped-up murder charge, and Slim is deputized to insure that Jess will make it to Colorado in one piece. While leading Jess and Slim through the western wilderness, the sheriff walks into some watery quicksand and sinks immediately up to his neck. Jess wades in holding onto Slim to pull him out... much to the sheriff's surprise. (B&W episode)

Lasca 1919 B&W silent - Frank Mayo, Edith Roberts, Arthur Jasmine The fiery, impulsive, yet pure-hearted Lasca lives in a Mexican settlement near the Rio Grande with her twin brother Ricardo and their aunt. She falls in love with cattle rancher Anthony Moreland, whose teasings bring out her jealous temper, but Moreland, although fond of Lasca, thinks of her as a child. Seeing the flirtatious, though engaged, Clara Vane fall in love with Anthony, Lasca, in a vicious fit, stabs his wound and begs forgiveness. When Clara's fiancé, John Davis, angered by the flirtation, bribes one of Anthony's men to allow his cattle to stampede during the Texas "norther" blowing in, Lasca warns Anthony. After trying to head off the stampede, Lasca lies on Anthony and dies protecting him from the cattle onslaught. For revenge, Ricardo leaves Davis to die in quicksand. Anthony, crushed in spirit, buries Lasca, builds a shrine, and remains faithful to her the rest of his life. Lassie (aka Timmy and Lassie) "Timmy, The Oil Millionaire" @ 1954 TV B&W/Color - Jon Provost, Hugh Reilly, June Lockhart When Lassie comes home several days in succession dripping with oil, Timmy is certain that he is going to be an oil millionaire. He is further convinced when Lassie leads him to the pool of oil. While investigating for Timmy, Uncle Petrie gets mired in the oil, and Lassie is sent for help. As a result, Timmy doen't turn out to be an oil millionaire, but learns just how rich he is. (B&W episode) Lassie (aka Timmy and Lassie) "The Fog" @ 1954 TV B&W/Color - Jon Provost, Hugh Reilly, June Lockhart The Martins' weekend camping trip turns dangerous when a treacherous fog envelops their camping area--and Timmy, stuck in a sinkhole in the swamp while searching for Lassie, is threatened by a marauding wolf. The Martin family goes camping in wooded lowlands, and when a treacherous fog rolls in and separates them, Lassie must use his canine senses to reunite the family. At the end, Timmy is rescued from quicksand by his father in the dark and foggy woods. (B&W episode) Lassie (aka Timmy and Lassie) "Lassie and the Birdwatch" 1954 TV B&W/Color - Jon Provost, Hugh Reilly, June Lockhart Timmy is diverted from preparing for an upcoming test by Lassie needing help saving ducks trapped in thick mud. On the way to school one day for an arithmetic test, Timmy sees several ducks mired in the mud of Farmer Harbold's marsh which he is draining. Timmy and Lassie free the birds and talk to Harbold about stopping the drainage until after the migration season, but Harbold says his plans are too far along to change now. However, he does offer his dog Champ to work with Lassie in freeing the ducks. Early one morning, Champ gets out too far in the silt and is trapped. How Lassie and Timmy rescue Champ, and also save the ducks, is shown in the climax of this adventure. (B&W episode) Lassie "Nature's Way" @ 1954 TV B&W/Color - Robert Bray A rancher, to avoid being accused of overgrazing, moves his herd of cattle to an area where quicksand is located and endangers his son's life in the process. A rancher tries to evade the law by hiding cattle from Ranger Corey Stuart's grazing count. In the process, the rancher's son becomes mired in a sinkhole. Lassie's intervention saves his life and highlights the importance of honesty. While the boy is moving the cattle, he hears the cries of a baby calf and goes to help. He finds it stuck in a watery bog, wades in to help it, and becomes stuck himself. He is eventually pulled out by the ranger. (B&W episode) Lassie "?The Dawning" (s19 ep24) 1954 TV B&W/Color - Larry Wilcox Lassie tracks down the Baker calf, on the loose and endangered by predators. Lassie finds the calf stuck in some quicksand and drags a log across for it to hold on to. Lassie then goes for help, and the calf is rescued eventually. (Color episode) The Last Dinosaur @ 1977 - Richard Boone, Joan Van Ark, Steven Keats A wealthy big game hunter and his group get trapped in prehistoric times where they are stalked by a ferocious dinosaur, a trophy the hunter becomes obsessed with obtaining. As the group is being charged by an angry dinosaur, the woman photographer, wearing a white jumpsuit, stands in the animal's path in order to take pictures. The hero tackles her out of the way at the last minute, and both end up landing in the shallow mud along the river bank. The stubborn pair argue and fight, both ending up covered in mud and laughing. Last Frontier, The, chapter six "Terror Trail" @ 1932 B&W serial - Lon Chaney Jr., Dorothy Gulliver, Richard Neill A frontier newspaper editor battles an outlaw who is causing Indian uprisings to drive away settlers so that he can claim a gold deposit as his own. A young Cavalry woman, while tracking an injured guy near a waterfall, runs into a leaf-covered pool of watery quicksand. She struggles real nice up to her chin before the wounded guy pulls her out with a rope. The Last Sunset @ 1961 - Rock Hudson, Kirk Douglas, Dorothy Malone A fugitive on the run from a lawman takes a job of driving cattle to Texas. The lawman finds him and continues with the cattle drive, during which they gain each other's respect. The fugitive also begins to romance the daughter of the cattle owner, unaware that she is actually his own child. The lawman (Hudson) rides his horse into a pond with quicksand underneath the water up to the horse's neck and tail. After shooting the horse, the fugitive (Douglas) pulls him out after throwing him a rope. Laugh-In (aka Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In) "?" 1968 TV comedy/variety show - Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Gary Owens, etc... There were several skits with a variation on a quicksand gag with Alan Sues dressed in an explorer's outfit standing, but not visibly sinking, in what looked like dirty water. One gag was where the guy's wife asks him to take the garbage "down with him". Another with a Boy Scout who wouldn't rescue him because he had already done his good deed for the day. And another where his wife ran off with his friend while he was stuck there. Laughter File 1992 TV British - Denis Norden, Lisa Maxwell In this series of sketch comedy specials, there was a segment in which a female reporter acted out a spoof holiday show, reporting from some dangerous foreign resort. At the end of the skit, after explaining various perils, she was walking along the beach and saying to camera, "But the most interesting thing is the quicksand, found in isolated patches..." at which point she promptly disappeared downwards. The shot showed her at armpit depth, waving her arms, then she vanished under. She popped it back up to say, "Now back to the studio", then went back down. (The quicksand was just a hole in the ground, but shot from a low angle). Laverne & Shirley "Life Is The Tar Pits" @ 1976 TV - Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams, Michael McKean, David Lander Squiggy is jealous of Lenny's new girlfriend Karen whom he met at the local tar pits and thinks she is trying to break he and Lenny up. But when Karen is accepted at a New York university and is preparing to leave, Lenny thinks she's breaking up with him because he's too dumb and tells Frank he's going back to the tar pits for a last farewell. When Squiggy hears this, he thinks Lenny is going to kill himself, so he rushes to the tar pits to find Lenny waste deep in the tar, jumps in to save his life, and after a heartfelt chat, they leave best friends again. (Lenny fell into the tar pit while trying to retrieve a necklace that Karen had given him which he had thrown in and then tried to get back). Lawrence of Arabia 1962 British - Peter O'Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn A biography of the enigmatic T.E. Lawrence that paints a complex portrait of the desert-loving Englishman who united Arab tribes in battle against the Ottoman Turks during World War I when the young maladjusted lieutenant in the British Army in North Africa is offered a job as an observer in what is now Saudi Arabia. There is a scene where he leads Daud, a young Arab boy, to his death in some dry desert quicksand. The Leech Woman @ 1960 B&W - Colleen Gray, Phillip Terry, Grant Williams A faded beauty leaves a trail of murder from Africa to the United States when she discovers a compound that will restore her lost youth... when consumed with fluid from the pineal gland of freshly dead men. A guy runs into somewhat dry black quicksand, and she refuses to rescue him until he throws her the pouch with a secret formula. He throws it to her, then she kills him, and his body sinks out of sight. The Legend of Gingko (aka Moyuru Tsuki: The Legend of Gingko Tree; Gingko Bed 2; Danjeogbiyeonsu)
2000 South Korea - Seok-hun Kim, Jin-shil Choi , Kyung-gu Sol
An ancient feud plays out like a soap opera with broadswords between two warring tribes that reside around a giant mountain called Mount Holy; one tribe has become prosperous, while the other live in a miserable part of the land where food doesn't grow and they have to resort to "eating the flesh of their dead" for sustenance. The not-so-happy tribe creates a Holy Sword that can destroy the Mountain and the other tribe, but first they must sacrifice a young girl name Vee in order to "power" this supernatural sword. And before you know it, a lot of people are losing their heads in combat. As the young girl runs off into the rainy woods, she lands up to her waist in a watery bog. A young man finds her and tries to pull the injured and bleeding girl out from above by climbing out on a tree limb. But the branch breaks, and he falls in beside her. He tries to comfort her as she passes out from loss of blood, and they both sink further. Another guy shows up and uses a make-shift rope to pull the unconscious girl out as the other guys sinks up to his neck, then pulls the guy out, too.

The Legend of Tarzan "Tarzan and the Enemy Within" @
2001 TV animated Disney - Olivia d'Abo, Michael T. Weiss
Tarzan rescues a wounded ape named Gobu and invites him to stay with his family, not knowing that Gobu answers to Tublat. Tantor the elephant gets stuck in a tar pit up to his neck, and it takes Tarzan and the help of others to pull him out.

The Legend of Tarzan "Tarzan and the Challenger" @
2001 TV animated Disney - Olivia d'Abo, Michael T. Weiss
A giant python named Histah is terrorizing the gorillas. Tarzan's leadership is challenged by Moyo, but they must fight together to defeat Histah and save the family. The rival ape leads the troop through an unfamiliar swamp become stuck in a tar pit. When the giant python attacks the stuck apes, Tarzan comes to the rescue. Jane leads the snake away as Tarzan frees the apes. To hide from the python, Tarzan and Jane cover themselves in thick mud. Tarzan then manages to lead the snake into the same tar pit, and the snake sinks to its doom.

Legend of the Hidden City (aka The Lost City) "?" @ 1996 TV South Africa - Brendan Pollecutt, Fezile Mpela, Robert Finlayson After surviving a helicopter crash in the uncharted South African wilderness, two young men, a girl, and a renegade thief discover an ancient city unknown to civilization. Two young male archaeologists, a cute blonde female explorer, and a dark haired Princess are escaping in the catacombs of an ancient Romanesque city in the jungle. The two guys run into a pit of semi-dry quicksand at the end of a corridor and sink quickly up to their necks (with some nice dubbed sucking noises). They are pulled out by the guards. The Legend Of Wisely (aka Wai Si-Lei chuen kei; Legend of the Golden Pearl) @ 1986 China / Hong Kong - Sam Hui, Joi Wang, Teddy Robin An adventurous scholar travels to the Himalayas in search of his missing friend Professor Kwan who has taken a holy relic from a five-year-old monk. When Kwan is killed in a plane wreck, the scholar agrees to help the gifted child retrieve the coveted item. The pair travels to India, Egypt, and Hong Kong in search of the magic black pearl. In a martial arts fight between Wisely and another man, both men become stuck and sink in a dry desert sand trap. Wisely "flings" the other man free, but he sinks under... only to emerge in an underground cavern. The Legend of Zelda (from Super Mario Bros. Super Show and from Captain N: the Game Master) "Doppelganger" (aka Underworld Connections) 1989 TV animated Ganon enchants a mirror which creates an evil double of Princess Zelda. Near the end, Zelda catches her double, and both of them fall into an underground quagmire with the Triforce of Wisdom. When Link reaches the quagmire, he isn't able to recognize which is the evil double. He decides that the only way to tell is by kissing both of them but is slapped by the real Zelda who then defeats the double. Ganon suddenly appears. Link shoots at him while Zelda recovers the Triforce from the quagmire. Ganon avoids the shot, which hits some boulders, causing them to fall from the ceiling. Ganon dives into the quagmire. When he surfaces, Link and Zelda have already escaped and are gone.

Legends of the Hidden Temple
2016 TV-Movie - Isabela Moner-Merced, Colin Critchley, Jet Jurgensmeyer
Three siblings who break away from a lacklustre temple tour in a jungle find themselves immersed in a real-life mission comprised of obstacles that they must complete in order to escape alive. The characters find themselves trapped in a sand pit. They sink deeper and deeper until someone randomly hits the right button and drains the pit. (Based on the Nickoledeon kids game show)

The Legends of Treasure Island "Memories Are Made Of This"
1993 TV British animated - Jimmy Hibbert, John Hasler, Corinna Powlesland
Jim, Captain Smollett, Dr. Livesey, Jane, and the Squire have arrived on the island. They now begin their search for the treasure. Little do they know Long John Silver and his crew have also found the island and have spotted the crew. The captain is accidentally knocked into a bog and slowly sinks to his chest while the rest continue on without noticing his predicament. He is eventually rescued by a strange old man.

The Legends of Treasure Island "Tails We Win"
1993 TV British animated - Jimmy Hibbert, John Hasler, Corinna Powlesland
While running through the jungle, looking for the mermaid, Jane gets tangled in some vines and falls into a pool of quicksand. As she struggles and calls out for help, she manages to grab onto one of the vines as a big ape sitting nearby jumps and grabs the other end of the vine, slingshotting Jane out of the bog, through the air, and on to the top of a tree. Online Buy/Sell @
2019 TV commercial
A man is sinking in quicksand while holding a small beer tap for his man cave, while his woman friend tries to get him to get rid of it. He sinks under until a cowboy lassos the cooler and pulls them both out.

Letter Bee (Tegami Bachi) "The Sick Letter Bee and Girls" @
2006 TV Japanese anime - Miyuki Sawashiro, Ayumi Fujimura, Nana Mizuki
AmberGround is a land of perpetual night and is only partly illuminated by an artificial sun and is where a newly minted delivery boy, called a "Letter Bee", works at the Bee Hive delivery service. Lag falls sick from an earlier delivery in the rain, and Niche tries to help Sylvette nurse Lag back to health. A girl in a wheelchair gets stuck in the mud while seeking a rare swamp flower to cure the main character. Her pet runs for help as she starts to sink. Her friend comes to her rescue just in time.

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams "The Unholy Beast" @ 1977 TV - Dan Haggerty, Denver Pyle, Don Shanks Adams, Mad Jack, and Nakoma set off into the wilderness to search for a "monster" that has been sited roaming the forest. They meet a man who is the owner of the strange creature, a camel named Hi-Jolly. But another Indian named Greywind has gone hunting for the beast, intent on killing it, thinking it is an evil spirit. When Greywind falls into a pit of quicksand, however, Hi-Jolly pulls him from the deadly trap, and the Indian learns that the camel is not an evil spirit after all. Life's A Beach @ 19?? TV National Geographic with Boyd Matson A scene in which Boyd Matson, wearing rubber waders, is thigh deep in a mud flat. Life's Blind Alley (aka The Sorry Scheme Of Things) 1916 B&W silent USA - Harold Lockwood, May Allison, Nell Franzen After becoming Adam Keating's partner in a ranching venture, Walt Landis hopes to become his son-in-law as well. Adam's daughter Helen, however, has different ideas, and marries the dissipated Fred Sherwood. Tired of his solitary rancher's life, a disappointed Walt then marries Rose McKee after answering the lonely-hearts letter that she placed in a box of collars. Meanwhile, Adam grows weary of Fred's chronic laziness, and so, hoping that the change of scenery will prove therapeutic, he sends Fred and Helen to Walt's ranch. Thrown together, Fred and Rose soon fall in love, while Helen, bored with her shiftless husband, starts a flirtation with Walt. Then, Rose and Fred get caught in quicksand, and for a moment Walt and Helen, seeing their chance to get married, consider letting them die. They finally rescue them, however, after which Helen and Fred return to Adam's ranch, while Walt and Rose continue their loveless marriage.

Life On Mars "Let All the Children Boogie" @
2006 TV - John Simm, Philip Glenister, Liz White
When rock star Sebastian Grace receives a death threat, Sam and Chris are exposed to the rock-and-roll lifestyle, and Sam believes he may finally have found a way back to 2009. Things really get strange when Chris learns Sebastian and his groupie "Rocket Girl" were waiting for UFOs in his van out in the swampy area of New Jersey known as the Meadowlands when she suddenly disappears. Near the end, Sam is out in the same area when he see the same lights in the sky. While yelling, "Take me home!", he apparently wanders into a muddy bog and sinks under but pops backup to the surface with the body of the missing girl.

The Lion and the Horse @ 1952 - Steve Cochran, Ray Teal, Bob Steele Ben Kirby is an easygoing cowboy who is dead set on owning a magnificent wild stallion. After Kirby and his partners capture the horse, the animal is purchased outright by nasty rodeo operator Dave Tracy. Cruelly exploiting the horse as a bronco-busting attraction, Tracy refuses all entreaties to sell back the steed to Kirby, whereupon the latter "appropriates" the horse and heads for the high country. Taking refuge on the ranch owned by Cas Bagley, Kirby begins to train the horse himself. When Tracy catches up with Kirby, the horse panics and kills the villainous rodeo owner. Slated for destruction, the horse later redeems itself by stopping an escaped circus lion that has been attacking humans. While training the horse, Kirby goes after a wild pony to rope it, but falls off the horse and down a bank into quicksand when the saddle strap breaks. He slowly sinks from his knees to his chest while trying to rope a dead tree stump next to the stream. When his horse returns, he coaxes the horse nearer, ropes it, and has the horse pull him out. Little Dead Girl @
2005 TV music video by Lee Lanier This 4 minute animated music video for the Bronx Casket Co. features a young gothic undead girl walking through a forest, stumbling into quicksand up to her chest, and being rescued by a strange burlap voodoo-like doll hanging in a tree.

The Little Mermaid "Heroes" @ 1992 TV animated Disney To avoid what they think is a monster, Ariel pushes herself and a merman into a sandy clearing. The monster was a plant, but the clearing was slowsand. They struggle until rescued by Flounder. Liu Kuai Liu Mao Liu Na Dian Shi "Episode 7"
2012 TV China
An asian woman decides to continue hunting for eggs on her own and ends up in a muddy bog. She is rescued by a guy who gets into the bog to push her out, but he goes under after saving the woman.

The Living Coffin (aka El Grito de la Muerte; Scream of Death) 1958/1965 B&W/Color Mexican/US - Gaston Santos, Maria Duval, Pedro d'Aguillon Loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Premature Burial", this movie is about a seriously ill woman who is obsessed and terrified that she'll be buried alive while in a comatose state. The film features a mysterious veiled witch, a bog of quicksand, and a coffin rigged with an alarm bell. (Any sinking in quicksand?) Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman "That Old Gang of Mine" 1993 TV - Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Lane Smith When a scientist believes he is able to suppress the "bad" in people, he creates clones of some known villains in order to prove his theory, and when Al Capone, John Dilinger, and Bonnie & Clyde seemingly return from the grave to begin a crime wave in Metropolis, Lois and Clark's investigation places them in the line of fire. Clark is also forced to fake his death in order to protect his identity. Al Capone attempts to give Lois a cement bath for sticking her nose where it doesn't belong by putting her and the scientist into a cement holder. When Jimmy calls Lois's pager, Superman hears the beeping and pulls them out. The Lone Ranger "Quicksand" @ 1949 TV B&W/Color - Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels The Lone Ranger and Tonto search for $10,000 in stolen gold when a man about to be hanged tells the Ranger of the loot. A pool of quicksand, the Mary Whitecloud Indian School, and a map to hidden gold are all a part of this story. Silver comes to the rescue of The Lone Ranger who captures the evil Black Hawk and recovers the gold. The Ranger lasoes a rotten tree that's on an island in the middle of a large pool of quicksand. He ties the other end of the rope to the saddle horn on Silver, crosses hand-over-hand, and finds the gold. Then, on the way back, Black Hawk cuts the rope when he's halfway across, sending the Ranger to the very watery quicksand. When he pulls at the rope, the branch breaks, but then he uses the rope to laso Silver, then gets pulled out. (Color episode but sometimes shown in B&W. Also, this episode is edited into the video "THE ADVENTURES OF THE LONG RANGER: JUSTICE OF THE WEST".) The Lone Ranger "Decision for Chris McKeever" @ 1949 TV B&W/Color - Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels The McKeever Gang steals a gold shipment and are captured by The Lone Ranger and Tonto who must now take them to a sheriff, a 5 day ride away. A snake bite and quicksand help Chris McKeever turn over a new leaf. When the Lone Ranger, Tonto, and the prisioners come to a river, Tonto wades out to check the river but gets into quicksand. Chris defies his uncle and helps the Lone Ranger rescue Tonto. (Color episode but sometimes shown in B&W) The Lone Ranger Rides Again "Chapter 3: The Black Raiders Strike"
1939 USA serial - Robert Livingston, Chief Thundercloud, Duncan Renaldo
Homesteaders moving into a valley in New Mexico are being attacked by the Black Raiders. Out of ammunition and fleeing the baddies, the Lone Ranger tries to cross a stream but gets caught up to his knees in the quicksand under the water... which is where the chapter ends. (The scene is assumed to continue in next chapter "The Cavern of Doom".)

Lonely Planet (aka Globe Trekker; Pilot Guides) "Northern France" @ 1994 TV - travel documentary Traveler host Justine Shapiro visits Northern France, including the mud flats of le Mont St. Michael, the walled city of San Malo, the battlefields of the Somme, and the Champagne region. Early in the program, Justine walks the mud flats barefoot to le Mont St. Michael where she encounters quicksand and sinks to her upper thighs. The tour guides work hard at pulling the concerned young woman free of the rippling mass. Her legs and the bottom of her shorts are covered in gray mud which she washes off at the cathedral entrance. The Long Long Trail @ 1929 B&W silent/talkie - Hoot Gibson, Sally Eilers The Ramblin' Kid enters the annual rodeo but is drugged by the bad guy just before the race when the baddie discovers that The Kid's horse is the fastest. But the hero can still ride and stops the evil doers from stealing the sweepstakes money. Thirty minutes into the movie, a woman, Miss June, on a runaway horse runs off a cliff into the water below and gets stuck in the quicksand beneath the water. The hero jumps in with a rope and his horse Buster pulls them out, after which she gets a little "friendly" with him for having rescued her. Lord of Illusions (aka Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions) @ 1995 - Scott Bakula, Kevin J. O'Connor, Famke Janssen A private investigator is hired by a women to protect her husband, a popular stage magician, but he soon finds himself drawn into a dark, occult underworld awaiting the pending resurrection of an evil sorcerer and ends up battling the forces of evil. When the demon causes a rain shower in a basement, his followers rejoice... until the dirt floor turns to mud and they sink to their doom for not being worthy. The rains stops, and the ground dries, trapping some with just their arms and heads above the surface. Lorna Doone @ 1922 B&W silent - Madge Bellamy, John Bowers, Donald MacDonald The greatest love story ever written. Near the end, John is chasing Carver, and they tumble down a hill near a river. A knife fight ensues, but John wrenches the dagger from his foe's hand. It drops and sinks into a muddy bog below. John then picks Carver up and drops him in the same bog. The treacherous Carver instantly sinks below the surface as John looks on. Lorna Doone 1935 B&W British - John Loder, Roy Emerton, Victoria Hopper A good and straightforward adaptation of R.D. Blackmore's classic novel - an old-fashioned story of drama, romance, and adventure, set in a wild English countryside in the 1600's. The fight between John Ridd and Carver Doone ends with the villainous Carver meeting his end in the muddy peat bog. Lorna Doone 1976 TV-Miniseries British - Emily Richard, John Sommerville, John Turner The final episode of this classic story climaxes with the fight between John Ridd and Carver Doone with Carver ending up in the watery bog and going under. Lorna Doone @ 2000 TV-Miniseries British - Aidan Gillen, Amelia Warner, Richard Coyle, Jesse Spencer A BBC adaption of R. D. Blackmore's novel about young lovers, brutal outlaws on horseback, warring families, and revenge in 17th century England. Lorna, a feisty Scots lass, falls in love with a much-despised landowner. Lorna's father, a notorious brigand, foments a peasant rebellion against her lover. It turns out that Lorna is actually a high-born royal heiress, kidnapped in infancy. In the final 10 minutes of the second part (of the 170 minute program), the hero John Ridd and the villain Carver Doone have a fight. It starts off with a violent struggle in a muddy stream, but the two men fall into a pit of deep mud. Ridd manages to get out quite quickly, but Carver sinks up to his neck. Ridd attempts a rescue, but Carver decides he would prefer to drown in the mud rather than be saved by his enemy. Lost "?" @
2004 TV USA - Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Yunjin Kim
The survivors of a plane crash are forced to work together in order to survive on a seemingly deserted tropical island. In a very brief scene, two hand-cuffed woman are running through the jungle when the stumble and fall into a patch of thick brown mud. They struggle a bit to get back up and continue running.

Lost Cities of the Maya @ 197? TV National Geographic adventure/documentary Two young and rugged men, dressed in modern day jungle attire, search for Mayan ruins and traverse a slimy swamp. They almost get bogged down in the muck but do get wet and muddy in the process. Lost In Space (aka Space Family Robinson) "?" @ 1965 TV B&W - Jonnathan Harris, Bill Mummy Dr. Smith falls forward into some very dry quicksand. Will pulls him out, and they hop around it. Lost In Space (aka Space Family Robinson) "Attack of the Monster Plants" @ 1965 TV B&W - Guy Williams, Mark Goddard, June Lockhart John is pulled into some very dry quicksand by some lively vines as a horrified Dr. Smith looks on. Don comes to his rescue but also gets trapped. Dr. Smith then tries to help but can't. He runs for help but doesn't return. Will, out walking with a rope (for some reason) comes across the two guys up to their shoulders. He ties off the rope, and they pull themselves out. Lost In Space (aka Space Family Robinson) "Hunter's Moon" @ 1965 TV B&W - Guy Williams, Mark Goddard John Robinson is engaged in a "most dangerous game" with an alien big game hunter. John is being pursued in a protective suit when he runs into some very dry quicksand and sinks to his waist. The scene then cuts away to the hunter, who sees "John" in the quicksand and moves in for the kill. However, somehow John has managed to get out of both the quicksand and the suit, leaving it standing upright in the quicksand as a decoy. John tackles the hunter as he takes aim at the suit, and the two wrestle at the edge of the quicksand, but neither falls in.

The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon @
2008 TV Movie - Michael Shanks, Shannen Doherty, JR Bourne
A professor and his team of Smithsonian researchers discover an Aztec city in the Grand Canyon and become trapped by evil spirits lurking there. Two men in the expedition blundered into a murky desert pool hoping to cool off from the desert heat only to wind up sinking in watery quicksand. The women and remaining man tried in vain to free the men until another man shows-up and uses his horse and rope to pull them out.

The Lost World @ 1925 B&W silent - Bessie Love, Lloyd Hughes, Lewis Stone A group on a scientific expedition to remote plateau in the far reaches of the South American Amazon jungle encounter prehistoric beasts. When the explorers find an apatasaurs trapped in deep mud, they make plans to rescue it and bring it back to London. The Lost World (aka Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World) "The Elixer" @ 1999 TV - David Orth, Rachel Blakely, William Snow Hoping to end starvation, Challenger becomes the first human subject to test his new experimental substitute for food. But it is not successful, and he quickly becomes obsessed with discovering the reason why. Then obsession leads to madness as Challenger is confronted by two opposing hallucinations. While Marguerite and Roxton are out looking for herbal ingredients for the professor, they contract poison ivy and take a nude bath in thick reddish mud to relieve the itching. The Lost World (aka Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World) "Out of Time" @ 1999 TV - David Orth, Rachel Blakely, William Snow Gleaming stones and a strange birthmark confirm Marguerite's Druid destiny, and Veronica finds an abandoned baby. A fork in the path they are following causes Malone to split from Roxton and Marguerite. A little while later, calls for help from Malone breakup an intimate interlude between Roxton and Marguerite who rush to his aid to find him up to his shoulders in quicksand and steadily sinking. With nothing to hand Malone to pull him out, Roxton tells Marguerite to lie down flat across the quicksand and reach for Malone while Roxton holds her legs. She crawls out and pulls Malone out just as he goes under. They both are covered in wet gunk from the bog. Love in the Wild "Week 6" @
2011 TV USA reality - Jesse Wilson, Jenny McCarthy, Darren McMullen
The final three couples face a challenge that includes a scorpion-filled hut, jungle quicksand, and digging for treasure; a surprise quiz at the Couples' Choice Ceremony gives one couple the advantage. Each male/female team struggles through some thick muddy quicksand to retrieve paper scrolls suspended on vines hanging across the pit. They get completely covered in mud before they reach the other side.

Luchadores, Los (The Fighters) "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World" @ 2001 TV Canada/US - Maximo Marrone, Levi James, Sarah Carter The world's greatest masked wrestler Lobo Fuerte and his sidekicks grapple with the forces of evil. As the two guys are chasing after some kind of mud monster, they jump off a dirt embankment and land in a big watery mud pit up to their chests. As they sink up to their necks, Lobo shoots a grappling rope and hook from this wrist and snags his high-tech car, which he commands to backup and pull them both out. The Lucy Show "Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account" @ 1962 TV - Lucille Ball, Gale Gordon Jack Benny considers moving his money out of his basement vault and into Mooney's bank, provided he could be assured that his fortune would be secure in the bank. Lucy shows him the vault's security measures, including the last one - a pool of quicksand into which they both slowly sink. (humorous) The Lunatic Frog Women (aka Lie ri nu wa zi) @ 1989 Hong Kong - Chen Wan Yuan, Ting Shann Hsiu Six female POWs lead an escape from a North Vietnamese women's detention camp as they find themselves involved in a rebel group and trained as underwater commandos. It starts out with a group of shackled, wet, and muddy women being led through the prison yard on a rainy night. In the camp commander's office, there's a series of rapid flashback scenes of the escape they were just captured from. There are scenes of prisoners being impaled on pungy sticks, attacked by dogs, and having their heads lopped off on the run by guards swing from vines. The final sequence is of two women stumbling into quicksand. The scene is very brief and ends with a cargo net falling on them. Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini (aka Lupin the 3rd: The Legend of Twilight Gemini; Towairaito Jemini no Himitsu) @ 1996 TV-Movie animated Japanese - Sonny Strait, Christopher Sabat, Meredith McCoy The heroes are off to Morocco on a quest for a gem that is the key to a great treasure. A dying mob boss does Lupin one last favor: he gives Lupin half of a gem. Combined with the other half, it is the key to the lost treasure of the Gelts, an ancient people who live in the deserts of Morocco. Lala ends up walking into some dry desert quicksand and slowly sinks from her hips to her chest, then shoulders. Lupin tries to toss his jacket to her, but it doesn't reach. He then ties his pants to the coat, and it reaches. But as he tries to pull Lala out, the knot separates. Suddenly, Lupin jumps in up to his chest and shoulders with Lala, whom he didn't want to be lonely in the quicksand. A small plot-hole: How Lupin and Lala get out of the quicksand is not shown. Lure of the Swamp @ 1957 B&W - Marshall Thompson, Willard Parker, Joan Vohs A Florida swamp guide is searching the marshes where $20,000 in stolen bank money has been hidden. A desperate woman wants the money as well and will let nothing stand in her way. In one scene, a guy sinks under in a watery pool of quicksand. In the end, the man is wounded, and the woman, in a white dress, has the money in hand but sinks into some water and grass quicksand, taking the treasure with her. Lure of the Wilderness (Remake of Swamp Water, 1941) @ 1952 - Jeffrey Hunter, Jack Elam, Pat Hogan, Robert Adler A young girl and her father, who is unjustly accused of murder, seek refuge in a Georgia swamp until they are befriended by a trapper who penetrates the swamp in search of his dog. Two baddies with guns chase a young man and an attractive young woman through the swamp. The woman lures one of the baddies into liquidy mud and grass quicksand. The other baddie tries to rescue him but fails, then is captured by the man and woman. MacGyver "The Wasteland" @ 1985 TV - Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar MacGyver seeks to stop a shortsighted developer whose latest housing project will create an environmental ruin in an ecologically delicate area and could result in his premature death at the hands of his greedy children. A guy, studying an area which had become a radioactive swampy wasteland from a collapsing aquifer, is taking some readings when he stumbles into a bog of watery moss-covered mud. He is up to his neck when MacGyver shows up, pulls out a length of line from a winch on a truck, attaches it to himself, and starts up the winch. He then runs out into the bog and grabs the man as he is going under, and the winch drags them both out to safety.

Macumba (aka Conchita und der Ingenieur; Conchita virgen del amazon)
1954/1956 B&W West Germany/Brazil - Vanja Orico, Robert Freitag, Josefin Kipper
Adventure drama on the Brazilian island of Marajo!! There is apparently a scene where a guy becomes trapped in some muddy quicksand.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome @ 1985 - Mel Gibson In a post-apocalyptic world, Mad Max becomes involved in a power struggle and is sent into the desert to die where he finds a colony of orphaned children. In an early scene, Max on horseback nearly rides into a pit of dry desert quicksand. In a later scene, the children are holding on to each other in a human chain, trying to pull another kid out of some dry desert quicksand. They were slowly being pulled under, one by one, until Max helps. But when they are pulled out, the one kid they were trying to save is gone. Madcheninternat - Deine Schreie wird niemand horen, Das ("The Girl Boarding School - Nobody Will Hear Your Cries", aka Dead Island: Schools Out 2; Isle of Fear; School's Out II - Die Insel der Angst) @ 2001 TV-Movie German - Katharina Wackernagel Traumatized teen Nina is sent to an island retreat (a girl's boarding school and sanatorium) off the coast of Brittany to recover from the horrible killing spree that decimated her circle of friends on the night of their high school graduation. Two of her fellow students clue Nina in to the fact that the island's nunnery has been deserted since the turn of the century when the entire population of nuns inexplicably vanished one night on the pagan holy day of Beltane, the Witches' Sabbath. Ever since, the ghost of the abbottess is said to appear every ten years on that night. But Nina is distracted from such spooky speculation by the arrival of her classmate Philip, another survivor of the high school massacre, who has fallen in love with her and wants to spend Nina's birthday with her - even though the island is supposed to be off-limits to males. But their romance is rudely interrupted when the ferryman is found dead shortly after Philip's arrival. Soon afterward, the girls are stalked by a masked killer and begin vanishing one by one. A blonde woman is running through a forest to escape from an evil spirit and finds a muddy path. After walking only a few steps, she sinks to her armpits in a watery but muddy bog and screams for help. But there's no one around that can help, and she goes under. (Sequel to 1999's "School's Out - Schrei, denn ich werde dich töten" (aka Scream, Before I Kill You)) Magadheera
2009 Indian - Ram Charan, Kajal Aggarwal, Dev Gill
A bike stuntman recalls his previous life as a warrior and pursues his love's reincarnation, while a sinister figure from their shared past threatens to separate them forever. A horse chase through desert salt flats results in a baddie being thrown into some very loose dry sand where he sinks under before the hero is able to rescue him. In the attempt, the hero's chariot is also trapped in the sand and is slowly sinking. The baddie forces the hero into the pit and then leaves. The hero's horse eventually saves the guy.

Magic Knight Rayerth "?" 1995 TV animated Japanese - Julie Maddalena, Wendee Lee, Bridget Hoffman Three girls are sent to another world where they must gain magic in order to save everyone from evil. There is a magically created quicksand pit created in one of the episodes. Magnum P.I. "Operation: Silent Night" @ 1980 TV - Tom Selleck, Larry Manetti, Roger E. Mosley, John Hillerman The guys are stranded on a barren island at Christmas time because the helicopter broke. Meanwhile, the Navy plans to use that island as a shelling target that night. While gathering palm fronds, Rick walks into mud bog and thinks it is quicksand as he sinks up to his chin before being told to stand up and get out. Maken-Ki! Battling Venus "The Girls of Light and Shadow" (Maken-ki! Two "episode 10")
2011 TV Japanese anime
Takeru Ohyama is a typical perverted teenage boy. His new school doesn't require entrance exams, and it just turned co-ed! Unfortunately, his dreams of a happy high school life are dashed when he finds out the school is much more than it seems. All of the students wield a special item to unleash their magical abilities in duels. If Takeru fails his Element practical again, he'll be kicked out of Makenki. Meanwhile, there's something not quite right about Minerva, the newest member of Venus to transfer to Tenbi. An evil shadow girl traps the others in a bottomless swamp trap. (There are some interesting poses.)

Man and The Challenge "?" 1959 TV - George Nader A series of (fictional) stories with men of science pushing the envelope on what man could achieve with provocative, clever, and interesting ideas. In one episode, the hero and two buddies don space suits for a stint in the desert to test how well the suits work out in a hot climate. But unbeknownst to them, three "desert rats" with mules are prospecting in the area and mistake them as aliens invading Earth. When the three suited scientists come across a desert water hole with a skeleton in it, they turn away from it and start to walk away, but one slips and falls down. He calls to the others, "Help, it's quicksand!" The other two run to help him, grab his hands and pull, and then urge him to inflate his suit to help buoy him up as they pull him out. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. "The Alexander The Greater Affair - Part II" (aka One Spy Too Many movie) @ 1964 TV B&W/Color - Robert Vaughn, David McCallum A megalomaniac (Rip Torn) plans to commit the world's greatest crimes to expand his industrial empire, and every crime is specifically designed to break on of the Ten Commandments. Illya is being chased on a farm and runs into a watery mud hole. The baddies try to run him over with a lawn cutting tractor, but he ducks under the surface. He then climbs out onto another tractor and subdues the baddie before going in the baddie's plane where he is finally captured. He is VERY dirty. (Color episode) The Man from U.N.C.L.E. "The Prince of Darkness Affair, 1 & 2" (aka The Helicopter Spies movie) 1964 TV B&W/Color - Robert Vaughn, David McCallum Villain Luther Sebastian (Bradford Dillman) and a mad scientist have stolen a "thermal prism" and plan to launch it into orbit to be used as a deadly laser weapon. Solo and a blonde woman (Carol Lynley) are trapped in a small room that begins to fill up with sand. Eventually, they are about neck deep before Illya rescues them. (Color episode) The Man Show "Outdoor Show" @ 1999 TV - Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla In this salute to the outdoors, Adam and Jimmy go fishing with William "The Refrigerator" Perry, then get Juggy outdoor safety tips. In one skit, a Juggy stumbles into a pool of sawdust and water quicksand. The other gal tries to pull out the first one, sunk up the the hem of her short-shorts, but she gets pulled in with her. They both "sink" up to their tank-top clad chests, crying in peril and trying various ways to escape. They are finally rescued by a midget with a fishing pole. Of course, the midget gets pulled in with the Juggies. The gals then use him to step on in order to crawl their way out. Man vs. Wild "Moab Desert" @ 2006 TV reality/adventure with Bear Grylls Bear is dropped into Utah's Moab desert to demonstrate how a lost hiker can make it back to civilization. On his journey in sweltering temperatures, he travels down a maze of narrow canyons, wades bone-chilling tainted waters, stumbles upon rattlesnakes, escapes quicksand, and swims the swift currents of the Colorado River, showing viewers how to survive in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

Man vs. Wild "Everglades" @
2006 TV reality/adventure with Bear Grylls Bear Grylls gets stranded and wades through the alligator infested waters of the Florida Everglades, where each year dozens of tourists need to be rescued, to show you how to stay alive if you find yourself stranded in this beautiful but deadly tourist destination when stuck in a bog of deep mud.

Man vs. Wild "Scotland" @
2006 TV reality/adventure with Bear Grylls In the cold Scottish Highlands, Bear shows us how to navigate using ice formations and moss growth and survivor falling into a muddy peat bog.

Man vs. Wild "Sahara" @ 2006 TV reality/adventure with Bear Grylls In the vastness of the Sahara desert and the terrifying beauty of towering sand dunes, Bear tackles extreme survival challenges as he shows you just what it takes to get out alive even when it means eating one of the world's deadliest scorpions. He also shows how to escape thick quicksand.

Man, Woman, Wild "Quicksand & Sinkholes" @
2011 TV USA reality - Mykel Hawke Pierce, Ruth England
A former Special Forces survival expert and his journalist wife travel to different places on earth to show how to survive in harsh conditions. When their raft deflates, they find themselves on a deserted island in the Bahamas. Mykel and Ruth walk into a small patch of quicksand and sink up to their knees. The bottom is solid enough that they can walk out as they argue about its dangers.

Man-Thing @ 2005 TV Movie - Matthew Le Nevez, Rachel Taylor, Jack Thompson Crewmen meet grisly deaths after a tycoon orders portions of a swamp drained to make room for land development. The local sheriff investigates and faces a Seminole legend come to life: a shambling swamp-monster whose touch burns those who feel fear. A couple of local bayou brothers become separated out in the swamp. One of them gets stuck in knee deep mud while searching for his brother and gets killed by the Man-Thing. Manimal "Scrimshaw" @ 1983 TV - Simon MacCorkindale, Melody Anderson A woman on an island walks into dry beach quicksand and is rescued by the manimal who turns into a snake.

Mantracker "Andrew & Hainsley" @
2006 TV reality Canada - Terry Grant, Phil Lemieux
Contestants are pitted in a race to the finish against an expert wilderness tracker. Andrew and Hainsley are fast talking city slickers with a love of sports, the outdoors, and themselves. The prey traverse a muskeg swamp, Mantracker's horse sinks in the quagmire under a stream, and Phil's horse gets stuck on a boggy trail and he falls off.

Mantracker "Jake & Nick" @
2006 TV reality Canada - Terry Grant, Shawn Devlin
From the Big Apple to the Northern Ontario bush of Elliot Lake, Jake and Nick are totally out of their element. Nick ends up walking thigh-deep into a muddy bog in a small stream.

Mantracker "Jordan & Suzie" @
2006 TV reality Canada - Terry Grant, Daniel Locas
Contestants are pitted in a race to the finish against an expert wilderness tracker. A couple dating less than a year tries to avoid the Mantracker. The girl jumps over a small marsh stream and lands in deep black mud up to her thighs. She struggles her way out of the quaking bog, and her legs are covered in muck for the next few scenes.

The Marsh @ 2006 Canadian - Gabrielle Anwar, Justin Louis, Forest Whitaker A stressed out author of children's books rents a farmhouse in the country in order to work though some nightmares she's been having. She soon realizes that her nightmares are real, and the spirits inside the house want her dead. Together with a paranormal investigator, she tries to find out what really happened in the house, and what her connection is to it. In one scene, the young woman wanders the wooded marsh at night and stumbles into a mucky bog up to her arms. She struggles in the bog while a man comes up behind her, ready to shoot her after she discovers the bodies secretly disposed of there years earlier. But before he can pull the trigger, the paranormal investigator knocks the gun away and pulls the woman out. In nightmare scene, the woman dreams of being pulled under by the haunted bog. In another scene, the man is pursued by the ghosts of those he killed through the marsh and is pulled under by the bog. He tries to surface but is pulled back under as the spirit of a young girl watches. In a flashback scene, a young couple is shown disposing the bodies of two youngsters in the muddy bog. The bodies slowing sink under as a scared young girl looks on from behind a mound of earth. Marine Boy "Greatest Power on Earth" @ 1966 TV animated Japanese - Corinne Orr, Jack Grimes Marine Boy is knocked chest deep into some sea-bottom quicksand. The quicksand begins to shift and pull him along until he is rescued by his pet dolphin. M*A*S*H (aka MASH; M.A.S.H.) "Bulletin Board" @ 1972 TV - Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, Loretta Swit, Gary Burghoff, McLean Stevenson On the camp bulletin board: the 4077th picnic, a Shirley Temple movie, and a sex education lecture by Col. Blake. The 4077th hosts an all-day picnic and fund raiser for a nearby orphanage run by nuns. One of the events is a tug-of-war between the officers and the enlisted men over a thick and fairly deep pool of brown mud. Almost everyone gets pulled or pushed into the mud. M.A.S.K. (aka Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) "?"
1985 TV animated - Brennan Thicke, Graeme McKenna
After the death of his teenage brother, a multi-millionaire uncovers an international criminal organization and gathers a group of friends who, like himself, possess extraordinary talents to create MASK. Scott Trakker and his robot/motor-scooter T-Bob narrowly avoid running over a young girl. All three roll down a slope into gray quicksand. The girl almost sinks out of sight, but Scott prevents her from doing so. T-Bob then
extends his arms (impossibly far) to pull them all free.

M.A.S.K. (aka Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) "?"
1985 animated - Brennan Thicke, Graeme McKenna
After the death of his teenage brother, a multi-millionaire uncovers an international criminal organization and gathers a group of friends who, like himself, possess extraordinary talents to create MASK. Rhino, Gator, and Firecracker are cruising through the jungle when their VENOM rivals open a hidden water main which transforms a large clearing into dark-brown quicksand. Firecracker and Gator begin to sink; Hondo also falls into the bog and gets trapped. With the aid of his "Jackrabbit" mask, Alex drags him out. Then Bruce uses his "Lifter" mask to haul Dusty and Gloria from Gator to solid ground. Then Rhino uses a cable to free both Firecracker and Gator from the mire.

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (aka Nudo e selvaggio; Cannibal Ferox 2; A Baixeda dos Dinosauros; Perdidos no Vale dos Dinossauros; Stranded in Dinosaur Valley) @ 1985 Italian - Michael Sopkiw, Suzanne Carvall Passengers of an airplane crash in the jungles of South America struggle to survive the usual rigors of the rainforest, plus attacks by native tribesmen and a greedy man who captures the women to use them in his slave-labor operation. One of the passengers, a scholar, becomes excited when he notices fossilized dinosaur footprints on one of the paths. Stimulating jungle epic featuring a lot of smooth, wet, and exposed skin. After romping through dense brush and rivers, the main characters run into headhunters, and a blond bimbo wearing red pants and a polkadot blouse meets her end in a pool of quicksand as the man with her is run off by the hostiles. Mating Season @ 1980 TV-Movie - Lucie Arnaz, Laurence Luckinbill On a nature retreat, Lucie, wearing khaki slacks and light blue blouse, sinks up to her waist in a lakeside marsh. She is hauled out plastered with tan colored mud. Max Steel "Amazon" @ 2000 TV animated CGI - Christian Campbell, Jacob Vargas, Ed Asner A teenage boy with nanotechological body enhancements fights the enemies of peace as a super-powered secret agent. Max and his friend Berto head into the rain forest to thwart Psycho's plot of obtaining a rare plant that manufactures a highly poisonous gas every 50 years. While on foot through the jungle, they wander into quicksand. Max "goes turbo" and quickly sinks to his chest. "I wish I didn't do that," he says. Berto gives him some tips on quicksand and then uses his glasses to snag a vine which they use to pull themselves out. Max Steel "Prey" @ 2000 TV animated CGI - Christian Campbell, Jacob Vargas, Debi Mae West A teenage boy with nanotechological body enhancements fights the enemies of peace as a super-powered secret agent. Max is out testing his new boat in the Amazon jungle when an arch enemy causes Max to crash. He then chases Max through the jungle, hunting him down. Berto and Kat go looking for him, find his boat, then get attacked by mutated snakes. While trying to get away, they slip and fall into quicksand and sink instantly to their chests. Berto tells Kat to not struggle and to try and float like in a will float. They do the backstroke and get out. Kat asks Berto where he learned that Boyscout stuff, and he replies "cartoons". Maximum Exposure "Critter 911" @ 2001 TV reality video In one segment, the rescue of a baby elephant stuck in a pit of thin gray mud. The rescuers work at putting a strap and rope around the elephant and pull it up the steep side of the pit. In another segment, a boy and police officer pull a young kangaroo from some soupy mud along a river. The policeman stood in the water while the boy waded and crawled through waist deep mud. The boy pulled the kangaroo out by the tail while the policeman pulled the boy out by his feet. (See also "World's Most Incredible Animal Rescues 3".) Mazinger Z (aka Tranzor Z; Majinga Zetto) "The Operation To Capture Aphrodite A" (episode 27)
1972 Japanese anime - Frank Cattelano, Robin Gould, Dale Hemmond
Teenager Koji Kabuto pilots the amazing super-robot Mazinger Z to avenge its inventor (his grandfather) against the Mycene Empire, led by the evil mad scientist Doctor Hell. The heroine in her giant robot is following flying parts of another robot, and they lead her to an island. She walks across a sandy field that turns out to be an antlion style quicksand pit. She struggles for a bit but is pulled into the cave below.

Mazinger Z (aka Tranzor Z; Majinga Zetto) "The First Encounter!! Demon Officer Viscount Pygman!!" (episode 83)
1972 Japanese anime - Frank Cattelano, Robin Gould, Dale Hemmond
Teenager Koji Kabuto pilots the amazing super-robot Mazinger Z to avenge its inventor (his grandfather) against the Mycene Empire, led by the evil mad scientist Doctor Hell. Vizcount Pigman joins the forces of Doctor Hell and uses Fire against both the forces of Doctor Hell and the ones of Mazinger Z and his allies. The girl in her new giant robot and the comic relief are trapped when the enemy creates a lava pit beneath them. They sink up to their shoulders before Mazinger rescues them.

McLintock! 1963 - John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Stefanie Powers Brawling cattle baron G. W. McLintock locks horns with his feisty, estranged wife who has returned home to get a divorce, and their daughter visiting from college only complicates matters. Rowdy slapstick seldom stops in this Western comedy with Taming of the Shrew overtones. One of the film's comedy sequences features a wild fist fight taking place at a mud slide, and eventually, all the major participants end up sliding down into a big mud hole. (Very similar to "North to Alaska".) McTreasure Island 19?? animated McDonald's Corp. While out in a dark swamp, Ronald, The Hamburglar, Grimace, the bird, and a bearded Gnome find themselves stuck in a bog. Mean Dog Blues @ 1978 - Gregg Henry, George Kennedy, Scatman Crothers A country-western musician is mistakenly implicated in a crime and sentenced to five years on a prison chain gang which turns out to be a living hell. He not only has to work hard in the heat of the day, but the sadistic prison guard foreman uses his prisoners to train his fighting Doberman dogs. While running from the dogs, an inmate runs through a swampy area and falls into quicksand. He manages to get himself out with a little help from his fellow convicts. Later while escaping, he leads the prison foreman into the same pit. As the guard goes under, his cries for help cause the prisoner to return and pull the unconscious man free of the bog... but handcuffs him at the edge. Mela Thiranthathu Kadhavu
1986 India - Amala, Gundu Kalyanam, Mohan
A romantic musical in which a girl falls in love with a guy who refuses to return her affection, only to find out later why. Years ago, he was in love with a different young woman. He never saw her face, but she was a great singer. On the day she was going to show him her face, they were frolicking in the woods. After a long Musical Number, she walked by an ominous sign on a tree and soon found herself sinking in quicksand. She screamed for help, but the guy only got there in time to see her face sink into the peaty bog. After hearing the story, the girls becomes depressed and believes she can never win the guy's heart. She leaves him a note telling him that she is going to die the same way as his previous lover and heads for the same quicksand bog in the forest. After reading the note, the guy goes after her. When he gets there, she is already sinking. He watches her for a bit, remembering his former love, then finally reaches out and saves her. They hug, and the movie ends.

1998 TV commercial South Africa
A man walking in the woods comes across quicksand and slowly sinks beneath the surface. He reappears driving a Mercedes-Benz M Class off-road vehicle out of the quicksand. The rain starts and cleans the car as he drives away to the music "I can see clearly now."

Merlin @ 1998 TV-Movie - Sam Neill, Isabella Rossellini, Martin Short Miniseries about the legendary wizard and mentor to King Arthur. Ten minutes into the program, a young Merlin rescues a young Nimue (Agnieszka Koson) from a peat bog which undulates nicely with her struggles but is covered with grassy "turf" such that no mud is actually visible. When Merlin rushes to her aid, his legs plunge into some very nice mud up to his knees before he backs out and grabs a stick. Using his unknown magical abilities, he causes the branch to "grow" longer in order to reach Nimue. However, when he pulls her out, very little mud is visible on her dress. Messengers, The
2007 - Kristen Stewart, Dylan McDermott, Penelope Ann Miller
There is evidence to suggest that children are highly susceptible to paranormal phenomena. They see what adults cannot. They believe what adults deny. And they are trying to warn us. It's been six years since the Rollins family just up and left, and now the troubled Solomon family has come from Chicago, to rebuild their lives following their son's hospitalization due to their daughter's drunk driving accident. But as they start to settle in, something strange begins to occur to their son. There is some kind of supernatural female sinking scene in this movie.

Mew Mew Power (aka Tokyo Mew Mew; Hollywood Mew Mew) "Buggin'" @ 2002/2005 TV Japanese/US animated - Saki Nakajima, Amanda Brown After a mysterious earth quake, 10-year old Ichigo / Zoey becomes a super hero and joins the Mew Squad. Together they fight evil aliens and protect the world. Summer is over and it's back to school. Ichigo / Zoey has a lot of homework to do and tries to get help from her friends while Tarb unleashes his latest plot by using a swarm of Psycho-Cicadas. How will she balance her homework with going on a date with her boyfriend and saving the world? After she agrees to go to the movies with Mark, she realizes that she is just too "swamped" with homework. She then imagines herself sinking all the way under in a jungle bog, red pigtails and all. She then pops out and she says she can handle it if she stays up all night. A Midsummer Night's Dream (aka William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream) 1999 - Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer, Calista Flockhart, Anna Friel Shakespeare's comedy about two couples in love with the wrong partners and how they are finally brought together rightly, thanks in part to the bungling work of the magical woodland fairy Puck. While the two couples run around the woods at night, mud bubbles up out of the ground when the fairies magically appear to play in the forest. Hermia (Anna Friel) in very sexy Victorian underwear and Helena (Calista Flockhart) in a long dress get to arguing and chasing each other and wind up in the middle of the watery, chocolate-colored pool of mud, wallowing about, splashing and struggling, getting completely covered. Their men friends jump in to try to separate them, but it is mostly the two women who linger, covered from head to toe. A few scenes follow of them wandering through the woods, caked in mud, before they finally fall asleep. The Mighty Hercules "?The Valley Of Whirlwinds" @ 1963 TV animated - Jerry Bascombe, Jimmy Tapp, Helene Nickerson A young woman, named Helena and wearing a pink toga, becomes stranded on a island when her ship is blown there by an evil sorcerer who can control the Four Winds, and Hercules and his young centaur sidekick Newton come to her rescue. After Hercules defeats the North Wind that the baddie set upon him, the wizard calls upon the South Wind to do his bidding, which swirls around Helena, seemingly doing nothing. But then she looks down and cries out that she's sinking. Hercules and the sidekick run through a sandstorm, no doubt created by the baddie, to her aid as she struggles and sinks from ankle deep to waist deep at which point she reaches up and Hercules pulls her out. He then takes on all four winds, defeating them and the evil wizard, and thus saving the day. (The animation is simple and rather 2-dimensional.) Mighty Max "?" 1991 TV animated - Tim Cury, Richard Moll, Rob Paulsen A cartoon about a boy who is sent a mystical red cap one day and is told that an ancient prophecy foretold him as the "Chosen One" and that he must battle the evil forces of the world. In one episode, Max and his companions walk out into a pit of quicksand. Max notices and questions why they did this. Virgil informs him that the portal they want is about 3 or 4 feet under the surface... he thinks. They sink out of sight, and the portal activates. The Mighty Peking Man (aka Goliathon; Colossus of Congo; Hsing hsing wang) @ 1977 Hong Kong - Evelyne Kraft, Danny Lee A jungle woman befriends a giant ape and falls in love with a fortune hunting explorer who takes her and the ape back to Hong Kong where the beast is put on display. In one scene, three guys jump into a watery pool of quicksand and very quickly go under after being startled by a tiger. Millennium "The Hand of Saint Sebastian" @ 1996 TV - Lance Henriksen, Terry O'Quinn, CCH Pounder Searching for the ancient roots of the Millennium Group's secret origins, which are steeped in dark intrigue dating to the first millennium, leads Frank, Watts, and Andrews to the bogs of Germany. Franks sinks to his neck into some marsh mud before being pulled free, and later they uncover a body buried in the muck. Million Dollar Mystery, The 1914 B&W silent serial - Irving Cummings, Florence La Badie, Marguerite Snow This 23 episode serial told the story of a secret society called The Black Hundred and its attempts to gain control of a lost million dollars. One episode had the baddies lure the good guys, including a woman, into quicksand to cause them to lose their chance. There are about 15 confirmed scenes and about 18 more possible. It was used often to scare people and draw them in next week. Mindwarp @ 1990/1992 - Bruce Campbell, Marta Alicia A young woman in a post-apocalyptic world rebels against the status quo, in which everyone lives in a virtual reality fantasy world of their own choosing. Wearing white sweat pants and leather jacket, she walks into dry desert quicksand and sinks up to her armpits before being pulled out by nasties with a rope and tractor. Miracle Pets "Elmo" @ 199? TV reality rescue drama - Alan Thicke (host) A pet dog helps rescuers locate a boy lost in the swampy woods behind his Canadian home. After being separated from his friend who manages to find his way to safety, the young boy wanders through the cold marsh in fairly deep mud. Tired and cold, he lies down and sinks. Firefighters spot his friend's dog near him, and carry the boy out. Miracles and Wonders 199? TV reality drama A program with re-enactments of real life situations where some sort of divine intervention took place (a sort of Christian "Rescue 911"). There was one story about a pretty teenage girl living with her widowed father on a dairy farm. One day she helps out by driving a truck load of hay out to the herd. She finds the cows have gotten out through a broken fence and are feeding on lush grass in a nearby "dangerous" marsh. She goes into the marsh on foot to usher them back out. She wades into a black pool to get around to the other side of the herd when she suddenly sinks into the mud under the water and becomes trapped. She quickly sinks up to her chin, yelling for help but is too far away for her father to hear her. As she's about to go under, a stranger appears and asks if she needs help. He then "walks on water" out to her and uses a wooden staff to help pull her out of the bog. Once she is freed, the young man introduces himself before suddenly disappearing, vanishing without a trace, but he leaves his carved old stick behind. Upon later investigation, the girl finds out that the guy had disappeared in the same marsh while out looking for his dog some 20 years earlier. The trapped girl was wearing a dark tee-shirt, black jeans, and work boots. Unfortunately, the re-enactment does not show any mud; it's all left to the imagination that there is deep, sticky mud under the water. Even when she's pulled out, she comes out just soaking wet, not a trace of mud (even though the locale where this was shot, an area of mud could be seen on the far bank and would have made for a much better, visible miring). Miraculous Journey 1948 - Rory Calhoun, Audrey Long, Virginia Grey Survivors of a plane crash learn to survive in the African jungle, aided by a man marooned there several years earlier. One the men and the blind girl become romantically involved. But when another woman becomes annoyed by the man's indifference to her, she leads the blind girl into some quicksand. The old hermit's dog hears her cries and summons help, and the man pulls her out just in time. The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (aka Lobo) "?Buttercup, Birdie, and Buried Bucks" 1979 TV USA - Claude Akins, Brian Kerwin, Mills Watson The bumbling deputy stumbles into watery quicksand while checking out a moonshine operation run by locals (Larry Storch). The other deputy, who was watching a cute blonde girl bend over in tight jean cutoffs, pulls him out. Miss Fisher and The Crypt Of Tears
2020 Australia - Essie Davis, Nathan Page, Rupert Penry-Jones
Phryne Fisher unravels a mystery concerning priceless emeralds, ancient curses, and the truth behind the suspicious disappearance of Shirin's forgotten tribe. Out in the desert, Fisher walks into some dry quick sand and asks for help from someone she just had an argument with. She sinks to her chin as he takes off his shirt and tosses it to her as a rope. He pulls her out, and she lands on top of him, both panting from exertion.

Mister Magoo (aka Mr. Magoo; Famous Adventures of Mister Magoo) "?" 1964 TV animated - Jim Backus In one episode, Mr. Magoo (unknowingly) visits an old, foreboding mansion on a hill. He drives his old car through the iron gates and parks his car. After he gets out and approaches the house, the car begins to sink out of sight into a pool of quicksand which he attributes to clever underground parking. Mistress of the World (aka Herrin der Welt - Teil I; Die Formel des Todes - Teil I; Mistero dei tre continenti, Il; Les Mystres d'Angkor) @ 1960 German/French/Italian - Martha Hyer, Sabu, Micheline Presle, Carlos Thompson A scientist develops a device that can create a huge magnetic pulse that knocks out all electricity over a continent-wide area. The military applications are already being thought of when he is kidnapped by a group of profit-seeking mercenaries. Meanwhile, his daughter finds herself having to consort with all manner of shady characters as she searches for her father. While the man and woman cross watery swamp with lots of large snakes and crocodiles, the woman is startled by snake and runs into a pool of watery black quicksand and begins to sink while the guy is caught by the snake. The woman sinks deeper as he struggles free and pulls her up and out while leaning from a nearby dead tree. (A still from the movie in a magazine showed Martha Hyer up to her shoulders in quicksand. The photo's caption described the bog as "churning".) Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor "?" 1967 TV animated - Paul Stewart, John Stephenson Mightor's flying dinosaur pet named Tog gets stuck in quicksand. Mona The Vampire "The Alien Magician" @
1999 TV animated Canada - Emma Isherwood, Justin Bradley, Oliver Grainger Cartoon adventures of a ten-year-old girl who solves ghoulish mysteries. Charley gets more than he bargained for when an alien magician tries to use a piece of an asteroid he found one night while out star gazing. The magician chases the children through the forest, firing magic bolts at them. He creates quicksand in a murky pool, and the kids run into it. They sink to their waists until Mona grabs a tree root and pulls everyone out. (Coupled with "The Case of the Moll Troll") The Mongols @ 1961 French/Italian - Jack Palance, Anita Ekberg A 13th-century historical adventure about the son of Genghis Khan and his mistress. When peace is finally negotiated between Khan's forces and the rebels, the lovers try to continue the war by killing Khan and the son becoming the new ruler. He leads his Mongol forces into battle but is soundly defeated and, in disgrace, kills himself. Anita Ekberg sinks out of sight in some VERY watery quicksand, along with some warriors and their horses. The Monkees "?" 1966 - Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork In one episode, they boys are on an island talking to some guy who is familiar with the island. The guy talks about how dangerous the quicksand on the island is. When one of the Monkees asks how he knows so much about it, the guy says it's because he's stuck in it. The boys then pull him out. However it is dry, and the guy only sinks above his ankles. (humorous) Monster "?" @
2017 TV Norway - Ingvild Holthe Bygdnes, Jakob Oftebro, Bjřrn Sundquist
A young girl is missing, and her boyfriend dead. Police inspector Hedda Hersoug is back in her birthplace to live a quiet life, but is forced to work with the solitaire superintendent Joel Dreyer hunting down a serial killer. A male and female detective is investigating a suspect's house. The suspect flees, and they begin chasing him through the forest and eventually come across a bog. The female detective loses track of both the suspect and her colleague and gets her legs stuck deep in the mire. She calls her colleague's name for help, but he is also lost and accidentally shoots a hunter. She struggles in the mire until she is up to her armpits when suddenly a menacing shadow approaches with a large branch. It is the suspect. She fears the worst and cowers in fear of being struck, but instead, the suspect throws the branch in front of her and walks away. She uses the branch and frees herself from the muddy mire. Exhausted and covered in mud, she lies down.

Monster Rancher "My Name Is Pixie" @ 1999 TV animated When the team is attacked by the infamous Gel Troops, Genki, and Pixie (one of Moo's Big Bad Four) get separated from their friends and must work together in order to survive. As Genki is trying to help the injured Pixie through a jungle, they both slide down a hill and into a quicksand bog, hidden under some green moss and grass. After sinking to his chest, Genki pulls himself out with some overhead vines, but Pixie sinks up to her chin and nearly goes under before he manages to rescue her by throwing her one of the vines. Both are nicely caked in mud. Montel Williams 2000 TV talk show Amazing stories of survival after severe accidents. One of the featured guests told of his being trapped in "quicksand like mud" while fishing. He and his buddies had been fishing at a creek that fed into the Mississippi River when the 6'1" teenager stepped into what he thought was just mud until he couldn't get out. His friends tried to help but to no avail. The trapped teenager said that every time he tried to free himself, he would start to sink deeper. His friends left to get help, and by the time they came back, he was up to his neck. They used plywood on both sides of him and placed them under his feet in order to free him which took more than 2 hours. A member of the audience asked him if he tried to tread water as a way to escape, but the kid told him the mud was too thick. The Moonstone @ 1996/1997 TV-Movie PBS Masterpiece Theatre - Greg Wise, Keeley Hawes, Terence Hardiman When the fabulous Moonstone diamond is stolen, all the suspects appear to have alibis. Even the young girl who owns the diamond won't say whom she saw took it. Her fiancee calls in the famous Sergeant Cuff to solve the case. A women, dressed in a heavy black Pilgrim-style dress, purposely sinks into tidal marsh mud and dies. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (aka Mortal Kombat 2) @ 1997 - Robin Shou, Talisa Soto, Sandra Hess An evil warlord opens an extra-dimensional portal to Earth and plans to destroy all of mankind, and a heroic group of elite martial arts warriors have only six days to stop his invasion force. Halfway into the movie, there is a fight in some shallow mud between the blonde heroine (dressed in a tight white tank top, cammo green shorts, and hiking boots) and a female baddie. Both get pretty well muddied. Most People Live in China (aka Utopia - Nobody is Perfect in the Perfect Country; Folk Flest Bor I Kina) 2002 Norwegian - Trond Hovik, Elin Sogn, Marit Pia Jacobsen, Sven Nordin This unusual drama/comedy is a political satire from Norway, consisting of nine separate episodes each reflecting a different Norwegian political party just prior to Election Day. The film has a dreamlike quality spiked with absurd and funny moments, highlighting both the power of human nature for good and evil as well as the cruelties of both fate and a political system that doesn't care. The stories have a universal message of hope amid frustration that applies to everyone. The central figure is lonely rural gas station owner Lasse who dreams of flying the Tiger Moth biplane he has been painstakingly building using mail order parts and is somehow brought into each segment. The segments include "Lasses drom", "Dressman", "Grenselos Kjaerlighet", "Hemat", "Den Lille Bedriften", "Redd Barna", "Pokemon Power", "Passasjerne", and "De Beste Gar Forst". In one of the stories ("Most People Don't Care"), tracks a cheery group of elderly retired male workers (who pass by the garage and lament to Lasse about their recently deceased peers) on a mountain hike where they encounter a pretty female hiker sinking in a swampy bog and get permanently submerged themselves. Mr. Natwarlal @
1979 India - Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Ajit
When Natwar was a young boy, his older brother and caretaker, police officer Gridharilal, is framed for bribery by sinister criminal mastermind Vikram. When he grows up, Natwar creates a secret identity for himself, posing as a powerful and mysterious underworld figure named Mr. Natwarlal, determined to slowly but surely exact vengeance on Vikram. Natwar is being chased through the jungle by a hulking wrestler and stops just before running into a watery but muddy pool. The wrestler, however, runs into it and sinks to his waist. Natwar tries to untangle some vines to pull him out, but when he turns back to help the big guy, he's already gone under.

The Mummy (aka Terror of the Mummy) @ 1959 Hammer - Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Yvonne Furneaux Three British archaeologists desecrate the tomb of an Egyptian princess and awaken her mummified lover and guard, Kharis, buried with her. It follows them back to England to kill them. At climax of film, the mummy carries Yvonne into a watery bog. After it releases her, she has to wade to the edge wearing a long, dark blue/red velvet dress. She ends up wet from slime up to her waist. The Mummy 1999 - Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah As punishment for killing Pharaoh Seti and sleeping with his mistress, Egyptian priest Imhotep was mummified alive and cursed. But when a group of archeologists and treasure hunters stumble upon his tomb in the ancient city of Hamunaptra, he is inadvertently resurrected and must be stopped before he can wreak his final vengeance on the world. On their way back to the tomb, the good guy's plane crashes when Imhotep creates a violent sand storm, and the plane slowly sinks into dry desert quicksand. The Mummy: The Animated Series "Eruption" @ 2001 TV animated - John Schneider, Grey DeLisle, Chris Marquette Set one year after The Mummy Returns, this series follows the adventures of Alex O'Connell and his archaeologist parents as The Mummy tracks them down. The blimp crash-lands on an island, and the team ends up saving the nearby village from an erupting volcano. While the father and uncle work on repairing the blimp, the son and mother head off to explore the jungle and end up walking into a large pool of quicksand. The mother tries to snag a tree branch above with her necklace to pull down but fails. When they reach their chests, a young island girl in the tree crawls out onto the limb and lowers it for the others to grab onto and pull themselves out. The Mummy Returns @ 2001 - Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah Imhotep is resurrected by a group of power-hungry villains who want to use Imhotep to defeat The Scorpion King in order to claim his underworld army and take over the world. Near the end, as the baddies trek through a jungle valley and close in on the Scorpion King's tomb, they are attacked by an army of mummified Pygmy warriors. Three of the red-hooded bad guys, running blindly through the brush, plunge into a watery quicksand bog up to their chests and quickly sink to their necks. Then some of the little creatures jump on their heads and force them all the way under. Mummy's Curse 1944 B&W - Lon Chaney Jr., Peter Coe, Virginia Christine This sequel to THE MUMMY'S GHOST picks up where the last one left off. An irrigation project in the rural bayous of Louisiana unearths Kharis and Ananka who were buried in quicksand 25 years earlier. They are dug out of the bog and transported to Cajun country for study by archaeologists. Mummy's Ghost (aka The Mummy's Return) 1944 B&W - Lon Chaney, Jr., John Carradine, Ramsay Ames Sequel to THE MUMMY'S TOMB. Kharis, a 3000-year-old mummy, rises again to seek his reincarnated princess Ananka and terrorizes a college town. The mummy stalks and grabs a student who resembles the princess and carries her to a nearby swamp. As the police and her boyfriend watch, the duo sink into the watery bog, and the woman ages 3,000 years before their astonished eyes. Murder In Trinidad 1934 B&W - Nigel Bruce, Heather Angel, Victor Jory A mystery involving three knife-wielding murderers, stolen diamonds, and a hideout protected by a quicksand and crocodile filled swamp. (Any quicksand?) My Family and Other Animals @ 2005 TV British - Eugene Simon, Imelda Staunton, Tamzin Merchant In this adaptation of naturalist and writer Gerald Durrell's autobiography, the 12-year-old Gerald moves with his eccentric family to the Greek island of Corfu in 1935. While there, Gerald discovers his life's vocation: nature. The two young brothers head into the marsh for a hung, but one falls into a thick bog of brown muck after firing his gun. After landing on his back, he struggles to stand up and sinks to his neck. His brother tries to pull him out using the shotgun, but his grip slips, and he sinks to his neck again. Finally, he is pulled free of the mire and rests on the edge, covered in wet mud. My Friend Marsupilami "The Sixth Marsu"
2003 TV French animated - Lucinda Davis, Carrie Finlay, Patrice Baudrier
The often off the wall, nonsensical antics of an animated creature with an enormously long tail and his life in the jungle. When the three Marsupilami children catch their first Piranha, according to the laws of the jungle, they are close to becoming an adult and must pass on their own through the Valley of Tradition, a valley where many dangers lurk: wild animals, carnivorous plants, marshes, and quicksand. Amanda discreetly films the journey along with Marsu while Leo secretly decides to take the test, too. One of the young ones steps into a small patch of quicksand and is pulled free by the other two. Leo manages to cross safely, but when his mother discovers his presence in the jungle, she goes after him. She steps into a larger morass of quicksand and sinks. Leo tries to pull her out but is pulled in, too. Marsu manages to rescue both after having steadily sunk to their chests.

My Little Pony and Friends "Woe Is Me" 1986 TV animated - Roger C. Carmel, Nancy Cartwright, Peter Cullen In one scene, a little red pony gets stuck in a magically created river of mud and is rescued by the gold pegasus. My Little Pony and Friends "Quest of the Princess Ponies" 1986 TV animated - Roger C. Carmel, Nancy Cartwright, Peter Cullen In one scene, the little blue unicorn creates some magical quicksand with "mental bubbles" under the white pegasus who manages to fly out. My Little Pony: The Movie 1986 animated - Danny DeVito, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Rhea Pearlman The good Little Ponies are pitted against an evil witch and her two daughters who are scheming to flood Ponyland. The highlight is an encounter with the Smooze, an ever-growing mass of living lava. The odd mud poured through the land, and if someone touched it, it made them mean. The pegasus saved the human kids and took them across a ravine, and the unicorns teleported over it. The pink pony gets stuck in the mucky stuff and begins calling the other ponies names before being pulled out by a yellow pegasus. The Mysterious Bog People @ 1997 TV Discovery Channel documentary A clip of a young woman (blindfolded, barefoot, and wearing a ragged gunnysack dress) being forced into a black muddy bog as a human sacrifice. With up-stretched arms, she sinks all the way under as the two men watch. Mysterious Island "Last Rites of Spring" @ 1995 TV Canada / New Zealand - Alan Scarfe, C. David Johnson, Colette Stevenson A group escapes from a Confederate prison in a balloon, only to be carried halfway around the world and shot down over an "uninhabited" island by Captain Nemo who wishes to use them in his experiments. In one episode, two of the male characters are trying to impress a couple of ladies who come to the island by jousting atop a log which crosses a marshy area. They both fall in up to their shoulders in muddy water, which has a green algae/duckweed coating on it. Then, they notice they are stuck and sinking. The ladies try to rescue them by holding out a handy tree limb, but the two guys are way too stuck. The ladies tell them to lie on their backs, which will make them go all the way under, in order to be fished out. After some persuasion, the guys do this, and the ladies haul them out, after tearing their dresses to make a crude cloth rope. Mystery! "A Mind to Murder" @ 1995 TV PBS - Roy Marsden, hosted by Diana Rigg In one of the Detective Inspector Adam Dalgliesh programs, he investigates some bad happenings at a swank private psychiatric hospital on the ocean front. At the end, the inspector chases the culprit Peter Nagle (Jerome Flynn) across the beach in front of the hospital where the baddie blunders into some thick muddy quicksand on the tidal flats. The villain goes all the way under in the thick boggy mud before Dalgliesh ends up rescuing him with the aid of a convenient nearby dingy. Mystery Files of Shelby Woo "The Seminole Mystery" @ 1996 TV Nickelodeon - Irene Ng, Pat Morita, Adam Busch Workers at a construction site discover a bent rifle which may be evidence that the land was once a Seminole burial ground. When the rifle is stolen, Shelby starts digging for clues. Could it be the dishonest land developer, the desperate archaeologist, or the mysterious Seminole park ranger? As Shelby unearths the criminal, she gains a new respect for the past. While checking out the construction site at night, Shelby is chased into a patch of quicksand and gets herself out using the umbrella she brought with her. Mystery Of The River Boat "Chapter 9: Trapped In The Quicksands" and "Chapter 10: Flaming Havoc" @ 1944 serial B&W - Robert Lowery, Marjory Clements, Jay Novello Three Louisiana families are co-owners of swamp land in the Louisiana bayou country. Unaware that the property contains deposits of a powerful fuel called "nitrolene", they are considering an offer from an unscrupulous speculator who is well aware of the secret, having killed the scientist who discovered it. They all board a Mississippi river boat and head for Duval's Landing, along with several others, including a mysterious bearded man who has a stake in the game and a young attorney who gets wind of the scheme and tries to warn the families. At the end of Chapter 9 and the beginning of Chapter 10, Steve is in pursuit of the French accomplice through the swamp. The Frenchman runs thigh-deep into some watery quicksand, but manages to back himself out. He skirts around as the hero runs full tilt into the murky pool. He sinks to his neck as the Frenchman taunts him and grabs the hero's girl. But the boat captain runs off the baddie with his rifle and helps his daughter pull the man to safety using a tree branch. Mystery Street 1950 - Ricardo Montalban At her rendezvous with Ryan, Sterling reveals her pregnancy. Horrified at the consequences, Ryan shoots her and removes the clothing from the corpse. After dumping the naked body into the ocean, he drives the car to a nearby bog and sinks it (but no mud or quicksand). MythBusters "Quicksand" (episode 19) 2003 TV Discovery Channel reality/science - hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage Has Hollywood gotten it right all this time? Tarzan used it successfully against his enemies, but will killer quicksand take down the MythBusters? Also: Can you really murder someone by dropping an electrical appliance into a bathtub? Adam and Jamie create a tank of quicksand to validate or debunk the myths surrounding deadly quicksand. After some technical difficulties, they successfully create some watery quicksand and try to sink into it. Unfortunately, they are unable to sink much past their chests. The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (aka Matantei Loki Ragnarok) "The Attacked Girl" @
2003 TV animated Japanese
After causing boundless trouble in the land of the gods, Loki, the Norse god of mischief, is banished to the world of humans and transformed into a childhood version of himself. A mysterious young girl named Reya shows up on Loki's doorstep asking for help. She claims that, at night, the furniture has been moving on its own and she's been hearing footsteps. However, upon speaking to the head butler, we learn that no such happenings have occurred. Loki, Mayura, and Reya go into a mansion to find out it's magical and is trying to judge Loki. During a battle against some zombies, they begin to sink into the floor, the surface of which rolls like waves on the ocean. The two girls sink under, but Loki finds a way to destroy the mansion.

Naruto: Shippuden "The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo!" @
2007 TV Japanese anime - Junko Takeuchi, Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins
Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition. As Guy and Kakashi prepare to regroup their forces, they receive word that one of the units were engaged in battle with Ameyuri Ringo and decide to head to that location. Naruto traps Ameyuri Ringo in a bottomless marsh bog.

Naruto: Shippuden "Escape vs. Pursuit" @
2007 TV Japanese anime - Junko Takeuchi, Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins
Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition. Kiba and his team are in pursuit of Hidden Grass Ninja who have stolen their scroll. While chasing the enemy, the team runs into desert quicksand and sink all the way under.

Natale in India 2003 Italian - Massimo Boldi, Christian De Sica, Enzo Salvi A comedy about an engineer who blackmails some lawyers using compromising information. In a scene played for laughs, a guy stumbles into a water-covered peat bog but doesn't sink any deeper than his waist. Natale in Sudafrica (Christmas In South Africa) @
2010 Italian - Christian De Sica, Massimiliano Tortora, Barbara Tabita
Carlo is on holiday in South Africa to spend time with his second wife Susanna but will be forced to share his stay with his beloved-hated brother Giorgio who in the past took away his money and his wife Marta and is now dealing with a scam against him. Two men on a river bank start to sink in quicksand, while the gorgeous young woman with them strips off her clothes down to her bra and panties to use as a rope to pull them out... much to the enjoyment and encouragement of the two men. Warrior natives arrive to capture them, and the two men stand-up, sunk only up to their knees.

Nausicaa (aka Kaze no tani no Naushika; Kaze no tani no Nausicaa; Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind; Warriors of the Wind) @ 1984 animated Japanese In the far future, man has destroyed the Earth in the "Seven Days of Fire". Now, there are small pockets of humanity that survive. One pocket is the Valley of Wind where a princess named Nausicaa tries to understand, rather than destroy, the Toxic Jungle. The princess crashes her air sled in the toxic jungle. She lies unconscious in the pit and sinks below the soft, dry sands as her boyfriend wades in after her. Both end up in an underground cave.

Navstevnici (aka The Visitors) "Stane se zitra" (s1e11) @
1983 TV Czechoslovakia - Josef Bláha, Josef Dvorák, Dagmar Patrasová
It's the year 2484 and the Earth is threatened by a rogue comet which could fatally change its orbit. Four scientists come back from the future to locate a young boy who will one day be a great scientist and save the Earth. Journalist and writer Peter had taken a picture of the expedition that he and the whole town consider to be geometers. But the negative is empty. They try sending a message to the future from a small boat, when suddenly the lake's water is "vaporized" leaving them stranded in the mud. They get out and slog their way to shore, getting covered in black muck.

Negima!? "The Black Rose Baron" @
2006 TV animated Japanese
A dark sinister tale befalls ten-year-old Negi Springfield and class 3-A. One year after Negi's arrival at Mahora, two representatives from the Magic Academy arrive at Mahora with the news of the disappearance of a mysterious artifact known as the Star Crystal. The Star Crystal holds a power that not even the Thousand Master could control. Even though the reason or the cause behind the Star Crystal's disappearance is a mystery, the effects of the artifact begin to envelop Negi and his students. Surrounded by a menacing power, Negi and the class must cope as the dark power harass and attack the class at a moment's whim. Simultaneously, Negi places his thoughts towards his missing father, while the supporting cast do all they can to provide assistance. A strange guy, wearing white formal attire with top hat and cape, shows up and pulls her free with a magical rope.

Neighbors @ 1981 - Jim Belushi, Dan Ackroyd One man's quiet suburban life takes a sickening lurch for the worse when a young couple move into the deserted house next door. In a foggy bog at night, Belushi walks into quicksand and slowly sinks under before Ackroyd pulls him out... only to fall in himself and go under. (humorous) The NeverEnding Story (aka Die Unendliche Geschichte) @ 1984 German - Noah Hathaway, Barret Oliver A young boy receives a magic book in which he is a part of the story and can influence its outcome. He follows the adventures of the young boy Attreyu on his quest with his horse, Artex. As they traverse the thick mud in the "Swamps of Sadness", the pony gets swallowed up. And as the "Sadness" overcomes Attreyu while trudging through the mire and being chased by a big, bad wolf, he is rescued by Falcor, the Luck Dragon, just as he sinks up to his neck in the muck. The NeverEnding Story (aka Die Unendliche Geschichte) "?" 1995 TV animated Canadian/French/German - Christopher Bell, Howard Jerome, Richard Binsley In one episode of this animated version of the book and movie, the young boy Bastian and a blue rodent-like character are accidentally knocked into a quicksand bog by a friend. While the friend leaves to find something to help rescue them, the rodent character spreads his cape on the quicksand's surface, allowing Bastian to swim out. He then pulls the blue rodent out before the other friend manages to return. The New Addams Family "?" @ 1998 TV - Glenn Taranto, Ellie Harvie, Michael Roberds In one episode, a man and woman (in business attire) knock on the Addams door. Uncle Fester answers, and as he is talking to the guy, the woman sinks under in a sandy quicksand doormat. (humorous) The New Adventures of Gilligan "?" 1974 TV animated - Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Jim Backus In one episode, Gilligan somehow winds up with super-hero powers and saves the Howells from some quicksand. The New Adventures of Ocean Girl "That Sinking Feeling" 2000 TV animated Australian - Marnie Reece-Wilmore, Marg Downey Neri sends Neanda to the Palace to request that Zardor guard the meteor against Elgar returning. Then she and Micro head off in search of Elgar, leaving Jobah to recover. In a cavern, Neri confronts Elgar who won't give up the crystal. Elgar walks away, and Neri warns of the danger ahead. But Elgar ignores her and walks into quicksand, sinking under with the crystal. Neri tries to help and accidentally steps into the quicksand. Moza pulls her out, but they soon discover the Elgar ended-up in another level below. Neri then jumps into the quicksand and sinks under, too. She ends-up in the same level as Elgar and continues her pursuit. The New Adventures of Robin Hood "Orphans" @ 1996 TV - John Bradley, Martyn Ellis, Richard Ashton One member of a band of orphans that Robin is leading to a temporary home is not who he seems. A young queen masquerades as a male orphan to ruin her murderous uncle's plans for her demise. A teen boy, running some from jewel thieves, lands in a pit of quicksand and quickly sinks to his shoulders and neck. Friar Tuck tries to pull him out with a stick, but it breaks. He then gives the boy a reed to breath through as he goes under. Eventually, other help arrives. Robin jumps in and grabs the youngster, and Little John pulls them both out. The New Gidget "Malibu Man" 1986 TV - Caryn Richman, Dean Butler, Sydney Penny, William Schallert Danni finds the "original surfer" in a cave down by the beach and wonders how it must have been in the olden days. The episode had a Raiders of the Lost Ark / Indiana Jones themed spoof, and Gidget's monologue between "acts" had her wearing a fedora and leather jacket over a red bathing suit. While she talked, she slowly began sinking out of frame. The camera zoomed out to show her standing hip-deep in some watery quicksand on the beach, with a sign reading "Danger Quicksand" off to the side. At the end of her spiel, she yelled something like "...lost in the sands of time. Somebody get a lifeguard!" as she leaned over, getting the front of her fringed top muddy. NFL Teacher of the Year Award 2000 TV commercial A short commercial spot about the NFL Teacher of the Year Award in which there was a very brief scene of a young man dressed in a shirt and tie and speaking in front of a class. Apparently nervous, he imagines himself sinking in an upwelling, watery mud hole in the ground. The Night Has Eyes (aka Terror House) @ 1942 B&W - James Mason, Joyce Howard, Tucker McGuire Two teachers, British Marian and American Doris, visit the Yorkshire moors where a friend of theirs, Evelyn, disappeared the year before. On a stormy night, they take refuge in the isolated cottage of Stephen, one-time pianist shell-shocked in the Spanish Civil War, along with his nurse and her husband. Doris flees as soon as the storm subsides, but Marian's suspicions about Evelyn's fate, in conflict with her growing romantic interest for Stephen, prompt her to stay on among the misty bogs. In an early scene, their map is blown away in the storm, and one of them wanders into a bog and gets stuck up to her knees. Her friend struggles to free her. In the final scene, when it is revealed that it was the nurse and her husband who killed Evelyn, the evil couple flee out onto the fogbound moor at night, but they don't get far, falling victims to a very thick muddy bog (which you don't see much of). Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master @ 1988 - Robert Englund, Tuesday Knight, Ken Sagoes Following up the previous Nightmare film, dream demon Freddy Krueger is resurrected from his apparent demise and rapidly tracks down and kills the remainder of the Elm Street kids and pulls a new group of children into his foul domain. A young woman sinks to her doom in dry beach sand during a nightmare segment. The Nine Tailors (aka Lord Peter Wimsey: The Nine Tailors) 1974 TV-Movie British - Ian Carmichael, Glyn Houston, Donald Eccles Aristocratic supersleuth Lord Peter Wimsey becomes involved in the case of a Spanish flu outbreak and a mutilated corpse discovered secretly buried in the churchyard by the local vicar. Lord Peter and his trusty butler Bunter are wandering a boggy area in the fens of eastern England at night when they hear a horse in distress and go to see if they can help it. Lord Peter steps into the bog (water with floating moss around) and starts to sink, warning Bunter not to come forward. Bunter crawls up to the edge through the bushes and gets a rope around Lord Peter. Lord Peter sinks up to his shoulders, twisting as he sinks, when some farmers alerted by their shouts come down with lanterns and help Bunter pull Lord Peter free. Lord Peter thanks them and promptly faints. (Actually, there is no quicksand scene in this movie.)

Ninjai - The Little Ninja "Chapter 07" and "Chapter 08"
2008 Internet animated short - presented by The Ninjai Gang
In this chapter, the little ninja boy is bound and lowered by rope into a large pool of quicksand by a sadistic and crazed old man. Little lizards emerge from the bog and begin crawling and chewing on him as he struggles and slowly sinks. Buzzards roost above him in trees as it beings to rain. Up to his neck, a little bird lands on his hat and tries to help him. As he sinks below the surface, rope still attached, the bird flies off and attacks the old man who swats it to the floor of his watchtower. As the next chapter starts, the boy is still under the bog as the mad old man looks on and laughs at his foul deed. After the old guy and his soldiers leave, the boy makes peace with his master as the lizards continue to feed upon his flesh. The next morning, the soldiers return and pull the boy out, leaving him to hang with other tortured souls.

Nissan 4x4 SUV 2005 commercial At the end of the commercial, there is a group of people sitting chest deep in a mud pit. At the very end, a guy goes under. No Time For Love @ 1943 B&W - Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, Ilka Chase An upper-class female reporter becomes attracted to a construction worker while taking pictures of a tunnel being built under the Hudson River. At one point, work is suspended on the tunnel because mud has been seeping through. When the engineer invents a special device that he thinks will resolve the problem, the woman reporter goes below with him to photograph the attempt to save the site. But the machine doesn't work, and the crew of men and the woman escape the very thick flow of waist-deep silty mud that begins to fill the underground cavern. Later, the woman and two men return to the site, after being pressurized with air to stop the mud flow, where they wade knee-deep through the treacherous mud to retrieve her dropped camera and evaluate the cause of the equipment failure. (One movie review mentions that the female lead is involved in some of the muckiest scenes ever shot.) North to Alaska 1960 - John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs Two prospectors strike gold in Alaska and have their hands full dealing with a kid brother, a con artist, and a gold-digging (in the other sense) French woman. The climax of the film sees the heroes catch up with the con man and start a huge, rollicking, and extremely funny fight at the mine, with dozens of participants sliding down a hill into a big mud pit slugging it out in the mud. (Very similar to "McLintock!".) Northern Exposure "The Big Mushroom" (aka "The Great Mushroom") @ 1990 TV - Rob Morrow, Janine Turner Maggie treks into the Manonash village to visit Joel, who she fears is in imminent danger; Phil and Michelle get a taste of the local customs when an elderly couple at their house party get snowed in and ask to stay the night; and the information highway looks cold and forbidding to a computer-fearing Ed. Joel is seen hunting with his dog and ends up sinking all the way under in quicksand as the scene cuts to Maggie waking up. It was just a dream of hers. Norwest Bank 199? TV commercial A nicely dressed couple in suits (lady in heels, hose, etc.) start walking up to their new home, only to find the sidewalk is quicksand (and it looked like they used real wet cement). They struggle all the way to the doorstep, chest-deep and sinking fast, when the helpful Norwest representative pulls them out (but it isn't shown - it's only alluded to). Ocean Girl (aka Ocean Odyssey) "Secrets" (aka "Wall of Death") @ 1994 TV Australian Disney - Marzena Godecki, Jeffrey Walker, David Hoflin After receiving his boat license, Jason's first assignment is to go out and mark the location of a drift net. Neri meanwhile, responding to calls from Charlie, goes out to the net herself but gets entangled in it. Jason and Brett arrive in time to save her and after explaining to her that the net isn't theirs, she promises to show them her jungle island. The next day, when Neri takes the boys to her island, Brett wanders off to chase a tree frog into the muddy swamp "badlands" side of the island and stumbles into some fairly realistic, thick brown quicksand. When he gets up, he is knee deep and starts to sink while yelling for help. He becomes stuck up to his chest in the thick mud before Neri and Jason come to pull him out. Ocean Girl lays across the surface with Jason holding her ankles, and they both pull the younger boy to safety. The Odyssey "The Believers" @ 1992 TV Canadian - Illya Woloshyn, Ashley Rogers, Tony Sampson A boy in a coma is lost between reality and the subconscious when his mind descends into a post-apocalyptic-like world populated entirely by children where events there seem to coincide with events going on around him in the real world. Upworld, the mother is laid off work and decides to visit her mother at the family farm. Downworld, Jay and friends follow a map to the Tower and meet a group of children on a farm who are looking to prove the existence of adults. Jay's friend Donna/Alpha ends up getting stuck in a small pit of water and grass quicksand while out in the swamp looking for proof of grown-ups. She quickly sinks to her chest before being pulled out by several of the children. The Old Dark House @ 1963 - Tom Poston, Robert Morley, Janette Scott An American car salesman in London is plunged into a nightmare when he delivers a car to an old Welsh mansion but learns that the man who ordered the car has died, apparently murdered. He spends the night with the deceased's highly eccentric family and meets two sisters, a twin brother, another brother who is building an ark in anticipation of another great flood, and their mother and father. Every hour during the night, a different family member is found sadistically murdered by one of the greedy relatives. While fleeing from the suspected killer in the rain, the "normal" guy runs into a muddy bog and sinks up to his neck. Another family member finds him and points his shotgun at the guy, telling him to grab on so he can pull him out. One Life to Live 1982? TV soap opera Dr. Ivan Kipling (Jack Betts) at one time installed a kind of joystick inside Larry Wolek's head so that he could control him like a killer puppet. He died twice: once by slipping under some quicksand on an jungle island somewhere (no body was ever found), and once more after he returned from the dead.

One Life to Live "Badderly Island" (Part 13) @
1990 TV soap opera - Jensen Buchanan, Jessica Tuck, Robert S. Woods
Bo and Sarah need a relaxing honeymoon, especially after the trauma of the last several months. They choose Badderly as the natural place to go, and Bo decides to take the cast of Fraternity Row along on a location shoot. Arriving at the tropical paradise of Badderly, they are surprised to find the island teeming with mobsters, headed by none other than Carlo Hesser. Without an easy way of escape, the group of Llanviewans pretended to be a group of confused tourists, oblivious to the name Carlo Hesser. But as business got ugly between the mobsters, the Llanview party decide that something had to be done to get off the island quickly. Megan and Sarah go wandering through the underbrush, looking for a way off the island. Having spotted what they think is a boat, Sarah starts to walk closer to get a better look and finds herself sinking into quicksand. Megan runs back to the mobster hut to fetch Bo and Jake, and together they manage to pull her out with a vine after she had sunk to her neck.

One Life to Live 1996 TV soap opera In a dream, Antonio (Kamar DeLos Reyes) was stuck in quicksand up to his waist after chasing a villain through the woods and was rescued by a friend. One Piece: Wan pisu "Steer for the Clouds! Capture the South Bird!"
1999 TV Japanese anime - Mayumi Tanaka, Tony Beck, Laurent Vernin
The adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew in order to find the greatest treasure ever left by legendary pirate Gold Roger. After killing a centipede in the jungle and being warned not to step into the quicksand by his lady friend, one of the characters steps into quicksand up to his waist. He yells off-screen and is not shown getting out.

Oops, teka lang... Diskarte ko 'to! @ 2001 Philippines - Robin Padilla, Claudine Barretto In the lurid, dark, and dangerous world of syndicates involved in drugs, sex and violence, a reluctant ex-cop is hired by a persistent young novice to penetrate a syndicated organized crime group to rescue her sister who they kidnapped for their white slavery business. Posing as a nun, all dressed in white, the hero leads the woman through the jungle when she stumbles into a pool of watery quicksand and reeds. She sinks up to her shoulders, but when the hero tries to pull her out, they are shot at by the baddies. However, he (apparently) manages to drive them off and rescue the woman. Operacion Jaguar (aka Operation Jaguar) @ 1990 Mexico - Agustín Bernal, Edna Bolkan, Noé Murayama
A cute red-head, in a tight yellow halter-top and cutoffs, lands in watery quicksand while horsing around with her boyfriend. She screams a lot, and her boyfriend pulls her out. Operation Condor (aka Feiying gaiwak; Armour of God II; Operation Eagle; Project Eagle) @ 1990/1997 Hong Kong - Jackie Chan, Carol 'Do Do' Cheng, Eva Cobo A professional adventurer is hired to find WWII Nazi gold hidden in the Sahara desert and teams up with three women. However another group of mercenaries have ideas on the ownership of the gold and are willing to kill to get their hands on it. A battle/chase ensues as to who gets there first. The hero and two women are being chased by some desert natives into some ruins. One of the women gets a leg stuck up to her thigh in some dry sand. When the others come to help, they are all fall through the sand into an underground room when the ground collapses under their feet. The Outer Limits "The Other Side" @ 1995 TV Showtime - Ralph Macchio Dr. Neal Eberhardt, a former boy genius gone bitterly to seed, studies brain-damaged and comatose patients hoping to learn how the brain reroutes itself. There is a scene in which a male hospital patient is sinking in some mucky stuff with a dry crust. There were two separate ten-second clips, and he went completely under. The Outlaw Stallion @ 1954 - Philip Carey, Dorothy Patrick, Billy Gray Living on a ranch with his widowed mother, a young boy makes friends with the white stallion who leads the herd of wild horses living under the ranch's protection, but a villainous horse thief intends to flout the law by corralling the stallion's herd, then shipping the horses across the border. He uses a fierce black stallion to lead the herd astray, but after the white stallion kills the black one in a fierce fight, the villain resorts to kidnapping the boy and his mother to bring the white horse out in the open. After the stallion strangles one of the baddies by wrapping the rope from around its neck around a tree and the the neck of the guy, it flees from the young boy who gives chase on his horse. The white stallion jumps into a silty pond only to become mired in the expanse of quicksand on the opposite bank. The horse gradually sinks from its shoulders to its neck as the boy lassos the stallion and, using his own horse, manages to pull the brave horse out before it goes under.

Pair of Kings "Return of the Kings" @
2010 TV USA - Mitchel Musso, Larramie "Doc" Shaw, Ryan Ochoa
Teenage twins from Chicago discover they are heirs to the throne of an island nation. Brady and Boomer discover their royal legacy upon moving to Kinkow; a volcano erupts after the boys destroy a sacred ruby; the kings are led to the Tarantula people by their cousin Lanny. Brady and Boomer are captured by natives and put in a pit of dry quicksand to make them talk. They are released when Brady shows them a powerful necklace.

Pair of Kings "The Bite Stuff"
2010 TV USA - Mitchel Musso, Larramie "Doc" Shaw, Ryan Ochoa
Feeling homesick, Boomer and Brady call Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill to check in, but accidentally end up scaring them with their tales of Tarantula people, quicksand, and giant bugs. (The scene in "Return of the Kings" is referenced.)

Pair of Kings "Good King Hunting" @
2010 TV USA - Mitchel Musso, Larramie "Doc" Shaw, Kelsey Asbille
Brady finally asks Mikayla out and discovers that on Kinkow, before dating a girl, he must first be hunted by her father in the jungle. While eluding the father who is tracking him, Brady into a shallow mud pit to hide. He rolls around, covering himself with mud head to toe, but it's too shallow. He gets out and hides behind a tree. When the father shows up, Brady startles him and he falls into the same muddy pit, hitting his head on a rock and getting knocked unconscious.

Pani Poni Dash! "?" @
2005 TV animated Japanese
A Japanese series that utilizes parody, frequently referencing Japanese and American pop-culture. It features several first year students and their teachers at a high school called the Peach Moon Academy in Japan, though the main focus is on class 1-C. Wearing explorers outfits, the class enters a cave and walks into the quicksand the guide warns them about... after they start sinking. They sink in the bottemless pit all the way through to Brazil.

Panther Girl of the Kongo (aka Panther Girl of the Congo) @ 1955 B&W serial - Phyllis Coates, Jean Evans, Myron Healey, Larry Sanders On safari to film animals, Panther Girl encounters a giant crayfish monster created by a greedy scientist who hopes to scare everyone out of the district, then secretly mine diamonds. Jungle perils aplenty stand between Panther Girl and her hunter friend and their goal of tracing the "claw monster" to its source. While crossing a river, a guy gets stuck in quicksand under the water. The wooden posts that Panther Girl used to mark a safe path had been moved by natives who then attack the remaining party while the guy sinks. During the fight, Panther Girl pulls him out with a vine. Pasion de Gavilanes (aka Hidden Passion)
2003 TV Colombian soap opera - Lorena Meritano, Juan Pablo Shuk, Kristina Lilley
Dinora and Fernando go with Juan and Gabriela to the Marshland while being chased by the police. Their truck drives into a watery bog, and they have to jump to safety. Juan lands in the muck but manages to struggle to dry ground, while the truck slowly sinks into the swamp.

Passions (October 16, 2000) 2000 TV soap opera A cave-in at the mine shaft traps Kay (Deanna Wright), Miguel (Jesse Metcalfe), and the kids with a rampaging Evil Charity (Molly Stanton). While wandering the mine shaft tunnels, Kay surprises Miguel by confessing she's afraid of Charity. Kay relates the night's strange events to a skeptical Miguel and insists Charity is evil. Evil Charity senses Kay is thwarting her plans and magically pushes Kay into quicksand. Miguel tries to save her, but she quickly sinks beneath the surface. Miguel prods around the bog with a stick, and after the commercial break, she is out and sitting next to him. Later, Charity taunts Kay and brushes some of the quicksand residue out of Kay's hair. Passions (February 15, 2004) 2004 TV soap opera Beth and company return home where Cindy was baby-sitting the baby and watching Days of Our Lives. Cindy heads off, and Beth begins packing. Mrs. Wallace already has her bag packed just in case such a situation occurred. Beth asks where they should go? Mrs. Wallace says as far away as possible! Precious fantasizes about them returning to the jungle and Beth sinking in a bunch of quicksand! Meanwhile, Beth looks at a photo of Luis and cries that she can't believe she has to leave Harmony and will never see Luis again. Pathfinders To Mars "Episode Five: Zero Hour on the Red Planet" 1961 B&W serial - George Coulouris, Gerald Flood, Pamela Barney Upon landing on Mars, Brown persuades the children to help him try and find the Martian colonies while the rest of the crew search for water. After having freed themselves from some attacking lichen tendrils, Meadows and Henderson head back to MR4 and meet up with the others who have proved Brown is mistaken in his beliefs of a nearby Martian encampment. While traversing a narrow hillside ledge with the heavy water canisters, Meadows slips and falls, becoming stuck in a patch of quicksand below. Geoff gets some rope to save her, but Brown has now reached MR4 first and is threatening to take off without them. Pattern for Plunder (aka The Bay of St. Michel; The Bay of Saint Michel; The Bay of San Michel, The Curse of San Michel; Operation Mermaid) @ 1963 B&W British - Keenan Wynn, Michael Peake, Edward Underdown Ex-commandos are rounded up by their former leader and return to Normandy to find a fabulous treasure hidden by a Nazi general. The baddie, wearing a captain's hat and white sweater, runs out onto the beach. His legs get stuck in the tidal mud as a big wave crashes ashore and drowns him. The Pavilion @ 1999 - Patsy Kensit, Richard Chamberlain, Daniel Riordan This suspense thriller, set in the Civil War period, concerns a beautiful woman and her father who find themselves on the run from the law. Two men have offered to help them, but the men have had long-standing differences have to learn to overcome their own problems before they can help anyone else. A man dressed in gentlemanly western attire watches a women dressed in a dark blue dress walking along a beach when she suddenly starts sinking in quicksand. He runs off the sand dune and pulls her out of the thick bog after sinking to her waist. Later, the body of a diseased soldier washes ashore, and two men dispose of him in the same quicksand bog.

Paw Paw Bears "?" 1981 TV animated One of the bears gets stuck in some quicksand and sinks to her neck before being pulled out by an Indian brave bear on horseback. Payroll (aka I Promised To Pay) @ 1961 British B&W - Michael Craig, Billie Whitelaw, Kenneth Griffith, Tom Bell The wife of an armored car driver seeks revenge when her husband is killed during a botched payroll robbery. The police have an idea of who's responsible, but they lack proof. On her own, the wife goes after the suspects one by one, using psychological torture (phone calls, poison pen letters, etc.) to break them down. She reduces the inside man to a quivering mass of gelatin and indirectly sends another to a sticky end in a thick mire of quicksand. The film's climax is a showdown between the wife and the gang boss. During a chase through the foggy woods, one of the baddies runs into a pool of quicksand and quickly sinks up to his shoulders. He struggles and calls out for help as two others stand by and watch him sink under. Then one of the men tries to hit the other with a shovel and is shot at close range. The wounded man falls to his knees and is kicked into the bog by the shooter. The man instantly goes under. Pepin Trois Pommes "?"
1998 TV animated France - Jean-Claude Donda, Alexandre Gillet, Danielle Hazan
In medieval times, Pepin Troispommes is a little knight who travels the world in the company of Grosbec his faithful cook and Picanier, the king's madman. Pepin and his friends hear the cries of a red-haired young woman sunk up to her chest in deep pond mud and sinking fast. They find a nearby vine, toss it to her, and pull her to safety.

Perfect Strangers "Up A Lazy River, 1 & 2" (aka "Up The Lazy River") 1986 TV - Bronson Pinchot, Mark Linn-Baker, Melanie Wilson, Rebeca Arthur @ Mary Anne and Jennifer agree to go on a camping trip with Larry and Balki, and mayhem ensues. While the girls are getting firewood, Larry decides to go "find help or die trying". He takes one step and is up to his chest in fairly thick sawdust quicksand. Balki tries to pull Larry out but gets pulled in himself. As they start to slowly sink, they take turns pushing each other up until Balki recalls that a Tarzan movie said to stay calm. Larry sees a branch and tries to reach it but sinks up to his neck. Then Balki finds a small branch, starts to pull himself out, Larry goes under, Balki reaches down and pulls him out, Larry climbs out, pushing Balki under, and then he reaches down and pulls Balki out. Balki then strangles Larry on the edge of the quicksand. Perils of Penelope Pitstop "?" @ 197? TV animated After being hung over a pit of oozing mud, Penelope sneezes and falls in. She sinks to her neck until she uses a bird call to call an eagle to save her.

1997 United Kingdom - Emily Booth, Ron Drand, Shend
This is the story of the beautiful young Pervirella. Set in the mythical English land of Condon, the grotesque, power-mad Queen Victoria builds a wall around the country and establishes a "Monarchy of Terror." Intellectuals and "pervs" are prosecuted and killed, or driven underground to form the "Cult of Perv." The infant Pervirella grows to maturity with supernatural speed and shows amazing abilities, including raging nymphomania whenever her magical necklace is removed. While a pink-clad Pervirella in tall boots and her group are walking in a desert, she sees a cute little bunny. When she goes to look at the bunny, it disappears. She quickly discovers that it sank into quicksand and that she is now stuck and sinking, too. Stuck only to her knees in the hold-in-the-ground dry pit of quicksand, she struggles against its grip and slowly sinks to her waist as the group comes to save her. When they arrive, she has sunk all the way under except for her hand sticking out. The others grab hold and manage to pull her out, but something is holding onto her foot which is still stuck in the sand. They pull out another guy who has been stuck under the surface for 14 years.

Pet Heroes (aka Real Wild) "Wild Things"
2010 TV reality - Jason McCoy hosts
A horse saves its owner's life during a cross-country journey; a horse helps a promising young athlete excel. When a rider falls into deep mud, her life becomes her horse's to save in an epic rescue mission. Looking for water, the young woman dismounts and walks toward a lake. She stumbles into a bog and sinks up to her thighs before the horse pulls her out with its reins.

PF Flyers 1967? TV commercial A young boy and girl are on safari in a jungle when the girl takes a wrong path into quicksand. As she sinks slowly into the muck, unable to free herself, she remembers her whistle (which came free with the sneakers) and blows it. Upon hearing her alarm, the boy races to the rescue, aided by the speed and traction of his P. F. Flyers tennis shoes with their "Action Wedge"(TM) soles. Picture Windows "Lightning" @ 1994 TV Showtime - Brian Keith, Kathleen Quinlan, Ron Perlman Acclaimed filmmakers use famous paintings as a starting point for new short films. An ironic western tale about a gambler and a prostitute who set their sights on a prospector's gold. When they find it, the woman (dressed like a cowboy with a big coat and hat) pushes the man into some dry quicksand, thinking she will now get all the treasure for herself, and starts laughing as he goes under. Then suddenly, their mule kicks her into the quicksand, and she sinks quickly under. And the mule lives happily ever after. Pinky and the Brain "Welcome To The Jungle" @
1995 TV animated - Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche
Animal rights activist think Pinky and the Brain are monkeys and release them into the jungle after taking them out of Acme Labs. The pair try to make it back home, but run into the Brain's old enemy Snowball. In one scene, Brain lands in quicksand and almost sinks under before Pinky swings in on a vine (doing the Tarzan yell) and pulls him out. In another scene, Pinky is tossed into quicksand while tied to a wooden post. Brain watches in horror while he remains tied-up to a wooden post by Snowball. Brain gets free and runs to the edge to help Pinky who is up to his neck, but he cannot find the means to rescue him. Just as Pinky starts to sink under, Brain (wearing a loin cloth) swings in on a vine and pulls Pinky out.

The Pink Chiquitas @ 1987 - Eartha Kitt, Frank Stallone This sci-fi satire pokes fun of low-budget films from the 1950s as it tells the story of a troublesome pink meteorite that changes the conservative women of a small Midwestern burg into ravenous sex fiends who take over the town men and force them to do their insatiable bidding. The women run around in their underwear, controlled by some strange sound. A guy in just a towel escapes an encampment at night but runs into some quicksand. The woman he was escaping with, who just became "possessed", pushes him under with her foot despite his requests for help. Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji "Tabu"
2007 TV Australian - John Noble, Kain O'Keeffe, Adelaide Clemens
The characters find themselves pulled into this alternate reality world, and must try to find their way back out. The pirates and Tyler are running out of air and lost. However Marty's party finds the magical way in, and how to get the orb of Osiris, but the pirates were lurking, Lily steals the orb and stabs Kira. Henry finally persuaded Sol to brave the taboo and enter themselves. Marty comes up with a daring theory how to end the game and get back to reality, but the virtual reality malfunction isn't fixed yet. After fighting over a golden orb, a guy throws the pirate girl into quicksand and lets her sink. She comes back a little later muddy and pissed.

Pirate Master "I Want That Treasure" @
2007 TV reality/game - Cameron Daddo (host)
Sixteen wannabe pirates compete in a high-seas adventure in search of a hidden treasure aboard a massive sailing ship. The black team ties their boat at the first map location begin running through the forest swamp. Suddenly, several members get bogged down in knee-deep mud covered by dry dead leaves. Ben loses his shoe and spends a good amount of time trying to retrieve it from the muck. Soon after, the red team slogs through the muck.

Pirate's Curse
2010 TV Movie Thailand - Anna Jandrasopark
Jane is confronted by the malevolent forces of Shadow Island following the theft of a rare and cursed emerald from a hidden shrine in a cave. As Jane runs through the jungle, she stumbles into a pit of quick sand and sinks to her neck.

Pirates of the Mississippi (aka Die Flusspiraten vom Mississippi) @ 1963 German - Dan Vadis, Sabine Sinjen, Horst Frank A guy and Native American woman cross a marsh at night. The guy gets stuck in some watery quicksand and slowly sinks under. Planet of Life Nature @ 19?? TV nature documentary series with David Attenborough A scene with David walking in some thick sticky mud of an estuary wearing boots. Plastic Man "?" @ 1979 TV animated An episode about a ghost and other hauntings. A giant tree grabs Plastic Man and two women and throws them into a bog. Plastic Man turns into a balloon and pulls them out, almost forgetting the reporter woman. Platypus Cove @ 1986 Australian - Paul L. Smith A young boy gets brutal revenge on the crooks who murdered his adoptive family. Two children run after a rubber raft that is floating away from shore and get stuck in the tidal quicksands. The boy's feet get stuck up just over the ankles but frees himself. The girl gets stuck up to her waist as the tide comes in and is pulled free by the boy who is now in the raft. Plunder, episode 9 "Game Clean Through, part 1" @ 1922 B&W silent serial - Pearl White, Harry Semels While chasing some baddies, Pearl rides up on her horse, dismounts, and walks into watery quicksand. She slowly sinks to her shoulders as the baddies ride off. She manages to cleverly shoot down a vine and pull herself up and out. Pocket Dragon Adventures "It Came From Outer Space" 1998 TV animated - Ian James Corlett, Kathleen Barr, Jason Gray-Stanford There is a bog of slime that traps one of the small dragon characters who is then pulled free by friends. Pokemon: Black and White "Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?"
2011 TV animated Japan - Sarah Natochenny, Eileen Stevens, Jason Griffith
Meowth runs into a Purrloin who has apparently been abandoned by its trainer. He and Oshawott end up smitten with it. However, this Purrloin has more than a few secrets. It turns out that Purrloin's friends are stuck in a mine, but when Ash & Co. get there, they soon find the mine more hazardous than they thought. The team ends up stuck in a river of green quicksand. An attempt to pull them out fails when the rope breaks. Just as they sink under, Purrloin arrives with some birds that pull them free.

Police Call (aka Wanted; Broadway to the Jungles!) 1933 B&W - Nick Stuart, Merna Kennedy, Roberta Gale Danny is a champion boxer who hopes to make enough money to support his lovin' ma and his kid sister. This accomplished, Danny begins working towards saving for his college education. These plans are scotched by a racketeer known as "The Chief", who insists that Danny accept a job as a mob bodyguard. When one of the Chief's minions tries to have his way with Danny's sister, our hero knocks the crumb down a flight of stairs. Certain that he's killed the man, Danny runs off to Guatemala, where the film suddenly and unexpectedly becomes a jungle melodrama. (There is apparently a quicksand scene in this movie.) The Pom Pom Girls (aka Palisades High) 1976 - Robert Carradine, Jennifer Ashley, Lisa Reeves Two suburban high schools engage in lively, prank rivalry before a big football game and celebrate their senior year by having food fights, making love in the back of vans, and stealing a fire truck. There is a nice long scene with a bunch of teens having a tug-of-war over a mud pit, ending up with lots of wet, muddy coverage. Popeye The Sailor "?" 19?? Movie/TV animated While out in the jungle, Popeye (in his blue and red uniform) and Olive get caught in quicksand. Popeye The Sailor "?" 19?? Movie/TV animated Out in a jungle, a bearded skinny guy with a baseball cap gets caught in some quicksand. Por Siempre Amigos (aka Forever Friends) @ 1987 TV Argentina soap opera - Cristina Lemercier, Ricky Martin, Raymond Acevedo In one episode, a lady running with a golden idol runs into some watery quicksand. The young man and woman with her try to rescue her, but she refuses to let go of the idol and sinks under. Port Sinister (aka Beast of Paradise Isle) 1953 B&W - James Warrenm, Lynne Roberts, William Schallert Soldier of fortune Tony Ferris leads an expedition to an island threatened with extinction by a volcano where he believes the eruption will reveal a fortune in buried pirate treasure. Surrounded by highly suspicious-looking characters, Ferris can trust only his longtime companion, Jean Hunter, and must battle a bunch of mutated giant crabs as well. Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw 1988 animated - B.J. Ward, Ruth Buzzi, Nancy Cartwright The Pound Puppies try to retrieve the magical "Bone of Scone" that's been stolen from a museum and allows youngsters and dogs to communicate with each other. When the villains damage the bridge across the swamp, the Pound Puppies and Purries try to cross and fall into the water. One says, "I can't swim", and another replies, "Don't worry; this is quicksand." When they grab onto some vines to pull themselves out, the vines turn out to be the hairs of a giant dog who pulls them free. Power Rangers (aka Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers; Power Rangers Ninja) "Ninja Quest Part 2" @ 1993 TV - Karan Ashley, David Yost, Jason David Frank After the Rangers are defeated by Rito Revolto (sister to main villainess Rita Repulsa), the Rangers go to the "Desert of Despair" to acquire new powers. After losing the much needed map, the Yellow Ranger Aisha sinks up to her chest into the dry "magical and swirling" sand of the desert. Screaming for help, the other Rangers form a human chain to save her. Power Rangers: Mystic Force "Fire Heart" @ 2006 TV - Firass Dirani, Richard Brancatisano, Peta Rutter With the aid of her Taxi Cab Monster, Necrolai steals an ancient map, which lists the location of the powerful Fire Heart. The Rangers manage to copy it and trek into the dangerous Cimmerian Forest to attain the item first. Will the team come together to overcome the quicksand and giant spiders, or will Xander's newfound "leadership" abilities lead them only to disaster? As the five rangers stop top argue, they begin to sink into a patch of grayish quicksand. They sink to their chest and shoulders as they claw their way to the edge and drag each other out of the bog. They continue to argue, covered head to toe in muck, as the map sinks under. The Powers of Matthew Star "Triangle" @ 1982 TV - Peter Barton, Louis Gossett Jr., Amy Steel The adventures of high-school student Matthew Star, who is actually a superpowered alien prince from another world. Pam organizes a search for her lost treasure-hunter uncle on an island in the Bermuda Triangle, and Matthew finds treasure of the spiritual kind from his native planet. While she stays behind with the guide they hired, he embarks on a search of his own. After an encounter with a snake that falls from a tree, he discovers the trail is blocked by quicksand. After tossing a rock in to see if his suspicions are correct, he edges his way around the pit. Thinking he's safe, he continues out of the clearing. Then a small explosion in the trees directly in front of him sends him reeling backwards right into the goop. After some struggling, he manages to use his powers to bend some tree branches down to help him escape as he sinks to his chin in the thick and sloppy bog. Pressure 19?? music video by Queen & David Bowie It had a scene that looked like an old movie with a guy struggling in what could be a watery mud or quicksand pit. Pressure 19?? music video by Billy Joel Billy Joel sinks into a floor. Despite the location, it was a good sink. The Pretender "School Daze" 1996 TV - Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker, Patrick Bauchau Jarod gets a lesson in childhood behavior when he assumes the identity of a school teacher to locate and protect a sixth-grade student who is a witness to murder and the killer's next target. At a construction site adjacent to the school, the main baddie Esposito intends to put his inside accomplice Rachel (Tracey Needham) and the boy witness Eric into a pit that has been dug and is ready to be filled with concrete. Jarod arrives in time and throws Esposito in instead, then tosses Rachel in with him. Jarod begins to fill the pit with cement until both of them confess to their respective crimes, then walks away without turning the cement mixer off. There were only about 10 seconds of shots of her being from ankle deep to just below her chest. Pretty Piggies "Prehistoric Piggies" 19?? TV animated Four little piggies get stuck in some deep jungle mud. The Price of Treachery (aka The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter) 1914 B&W silent When his never-do-well brother Henry commits a crime, Robert assumes the responsibility and is subsequently disowned by his father. Robert then goes to sea and later falls in love with Mary, the lighthouse keeper's daughter, who is also loved by Henry. While seeking shelter in the lighthouse during a storm, Henry attempts to rape Mary, and during her attempts to resist him, the lighthouse beacon is accidentally extinguished. As a consequence, Robert is shipwrecked, but is rescued by Mary's father. A month later, Henry persuades his friends to help him abduct Mary in a motorboat. The attempt goes awry, however, and Henry becomes separated from his companions. Pursued by Robert, Henry stumbles and sinks to his death in quicksand. Meanwhile, Mary locks her abductors in the cabin of the boat and steers to shore where she is reunited with Robert. Primitives (aka Primitif; Savage Terror) @ 1978 Indonesia - Enny Haryono, Barry Prima, Johann Mardjono Three students and their guide head deep into the Indonesian rain forest to locate and study primitive stone-age tribes separated from all civilization. But their boat capsizes, and the group is separated. Some are captured by a local cannibal tribe who holds them prisoner, while the others wander aimlessly through the jungle looking for their lost companions. While running through the jungle, the woman splashes into a watery brown pool of quicksand. One man grabs a stick while the other climbs a tree to get to her. The man in the tree lowers himself down so that the woman can grab hold of his legs and pull herself up while the other man with the stick pushes her to the side. She crawls out, but the man in the tree falls in after grabbing a weak branch. The others pull him out with the stick, and they all start running again. In another scene, one of them fights a large snake which begins dragging him up a tree until they fall and land in the mud below and start wrestling. The guy triumphs, and the snake is eaten. The Princess Bride @ 1987 - Robin Wright, Cary Elwes A classic fairy tale with swordplay, giants, an evil king, a beautiful princess, and yes, some kissing. While traversing the Fire Swamp, the princess walks into dry lightning sand and quickly disappears. The hero grabs a vine, dives in after her, and pulls her out. Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders "Prince of the Forest" @ 1995 TV animated After avoiding a steel leg-hold trap out in the forest, the princess falls into a mud pit. A stranger offers to help her, but she stands up to refuse and sinks quickly to her waist before accepting help. Princess Rouge "Legend of the Last Labyrinth" 19?? TV animated Japanese Rouge sinks up to her neck in a weird, blue bog while swearing at it. Psycho 1960 B&W - Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles A young female embezzler arrives at the Bates Motel which has terrible secrets of its own. The motel is managed by a quiet young man called Norman who seems to be dominated by his mother. After the woman is stabbed to death in the shower, Norman wraps her in the shower curtain, puts her in the trunk of her car, and pushes the car into a swamp in the rear of the motel where it slowly sinks into the watery bog. At the end of the film, the car is winched from the mud. Pure Luck @ 1991 - Martin Short, Danny Glover The daughter of a wealthy businessman with ultra bad luck has disappeared in Mexico. Her father sends one of his accountants with super bad luck to find her. Martin Short steps in dry desert quicksand and sinks to his neck before being pulled free. (humorous) Purple Sunset (aka Ziri) @ 2001 China - Fu Dalong, Anna Dzenilalova, Chie Mieta Just after the atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki near the end of World War II in August of 1945, during a harsh winter season, the USSR declares war on Japan and sends a Soviet Army unit to engage troops the enemy has stationed in Inner Mongolia. After a major skirmish, a Chinese prisoner escapes execution by his Japanese captors and hooks up with female Russian soldier who has been separated from her unit. Shortly thereafter, they capture a young Japanese girl whom the Russian soldier wants to eliminate, but the former Chinese prisoner cannot bring himself to do it, despite being tormented by memories of his mistreatment at the hands of the Japanese invaders. Stuck in deep snow in a forest far from civilization, the three survivors are forced to band together in order to keep alive. Together, they depart on a long and danger-filled journey, wandering through the gorgeous Mongolian wilderness. Cut off from the rest of the world and not entirely trusting one another, they gradually develop a friendship that crosses borders. There is a scene where the three protagonists are crossing a fallen tree over a swampy gulch, and the Chinese guy slips and knocks the young Japanese girl, bound and gaged, off into the thick muddy bog below. She slowly sinks from her waist to her neck as the Russian soldier quietly debates with herself to rescue her or not. Eventually, the Chinese guy takes the Russian's machine gun and extends it to pull her out. The Russian then holds the guy's legs as he starts to pull the girl free, but the gun slips out of his grasp. A quick flash of the girl shooting both him and the Russian with it races through his mind, but she doesn't and continues to extend the gun back to the others who pull her free (though the scene ends before she is actually pulled out). The Purple Taxi (aka Un taxi mauve) 1977 French/Italian - Fred Astaire, Peter Ustinov, Philippe Noiret A French author living in Ireland makes friends with an American who has come to Ireland after his girlfriend is killed in a fire, an American physician comes to Ireland to spend his last years as a taxi driver, a British guy arrives with his apparently mute daughter who may actually be in love with him, and everyone gets romantically involved and goes off in opposite directions. While out hunting somewhere, a man walks into a puddle of water and starts sinking in the soft mud underneath. Having been very depressed recently, he almost doesn't attempt to pull himself out, but at the last minute, he changes his mind. (No mud seen - just the water.) Pygmy Island @ 1950 B&W - Johnny Weissmuller, Ann Savage, David Bruce Jungle Jim heads a search for missing WAC Captain Ann Kingsley, and the trail leads to some enemy spies who want a valuable fiberglass plant for their own nefarious purposes. Jungle Jim fights with a bad guy and both tumble into thick quicksand and continue to fight briefly before the other baddies pull them out.

Quarks & Co.
1993 German news/documentary - Ranga Yogeshwar, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, Ralph Caspers
Ranga Yogeshwar explains the phenomenons of science. Ranga and a stuntman explore a boggy marsh.

Queen of Black Magic (aka Black Magic Terror; Black Magic III; Black Magic Queen; Ratu ilmu Hitam) @ 1979 Indonesia - Suzanna, W.D. Mochtar, Alan Nuary After being unscrupulously dumped by her fickle ex-lover, Murni seeks retribution by learning the secret arts of black magic and casts a variety of grotesque spells over various men in the village. She casts such a spell on a man working in the muddy rice fields by spinning herself into the ground which causes the man to sink into the muddy water. He goes under as he calls for help. Two other men pull him back out, but his dead body is "infested" with earth worms.

Quest For Fire (aka La Guerre Du Feu) @ 1981 French/Canadian - Everett McGill, Ron Perlman, Nameer El-Kadi A story in prehistoric times when three tribesmen search for a new fire source. One gets stuck and sinks up to his chin in a watery bog trying to cross it to a village. Later, his two friends end up the same way. Quibi Online Videos @
2020 TV commercial
A male jungle explorer is sinking in quicksand and has just enough time to watch a 10-minute online video program before going under. Quick Bites, Big Stories.

Quicksand - The Board Game by Parker Brothers 1989 TV commercial Two safari-type explorers are sinking into a dry bed of desert quicksand. In between them is a small board game they are playing which involved unscrambling words. It ends with the two explorers going under the sand while their safari hats remain on the surface. Quicksand! 1997? directed by Max Brenner An article appeared in FilmFun Magazine, September 1997: "Max Brenner Is The God Of Film" by Leonard Willis, that said, "...there was that tornado movie [Twister], and I remember thinking, what if someone did that with quicksand? You know, made a movie where the people were trying to get away from the quicksand, but the quicksand is expanding, it's coming for them. [The filming went] great, it was beautiful. I think the thing I enjoyed most was dealing with the quicksand itself, it is really the star of the movie, it has real personality. I think people will be surprised." (Unfortunately, this came from a spoof website - it does not exist.) Quincy (aka Quincy, M.E.) "?" 1976 TV - Jack Klugman, Robert Ito, John S. Ragin A crime/drama show about the cases of a coroner who investigates suspicious deaths that usually lead to foul play. In one episode, a woman was thrashing around in quicksand, screaming for help. Quincy tosses a rope to her and pulls her out. Rags to Riches "Wilderness Blues" 1987 TV - Joseph Bologna, Tisha Campbell, Kimiko Gelman A wealthy widowed businessman adopts five daughters to live with him at his mansion. Nick gets fed up with the girls' arguing and decides they need quality family time, so he takes them on a disastrous camping trip. Near the end, one of the girls gets stuck up to her waist in quicksand before being pulled out by "dad" and the others. Rainbow Brite "Peril in the Pits" @ 1986 TV animated - Bettina Bush, Peter Cullen, Pat Fraley Rainbow Brite is a tirelessly cheerful sprite. Rainbows shoot from her hands, she sings, and she never stops giving inspirational speeches. Rainbow Brite and her new friend go to the Land of the Pits where the villain uses magic dust to make a pit of quicksand look like water. When the horse goes to clean up, it begins sinking. They try to form a chain to get the horse out, but Rainbow falls in with the horse. She then uses her magic belt to reach her friends who pull them out. Ramar of the Jungle "?" (portions of the series were edited into a movie called "Thunder Over Sangoland" in 1955) 1952 TV B&W - Jon Hall, Ray Montgomery, James Fairfax Tom Reynolds returns to the jungles of Africa and India as a doctor where he treats natives and takes care of bad guys, aided by fellow adventurer Professor Ogden. While out beating the bushes with the hero, the skinny, English sidekick walks into a pile of moss and sinks down to his waist, crying out "It's quicksand, Guvn'r!" The hero laboriously cuts some vines and climbs out on a limb over him to pull him out. (There isn't even any water in the pit - just the standard Hollywood jungle "moss" floor covering.) Rambo (aka Rambo and the Forces of Freedom; Rambo: The Force of Freedom) "Swamp Monster" @
1986 TV animated - Neil Ross, Michael Ansara, James Avery
Based on the movie series, Rambo returns in this animated series as the proud hero fighting with the Freedom Force to end oppression in the world. Rambo and Turbo investigate a complaint from Turbo's Uncle Oliver regarding a swamp monster that is terrorizing the bayou. They discover that the "monster" is an amphibious attack vehicle owned by General Warhawk. While traversing a swamp, Turbo walks into quicksand and sinks to his shoulders. Rambo cuts a vine from a tree, tosses it to him, and pulls him out.

The Ranch (aka Wild Rose Ranch) @ 1988 Canadian - Gary Fjellgaard, Elizabeth Keefe, Andrew Stevens A down-and-out Wall Street executive leaves the big city when he inherits a mudhole of a ranch and turns it into a dude ranch health spa. There are several scenes of people in the thick, light-brown, but not real deep claypit: two guys drinking beer sitting chest deep, four women play around in the pit, a man knocks a woman critic into the pit and she pulls him in too, a brief scene of the woman critic indulging herself in the relaxing mud, and an out-take in the end credits of the man trying to help the woman critic out of the pit. Ranma 1/2 (aka Ranma nibun no ichi) "Hot Springs Battle Royale" @ 1989 TV animated Japanese - Kappei Yamaguchi, Megumi Hayashibara, Noriko Hidaka A romantic martial-arts comedy Anime series about a guy who turns into a girl (and back again) when splashed with water. In this episode (which is on the tape "Martial Mayhem: Daddy Dearest"), Ranma and a girl are running an obstacle course, and one of the obstacles is the Pit of Shifting Sand. The girl runs into it first, sinks to her knees, and calls for help. When the guy walks in, she changes her mind and starts walking again. They walk fine until they both stop, then they sink to their chests and stop. They argue for a while, and she throws him out. He comes back to apologize and tries to throw her out, but when he picks her up, he sinks under. She pulls him up, then uses his shoe and a chain to pull them both out. Rave Master "Under Desert Sands, Part 1 - Ray Barrier, The Hidden City"
2001 TV Japanese anime - Yuri Lowenthal, Mona Marshall, Michelle Ruff
While roaming through a desert, Haru, Elie, Musica, Plue, and Griff find themselves in quicksand. As they all fall through the quicksand, they land in a river in Ray Barrier City.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (aka Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures) "The Mummies of Melenque" @ 1996 TV animated - J.D. Roth, George Segal During an expedition with Jessie's mother Estella, the Quest team discovers a plague that wiped out an ancient Inca-like tribe. At the very beginning, Jessie runs into quicksand fleeing from baddies who pull her out just far enough to snatch the medallion she is wearing before they let go of the rope. Jonny runs to the rescue and tries to pull her out with a stick which gets shot apart when she is almost out, sending her back in. Her dad, Race Bannon, eventually gets her out. Real Sex 19 1998 TV HBO documentary Topics include a black beauty contest in the buff, a workshop where couples swap partners, and the many pleasures of mud. Real TV @ 1998 TV reality video drama Scenes from a high-rise apartment building ablaze (main story), and a 16-year-old boy out riding his dirt bike gets stuck in thick clay mud up to his waist. Real TV @ 1998 TV reality video drama Neighbors help police catch a suspect; a racecar explodes; a horse named Silk Road gets stuck in the mud; flaming chickens on unicycles. (See also "Wild Rescues".) Real TV @ 1998 TV reality video drama Kangaroo stuck in quicksand. Video footage of some people hiking though Australia's wilderness and finding several kangaroos dead along the edge of a watering hole. They also spot a small kangaroo trapped in some muck along the edge of the pond. Stepping out on a fallen log, a guy makes his way close to the kangaroo and pulls it out by its ear. (See also "I-Witness Video".) Red Dwarf "Terrorform" 1988 TV British - Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules Kryten and Rimmer go off moon-hopping and discover a psi-moon, an artificial planetoid that can tune into an individual's psyche and adapt its terrain to mimic the person's mental state. Rimmer disappears and Kryten is badly damanged when the planet reshapes itself to Rimmer's mind. Lister, Cat, and Holly come to the rescue, repair Kryten, and go off looking for Rimmer. As the Starbug traverses the Swamp of Despair after finding Rimmer, it becomes trapped in quicksand and begins to sink. The "planet" is refusing to let Rimmer go. But after the crew raise Rimmer's self-respect and self-confidence, the planet's hold weakens, and the ship escapes. (The quicksand is nothing but a lousy BBC fog effect.) The Red Green Show (aka The New Red Green Show) "The Tanks We Get" @ 1991 TV Canadian - Steve Smith, Rick Green A show about the wacky adventures of Red Green, handyman extraordinare, and his goofy nephew Harold as they live at Possum Lodge in Canada. The Lodge receives 49 ten-thousand gallon gas tanks for a fund raiser. Meanwhile, Harold has the inside dope on show business. Bill finds quicksand and Red builds a personal sauna out of a clothes dryer. During "Adventures with Bill", Red and Bill probe for quicksand that started appearing on a dirt road. When they find it and try to mark it, it dissappears and reappears someplace else. Bill falls in, and Red goes for a rope to try to save him. When Red gets back, Bill is gone. Red tries to dig for him as Bill comes up behind him out of the van. (The quicksand is just a water hole with hay over it; humorous.) Redakai "The Cataclysm Stone" @
2011 TV Canada animated - Martin Hylander Brucker, Austin Dilulio, Jasmine Richards
A young student of ancient martial arts embarks on an epic quest to find the Kairu, a primordial alien energy source. Ky, Maya, and Boomer travel to Southern Mexico where they come fact-to-face with the Cataclysm Stone. The characters get placed in quicksand when they no longer have the will to fight. They escape by removing the energy from the quicksand.

Reformatory 1938 B&W - Jack Holt, Bobby Jordan, Charlotte Wynters Robert Dean is appointed warden at a boys reformatory on the condition that he can keep unwanted publicity away. He does all he can to insure fair treatment of the young inmates; unfortunately, one of his guards refuses to toe the new line. When the warden catches the guard beating a boy, the warden begins punching the guard; he then fires him. The warden's toughest case truly reforms and proves that the new methods are more effective. The warden must prove this before the governor when one of the boys escapes and disappears into the surrounding swamps where he drowns. (There is apparently a quicksand scene in this movie.) Relic Hunter "Buddha's Bowl" 1999 TV - Tia Carrere, Christien Anholt An unorthodox history professor searches for lost icons and rare treasures in exotic locations. When Sydney and Nigel travel to Nepal to recover a mythical Buddha's alms bowl, they become trapped in a room filling with dry sand before finding the deactivating switch. Relic Hunter "Transformation" @ 1999 TV - Tia Carrere, Christien Anholt A military officer strong-arms Sydney and Nigel into going under cover to search for a formula that turns lead into gold. Near the end and the two scrolls obtained, Sydney and the female protagonist get into a fight in some nice, thick brown mud, and there are plenty of good shots of them covered in it. Then as Nigel and another guy are standing by and admiring the fighters, they are attacked and knocked face-first into the same mud pit by some big brute as they begin to fight it out. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (aka Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous) @ 1985 - Fred Ward, Joel Grey A "dead" cop is recruited by secret agents, given a new face and identity, taught the Zen of international intrigue by a martial arts expert, and assigned to battle an evil arms manufacturer who is ripping off the US military. At the Statue of Liberty (under construction), a bad guy sinks fairly quickly in some very deep wet cement that is like quicksand after Remo "tip-toes" across successfully. Renegade (aka Blueberry: L'experience Secrete) @ 2004 French/Mexican - Vincent Cassel, Juliette Lewis, Michael Madsen In the 1870's, U.S Marshal Mike S. Blueberry tries to stop Wally Blount, the man who killed his girlfriend, from getting to a stockpile of gold hidden in Indian territory. On his way, he meets Prosit, a German villain on a persistent mission to find gold in the Superstition Mountains. Blueberry pursues one of the baddies into a dimly lit cavern where the bad guy stumbles into some thick quicksand and sinks to his chest and chin, then his head slowly goes under. Air bubbles soon appear on the surface as his double-crossing baddie looks on. Replacements, The 2001 - Gene Hackman, Keanu Reeves, Brooke Langton During a pro football strike, the owners hire substitute players. At one point, the team was discussing their fears, and the quarterback mentions quicksand which leads to a discussion of it in a metaphorical fashion. (Not a "true" quicksand scene, but an attention getter nonetheless.) Rescue 911 "?" 1989 TV reality rescue drama - William Shatner (host) In one of the segments, two New Jersey cops chase a suspect into a swamp at night, and one of the officers steps into a boggy area and quickly sinks up to his waist. He struggles and calls out for help. The other officer tries to help him but gets to within 20 feet and sinks up to his knees. He continues to sink up to his waist before other cops come and pull him out. The first officer is still trapped and struggling, and he sinks all the way to his armpits before he starts to tire out. A police helicopter arrives and picks the officer up by the landing skids. Rescue Heroes (aka Rescue Heroes: Global Response Team) "Shake Up In The Jungle" @ 1999 TV animated Canadian/Chinese - Norm Spencer, Lenore Zann, Marc Donato While a group is camping in the jungle, an earthquake hits the area, and a man gets trapped in a hole. A woman in a purple top goes off on her own to find help. Later, one of the Rescue Heroes arrives and finds her waist deep in a bog. He tries to throw her a rope, but it gets caught on a branch. He then swings across the pit to save her. The Return Of Count Yorga (aka The Abominable Count Yorga; Curse of Count Yorga) @ 1971 - Robert Quarry, Mariette Hartley, Roger Perry Count Yorga returns from the grave as he and his female vampires take residence in a decrepit mansion near an orphanage where strange happenings and disappearances soon occur. In one scene, Count Yorga's henchman is seen out in the garden, pushing the bodies of victims into a pit of quicksand with a pole. In another scene, Count Yorga leads a priest to the same pit of quicksand after he determines the priest is suspicious of the count's true nature. The priest walks into the bog, becomes stuck ankle deep, and slowly sinks. He begs to be saved, but Count Yorga's unwillingness to help makes the priest realize that the townspeople were right and that Yorga is a vampire. The Count simply watches the priest sink to his death as the priest holds up a cross and goes under. Revenge of the Cheerleaders (aka H.O.T.S. III) @ 1976 - Cheryl Smith, Helen Lang, David Hasselhoff The tale of the Aloha Cheerleaders' struggle against Lincoln high when the principal of Aloha High School is charged with the task of cleaning up the sexually permissive atmosphere of the school. A heavy woman sinks in a quicksand sand trap on a golf course into an underground room. Others involved in the chase jump in. (Just plain dumb!) Revenge of the Zombies (aka The Corpse Vanished) @ 1943 B&W - John Carradine, Gale Storm, Robert Lowery A man hires a detective after the death of his sister at his brother-in-law's spooky old mansion in the middle of a Louisiana swamp. They eventually discover that the old doctor is a Nazi who has been creating an army of zombies for the Third Reich and has turned the deceased woman into one of the undead as well, but he is later surprised when she shows signs of free will and challenges the doctor for control over his zombie thralls. At the end, the doctor flees into the swamp, but his undead wife, wearing a white dress, catches him and forces him into a watery pool of quicksand where they both sink to their doom. Ride the High Wind (aka African Gold) @ 1965 - Darren McGavin, Maria Perschy A plane crashes in the desert of Southwest Africa, and the pilot ends up near the remains of a dilapidated wagon which he later learns was lost in the Boer War with a load of gold bullion. He and friends return to collect it but run into trouble. A brunette in slacks and blouse sinks in dry desert quicksand (which you really can't see very well) during a sandstorm and is pull free by the main character. Riders of the Desert @ 1932 B&W - Bob Steele, Gertrude Messenger The Rangers in New Mexico are being disbanded, but Bob Houston gets them to make one more ride. They go after the outlaw gang led by Hashknife. At one point, Bob and Barbara are riding along above a shallow, winding river with wide sand banks. "You don't ever want to try cross down there," Bob explains manfully and helpfully to Barbara. "That's quicksand!" Later, Hashknife escapes, taking Barbara with him. With Bob in hot pursuit, Hashknife mires his horse down by the river. The horse manages to free itself while Hashknife crawls out on his hands and knees through the brush and deep mud. But Barbara (a cute blonde, wearing boots, a long leather fringed skirt, black vest, white blouse with a kerchief, and a white hat) is left behind, unconscious, lying on her side/back up to her waist in the muck, slowly sinking. Bob rides up, leaps on the baddie, and the two begin fighting. Every so often, the camera shifts back to poor Barbara, who each time is a little deeper into the quicksand-like mire. Bob finally puts a finishing punch on Hashknife, sees that the still unconscious Barbara has now sunk up to her neck, and rushes to his faithful horse and pulls out his trusty rope. Bob ties it around himself and wades into the muck up to his waist, with his sidekick Slim holding the end of the rope to pull them back. Bob grabs Barbara and yells to Slim to pull. Slim slowly pulls Bob and the now conscious Barbara out of the mire and up onto the muddy bank. The Rifleman "Old Tony" @ 1958 TV B&W - Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford Mark and his girlfriend Lorrie (Karen Sue Trent) are out on horseback, collecting arrowheads from Indian burial grounds for an old recluse named Old Tony when he catches them trespassing on his land. While Mark naps, Lorrie wanders into some quicksand in the swamp and struggles up to her chest. Mark tries to pull the panicking girl out but is pulled in with her. They sink up to their shoulders before Lucas and Tony pull them out. Right Guard Anti-Perspirant 196? TV commercial A scene where two male explorers wearing pith helmets are slowly sinking in quicksand, and at the end of the commercial, a monkey drops them a vine. Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey "Dream Wanderers of Borneo" 1988 TV - documentary In the mid-1970s, documentary filmmakers and explorers Lorne and Lawrence Blair traveled to the Indonesian islands which create a chain of active volcanoes deemed the "ring of fire". They hoped that their decade-long spiritual journey would somehow result in a feature-length film that would accurately and eloquently convey their experiences. The Blairs ended up with four films which were released to television and theaters. This episode continues to trace their dangerous journey, following them along an 800-mile canoe trip through untamed rain forest, hazardous river currents, quicksand, a tropical storm, and a plague of insects in their quest to find the legendary "dream wanderers" of Borneo. In one scene, the brothers were crossing soggy terrain overland with their native guides and had to cross what they claimed was quicksand by means of a tree felled across the boggy area with their guides leading the way across. Nobody got stuck or even sank very much since the guides already knew there was probably quicksand in that spot, and this was more of a precaution. Rising Sun @ 1993 - Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes, Mako An L.A. cop and a Japanese expert investigate a homicide case that implicates a powerful Japanese corporation and a U.S. senator when a call girl is found dead by asphyxiation during a celebration party of the newly opened high-rise. At the end of the movie, one of the killers is apparently thrown off a ledge amongst the building's construction and can be heard landing in a big pit of wet cement. Unconscious, he slowly sinks under in the gray ooze the good guys look on helpless. Riverboat "The Water of Gorgeous Springs" @ 1959 TV B&W - Darren McGavin, Burt Reynolds The feuding families of Gould Jennings and Niles Cox (Barry Atwater, Buddy Ebsen) are going to a country fair, and Captain Grey Holden unwittingly books both families on his boat, the Enterprise. Now, Grey has to act as peacemaker or have the riverboat wrecked by gunfire. After shooting a young man over a family feud one night, a guilt ridden young woman (Sherry Jackson) jumps off a riverboat and swims ashore. While running through a swamp, she falls into a quicksand bog (in a very dark scene). She is rescued by the riverboat captain and members of the feuding families. Road Rovers "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" 1996 TV animated - David Doyle, Larry Drake, Sheena Easton Fur-raising adventures of courageous canines who doggedly defend and protect all that's good in the galaxy. While the Rovers are battling in the jungle to defeat the villain, they trick the enemy tank into some mud where it sinks out of sight. The two villains jump out and sink quickly to their necks. The next scene shows them crawling out, covered in mud. Roar (pilot episode) @ 1997 TV - Heath Ledger, Lisa Zane, Sebastian Roche A young reluctant Celt is destined to unite the clans fight for freedom to rid the island of the invading Romans in 400 A.D. There is a scene where the evil queen is taking a nude mud bath in her palace. Robin of Sherwood (aka Robin Hood) "Alan A'Dale" @ 1984 TV - Michael Praed, Nickolas Grace, Robert Addie Robin agrees to help Alan A'Dale prevent the forced marriage of his beloved Mildred to the Sheriff of Nottingham who is doing it only to gain land, a large dowry, and power. Robin leads an attack on the bridal caravan taking the unwilling Mildred to her wedding, only to discover that it is a decoy to lure Robin into a skirmish. Robin ends up chasing Sir Guy of Gisburne through the forest and knocks him off his horse into some thick dark mud along the bank of a swampy river. The two get into a short scuffle in waist deep mud before Robin manages to pull free and swim out through the water as the Sheriff arrives on the scene. Robinson Crusoe and the Tiger (aka Robinson Crusoe) @ 1969/1972 Mexican/USA - Ahui, Hugo Stiglitz Here's the classic Defoe tale as told by a narrating tiger that witnesses castaway Robinson Crusoe's struggles to survive the man-eating cannibals on the tropical island. While being chased on the deserted island by a tiger, both Crusoe and the tiger fall into waterlogged sawdust quicksand. Crusoe gets out by pulling on vines, and the tiger manages to escape also with a little help from Crusoe. Robo Warriors @ 1996/1998 - James Remar, Kyle Howard, James Lew In the future, Earth is invaded by an alien force called the Terridax. After a giant robot fight, the aliens win, and Earth's surviving Robo Warrior hides his giant EarthBot robot and disappears. Ten years later, Earth's only hope of ridding itself of the alien occupation lies with a teenage boy, a drunken hero, and the giant robot hidden somewhere in the jungle. As the hero makes his way through the jungle to find the EarthBot, the boy has been following him and stumbles into a leaf-covered pool of peat-on-water quicksand when startled by gunfire. The hero hears his call and holds out his rifle for the boy to grab and pulls him out after sinking to his neck. Rocket Robin Hood "Dementia Five" 1966 TV animated Canadian - Len Birman, Ed McNamara, Bernard Cowan The futuristic adventures of the legendary outlaw and his Merry Men in outer space. A scientist discovers the secrets of Infinata, a one-eyed skeletal ruler of a frightening, psychedelic dimension where thought is reality, and Infinata's thoughts are powerful enough to invade normal space and destroy all worlds that pose a threat to his realm, Dementia Five. The information ends up in the hands of Robin and Little John, and when they encounter Infinata, he sentences them to die in a quicksand-like pool. But when Robin closes his eyes and finds himself back in reality, he learns Infinata's jealously-guarded secret, that Dementia Five is all illusion, existing only in the minds of those who believe in it. Robin and Little John close their eyes and minds to Infinata and are saved. Romance of the Limberlost 1938 B&W - Jean Parker, Eric Linden, Hollis Jewell Parker is a girl from the swamp who meets and falls in love with an aspiring lawyer from the better part of town who is later murdered. Slow-moving but rewarding remake of 1934 GIRL OF THE LIMBERLOST. (Any quicksand?) Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles (aka Starship Troopers: The Series) "...And Then There Were Two" @ TV 1999 animated CGI - Rino Romano, Tish Hicks, Elizabeth Daily As the squad goes on Recon in the Tesca Nemerosan jungle beyond Zegema Beach, Rico still refuses to accept T'Phai into the unit. But as a Giant Spider-Bug abducts the Roughnecks one by one, Rico and T'Phai are left alone and forced to work together. While trying to find a missing trooper, Rico stumbles into quicksand and sinks to his waist before being rescued by Dizzy. (This is episode 17 of 40, and episode 2 of The Tesca Campaign.) Run of the Arrow (aka Hot Lead; The Last Bullet) @ 1957 - Rod Steiger, Sara Montiel, Brian Keith A Confederate soldier, who hates the North with a bloodthirsty vengeance, searches for his identity by joining a Sioux Indian tribe and ends up battling the cavalry when they announce plans to build a new fort on Indian hunting grounds. A mute Indian boy gets into quicksand by the river. He blows a harmonica to get help from a soldier who, after saving the boy, falls in and goes under when the tree branch he crawled out on breaks. The Run of the Country @ 1995 Ireland/US - Albert Finney, Matthew Keeslar, Victoria Smurfit An Irish family drama about the testy relationship between a widowed cop and his university-aged son who eventually gets involved with a woman who threatens dad's plans. A guy is working on his tractor at the edge of a small bluff overlooking a mud bog. One of his friends accidentally bumps the tractor's gearshift, putting it into forward motion. The guy is knocked into the thick black bog. The tractor then slides down the hill and lands on the guy in the bog and slowly pushes him under, despite his friend's frantic efforts. Run Wild, Run Free (aka Phillip; The White Colt) @ 1969 British - Mark Lester, Fiona Fullerton, John Mills A psychologically mute boy befriends a wild colt. While riding out on the Dartmoor moors with a girl friend, the horse is spooked and runs into a watery peat bog and becomes stuck. Friends and family get very muddy as they crawl out and pull the horse free... after the boy speaks to the pony. Rupert "Rupert And The Marsh Mystery"
1991 TV Canada animated - Julie Lemieux, Valerie Boyle, Guy Bannerman
The adventures of a young bear named Rupert who unintentionally ends up in faraway mystical places. Rupert travels with Ottoline to her Aunt Felicity's Inn where they learn of her financial troubles. While running from he baddie in the marsh, Rupert and Ottoline run into quicksand up to their waist. The baddie leaves them to their fate, while Rupert struggles and sinks to his neck. Phoebe arrives and pulls them free with a sturdy pole.

Les Sables Mouvants (aka Quicksand) 1996 French - Beppe Chierici, Daniel San Pedro, Ludivine Vaillat Set in France's Carmargue area during the late 1950s, this provocative, powerful drama chronicles the labor dispute between an exploitative farmer and his newest worker, a Spanish emigrant who turns about to much more than he first appears. Manuel comes to Roger's spread to plead for employment. Roger is impressed by the well-spoken, seemingly well-educated Manuel, who is also an excellent mechanic, and gives him work. Manuel turns out to be a man with a secret, and when Roger learns of it, he attempts to blackmail Manuel, who in turn learns a few of Roger's secrets, thereby creating a stalemate that ends tragically after the arrival of Manuel's old-time friend Antonio, who starts a fracas by leading a strike against Roger. The title refers to the deadly sand traps found within the surrounding marshes. They have already claimed the lives of two people before the story began, and by its end, the traps will claim more lives. Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies (aka The Groovy Ghoulies and Friends) "?" 1970 TV animated - Howard Morris, Don Messick, Larry Storch Sabrina's involved with a band of monsters, The Groovy Ghoulies (a rock band with Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein), who scare people for their own amusement. In one episode, a buzzard drops Wolfie into a golf sand trap that turns out to be a quicksand trap. He quickly sinks all the way under. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch "The End Of An Era" @ 1996 TV - Melissa Joan Hart, David Lascher, Nate Richert Sabrina tries to resolve the feud between Josh and Harvey by feeding them magic friendship bread to quell their macho rivalry for her affections, but she soon tires of their mutual lovefest. So, it's off to the Outer Realm, where the guys compete in an obstacle course to rescue Sabrina from a pit of quicksand and win her heart. She is magically transported into a pit of dry quicksand by the game's referee, without her magic, where you see her calf deep, knee deep, waist deep, then only at shoulder deep do you actually see her sinking. She is not shown being pulled out, but you see her standing next to the pit, lightly covered in residue, then back in her home where she is completely covered in muddy sediment. Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Friends Forever @ 2002 TV-Movie animated Sabrina must prove that she is worthy of attending an academy for witches. While running frightened through the swampy forest, Sabrina and friend get caught in quicksand and have to combine their powers to bring down a vine. They sink neck deep before pulling themselves out, heavily covered in quicksand residue.

The Saddle Club "Back in the Saddle" @
2001 TV - Heli Simpson, Lara Jean Marshall, Keenan Macwilliam
The Saddle Club is challenged to a race by Veronica, whose use of a GPS to cheat and win the competition leads her into a dangerous area. After falling down an embankment, the young girl walks into some good-looking leaf-covered quicksand up to the tops of her riding boots. She slowly sinks to her shoulders while she argues with her GPS device and clings to a dead branch until her friends show up to rescue her. Lisa crawls out on the dead limb to get a rope around Veronica as Carole has her horse pull with the other end of the rope.

Safari @ 1999 Indian - Sanjay Dutt, Juhi Chawla, Mohnish Behl, Tanuja A business woman plans to set up a factory on an undeveloped island amid protests from the native inhabitants due to its impact on the environment. When her plane crashes, a local man rescues her, and the two fall in love while trekking through the jungle. And to complicate matters worse, she accidentally catches a murder on video, and now the killer is after her. There is also a rival love interest when they return to the mainland. After the hero collapses after pushing his boat through shallow water and thick reeds, the indefatigable Anjali (Juhi Chawla) jumps in and pushes the boat, wearing a long reddish orange skirt and halter (like half a sari). In an area with a thin coating of sawdust, she drops to her shoulders in some quicksand under the water. She yells for help, and the unconscious hero comes around, wades in, and rescues her just in time. She then sobs in his arms. Sailor Moon "Cherry Blossom Time" 1995 TV animated - Terri Hawkes or Tracey Moore, Karen Bernstein Serena, a typical teenage girl, finds out she's Sailor Moon with special powers. She and her similarly powered friends fight for love and justice against the evil minions of the Negaverse. In one episode, Serena loses her power and sinks under in a glowing, rippling pool of light. Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas "?" @
2009 TV Japanese anime -
Story of the Holy War taking place in the 18th century, 250 years before the original Saint Seiya series. It centers on the fight between Tenma, one of the 88 Saints following Athena, and Alone, the reincarnation of the God Hades. While trekking through a stinking swamp, a woman is pulled into the bog by mud tentacles and sinks all the way under.

Samoa, Queen of the Jungle (aka Samoa, regina della giungla) @ 1968 Italian - Edwige Fenech, Tullio Altamura, Roger Browne Unscrupulous men kill dozens of jungle natives and rob them of their diamonds as a jungle girl who has been living among the natives tries to stop them. One of the baddies flees through the jungle as he and the hero shoot at each other. The villain runs knee-deep into some fairly thick and muddy quicksand. The shootout continues as he goes under. Samurai Jack VI "Jack and the Warrior Woman" 2001 TV animated - Phil LaMarr, Mako Jack searches for the the magical jewel the Woolies told him would be able to send him back in time. Locating the last survivor of the race who can reveal it's location, Jack learns of how to find the jewel, and meets up with a woman questing for the same jewel. Jack gets stuck in quicksand while running in the desert. Samurai Pizza Cats "Pizza Delivery of Doom!" @ 1991 TV animated - Sonja Ball, Rick Jones, Terrence Scammell The pizza-delivery service Samurai Pizza Cats are also young samurai crime-fighters in their spare time, ready to spring into action from their headquarters above the pizza parlor whenever someone is in trouble. Spritz delivers a pizza to a town and is never seen again while Princess Vi tries to calm the townsfolk's fears about monsters which have been seen around the town. As the Pizza cats are running from the strange creatures, they end up in a swamp of quicksand and have to be rescued by one of their sidekicks. Sandokan Against the Leopard of Sarawak (aka Throne of Vengeance; Sandokan contro il leopardo di Sarawak) 1964 Italian/German - Ray Danton, Guy Madison, Mario Petri Samoa is kidnapped and held captive in caves by her cousin Charles Druk, The Leopard of Sawarak, whose tyrant father was killed a year earlier by her future husband Sandokan, the recently returned lord of Malaya. Assisted by his European friend Captain Iannis, Sandokan sets out to rescue her. There are two male quicksand scenes with the second being a death scene. Sandokan Fights Back (aka The Conqueror and the Empress; Sandokan alla riscossa; Die Rache des Sandokan) 1964 Italian - Ray Danton, Guy Madison, Mario Petri The white adventurer William Druk extinguished the family of Prince Sandokan and tore the regency apart, but the exiled monarch has decided to free the island from its cruel ruler and restore its legal heir. In one scene, our hero Sandokan and his native sidekick are swinging through the trees when the sidekick screws up and falls, finding himself up to his shoulders in some decent looking reddish sawdust-on-water quicksand. As the hapless sidekick sinks toward certain doom, Sandokan grabs his arm while hanging upside down overhead and pulls him to safety. At the end, the baddie sinks to his doom after being warned by Sandokan that he is walking into quicksand. Satan's Children @ 1974 - Kathleen Marie Archer, Robert C. Ray II, Stephen White Two young guys chase a third through some woods. When one of them thinks he has subdued his victim, the boy kicks the baddie into some white gooey quicksand (kaolin clay?). He struggles up to his neck as he calls for help. When the other baddie arrives and starts to pull him out, the chased boy, who is still playing 'possum, knocks him in, too. Both (apparently) sink to their doom. Satan's Mistress (aka Demon Rage; Fury of the Succubus; Dark Eyes; Bride of Satan; Demon Seed) 1981 - Lana Wood, Tom Hallick, John Carradine, Britt Ekland A woman in an unhappy marriage finds sexual fulfillment in a relationship with a ghostly presence. There is apparently a long scene of a guy and girl sinking in quicksand on a beach. Saturday Night Live "The Falconer" @ 2003 TV - guest host: Dan Aykroyd with Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z In this sketch during the season finale, the Falconer gets stuck waist deep in some dry quicksand and asks his falcon Donald to go find help. The falcon meets up with a biker gang and gets into a bar fight while the Falconer is shown up to his armpits. After violently beating-up all the bikers, the falcon then returns to the Falconer, who is now up to his neck, and passes him a snorkel while the falcon goes to find help again. The Falconer then sinks beneath the surface, breathing and talking through the snorkel.

The Save-Ums! "Lava World Race" @
2003 TV animated Canada - Aaryn Doyle, Mitchell Eisner
Adventures with pint-sized superheroes. At a race on Lava World, the ants' toy race car is stuck in quicksand and almost sinks under before the monkeys pull it free.

Saved from the Quicksand 1909 B&W silent This Gaumont melodrama takes a number of incredible and bizarre plot turns within its 12-minute running time. Dressed in a revealing (by 1909 standards) bathing costume, the heroine tries to scurry to safety when the tide comes in. Alas, she gets her feet stuck in a pond of quicksand -- and as if this wasn't peril enough, the waters are rising all around her. The girl is rescued by a party of hooded monks, who offer her shelter in their monastery. The film ends as the girl, falling asleep in front of a religious mural, dreams that she meets the Madonna and the Christ Child. (According to studio publicity, one of the actors in this film narrowly escaped death for real during the quicksand rescue scene.) Schoolgirl Power Rangers @ 1996 Japanese Two young Japanese school girls (wearing school uniforms) are being chased by some natives and run into watery quicksand filled with sticks and twigs. Scirocco (aka Amantide - Scirocco; Sahara Heat) @ 1986/1987 Italian/French - Fiona Glin, Enzo Decaro, Yves Collignon A photographer and her lover travel to Morocco for photo shoots. While traveling there, she has erotic adventures with residents of the area. But she ends up having an affair with someone who ends up betraying her, and she murders the man. She and a lover take a therapeutic mud bath together neck deep in a natural jungle pit.
lo Sconosciuto di San Marino (aka Unknown Men of San Marino)
1948 Italian B&W Anna Magnani, Vittorio De Sica, Aurel Milloss
Among the numerous refugees arriving in San Marino during the Second World War, one day a stranger arrives who seems to have lost his memory. The stranger attracts the inhabitants' sympathy, especially those of a young prostitute, for his mild and gentle character. (No quicksand - see "Caravan" instead)

Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School @ 1988 animated - Hamilton Camp, Casey Kasem, Don Messick Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and Scrappy-Doo get tangled up with the usual monstrous suspects when they begin working as gym teachers at an all girls finishing high school for all the famous movie monsters. Some boys from the neighboring military academy get trapped in quicksand and are saved by some girls from the ghoul school. Scooby-Doo And Guess Who? "Peebles' Pet Shop of Terrible Terrors!"
2019 TV USA animated - Frank Welker, Grey Griffin, Matthew Lillard
To trap the monster-of-the-week, Fred concocts a quicksand trap in a giant fish tank using water and kitty litter. The plan backfires when Wanda, Shaggy, and Scooby fall into it.

Scorpion "Gator Done" @
2014 TV - Eddie Kaye Thomas, Robert Patrick, Katharine McPhee
Team Scorpion heads to the bayou to track down a cagey alligator to stop a deadly virus; Walter hits Cabe with a tranquilizer gun, and Toby must save his life. Toby leaves Cabe to run ahead to get the antidote but runs into a patch of quicksand. He slowly sinks from his thighs to his shoulders. Cabe is in no condition to rescue him and fumbles the rescue. Toby then has an idea to sink all the way to the underground stream and swim over to the nearby pond. Cabe passes out and falls into the quicksand. Toby drags Cabe and himself under, and by some miracle, they surface in the small pond.

Scramble 1970 British - Ian Ramsey, Stuart Lock, Stephen Mallett, Lucinda Barnes In this children's movie, a young boy is tempted to follow in his imprisoned father's footsteps until he joins a motorbike club and learns important life lessons along with the rules-of-the-road. He puts his new outlook to the test when he must face-down a pair of car thieves. While his father is in prison, a boy is diverted from following the same path by joining a motorcross club and learning a different set of social rules. His final test comes (near the end of the 60-minute children's film) when he thwarts a couple of car thieves. While chasing the two thugs, who are running on foot from him, on his dirt bike through the countryside, the baddies pause at some brush as he heads directly for them. They jump over the hedge, and there is a splattering of mud on the camera's lens. Upon pulling up to the brush and soon joined on foot by his girlfriend and the token adult, they see the two struggling in a thick, muddy bog. In fact, there is a wooden sign quaking with their movements that says, "DANGER: BOGGY GROUND". The two are pulled out, covered in mud. Sea Devils (aka Los Dibolos del Mar) @ 1982 Spanish (speaking English) - Ian Serra, Patty Shepard, Frank Brana The son of a sea captain falls in with a group of teenagers up against pirates. One adventure leads quickly into another as the teens fight off carnivorous ants, crocodiles, and marauding Arab slave dealers. The youngsters are saved in the nick of time by the Portuguese army. A young lady in a white dress runs into some very watery quicksand and quickly sinks to her chin before the guy with her pulls her out by hanging from a tree branch. She washes up in a nearby river. Sea Hunt "Quicksand" 1958 TV B&W - Lloyd Bridges One salvage diver disappears while diving on a sunken yacht off the coast of Yucatan, and Mike tries to see that two others don't share his fate. While looking for a "lost city" under the sea, a diver (wearing the deep-sea gear with helmet) disappears on the sandy bottom with only his air hose left. Other divers go down, and one steps into the sand and starts sinking. Mike, in SCUBA gear, gets him out somehow and explains that the lost city is probably at the bottom of the quicksand, letting off air that bubbles up through the sand. Sea Hunt "?" 1958 TV B&W - Lloyd Bridges In this episode, Mike goes down and his foot sinks into the sea bottom. He manages to finally pull himself out by attaching a line to a handy log or something and pulling himself free. Later in the episode, another diver goes down to the same spot, and Mike races to warn him of the danger. However, the diver wanders into the quicksand and sinks in up to his thighs, but Mike gets there in time to save him. Sea Patrol "Paradise Lost" @
2007 TV Australia - Matthew Holmes, Nikolai Nikolaeff, Conrad Coleby
Following the crew of the patrol boat HMAS Hammersley, as they patrol the northern sea border of Australia. A poisoned piece of paradise and the eternal triangle disrupt the Hammersley crew's regular routine. A mess of fishing nets tangle the props and disable the Hammersley, causing the ship to be towed to a seemingly deserted island where they find a carbon neutral community whose leader asks their existence be kept quiet so they can continue their seemingly idyllic lifestyle. The atmosphere changes swiftly when a curious Two Dads is caught in a swamp bog that almost sucks him under. The area is found to be infected with highly flammable and toxic hydrogen sulphide gas. While looking for "Bomber" in a swamp emitting toxic vapors, "Two Dads" nearly drowns in quicksand. He stumbles into the bog and immediately sinks to his chest. "Dutchy" and a local finally hears his cries for help and pull him out by his arm after having sunk to his neck and then under.

Seal Morning @ 1985 - David Birney, Jane Lapotaire, Holly Aird An orphan girl and her chilly aunt are brought closer when they discover an abandoned baby seal on the beach below their Norfolk, England home. Early in the program, the aunt warns the girl not to go out walking in the marshes because of the dangerous mists and quaking bogs like quicksand. One of the locals died out there last year by getting lost in the mist and wondering into a bog. All they found was his hat floating on a tuft of grass. Near the end, the cute city girl in a white and pink-striped dress gets lost in the mist while looking for her lost dog. She stumbles into a couple of muddy pits but does not sink much past her ankles. Meanwhile, her aunt and the visiting nature biologist become worried when they notice the fog rolling in. He looks at her and says, "Because if she's lost..." to which the aunt says, "The quicksands!". They then head out to find her as the scene cuts to the girl working her way out of a mud pit almost up to her knees. Eventually, they all meet up, including the dog. Search and Rescue: The Alpha Team "?" 1977 TV - Michael J. Reynolds, Donann Cavin, Michael Tough Out on the Alpha Ranch in Canada, rescuers use trained animals to aid them in performing their tasks. There was an episode where a person on horseback rides past a sign warning of the "Black Swamp", and the horse stumbles down a steep incline, loses its rider, and becomes stuck in the black mud at the bottom of a watery pit. A female rescuer, wearing a life jacket, was lowered down on a rope to rescue the horse. After the rescue, when she was still in the pit, apparently forgotten in the moment, she yelled, "What about me?" Search and Rescue: The Alpha Team "?" 1977 TV - Michael J. Reynolds, Donann Cavin, Michael Tough Out on the Alpha Ranch in Canada, rescuers use trained animals to aid them in performing their tasks. There was another episode involving two quicksand scenes. In one scene, a couple of people were going to have a picnic in the woods, set the picnic basket down on the ground, and watched the ground swallow it up. Once they realized there was quicksand all around them, they were afraid to move, not knowing the safest way out of the area. A dog (a Saint Bernard?) was used in the rescue to help lead them out. In another scene, a motorbiker was traveling down a road, didn't see the dead end in time, and wound up driving off the end of the road, landing in quicksand. He tried to turn his bike when he first landed and broke his handlebars off. He stayed on the bike, not sinking deeper than the upper portion of the bike, and was eventually pulled out. Second Greatest Sex, The 1955 - Jeanne Crain, George Nader, Kitty Kallen This musical centers on the feuds among the men of the little town of Osawkie, Kansas, and the men of neighboring villages. It seems they all want to get possession of a safe full of county records. The women, however, have had enough of the men's brawling and barricade themselves in a fort, cutting off all bedroom activities. Love is more powerful than war, and the feuding stops. When the water level in the river falls and exposes the safe, the men rush out to defend it. At the river, a fight among the three rival towns commences, but ends when the safe falls into a bed of quicksand and is lost forever. The Secret of NIMH (aka Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of N.I.M.H.) 1982 animated - Elizabeth Hartman, Derek Jacobi, Dom DeLuise When her family homestead is threatened, a young widowed mouse seeks help and comes upon a secret society of super intelligent rats. To save her seriously ill son who cannot be moved out of his bed, she must relocate her cinder-block home before it is crushed by the farmer's spring plowing. The rats attempt to move her house with ropes and pulleys, but dissident rodents in the group cut the lines so the poles and pulleys crash. The fallen cinder block begins sinking into the mud, putting the children inside in grave peril. The mother mouse and the other rats try to stop it from sinking, but it sinks all the way under. There is a shot of the inside of the house and the struggle of the kids trying to stay above the mud. The widowed mouse then uses a magical amulet given to her by the rat leader to raise her home out of the mud and guide it to a safe spot on the farm.

The Secret Saturdays "Black Monday" (aka "The Reversing Mirror")
2008 TV USA animated - Sam Lerner, Nicole Sullivan, Phil Morris
The Saturdays visit an ancient Aztec ruin where they come across a magical smoke mirror. The evil doppelgangers soften the earth beneath Zak and traps him up to his waist. When he tosses the amulet to his mother, it is intercepted by her counterpart. And when she tries to retrieve it, she is also trapped up to her waist in the same boggy ground.

The Secret Saturdays "Eterno"
2008 TV animated - Sam Lerner, Nicole Sullivan, Phil Morris
Water supplies in the Middle East are inexplicably turning into salt, and Zak teams up with a desert girl. In one scene, they magically create a swirling sinkhole to get into an underground cave. Later in the episode, the guardian creatures realize the girl stole something and create a sinkhole below her but stops once she gives it back.

The Secret Saturdays "The Owlman Feeds At Midnight"
2008 TV animated - Sam Lerner, Nicole Sullivan, Phil Morris
When the Saturdays travel to Southern England for information on the Kur Stone, they end up getting involved with a string of disappearances caused by the Owlman. Zak tries to escape the owl henchmen by using his staff to pole vault away, but he lands in a black pit of quicksand and sinks all the way under (not sure how he escapes).

Secrets of the Amazon @ 197? National Geographic documentary A snake handler named Mike (dressed in jungle shorts, boots, and shirt) and his faithful native companion come upon a sand bank in the middle of a jungle stream where a large anaconda is sitting coiled up. The man beaches their canoe and steps out carefully, then jumps and grabs for the sluggish reptile's neck. As he struggles with the snake, his legs sink thigh-deep into the quicksand along the muddy riverbank. His partner pulls him free after they bag the snake. Seminole @ 1953 - Rock Hudson, Barbara Hale, Anthony Quinn Hudson is a graduate of West Point assigned to an outpost near the Everglades and tries to arrange a peace treaty with the local Seminole Indians. As a small army travels on foot through the Everglades with a cannon, they run into some watery quicksand but manage to escape. A wounded soldier, lying on the gun carriage, goes under, and the hero wades back in and submerges to free him. After getting him out, he is reprimanded by his superior for saving the man instead of the cannon. Sesame Street 1969 TV PBS children's educational program To demonstrate the words "in" and "out", a segment shows the quicksand scene from the old serial "Plunder" as a woman narrator says something to the effect of, "The lady steps in the quicksand...", followed by, "The lady is sinking in the quicksand...", and as Pearl pulls out her gun, "The lady shoots the vine...", and finally, "The lady pulls herself out of the quicksand... YIPPIE!!" Sesame Street "Alphabet Jungle" 1969 TV PBS children's educational program In the opening segment of this video, they are going through the alphabet in a jungle setting with some funky music, and the letters "F" and "G" are shown sinking in quicksand. (Cute) Sex Sells 199? TV special A program hosted by Bill Maher of various erotic TV commercials from around the world. One commercial was for bottled water and featured a lovely model being subjected to various forces of nature: heavy rain, lava flows, ocean waves, gale force winds, lightning, and even quicksand in which she very quickly sinks from her waist to her armpits. Shadow Island
2008 USA
A beautiful young woman named Anna sinks in a dry sinkhole of quicksand.

Shadow of the Cat 1961 B&W British - Conrad Phillips, Barbara Shelley, Andre Morell When a rich elderly woman is murdered by her relatives for her fortune, her pet cat (and heir to the estate) witnesses the event and exacts vengeance on those responsible by playing with their minds. Does the cat really have supernatural powers? Or is it simply the killers' conscience getting the better of them? The butler captures the cat and takes it to the swampy area of the estate where he plans to dispose of the feline. But the cat escapes just at the right moment and retreats across a particularly dangerous part of the swamp. The guy chases after the cat, slips off a log, and lands into a very deep bog. He almost succeeds in freeing himself, but the quicksand eventually swallows him up... as the cat looks on as if it was all planned. Shaolin Wuzang "Your Worst Enemy"
2007 TV animated France/China - Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Set in Ancient China, three teenagers are admitted into the most prestigious school of kung fu: the Temple of Shaolin. Sanzang is worried and disappointed with his young proteges. In a training session, Hua falls out of a tall tree into a deep mud bog and sinks under, as Sanding scolds her for using offensive measures instead of defensive.

Shazzan! "The Forest of Fear" @ 1967 TV animated - Barney Phillips, Janet Waldo, Jerry Dexter A brother and sister, along with their camel, are dropped in quicksand in The Forest of Fear and are rescued by a genie who becomes their helpful friend. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power "The Strongest in the Crimson Waste"
2018 animated USA - Aimee Carrero, Marcus Scribner, Karen Fukuhara
She-Ra, Princess of Power, leads a rebellion to free her land of Etheria from the monstrous invaders the Horde. Catra laughs in the face of Tung Lashor and his gang and fights him to prove who is the strongest. Catra tricks the evil lizard-man into a quicksand pit. He sinks to his neck and offers his whip for Catra to pull him out. But she instead pulls it out of his hands.

Sheela (aka Africadalli Sheela) 1986 Indian - Anand Balraj, Sahila Chaddha, B.S. Dwarakish After her parents are killed, a baby girl grows up in a jungle, with only animals as friends, guardians, and companions. Sheela (with long brown hair and dressed in a brown jungle-bikini outfit) fights (martial-arts style) a bad jungle woman (with long red hair and dressed in a red jungle-bikini outfit) until the baddie lands in a leaf-covered pool of watery quicksand. She calls out for help as she slowly sinks from her hips to her chin, until Sheela drops down on a vine and pulls her out. Sheena "Divas of the Jungle" @ 2000 TV - Gena Lee Nolin, John Allen Nelson, Margo Moorer Cutter's dream job of escorting three supermodels (Tiffany Phillips, Dyan Handeland, Amy Weber) through the jungle for a simple photo shoot becomes a nightmare when the photographer turns the shoot into a rescue operation and not everyone is who they seem to be. When the models wander off and Cutter hears them scream, he rushes in to find them shoulder deep in quicksand. They thrash about as he tries to rescue them but can't reach. Sheena shows up, hangs upside-down from a vine over the pit, and pulls the first model out as the other two go under. Sheena then reaches into the bog and pulls the other two out. The models go skinny dipping in the river to cleanup, while Cutter gets caught watching them by Sheena. Sheena "Sheena" (pilot episode) @ 2000 TV - Gena Lee Nolin, John Allen Nelson, Margo Moorer Sheena protects a jungle paradise from encroaching civilization. This episode: Sheena and Cutter meet for the first time after he unknowingly transports some ruthless men into Sheena's realm where they must be prevented from blowing up the mountainside as they search for diamonds and gold. After seeing too much and asking too many questions, the baddies plan to eliminate Cutter who escapes into the jungle. As the henchmen give chase, Cutter stumbles into a sandy pit of undulating quicksand surrounded by tall jungle foliage. He sinks rapidly to his shoulders as he gropes around for an edge. The baddies arrive and plan to shoot him when a gorilla attacks and runs them off. Having gone under, Cutter is pulled out by the big ape and is covered in wet, sandy residue. Sheena "Stranded in the Jungle" @ 2000 TV - Gena Lee Nolin, John Allen Nelson, Margo Moorer Sheena meets someone who might have clues to her past, as a coup threatens the participants in a multi-million dollar survival game. The female contestant stumbling through the brush senses she is being chased by someone unseen and takes off running through the jungle in fear. After running into a large snake dangling from a tree, she leaps into a deep bog of mud with her right leg plunging in first, then sinking her left leg in. She struggles up to her armpits to get out as one of the male contestants shows up and taunts her, seemingly threatening to push her under to eliminate the competition. But as he picks up a large branch, Sheena dives on him from out of nowhere and knocks him down as Cutter shows up and pulls the woman from the muddy dark bog. As the guy explains himself, the woman tries to brush the wet muddy residue off herself. Sherlock Holmes "The Hound of the Baskervilles" (parts 1 & 2) 1964 TV B&W/Color British - Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock, Phillip Bond A BBC TV-series adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous sleuth. This two-part 1968 episode finds (as usual) Stapleton running away and falling into the Grimpen Mire. Holmes doesn't even try to follow because he knows Stapleton was destined for the hangman's noose anyway. (Not a bad scene in a nice studio setting - color episode.) Ship of Doom, The 1917 B&W silent - Claire McDowell, Monte Blue, Arthur Millet Martin Shaw, a young fisherman, kills Jeff Whittlesey while defending the honor of his fiancée Clara Gove. Although the townspeople disliked Jeff, they nevertheless demand punishment for his murder and so Martin and Clara are forced to flee. While escaping by boat, their craft is disabled in a thunderstorm, but they remain afloat until picked up by "Sundown" Shattuck, a notorious slave trader, and his crew. They are married by Shattuck who lusts after Clara and is about to rape her when the crew mutinies and the ship catches fire. Martin, Clara and Shattuck are washed ashore to an island and Shattuck is about to continue his assault upon Clara when he walks into quicksand and is buried. Clara and Martin remain on the island, each praying for forgiveness for the murder of Jeff Whittlesey. Shock the Monkey 19?? music video by Peter Gabriel He was standing in a swamp, waist deep in some watery stuff that was apparently supposed to be quicksand from which he slowly raises out of near the end of the video. Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead (aka Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo) @ 1970 Italian - Klaus Kinski, Anna Zinnemann, Patrizia Adiutori A bloody tale about a gang of greedy killers who take off for Mexico in search of stolen gold. The leader of the gang deceitfully shoots down the others one by one and promises his young guide half of the gold if he can lead them through the canyons and quicksand. When the journey ends, only two survivors remain to battle for the elusive treasure. There is a scene of some rough men forcing two women to trudge through the desert. One of the women breaks away and runs into some nice looking quicksand. She struggles herself under while begging for help from the man who stands at the edge and taunts her. Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box @ 1999 documentary - Siegfried Fischbacher, Roy Uwe Ludwighorn, Anthony Hopkins (narrator) A larger than life 3D IMAX view of Siegfried & Roy: their childhood history in post-war Germany, their magic and obsession with animals, and the famous white tigers and lions in their wildlife sanctuary. One of the segments includes a re-enactment of Roy's bond with his pet wolfhound Hexe that saved his life. "As a young boy growing up in northern Germany, Hexe and I would playfully roam the rural lowlands between the dikes that separated us from the sea. It was there that I experienced my first lesson in the different sides of nature. My curiosity with a raven caused me to go further one day, following him deeper into the swamp until I became stuck in the mud, unable to pull my legs free. As I began to sink, Hexe ran off. The raven watched from a branch above as I continued to be sucked into the earth. With Hexe gone, I felt abandoned. But this was a lesson in emotional language between man and animal that Hexe, sensing my fear, understood. She ran for help, summoning a farmer who pulled me out. That magical connection saved my life... and became my life." The Silencers @ 1966 - Dean Martin, Stella Stevens Matt Helm is coaxed out of semi-retirement by an attractive ex-partner and tries to stop the evil doers from detonating an atomic bomb and starting WWIII. Stella, while very drunk, stumbles around in pouring rain and flops into a watery mud puddle wearing a skirt, blouse, and heels. (humorous) Silly Billies 1936 B&W - Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Dorothy Lee Roy Banks and Dr. "Painless" Pennington are itinerant dentists in the Old West. Roy and Doc purchase a dentist's office from a crooked real-estate promoter who neglects to tell our heroes that everyone in town is planning to head off via wagon train to the California Gold Rush. By the time they discover that they've set up shop in a ghost town, the boys have also uncovered evidence that the townsfolk are heading right into an Indian ambush. They quickly catch up with the wagon train, where Roy falls in love with cute schoolmarm Mary Blake. Managing to convince the townsfolk that they're all about to be massacred, Roy and Doc are themselves accused of arranging the impending slaughter by Hank and Trigger, the two greedy reprobates who'd cooked up the massacre in collaboration with the Indians. Escaping a lynch mob, the boys hide out at a nearby Indian reservation, where they discover that Hank is in cahoots with the Chief. Roy and Doc manage to make their way back to the wagon train, where they save the day by pelting the attacking Indians with chloroform-soaked sponges. (There is apparently a quicksand scene in this movie.) Silly Safari by Topper Toys 19?? TV commercial A game a lot like mousetrap - only you would try to catch animals in the trap. Go through the jungle, but watch out for quicksand! Simon & Simon "?Ancient Echoes" @ 1981 TV - Gerald McRaney, Jameson Parker, Tim Reid Rick, A.J., and a Native American are tied-up and being buried alive in wet cement at a construction site by some baddies. As the cement is poured in, they are submerged up to their chests (in a sitting position) before the police arrive with the lead baddie (Richard Anderson) already in custody. Simon Sez @ 1999 - Dennis Rodman, Dane Cook, Natalia Cigliuti An ultra-cool Interpol agent enlists the aid of two computer expert monks and helps a bumbling classmate find a computer software tycoon's kidnapped daughter who's gotten mixed up in stolen military secret weapons and a madman bent on holding the world hostage. After being chased by some baddies on motorcycles through tunnels in the lower reaches of their monastery hideout, the inept friend and the two monks end up sunk up to their necks in some watery quicksand before the hero comes to their rescue. The Simpsons "Bart Gets an Elephant" @ 1989 TV animated - Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright Bart wins his choice of a prize in a radio contest: $10,000 or an elephant. He chooses the elephant gag gift, which the radio station is not too quick to deliver, but when it finally does, mayhem ensues. While out looking for the runaway elephant, the family ends up at the local tar pits. As the family debates the future of their "pet", Homer suddenly begins sinking in the tar up to his waist. Undaunted, Homer plunges his arms in to pull his legs out, then proceeds to plunge his head in to pull his arms out. After sinking out of sight, Stampy comes to his rescue and unexpectedly pulls out Barney (the town drunkard), then pulls out Homer who decides that Stampy does indeed belong in an animal preserve rather than sold for ivory. The Simpsons "Tree House of Horrors VI: Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace" @ 1989 TV animated - Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright In their 6th Halloween Special in 1995, the second segment is about the death of groundskeeper Willy caused by disinterested parents and causing him to come back into the dreams of their children. At one point, he is lured into a sandbox that has been saturated with a garden hose by Bart. He sinks all the way under... only to rise back out of it. The Simpsons "The Homer They Fall" @ 1989 TV animated - Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright Homer turns to a career in pro boxing when he discovers he has a unique genetic condition that cushions his brain from trauma more than normal people. Moe talks him into becoming a professional boxer who doesn't punch back. This tactic gets him a match against former heavyweight champion, Drederick Tatum, who's just been released from prison. Just before Homer is about to be done in, Moe flys into the ring with a fan-propelled parachute glider and pulls Homer to safety. During the closing credits, there are several stills of Moe doing good deeds all over the world with the fan-propelled parachute glider. One of the shots is him pulling a male jungle explorer out of some thick brown quicksand. The Simpsons "Tall Tales" @ 1989 TV animated - Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright The Simpsons inhabit the roles of folk heroes in tall tales told by a hobo on a train. Lisa, playing Connie Appleseed, tried convincing everyone to try eating apples instead of wiping out the buffalo, but it fell on deaf ears. She thought she heard an apple tree calling her name, but didn't realize that it was actually the "mole man" who was sinking into quicksand. He quickly went under. The Simpsons "The Great Louse Detective" 1989 TV animated - Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammer) helps Chief Wiggum pursue a killer. At the beginning of the episode, Marge and Homer are at a spa. Marge is getting a mudbath and massage with turtle feet, and Homer is getting an Oriental massage by an woman walking on his back. Suddenly, she starts to sink into his fat like quicksand. She calls out for help, but Homer just calmly says, "Don't struggle - you'll only sink faster." The Simpsons "Don't Fear the Roofer" @ 1989 TV animated - Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright Springfield is experiencing an unusually strong thunderstorm, and the rain is causing roofs to leak all over town. Homer goes off wandering and finds himself at a bar called Knockers, where he makes a new friend named Ray (Ray Romano), who is a licensed and bonded roofer. At the Simpson house, the water leaks into the cat's litterbox and turns it into quicksand. The cat sinks out of sight, leaving only its tail above the surface. (humorous) Sin @ 2003 - Gary Oldman, Ving Rhames, Kerry Washington It is said that in order to catch a killer, you must first truly understand the motivations that drive their madness. The old saying is true, and a retired homicide detective is about go to some of the darkest depths imaginable in a desperate bid to rescue his sister from a monstrous maniac whose relentless sadism knows no bounds. Slowly drawn into the dark underworld of drugs and pornography, the detective soon learns that the bond he shares with the maniac he stalks runs stronger and deeper than he ever imagined. When the two men come face to face, their worlds collide in a furious blaze of lead and hellfire that threatens to consume their very souls. Late in the movie, there is a car chase in the Nevada desert with the good cop pursing the bad cop. The bad cop's car plunges into a large pool of quicksand and slowly sinks under. The baddie jumps into the bog as the car submerges. The hero tries to pull the repenting baddie out but is unable to do so, and the baddie sinks under after being put out of his misery. Sin City @ 2005 - Jessica Alba, Devon Aoki, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood This violent crime noir paints the picture of the ultimate town without pity through the eyes of its roughest characters with interweaving multiple storylines from the award-winning comic series. There's the street thug Marv whose desperate quest to find the killer of a prostitute named Goldie will lead him to the foulest edges of town. Inhabiting many of those areas is Dwight, a photographer in league with the sordid ladies of Sin City, headed by Gail who opens up a mess of trouble after tangling with a corrupt cop by the name of Jackie Boy. Finally, there's Hartigan, an ex-cop with a heart problem who's hell-bent on protecting a stripper named Nancy. Halfway through the second vignette, a car exploding throws a guy into a pool of watery tar and sinks all the way under (using a very artistic-like view of a black background and a white silhouette). An attractive Asian woman pulls him out - both get covered in tar. The Six Million Dollar Man "Operation Firefly" @ 1974 TV - Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, Alan Oppenheimer Steve helps a young woman rescue her kidnapped scientist father and relies on her ESP to locate the baddies in the Everglades. On the way in, Steve pulls her from some quicksand that she blunders into up to her thighs in her light blue jeans which are now darkened by wet mud. At the end, he leads the baddies to some quicksand, leaps over, and waits for them to spot him so they rush forward to their doom. The Six Million Dollar Man "Most Dangerous Enemy" @ 1974 TV - Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks A bite from a lab chimp gives Dr. Wells superhuman strength and an urge to destroy Steve. Near the end, he falls into a pool of very watery quicksand, and Steve rescues him by crawling out on a rope tied between two trees. Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo (aka The Adventures of Skippy) "The Raft" @ 1966 TV Australian - Ed Devereaux, Garry Pankhurst, Ken James A children's show about the adventures of an orphaned bush kangaroo, Skippy, and the rangers who are now his family. Sonny's relationship with Matt is thrown into focus when he rescues a runaway boy mired in the mud while rafting down river through swamp country. A boy who has runaway from home is in trouble after he gets stuck in river mud. Matt comes to his rescue and Sonny sees his father in a new light, forgetting for a moment that he just isn't a Park Ranger. While rafting down river through swamp country with Skippy, Sonny encounters a boy named Mick (Jaemie Hamilton) that is about his age hiding in the brush. When the boy is startled by a snake, he runs further into the swamp and falls into a mud pit. He struggles and claws at the muddy edge while calling out for help. With assistance from Skippy, Sonny eventually wades into the mud with a rope, grabs the boy's hand, and pulls him out. Both boys are fairly muddy for much of the episode. The Sleeper @ 2000 TV British - Eileen Atkins, George Cole, Michelle Collins A woman secretly plans to stop the sale of her family farm, but someone from the past threatens to expose her. The stepsister meets her end by drowning in a slurry pit (which essentially acts like quicksand). Two old women argue about the events that lead to someone's death. While arguing, the larger old woman walks back into the slurry pit. The scene shows her sinking while she remembers the event. Later, a younger woman tries to get back a baby from another woman. Off camera, a scream is heard. Some guys come running out to find the woman and look into the slurry pit which is still swirling. A guy jumps in and surfaces with her body in his arms. Later, the police arrive. Then the other woman remembers the event; this time showing the woman basically belly flopping into the pit. Sleepstalker: The Sandman's Last Rites @ 1995 - Michael Harris, Jay Underwood, Kathryn Morris Seventeen years after slaughtering all but one member of a family, a vicious serial killer known only as "The Sandman" awaits execution. However, a voodoo priest transfers his soul into a new body made of sand. He then sets off to find and kill the sole survivor of the last family he murdered. A young woman, while resting in her bed and listening to her walkman, sinks into the sand created by the villain where her bed used to be. Sliders "Paradise Lost" @ 1995 TV - Jerry O'Connell, Cleavant Derricks The sliders touch down on a seemingly idyllic coastal town of Paradise Beach where the residents all look young but seem fearful of their new visitors. The group soon discovers the dirty secret to their youth. An explosion at a nearby uranium mine in the early 1940s created a huge worm beast which tunnels quickly underground and emits a substance which can greatly prolong life, but the beast only secretes this substance after consuming human flesh. In one scene, the creature pulls a young woman (Lara Steinick) under the beach sand. Sliders "The Dream Masters" @ 1995 TV - Jerry O'Connell, Cleavant Derricks Wade becomes the target of a group of dream terrorists who control people with their ability to tinker with the victim's innermost fears. In a dream sequence, Quinn is seen up to his chest in a watery pool of quicksand and sinks out of sight in slow motion. Small Wonder "Battle of the Sexes and Robot" (aka "Divided We Stand") 1985 TV - Tiffany Ann Brissette, Marla Pennington, Dick Christie A series portraying the complications that befall a suburban family when the inventor father creates a robot in the lifelike form of a 10-year-old girl and tries to keep her real identity a secret. The men go on an all-male macho fishing trip and are followed by the slighted and competitive women. Ted runs into quicksand, and Joan frantically re-programs Vicki to rescue him. Smallville "Slumber" @ 2001 TV - Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum Clark dreams he is being pursued by a frightened young girl who needs his help. However, after he discovers she is actually a comatose neighbor who should have woken up years ago, he enlists Lana's help to uncover the truth - which puts Lana in grave danger. In the opening scene, Clark sees a young girl running along the lake and calling out for help. When Clark catches her, she is afraid and doesn't make much sense when she is suddenly pulled under the ground by menacing "hands" as Clark watches helplessly.

The Smoggies (aka Stop the Smoggies; SOS Polluards) "Don't Bug The Bugs" @
1988 TV animated Canada - Stephanie Morgenstern
The tiny denzins of a paradisical island must prevent stupid treasure hunters from wrecking their environment. Speed and Princess Lila are trying to find a way to stop bugs from eating the crops. As they make their way through a jungle of creeping vines, Speed warns Lila of quicksand just before she steps in it. Later, they both walk into some quicksand while traversing the jungle and sink up to their shoulders. Speed pulls out a creeping vine and "plants" it in the quicksand. The strange vine grows rapidly and wraps itself around a nearby tree, and the two pull themselves out.

The Smurfs (aka Smurfs' Adventures) "Gargamel The Generous" 1981 TV animated - Don Messick, Charles Adler, Lucille Bliss The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. In this episode, Gargamel and Azrael set a quicksand trap, and while out gathering firewood, Smurfette and Vanity become trapped the pit up to their chins before Gargamel saves them to show them his good deed. The Smurfs (aka Smurfs' Adventures) "Handy's Sweetheart" 1981 TV animated - Don Messick, Charles Adler, Lucille Bliss The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. In this episode, an angry Smurfette and two other smurfs, Grouchy and Lazy, enter a swamp to retrieve magic lilies. A troll comes along and magically turns the swamp water into quicksand. The three smurfs sink nose-deep before Hefty and three other smurfs pull them out and capture the troll. The Smurfs (aka Smurfs' Adventures) "The Most Unsmurfy Games" 1981 TV animated - Don Messick, Charles Adler, Lucille Bliss The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. In this episode, Nat, Brainy, and others are crossing a swamp and become stuck in quickslime. King Bullrush taunts them as they sink before he captures them. The Smurfs (aka Smurfs' Adventures) "The Raven Wizard" 1981 TV animated - Don Messick, Charles Adler, Lucille Bliss The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. In this episode, Johan, Peewit, and several smurfs run across quicksand and are knocked into it one by one by ravens. Eventually, Johan pulls them all out using his sword as a stake in the ground. The Smurfs (aka Smurfs' Adventures) "Smurfette's Dancing Shoes" 1981 TV animated - Don Messick, Charles Adler, Lucille Bliss The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. In this episode, while walking up the side of a volcano, Greedy steps into some black quickmud and sinks to his nose before the other three smurfs pull him out. The Smurfs (aka Smurfs' Adventures) "Smurfette's Flower" 1981 TV animated - Don Messick, Charles Adler, Lucille Bliss The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. In this episode, Smurfette stumbles backwards into some deep mud and sinks to her chin before Papa Smurf and the others throw her a vine and pull her free. The Smurfs (aka Smurfs' Adventures) "Smurfs That Time Forgot" 1981 TV animated - Don Messick, Charles Adler, Lucille Bliss The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. In this episode, several smurfs, including Papa Smurf and Smurfette, became trapped in a tar pit while running from giant lizards. They call for help and attracted a friendly baby dinosaur who knocks a bolder into the pit which splashes all of the smurfs out of the bog. The Smurfs (aka Smurfs' Adventures) "?" 1981 TV animated - Don Messick, Charles Adler, Lucille Bliss The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. In one episode, a man and woman along with some smurfs are sunk up to their necks in a dark bog. The Smurfs (aka Smurfs' Adventures) "?" 1981 TV animated - Don Messick, Charles Adler, Lucille Bliss The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest. In one episode, a family of five smurfs is trapped in some watery quicksand. Snow White and The Huntsman @
2012 USA - Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron
In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen. When Snow White escapes her captors and flees to the Dark Forest, her white horse runs into a bog and throws her off. The horse struggles, but it's no use. And Snow White heads off further into the forest.

So You Think You'd Survive? "Snake Bites and Quicksand" @
2014 TV USA reality - Tim Barker
Jaw-dropping video tests your wits against giant hurricanes, capsized boats, pounding hailstorms, and vicious sharks. This episode shows how to escape quicksand.

Soft Fruit @ 1999 - Jeanie Drynan, Linal Haft, Russell Dykstra Three sisters and their ex-con brother return home to nurse their mother, who is dying of cancer and wishes to fulfill her final wishes. Out on a beach, the mother slowly sinks under in some dry sand, but it is only a mental hallucination caused by her illness. Soggy Bottom USA (aka Swamp Rats; Soggy Bottom U.S.A.) @ 1980/1983 - Don Johnson, Cloris Leachman, Lois Nettleton In this uproarious spoof of country life, a small town sheriff and his moonshining cousin get themselves into hot water with the feds. There is a minor and humorous quicksand scene involving a "city slicker" being thrown from his horse while out on a coon hunt into what he called mud. Another guy then tells him, "That ain't mud. That there's quicksand." No actual sinking involved, but when he is on his back-side in the quicksand, it is shaking and shivering under him while he is rolling out of it. In another scene, a woman falls off her horse into a muddy stream, and another woman rides up and pulls her free. (It's not really quicksand, but the women do get a little wet and muddy. Something Beneath @
2006 Canada - Kevin Sorbo, Natalie Brown, Peter MacNeill
Arriving at a newly built hotel for an ecological summit, Father Douglas Middleton meets up with fellow colleagues and are beset by a series of problems. They investigate the events and find a strange black goo. When several of the guests and staff start turning up dead, they debate over whether to reveal the information or not. When it's revealed that the goo is a primeval beast and is responsible for the deaths by turning a victim's fears against them, they all try to get the remaining guests out of the hotel before the goo gets to them all. Early in the film (and in the movie trailer), there is a short scene of a guy being pulled down into some boggy ground by an unseen force when he gets lost in the forest during a weird lightning storm.

Son Of Kong @ 1933 B&W - Robert Armstrong, Helen Mack, Frank Reicher After the disastrous results of his last expedition, Carl Denham leaves New York aboard a ship to escape all the trouble. After a mutiny, he and a few companions are left behind on Kong's island. There, the group discovers a "little" Kong stuck up to his waist in quicksand and help him to escape by pushing over a dead tree which he uses to hoist himself out. They make friends with the young giant gorilla as he saves them from various dangers. However, when the explorers disturb an ancient ruin, the island quakes and sinks into the ocean, along with the giant ape. Son of the Beach "The Island of Dr. Merlot" @ 2000 TV - Tim Stack, Jaime Bergman, Robert Ryan Notch and B.J. become prey in a madman's dangerous game after being marooned on a remote island. Meanwhile, the grief-stricken SPF-30 team is in a state of disarray after the Mayor declares Notch and B.J. to be dead and names Kody as Head Lifeguard. As the eccentric sportsman (John O'Hurley) hunts them down along the beach, Notch and B.J. run into a patch of watery quicksand and steadily sink up to their necks. When the SPF-30 team fail to convince the rescue squad to go into the quicksand-infested area, Professor Milosevic turns his wheelchair into a flying contraption and pulls his friends out by hovering over them and lowering a rope. Sonic the Hedgehog "Sub-Sonic" 1993 TV animated - Jaleel White, Bradley Pierce, Jim Cummings There is a toxic pool trap in this episode. The Sorceress (aka The Witch; A boszorkany; La Sorciere) @
1956 B&W French/Swedish - Marina Vlady, Maurice Ronet, Nicole Courcel
A French civil engineer on assignment in Sweden for a lumber company meets a local nature-girl type, falls in love, has an affair, and tries to convert her to "civilization", but ends up getting her killed by superstitious villagers instead. A guy searching a marsh just before nightfall stumbles into a deep bog and sinks to his shoulders before being rescued by a mysterious old women who tosses him a rope tied to a small tree to pull himself out.

Sotto la Croce del Sud (aka Under The Southern Cross) @ 1938 B&W Italian - Antonio Centa, Enrico Glori, Giovanni Grasso Two partners return from the war to find their coffee plantation in the hands of an unscrupulous overseer. Some African-American slaves chase a white guy across a plantation and into a swampy area with tall grasses and reeds. The guy stumbles through some very thick mud and severely gets bogged down and slowly sinks all the way under. South Park "Rainforest Schmainforest" @ 1997 TV animated Comedy Central - Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Jesse Howell The boys are sent to the Costa Rican rain forest with a naturalist guide (Jennifer Aniston) as a part of the Getting Gay with Kids choir tour. As they are running away from some hostile natives, they run right into a quicksand bog and sink up to their necks. It is a short scene in which nobody goes under and are not shown getting out since they are out after the commercial. Southern Comfort @ 1981 - Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe, Fred Ward A squad of National Guards on an isolated weekend exercise in the Louisiana swamp must fight for their lives when they anger local Cajuns by stealing their canoes. One guy sinks into watery, black, leaf-covered quicksand while chasing after a helicopter and dies. The Southern Star (aka L'Etoile du sud) @ 1969 - George Segal, Ursula Andress, Orson Welles A multi-party chase through the jungles of Africa for possession of an unusually large diamond that was stolen. The heroes encounter a jungle river they must cross. She finds a place to cross successfully, but he chooses another spot and gets stuck in the quicksand under the water. The pretty, young, and wet woman, wearing a nice jungle explorer's outfit, pulls the guy free with a rope after shooting an approaching crocodile. Space Cases "?" @ 1996 TV Canadian - Walter Jones, Jewel Staite, Anik Matern A show about five space cadets, their two teachers, and a malfunctioning android named Thelma who were all lost in space. The android stumbles into some blue quicksand, and the kids pull her out by her nose. Sparrows @ 1926 B&W silent - Mary Pickford, Roy Stewart, Mary Louise Miller, Gustav von Seyffertitz A man keeps a rag-tag bunch orphans on his farm deep in a swamp in the American South, forcing them to work in his garden and treating them like slaves. Kidnappers hide the daughter of a rich man on the farm, awaiting ransom. When the police close in, the daughter is nearly thrown into the bottomless mire, as the orphans escape through the alligator-infested swamp. In the opening scene, the bad guy throws a little girl's doll into the bog, and it is sucked down with such effect that it made small children run from the theaters in 1926. In another scene, a baddie, who is trying to retrieve a keg that rolled into a bog hole, sinks to his knees into the thick mud before being helped out. The keg sinks slowly out of sight. In another scene, the orphans are running from the bad guys and cross a bog by continuously throwing sticks and junk onto the surface to make a bridge. In a confrontation with one of the baddies, the young woman knocks him into a thick mud bog. The woman can't pull him out, so she tells the other children get the horse. Having sunk up to his shoulders, the guy ties one end of the rope around his neck, and the orphans tie the other end around the horse's neck. The horse then drags the guy out. And at the end of the film when the children are escaping and the police have arrived, the main baddie steps into a bog and (apparently) goes under while trying to escape. Special A "Girlfriend - Boyfriend" @
2008 TV Japanese anime
When Tadashi lies to his mother about having a girlfriend to avoid attending a matchmaking session, he asks Hikari to pretend to be his girlfriend in hopes of fooling his mother, the director of Hakusenkan, and go on a date. There is a brief scene where the girl imagines herself sinking into the muddy ground when the boy mentions the excitement of exploring a marshland or swamp that appears suddenly while wandering the tropical forest.

Spectrum Mobile
2019 TV commercial
While looking for their buried treasure, a pirate slowly sinks to his chest in sandy quicksand while discussing a "banking" solution with his cohorts instead of burying their valuables.

Spider-Man (aka Spiderman) "?" 1967 TV animated - Bernard Cowan, Paul Soles, Paul Kligman Student Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and finds himself endowed with superhuman spider-like abilities and vows to use his new powers to fight crime. In one of the episodes, there is a quicksand scene involving Spiderman and a boy. Spider-Man (aka Spiderman) "?Revolt In The Fifth Dimension" 1967 TV animated - Bernard Cowan, Paul Soles, Paul Kligman Spiderman finds himself in an alternate dimension called Dementia 5, the domain of a one-eyed red skeletal being called Infinata. At one point, Infinata turns the red rug and floor under Spiderman into quicksand. Just as he is about to go under, he closes his eyes to think of a way out and finds himself back in New York city, falling from a great height. He then realizes that the quicksand is an illusion and that Infinata's power in Dementia 5 is all in the mind. Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends "Seven Little Superheroes" @ 1981 TV animated - Dan Gilvezan, Frank Welker, Kathy Garver A mysterious person invites Spider-Man, Iceman, and Firestar to a weekend island getaway, and, at Aunt May's request, they take Ms. Lion along. Arriving at the island, the gang discovers that four other super-heroes were also invited: Captain America, Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, and Shanna the She-Devil. The seven super-heroes become suspicious and soon discover that their old enemy the Chameleon has them trapped with no escape from the island. The Chameleon begins impersonating each of the seven so that they trap each other. Eventually, all of the heroes are trapped except Spidey who stops the Island from exploding, captures the Chameleon, and saves his friends all thanks to the help of Ms. Lion, the eighth little super-hero. Chameleon (in the guise of Spider-Man) tricks Captain America into a pool of quicksand and becomes trapped, struggling up to his chest before going completely under. He then awakes with the other super-heroes who lost their fight and are now held captive. Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends "The Sandman Is Coming" 1981 TV animated - Dan Gilvezan, Frank Welker, Kathy Garver Peter Parker laments over Sandman knowing his secret identity when suddenly the beach he's walking on turns to quicksand, and he sinks waist deep. It turns out to be Sandman himself! Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy "Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy"
2020 TV animated USA - Amber Frank, Bailey Gambertoglio, Sydney Park
A new chapter begins for Lucky and her friends as they leave Miradero behind to live and learn at the prestigious Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy. On their first day at Palomino Bluffs, the girls are determined to make a good impression. Cue the beachfront race — and a daring rescue! Ready! Set! Go save Jack from sinking in the quicksand?! When a horse race takes a dire turn, the PALs must work together to save their fellow classmate before it's too late! Jack and his horse run into quicksand. His horse struggles free, but Jack goes under. Lucky dives in with a rope, and her friends eventually pull them both out.

Spoilers of the Plains @ 1951 B&W - Roy Rogers, Penny Edwards, Gordon Jones Roy battles an evil gang of foreign spies who are intent on stealing a government weather satellite from a top-secret missile base. With the help of his horse Trigger and his new dog Bullet, the hero foils the rotten spies and battles to the death with the villain on top of an oil derrick. In a humorous fight scene, a good guy hits a bad guy over the head with a log, and the baddie slowly sinks under in a small watery pit of quicksand. Spookies 1987 - Felix Ward, Maria Pechukas, Dan Scott Taking a wrong turn, travelers find themselves trapped in a mysterious house. One horror after another threatens them as the sorcerer who lives within needs sacrifices to give eternal life to his beautiful bride. (There is not a quicksand scene in this movie - just muck monsters.) Sri Rajarajeswari 199? Indian - Ramya Krishnan, Ramki, Bhanupriya A socio-mythology story about two newlywed lovers, Raja and Rajeswari, who live at the Nagamalai estate. One day as the duo takes a stroll in the forest nearby, Raja suddenly asks Rajeswari to express a desire. "I will fulfill it for you," he says. Rajeswari promptly asks him to get her the Nagalinga flower. Raja searches for the flower and finally finds one lying in a muddy streamlet. He gets into the muddy slush to fetch it and suddenly finds himself caught in quicksand. As he goes in deeper and deeper, a panic-stricken Rajeswari tries to save him. Finally, she flings part of her sari to him, and Raja climbs back to safety. The lovers hug in joy and relief. Stanley @ 1972/1973 - Chris Robinson, Alex Rocco, Paul Avery, Steve Alaimo A crazed and nature-loving Vietnam vet of Seminole Indian descent and his pet snakes battle a rich snakeskin apparel manufacturer. A couple of poachers hunting in the swamp go after a large snake to catch it alive. After wading knee-deep through some thick mud and stagnant water, they run into some quicksand and sink up to their chins. The snake lover tosses a rattlesnake in with them rather than help them out as they sink out of sight. Star Maidens (aka Die Madchen aus dem Weltraum) "What Have They Done to the Rain?" 1976 TV British/German - Dawn Addams, Judy Geeson, Christiane Kruger A group of scientists from Earth are sent to investigate a mysterious planet which has appeared in our solar system. On landing they discover that the high-tech underground city is ruled entirely by the women who are all beautiful, but the men are considered mentally inferior and are second class slaves. There is a scene where a man is sucked into quicksand on the alien planet because the ground is breaking up due to acid rain. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (aka Star Trek: DS9) "Who Mourns for Morn?" 1993 TV - Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman Quark inherits a fortune when Morn is reported killed in an ion storm, but then many claims come forth to acquire a percentage of the inheritance, each painting Morn in a different light. There was a segment that featured a lovely alien emerging from a soupy mudbath. Star Trek: The Next Generation (aka Star Trek: TNG) "Skin of Evil" 1987 TV - Brent Spiner, Johnathan Frakes, Denise Crosby Troi's shuttle crash lands on a remote planet and is held captive by a malevolent life form composed of a dark viscous substance. As her release is negotiated by the rescue team, Riker is pulled into the black fluid "body" of the evil entity but is later "ejected", covered in the thick tar-like goo. Star Trek: The Next Generation (aka Star Trek: TNG) "Cost of Living" @ 1987 TV - Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn A planetary dignitary visits the Enterprise to be married to Lwaxana Troi (Majel Barrett), but he doesn't count on her being such a free spirit. The wedding is called off when he can't accept the traditional Betazoid custom of a ceremony in the nude. In one scene, Lwaxana, Alexander, and several aliens entertain themselves in a mud bath. At the end of the episode, Lwaxana, Alexander, Troi, and even Worf enjoy a mud bath together. Star vs. The Forces of Evil "The Bogbeast of Boggabah"
2015 USA animated - Eden Sher, Adam McArthur, Grey Griffin
Star Butterfly arrives on Earth to live with the Diaz, a Mexican-American family. She continues to battle villains throughout the universe and high school, mainly to protect her extremely powerful wand, an object that still confuses her. King River takes Star on a hunting trip to find the mystical Bogbeast of Boggadah. While charging through the swamp at night, Star runs into a quicksand bog and sinks to her neck. Frightened that it is the bog beast after her, she lashes out but loses her wand in the process. Fortunately, King River pulls her out and crowns her The Bogbeast and was all a test of character and learning experience.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
2019 USA - Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega
The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its peak bringing the Skywalker saga to its end. During a land speeder chase in the desert, several of the characters are blasted and land in some kind of quicksand and sink all the way under and end up in an underground tunnel.

Starcrash (aka The Adventures of Stella Star; Female Space Invaders; Scontri stellari oltre la terza dimensione; Star Crash; Stella Star) 1979 - Caroline Munro, David Hasselhoff, Christopher Plummer A pair of intrepid space smugglers are recruited to save the universe from a powerful villain and his evil death machine. After a small explosion, Stella escapes the prison work camp and dashes through the misty land outside as two guards chase after her. Just when she thinks she is home free, she runs into a bog of quicksand. Sinking fast, she calls out to the approaching guards for help. After some deliberation, they decide to rescue her but are attacked by the evil Vitons. As the hideous monsters make off with the guards, their guns fall into the mud which is a lucky break for Stella who barely grasps one to use as a hook to save herself. She crawls out of the quicksand to relative safety, then faints. (The scene was scripted but never filmed.) Straight Dope @ 19?? TV A&E educational program hosted by Mike Lucas or Cecil A segment about quicksand when they respond to a letter asking if quicksand is real or Tarzan fiction, where is it found, can it pull you under, and how can you escape. They explain the mechanics, dispel the myths, and provide some additional facts. The host even sinks into some. Strange Cargo @ 1940 B&W - Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Ian Hunter, Peter Lorre A group of convicts escape from the infamous Devil's Island prison, aided by a club entertainer. One of the convicts demonstrates an unusual Christ-like power of healing. During his escape, Gable stumbles into some very thick quicksand. A vine he grabs breaks loose, and he sinks further. He manages to grab another and pull himself out after sinking to his waist. Stripes 1981 - Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy The comical exploits of a platoon of misfits as they go through Army basic training and a trip into East Germany with a top secret combat ready recreational vehicle. There is a good female mud wrestling scene in a bar while the recruits are on R&R. (Note: the Movie and Edit-for-TV versions differ slightly.) Stryker Force @ 1987 adult video - Jeff Stryker, Steve Hammond, Joe Davis A low-budget movie which had a scene of a young, muscular, blonde, and shirtless soldier guy in green shorts and ammo belt over his shoulder walks into some watery quicksand and sinks up to his neck before being pulled out by another blonde and similarly dressed soldier guy with his rifle. Stunt Dawgs "?" @ 19?? TV animated As an explorer woman, with white streaked hair and wearing a green dress, climbs a cliff, her rope breaks, and she lands in a pit of slowsand. She calls for help on her 2-way radio, then waits patiently until the villain comes to rescue her as she slowly sinks to her armpits. Sub-Mariner "Atlantis Under Attack" @ 1966 TV animated Prince Namor's girlfriend, the Lady Dorma, steals away from the besieged city of Atlantis to search for the Sub-Mariner who's AWOL while his city is under attack. Looking behind her, she isn't looking where she's going and gets stuck in the Quagmire of Doom. Namor rescues her just in time. Suburu Outback 199? TV commercial Two bad guys are chasing Paul Hogan who is driving his Suburu. They missed the turn and landed in a quicksand bog or tar pit with their truck. Sugar Hill (aka Voodoo Girl; The Zombies of Sugar Hill) @ 1974 - Marki Bey, Don Pedro Colley, Robert Quarry, Richard Lawson A woman conjures up the dead to avenge the death of her fiancee at the hands of the Mob. At a voodoo and zombie gathering, a guy runs for his life but falls off a wooden bridge and into some watery quicksand and dies.

Sugar Sugar Rune "Witch of Cocoa Desert, Ambe" @
2005 TV animated Japanese
Chocolat didn't give up searching for Amber and then suddenly, Amber's house appeared because of Chocolat. They look for the ingredients but Waffle always cause troubles, but still they forgive Waffle and look for the last ingredients. The gang finds an oasis in the desert. The oasis suddenly turns bad on them, and the pond turns to mud. Not giving up, one of the girls tries digging in the former pond only to get pulled into the mire. A boy tries to pull her out but gets pulled in when she goes under. The group tries to save them and get pulled in one by one as well. One of the boys make a magic vine and pulls them out.

Summer Camp Island "Time Traveling Quick Pants"
Two best friends go to a magic sleep-away camp, where nothing is what it seems. During a baseball game, Oscar's pants come down revealing embarrassing underpants. He and Hedgehog learn about a quicksand portal that allows people to travel through time and use it to stop it from happening. However, they end up causing more problems than solutions.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! "Mario's Magic Carpet" 1989 TV animated - Lou Albano, Harvey Atkin, Jeannie Elias The adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Princess Toadstool, and Toad as they battle the evil King Koopa. When Princess Toadstool is sold to the villain King Koopa, her friends come after her. King Koopa flies her to a giant quicksand pit in the desert, drops her in, and then goes after her friends. When they ask where the Princess is, he replies, "She's playing in the sand." They quickly fly to rescue her. (Not animated very well.) The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! "Raiders of the Lost Mushroom" 1989 TV animated - Lou Albano, Harvey Atkin, Jeannie Elias The adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Princess Toadstool, and Toad as they battle the evil King Koopa. The Mario Brothers and Princess Toadstool get trapped to their chests in quicksand at the base of a cliff. Superargo Versus the Faceless Giants (aka Superargo; Superargo and the Faceless Giants; Superargo the Giant; Superargo, el gigante; The Devil's Man; The King of Criminals; Il Re dei criminali) @ 1967 Italian/Spanish - Giovanni Cianfriglia, Guy Madison, Aldo Sambrell A masked wrestler/superhero goes up against a madman and his army of robots. At one point, the costumed hero rescues a guy who ran into leaf-covered watery quicksand. Later, he throws the villain into the same pit. Supercar "Jungle Hazard" @ 1961 TV B&W - Graydon Gould, Sylvia Anderson, David Graham Gerry Anderson's first science fiction Supermarionation series. Super Car was a prototype vehicle that could travel in the air, on land, or beneath the sea. Its test pilot was Mike Mercury, who traveled the world in search of adventure. Mike comes to the rescue when a jungle exploring lady falls into a quicksand bog when villains cut the rope bridge she is using to cross over a swamp. Supergirl @ 1984 - Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, Peter Cook Superman's cousin arrives on Earth to retrieve a lost power source and fights the villains who found it. When she is vanquished to the Phantom Zone, Supergirl walks into a pit of dark green (almost black) tar-like goo and crawls partially out before passing out and being pulled out by Zaltar. Support Your Local Sheriff! 1969 - James Garner, Joan Hackett, Harry Morgan A stranger stops off at a small gold rush town on his way to Australia and takes a job as the new sheriff because he can't afford the booming town's inflated prices. After a startling display of marksmanship, he immediately arrests the youngest son of the evil landowner. A battle of hired guns begins as he continues to tame the town and defeat the gunslingers with a combination of skill and wit. Early in the film, a street fight erupts in the center of town on the muddy street when two wagons won't let the other pass. Several townspeople get involved in the muddy brawl, including an attractive woman, before the new sheriff breaks it up with the town's fire pumper truck water hose. Surviving Nugent @ 2003 TV reality challenge - Ted Nugent (host) Seven contestants compete in a series of challenges for a new pickup truck and $25,000 on rocker Ted Nugent's 2000-acre Michigan ranch. Nugent can eliminate any contestant, at any time, for any reason he chooses. One of the contests involves running into a mucky swamp to retrieve some duck decoys. The guys and gals get rather muddy up to their thighs, then afterward strip down to get hosed off. Survivor: Borneo "Quest for Food" @ 2000 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host) Pulau Tiga is a tropical island located in the South China Sea where 16 people attempt to persevere through 39 days of natural and man-made to become the final survivor and win a million dollars. While looking for tapioca in the jungle, Gretchen, Colleen, and Greg find a small mud volcano. After smearing themselves with the gray mud, they invite the rest of the Pagong Tribe (Gervase, Jenna, Joel, Ramona) to a sensual group mud bath. Survivor: Borneo "Udder Revenge" @ 2000 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host) Pulau Tiga is a tropical island located in the South China Sea where 16 people attempt to persevere through 39 days of natural and man-made to become the final survivor and win a million dollars. More shots of the Pagong Tribe (Gretchen, Colleen, Greg, Gervase, Jenna, Joel, Ramona) playing in the volcanic mud pit. Survivor: Guatemala - The Maya Empire "Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise" @ 2005 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host) The new teams are set loose to complete an 11-mile trek through the jungle, with the better campsite and flint at stake. When one of the team's boats nears shore, Judd jumps out and lands thigh-deep in quicksand along the water's edge. He struggles and crawls in the creamy goo until he is able to pull himself out and onto the dock. Survivor: Guatemala - The Maya Empire "Eating and Sleeping With the Enemy" @ 2005 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host) One contestant's inability to perform at the Reward Challenge blows it for the whole team; the 11th castaway is voted off in a tense and unpredictable Tribal Council. In the reward challenge, the survivors must retrieve pots of corn across an obstacle course in a field of deep dark mud. The contestants get very muddy. Survivor: Cook Islands "I Have the Advantage... For Once" @ 2006 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host) Parvati and Adam know they need to win the reward challenge or Adam is going to Exile Island since the remaining four members of Aitu are still tight. To win, the contestants must wallow in a mud pit and, without using their hands, carry as much mud and scrape it off their bodies into a bucket. Survivor: Gabon "The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy" @
2008 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host) The survivors compete in a loved-ones video reward challenge by running through a muddy swamp to collect cogs to a puzzle device.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains "That Girl is Like a Virus" @ 2010 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host)
In Episode 3, James gets overly physical in a challenge, and a female castaway targets a threat to herself and seeks to oust her rival. The participants square-off one-on-one in a sumo-style contest to knock each other off a platform into the mud below.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains "Expectations" @ 2010 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host)
In Episode 8, the tribes participate in a bowling challenge to win pizza and beer, and then get down and dirty as they maneuver through a mud-filled obstacle course to grab immunity.

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Blood vs Water "Blood is Blood" @
2014 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host)
The tribes are reconfigured and it leaves one castaway on a team that has three pairs of loved ones. Meanwhile, the other tribe is forced to negotiate for their next meal, after they mismanage their food supply. The Survivors compete in a challenge where they must crawl 30 feet through the mud under an obstacle and become covered in a dark coating of muck in the process.

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Blood vs Water "Gettin' to Crunch Time" @
2014 TV reality challenge - Jeff Probst (host)
Two reward winners trade their spots to prove their loyalty. Also, an idol paper trail causes chaos at camp, and one castaway plays dirty when his life in the game is threatened. The Survivors compete one-on-one where they balance on a narrow beam and try to knock each other off into the mud pit below. The muck is about knee deep, and most get covered head to toe in brown mud.

Swamp Country @ 1966 - Rex Allen, Lyle Waggoner, David DaLie In a small southern swamp town, an innocent man passing through is accused of murder when a local girl is found murdered in the Swamper Motel. He flees the local lynch mob into the Okeefeenokee Swamp where he runs into even more dangers. While crossing an area of swamp out looking for his friend, a guy becomes stuck in quicksand and sinks under the slimy water. Swamp Girl @ 1971 - Ferlin Husky, Claude King, Simone Griffeth A baby, abandoned by her alcoholic father, grows up in the wild to become the legendary "Swamp Girl." When a maniacal prison escapee enters her territory, Swamp Girl must fight with this Convict Girl in a nasty fight to the death. In one scene, a guy tries crossing a grassy area and starts sinking. Convict Girl tries to force Swamp Girl to save him as he sinks all the way under. In another scene, there is a nice muddy fight between Swamp Girl and Convict Girl. Swamp Thing "Children of the Fool" @ 1990 TV - Dick Durock, Scott Garrison, Mark Lindsay Chapman Will becomes interested in one of the girls of a traveling carnival that is really a cover for a black magic cult. But the carnival's owner (Wolfman Jack) has other plans for him. Will, shirtless and wearing blue jeans, is put into a pit of watery quicksand by a group of robed cult members and goes under before being lifted out and onto the side from underneath by the Swamp Thing. Swamp Water (aka The Man Who Came Back) @ 1941 B&W - Walter Brennan, Walter Huston, Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews A hunter, looking for his lost dog, happens upon a fugitive and his daughter hiding out in a Georgia swamp. He falls in love with the girl and persuades the fugitive to return to town in an effort to clear him of the crime he didn't commit. Near the end, two thugs are chasing the elderly fugitive and the young guy. The baddie Tim runs into black mud bog hole that sucks him under while his cohort Bud tries to pull him out with his rifle. Swan Princess II: Escape From Castle Mountain @ 1997 animated - Michelle Nicastro, Douglas Sills, Jake Williamson The first wedding anniversary of Princess Odette and Prince Derek is distracted by field fires set by Knuckles. His master Clavius, wants to conquer the world, and he needs to capture a giant orb to do that. Clavius kidnaps Queen Uberta and Odette with Derek have to save her. While escaping the villain and after running from an angry wolf, the hero swings from a vine over a quicksand bog, but the baddie cuts the rope. He lands knee deep and slowly sinks all the way under. The Swan Princess, in swan form, puts a vine in her beak and dives into the quicksand, and the hero pulls them both out. The Swiss Family Robinson @ 1960 Disney - John Mills, James MacArthur, Janet Munro, Tommy Kirk A family in route to New Guinea is shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island and make the most of misfortune by transforming their island into a personal paradise. Plenty of adventure ensues as the Robinsons and their three sons deal with survival, build a tree house, and fight pirates. The two oldest boys and the girl they rescued from pirates find a young zebra trapped in a mud pit surrounded by hyenas and work at freeing it. Swiss Family Robinson (aka Island of Adventure) "?" 1975 TV - Martin Milner, Cameron Mitchell, Willie Aames There was a scene in one of the first episodes where Carl and Jeremiah are walking through some swampy water. Jeremiah remarks, "The bottom feels kinda funny" and begins sinking. Carl pulls the old pirate out. Swiss Family Robinson (aka Island of Adventure) "The Wild Dog" @ 1975 TV - Martin Milner, Helen Hunt, Eric Olson Ernie befriends a German shepherd dog, which he names Jobe, that is believed to be killing livestock. After running away, he walks into quicksand and tries to get the dog to pull him out. He slowly sinks all the way up to his neck before his father pulls him out. Swiss Family Robinson: Flone of the Mysterious Island (aka Kazoku Robinson hyôryűki fushigina shima no furône) "Okaasan no Katsuyaku" (aka "Wolf Attack"; "Mother's Enthusiasm") @
1981 TV Japanese anime - Ardwight Chamberlain, Rebecca Forstadt, Wendee Lee
When the Robinsons plan to go to start a new life in Australia , they run into a storm that turns their lives completely. While Father and Fritz are in the swamp, gathering dry sticks for a fire, Fritz chases a blue butterfly and steps into a muddy quicksand bog in the shallow stream. He sinks to his waist as he calls out to Father for help. Father wades out to help, but they both end up sinking to their necks. They take off their packs of bundled sticks and use them for buoyancy. Father then uses a rope to lasso a fallen tree on solid ground and use it to pull themselves to safety.

Tales from the Crypt "'Til Death" @ 1989 TV HBO - D.W. Moffett, Pamela Glen An unscrupulous plantation owner named Logan uses a voodoo potion to snare a rich heiress, but he soon finds out there's no way to turn off the spell. The man, running through a swamp at night from the "undead" woman he overdosed with the love potion, stumbles into watery quicksand filled with sticks and twigs. As he goes under, he his pulled free by the disfigured woman whom he sets on fire and pushes into the same pit. She sinks out of sight... only to return. The Tall Man @
2017 Canada - Jessica Biel, Jodelle Ferland, William B. Davis
After crashing her van, an injured woman heads into the dark foggy marsh to look for her son David. She stumbles waist deep into a mud bog and struggles her way out.

Tank 1984 - James Garner, Shirley Jones, C. Thomas Howell Zack is a Master Sargent assigned to his last post before leaving the service. He is a colorful character and even has his own WWII vintage tank that is used for parades and such. After he stops a deputy from beating a call girl, he finds that he is a marked man in town. The sheriff arrests his son on a trumped-up drug charge. When all else fails, Zack uses his tank to even the odds. At the end of the movie, there is a long sequence of the tank getting stuck in the mud and characters getting muddy trying to free it. Tank Girl @ 1995 - Lori Petty, Ice-T, Malcolm McDowell Tank Girl and her friends are the only remaining citizens living in the wasteland that is Earth, where all the remaining water is controlled by Water and Power, the mega corporation/government that runs the territory. A young woman is very quickly consumed by dry desert quicksand. Tarkan
1969 Turkey - Kartal Tibet, Zuhal Aktan, Lale Belkis
Tarkan, the fearless and loyal warrior of Attila the Hun, enters into a bloody struggle to capture the sword of Mars which is believed to promote ownership of whole word whom possess. The warrior is thrown off his horse and tumbles into a shallow watery pool of quicksand. He calls out for help from his wolf companion while sinking very little.

Tarzan "The Three Faces of Death" @ 1966 TV - Ron Ely Tarzan agrees to compete in three death-defying events to prove a native woman's right to retain the rulership of her tribe. Tarzan and the male challenger are to choose between two different tests: a dangerous cliff jump near a waterfall into the water below or negotiate a treacherous cage of various obstacles. Tarzan chooses the cage, and the other guy chooses the cliff dive. At one point in the cage, Tarzan notices the ground ahead moving. He takes a small rock and throws it, and it promptly disappears into a muddy bog. He tries to jump across the pit but misses, falls in, and drags himself out while the natives are jabbing spears into the cage. Tarzan "The End Of The River" @ 1966 TV - Ron Ely A airplane crash in the jungle results in Tarzan racing to save a girl's life and a perilous struggle with a convicted criminal. While Tarzan is out collecting some water, two handcuffed guys wander over to a stream for a drink. One falls in some mud and grass quicksand and sinks to his neck. As Tarzan returns and hears their cries for help, he begins to pull the one out but gets knocked in just as he frees the guy. They try to pull him out but can't, so Tarzan calls over a young elephant to help. Tarzan "End of a Challenge" 1966 TV - Ron Ely Tarzan and Chief Bangu are forced to forget their mutual animosity as they team up to search for the chief's son and Jai (Tarzan's little friend in the series), who have been kidnaped by a gun-toting thief and forced to lead him through the jungle. The boys get free and lead the portly guy on a merry chase, and both grab vines and swing over a quicksand pit while the pursuing kidnapper plunges into it. The guy sinks to his chest before the boys, having an apparent change of heart, throw him a vine and pull him out. The guy isn't so bad after all and gratefully asks for their help after being rescued. Tarzan "The Deadly Silence" parts 1 & 2 (aka Tarzan's Deadly Silence movie) 1966 TV - Ron Ely, Jock Mahoney, Manuel Padilla Jr. Tarzan tries to stop a bloodthirsty Colonel from taking over and enslaving an African village with his formidable soldiers of fortune army. Tarzan battles the military expert with the help of jungle animals and tactics having temporarily lost his keen sense of hearing due to an underwater hand-grenade blast. While deafened, Tarzan partially rolls into a vegetation-covered quicksand pit. He then pulls himself out and fights one of the soldiers pursuing him who is subsequently knocked into the same quicksand. Tarzan escapes while the heavy-set man's compatriots try to pull him out but without success. Tarzan "Tarzan's Journey to Danger" @ 1991 TV Canadian - Wolf Larson, Lydie Denier Haunted by the same obsessing nightmare of the air crash which took the life of his parents and forced him to live alone in the jungle, Tarzan returns to the location of the accident to come to terms with his past. In one scene, he builds a path across some very watery quicksand and hops across. Jane, however, falls into it and goes all the way under before Tarzan dives in with a vine and rescues her. They wash up under a waterfall. Tarzan "Tarzan and the Pirate Treasure" @
1991 TV Canadian - Wolf Larson, Lydie Denier Jane's charming former fiancé (Adrian Paul) comes back to the jungle to win her back, but Tarzan suspects he has ulterior motives. While crossing a rotting log, the guy falls into some very watery and goes all the way under before Tarzan dives in with a vine and rescues him.

Tarzan "Tarzan and the Toxic Terror" 1991 TV Canadian - Wolf Larson, Lydie Denier Tarzan uncovers an illegal toxic-waste dumping operation run by old enemy Hauser. Roger borrows a metal detector to follow the metal pipe that is being used to dispose of the chemicals. He gets spooked and drops it into some watery leaf-covered quicksand. (The scene lasts only a few seconds.) Tarzan: The Epic Adventures "Tarzan And The Revenge Of Zimpala" @ 1996 TV - Joe Lara A sadistic hunter with psychic powers targets Tarzan. A king's son, Zimpala, seeks revenge against Tarzan for killing his brother who killed Tarzan's ape mother. After Zimpala steps off a rock at the edge of a slimy pool and through some sort of dimensional doorway to where Tarzan's friend is apprently being held captive, Tarzan tries to follow him but falls into the watery and greenish quicksand below. He sinks up to his chin before being rescued by his ape friend. Tarzan and the Amazons @ 1945 B&W - Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield A group of archaeologists asks Tarzan to help them find an ancient city in a hidden valley of women. He refuses, but Boy is tricked into doing the job. The queen of the women asks Tarzan to help them retrieve their stolen gold. When Tarzan confronts two baddies who are carrying some of the treasure, they drop the gold, turn, and run into a deep thick mud pit, struggle, and slowly disappear. ?Tarzan En Las Minas Del Rey Salomon (aka Tarzan in King Solomon's Mines) @ 1973 Spanish - David Carpenter, Nadiuska, Jacinto Molina A woman named Doris is looking for her brother who crashed his plane in the jungle. Doris hires a crooked guide, but he is using the opportunity to bring guns to the natives. Meanwhile, Doris' brother is a captive of some evil natives (apparently the protectors of Solomon's Mine), and they plan on sacrificing him. While Tarzan watches two guys from up in the trees, one of them steps into watery quicksand. As he sinks, the other guy takes his packs and leaves him to die. Tarzan Escapes @ 1936 B&W - Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, John Buckler White hunter Captain Fry tries to capture Tarzan and take him back to civilization and put on public exhibition. He arrives in the jungle with Jane's cousins, Eric and Rita, who want Jane's help in claiming a fortune left to her. At one point while leading the group along a trail in a foggy swamp, Tarzan has finally had enough of the bad Captain Fry and sends him back into the swamp. Fry turns around, grabs a stick to club Tarzan, but suddenly falls into the swamp muck and disappears out of sight. (A short sequence and not very good. Also, this movie was severely reshot and edited because it was deemed too violent. In Gabe Essoe's book "Tarzan of the Movies", there are a couple of stills from the cut footage. One shows a very wet and muddy Jane shaking hands with a pygmy while Tarzan and others look on. A second shows the safari, some up to their chins in muck, as Tarzan and Jane crouch together, fending off the devil bats. The full version was never released and is believed lost.) Tarzan The Ape Man @ 1981 - Bo Derek, Miles O'Keeffe, Richard Harris, John Phillip Law Jane Parker visits her father in Africa where she joins him on an expedition. When the group is captured by savages, Tarzan comes to their aid, including rescuing Jane from the coils of a large boa constrictor that causes her to fall into the muddy water of a jungle stream (but no quicksand). Tarzan The Magnificent @ 1960 - Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney, John Carradine Tarzan must escort a prisoner out of the jungle to the authorities, but the boat is blown up by the father and brothers. Now Tarzan must also lead five of the boat's passengers through the jungle, pursued by hostile natives. In a fight, Tarzan and the criminal roll into watery black quicksand up to their chins. Tarzan pulls himself out with the guy hanging on to his shoulders. Both are covered in muddy residue. Tarzan's Greatest Adventure @ 1959 - Gordon Scott, Sean Connery, Anthony Quayle Tarzan is out to capture a quintet of British diamond hunters in Africa who killed a pair of natives while robbing supplies. After being attacked by a leopard, one of the villains runs into a fog-bound pool of quicksand and disappears (except for his arm). Tarzan's Hidden Jungle @ 1955 B&W - Gordon Scott, Vera Miles Hunters, posing as photographers, trespass into Sukulu country where animals are sacred. They stampede the animals across the river where they can be shot. The woman nurse gets lost in the jungle, wearing a torn khaki shirt and skirt along with jungle boots. She is startled by a large snake and stumbles into some quicksand where she struggles and sinks up to her shoulders. Tarzan pulls her out with a vine and cleans her up by a river. He rinses her dirty legs and chest, and when she says what she really needs is a bath, he tosses her in. She emerges soaking wet.

Tarzan Korkusuz Adam (aka Tarzan the Mighty Man; Tarzan the Fearless)
1974 Turkey - Yavuz Selekman, Yesim Yukselen, Altan Gunbay
A nice looking woman (wearing a white collared shirt, long skirt, and knee-high boots) runs through the thick jungle and stumbles into watery quicksand. She struggles knee-deep in the bog as she slowly sinks up to her chest while trying to avoid a large snake slithering down from a nearby tree. Tarzan tosses down a vine from a tree and pulls her out. (This scene is a blatant rip-off of the "Tarzan's Hidden Jungle" scene with another woman in the Vera Miles role. It even has the same snake and audio track from the scene.)

Tarzan's Revenge @ 1938 B&W - Glenn Morris, Eleanor Holm, George Barbier Eleanor and her parents are hunting big game, accompanied by her wimpish fiancee. Ben lleu Bey wants to add her to his 100-woman harem, but Tarzan wants her too. As she and her fiancee cross over a muddy pool on a fallen tree, she slips into the watery pool below up to her chest and gets stuck in the mud under the water up to her knees. While the fiancee goes for help, Tarzan pulls her out, and they chat awhile. She is muddy from her chest down, and when Tarzan tries to help her brush it off, she hits him. He hits her back, playfully, and knocks her back into the muddy pool and leaves... just as the others arrive to help her. After she is pulled out again, she wanders around in muddy clothes. Teen Titans "Kole" @
2003 TV animated - Scott Menville, Greg Cipes, Khary Payton
The Titans find Dr. Light in the Arctic Circle trying to increase his powers by tapping into the Aurora Borealis. But his equipment can't handle the power, and he falls through a hole in the ice. The Titans chase him into a prehistoric world where they encounter Kole, a girl with the ability to change into crystal, and her caveman sidekick, Gnarrk. The heroes get themselves trapped in a large tarpit and are unable to free themselves using their special abilities. Gnarrk tosses down a vine from a tree to Robin and pulls them all free as they each grab onto each other in a human chain.

Teenage Cave Man (aka Teen-Age Caveman; Teenage Caveman; Out of the Darkness; Prehistoric World) 1958 B&W - Robert Vaughn, Sarah Marshall, Leslie Bradley A teenage caveman seeks to discover what is in the uncharted jungles beyond his tribe's campsite. He discovers a strange creature which kills with its touch. We later learn that this is not a prehistoric tale but a post-apocalyptic tale, and the strange creature is a 500 year old irradiated scientist in a radiation suit. Among the other perils is the "ground that is not solid" or "the earth that eats men". One of the young cavemen stumbles into the quicksand beneath a pool of water and goes under as his friends try unsuccessfully to save him. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Turtles at the Earth's Core" @ 1988 TV animated April and the turtles chase a dinosaur into an underground, prehistoric world. As they are riding on the dinosaur, it is startled by the baddies, and April and the turtles are tossed into a watery tar pit and sink up to their waists. They are rescued by the same dinosaur who picks them out using its mouth. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp" (aka Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Leatherhead) @ 1988 TV animated While in the Everglades, looking for frogs that have also been in contact with the retromutagen ooze, a mutant alligator tricks April, the turtles, and the frogs into a quicksand pit. They sink all the way to their shoulders before one of the frogs attaches a rope to a tree so that they can pull themselves out. Terminal Countdown (aka Y2K) @ 1999 - Louis Gossett Jr., Jaimz Woolvett, Malcolm McDowell On January 1, 2000, a computer glitch will cause a secret missile installation in Colombia to activate and threaten to fire a nuclear device aimed at Moscow in less than two days. Morgan, who designed the computer program in the 1970s and is the only man alive who knows how to deactivate its defensive booby traps, is recruited to join the commando team assigned to stop the missile launch, along with wimp computer hacker Vincent and CIA spook Fairchild. Once in the South American jungle, with the hours ticking away, the squad encounters a beautiful KGB agent, an ambush, traps, a drug ring, and even betrayal from within the ranks. There is a scene were the good guys and bad guys are slugging it out in a quagmire of quicksand as their truck slowly sinks along with them. The two baddies sink under as the three heros escape without getting stuck. Terra Ribelle "Episode 7"
2010 TV Italian - Diego Cowks, Anna Favella, Rodrigo Guirao Díaz
A guy tries to warn a woman to lighten her horse's load because there is quicksand under the water, so she shoots him. A few steps later, she and her horse end up in the underwater quicksand, while the wounded guy struggles to shore.

The Terror (aka The Castle of Terror; Lady of the Shadows) @ 1963 - Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson, Sandra Knight A young army officer wanders the beach after being separated from the rest of his squad during the early 19th-century Napoleonic wars and meets a beautiful woman. That night, after finding lodging with a local couple, he sees the woman again and follows her into the woods. The woman seems to be leading him when suddenly, the local man rushes up and stops him, then tosses a large rock in the path ahead where it starts sinking. "Quicksand," the officer says. He finally reaches an eerie, crumbling seaside castle, owned by a mysterious baron, and eventually learns that the woman is a ghost. Terror in the Jungle 1968 - Jimmy Angle, Robert Burns, Ivan Stephan A flight from Peru to Rio crashes into the Amazon River. One youngster survives to become the sacrafice of the deadly Jivaro Indians, and a father who will do anything to find and save his son. Quicksand, cannibals, headhunters, snakes, piranha - what good movies are made of! The young boy is put on a small plane to visit his estranged mother. Also aboard is a pop group made up of three middle-aged men in mod wigs, and a dead nun who falls out of a stowed coffin and lands on a stewardess. When the plane crashes in a river in the the South American Amazon/Peruvian jungle, all aboard perish except the boy when they jump into the water and are promptly eaten by crocodiles. The boy is found by a nearby tribe of Incan Indians who mistake him for Inti, their sun god, because of his golden blonde hair. But when one of the high priests wishes to sacrifice the boy in a religious ritual, believing him to be evil because he smiles, the boy escapes when his stuffed toy tiger becomes real and kills his captors. In the meantime, the boy's father has mounted an expedition with a group of Catholic missionaries to find his son and arrives just in time to save him and flee from the natives into the jungle. Near the end, the boy is startled by a large snake and backs in a pool of watery quicksand, and the father grudgingly (probably due to the boy's constant crying) goes back to help him. Terror in the Swamp (aka Nutriaman: The Copasaw Creature) @ 1985 - Chuck Bush, Michael Tedesco, Billy Holliday In an effort to create the perfect nutria for breeding by the fur industry, a scientist and his assistant inadvertently create a brutal mutation that escapes into the nearby swamps. An evil woman leads a couple of guys (one old, one young) through the marsh... and right into a boggy mire under a slimy pool of water. Both sink from view, yelling, as the old hag sits ashore and laughs. Texas Masquerade 1944 B&W - William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jimmy Rogers Hopalong Cassidy and sidekicks California Carlson and Jimmy Rogers get to the bottom of some dirty dealings in the Texas town of Glenby. A vicious gang of night riders has been scaring local ranchers into selling out to J.K. Trimble, a supposedly upstanding citizen who has discovered that there is oil to be had. Disguised as Boston lawyer James Corwin, Hoppy at first manages merely to antagonize girl rancher Virginia Curtis but then takes her into his confidence. The unexpected arrival of old foe Sam Nolan becomes an even greater threat, however, but aided by the real Corwin and disgruntled Marshal Rowbottom, Hoppy manages to corner Trimble and his gang after a fiery shootout in the desert. (There is apparently a quicksand scene in this movie.) Thirty-Six Hours to Hell (aka 36 ore all'inferno; 36 Hours in Hell; Thirty-Six Hours of Hell) @ 1969/1977 Italian - Richard Harrison, Pamela Tudor, Alain Gerard A handful of American Marines battle an entire Japanese infantry on a tiny island in the South Pacific. A small group of U.S. soldiers traverse the edge of a swamp when two of them get stuck in the quicksand under the swampy water. The others manage to pull one of them free, but the other is too far out and continues to sink. The commander tries to cut down a small tree, but it is too late - the guy goes under. This Happened to Me "Goat Hunters & Muddy Fisherman" @ 2003 TV reality drama First-hand accounts of life-threatening encounters with the great outdoors. In this episode, a husband and wife team become lost on Kodiak Island, Alaska while goat hunting and fight to stay alive while awaiting rescuers. Then, a fisherman steps onto the exposed quicksand-like bottom at the perimeter of a drought-ridden lake, sinks to his chest, and faces a potentially muddy grave. Thundarr the Barbarian "Battle of the Barbarians" 1980 TV animated - Robert Ridgely, Nellie Bellflower, Henry Corden A barbarian and his companions wander a devastated future Earth and fight evil where ever they find it. The evil wizard Kublai is tearing apart a chinatown-like village while searching for the sceptre of the Yangtzi. Thundarr helps the citizens of the village repel the wizard. However, the wizard enlists the aid of another barbarian, Zogar, to fight off Thundarr. Zogar captures Ariel and sets a trap for Thundarr. He ties up Ariel and hangs her over a pit of quicksand-like slime and then lures Thundarr and Ookla to the hidden pit into which they and their horses fall and sink. Zogar sets fire to the rope holding Ariel so she'll drop into the slime pit along with them. Zogar then decides Thundarr isn't sinking fast enough so he throws a boulder at them which Ookla catches and begins sinking faster. Satisfied that they're going to die, Zogar leaves in classic villain style. Thundarr tells Ookla to throw the boulder at a nearby tree which breaks and falls over the pit. They use it to climb out just as Ariel's rope burns through, but Thundarr catches her before she falls into the pit. In the end, Thundarr defeats Zogar and the wizard Kublai. Thundarr the Barbarian "Fortress of Fear" 1980 TV animated - Robert Ridgely, Nellie Bellflower, Henry Corden Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla find an escaped slave who warns them to run and leave this area, just as a flying craft releases several attack robots. The group is captured and taken aboard the flying craft where they are taken to Argoth, the wizard of a thousand eyes who wants Ariel as his bride. Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla free all the slaves and escape into the forbidden jungle, and Argoth summons a cyclops to recapture them. The beast attacks them at the La Brea tar pits and captures Ariel, while Thundarr must rescue some slaves before they sink into the tar pits. When Thundarr and Ookla defeat the cyclops, Argoth himself attacks the group, but his magic soon fails. He falls into the tar pits and sinks, but appears to escape in the form of an energy vapor. The slaves vow to build a new city in the jungle as Thundarr and company leave in search of more adventure. Thunder Over Sangoland 1955 B&W - Jon Hall, Ray Montgomery, Marjorie Lord A famous American doctor comes to the African jungle to help a missionary and her brother who are trying to stop a pair of prospectors from inciting tribal war. The prospectors mean to drive white colonists away from a mine they have secretly located. (This movie is an edited together version of the "Ramar of the Jungle" TV series which may contain the quicksand scene from that show.) Thundercats "?" 1985 TV animated - Larry Kenney, Lynne Lipton, Earl Hammond Once of the female characters gets trapped in a deadly pit of honey. Ti aspettero all'inferno (I Will Wait For You In Hell) @ 1960 B&W Italian In one scene, a guy is driving fast down a country dirt road at night as if running from something and ends up in a muddy field. He gets out and runs into a nearby wooded area. He stops and looks around, then discovers that the bag he's holding is full of sand. He then finds himself stuck in some quicksand and sinks under. Tierra de Lobos "Polvo al Polvo" @
2010 TV Spanish - María Castro, Antonio Velázquez, Dafne Fernández
A western set in 19th century Spain. Translated as Land of Wolves, it's actually named after Anotonio Lobo, the wealthy landowner who controls and owns most of the land. A beautiful but snobby woman is trying to work on a particular area of land. Her crew tries to warn her that it is too swampy and muddy in that area. Eventually the crew gives up and leaves her, throwing the map into a mud pit. She tries to retrieve the map with a stick but ends up stepping into the pit. She sinks up to her neck before someone hears her and comes to her rescue.

Tim Tyler's Luck "Chapter 2: Dead Man's Pass", "Chapter 5: Trapped In The Quicksands", and "Chapter 6: Jaws Of The Jungle" @ 1937 serial B&W - Frankie Thomas, Earl Douglas, Norman Willis Based on the comic strip of the same name, youthful adventurer Tim Tyler heads to Africa in search of his scientist father who is doing gorilla research there. Along the way, he links up with Lora Lacey who hopes to capture Spider Webb, the man responsible for the incarceration of Lora's brother and who has captured Dr. Tyler and his "jungle cruiser" tank-like exploration vehicle. After reaching the Dark Continent, Tim and Lora are exposed to every imaginable peril before the diamond and ivory thief Spider can be brought to justice. In Chapter 2, Spider and his henchmen traverse a dangerous expanse of quicksand which surrounds their hideout. One of the men carrying a box of ammunition slips and falls into the very watery pool and goes under as the others save the precious cargo. At the end of Chapter 5 and beginning of Chapter 6, the baddies are trying to stop Tim and the betraying Lazarre from escaping. They try to blow-up the causeway built just beneath the surface of the quicksand which they use to drive the "jungle cruiser" safely across, but instead they almost kill Tim who has been thrown into the watery quicksand. As the baddies run from the arriving cavalry, Lazarre and the other men manage to pull an unconscious Tim free of the bog. Time Tunnel "The Last Patrol" @ 1966 TV - James Darren, Robert Colbert During a Revolutionary War trip, a British redcoat officer (Michael Pate), wearing frontier deer skin clothing, stumbles into very dry quicksand and is trapped up to his chest. He is rescued, only to be taken prisoner and threatened with a death sentence by the general (Carroll O'Connor). Time Tunnel "Chase Through Time" @ 1966 TV - James Darren, Robert Colbert Doug and Tony must find a spy (Robert Duvall) who has planted a bomb in the Time Tunnel Complex. The bad guy runs into the tunnel and eventually ends up back in the prehistoric period. He is chased by a typical Irwin Allen lizard beast and runs into a pit of very dry quicksand up to his neck where Doug and Tony pull him out. Todliche Wildnis - Sie waren jung und mussten sterben (Deadly Wilderness - They Were Young and Had to Die) 2000 TV/Movie RTL German - Simon Licht, Niels-Bruno Schmidt, Chiara Schoras While on a remote island performing an excavation, a group of students is stalked by a mysterious killer. One of female guides is lured into the moorlands and stumbles into a deep mud bog. She struggles in the watery mire and tries to pull herself out with a necklace she has hooked onto a nearby tree branch, but she eventually sinks all the way under. The unseen murderer then puts the posts marking the safe path across the moor back in their rightful place.

Tokimeki Tonight "Door to The Demon World" @
1982 TV animated Japanese
Ranze Eto may look like your average Japanese teenage girl, but in reality she's anything but. Her mother is a werewolf, and her father is a vampire. And Ranze has special powers of her own! Ranze enters a strange dreamland through a door in her basement and gets lost. While trying to find her way out, she sinks into the ground. She falls for a while and ends up back in the real world.

Tokimeki Tonight "Bathroom Crisis" @
1982 TV animated Japanese
Ranze Eto may look like your average Japanese teenage girl, but in reality she's anything but. Her mother is a werewolf, and her father is a vampire. And Ranze has special powers of her own! Ranze dreams she's back in the strange dreamland she entered through a door in her basement, but this time her love interest is there to catch her when she falls into the sinkhole, that is until her rival shows up and distracts him.

Tom and Jerry "The Fast and The Furry" @
2005 TV Movie animated - Tress MacNeille, Bill Kopp, Lauren Nightingale
Tom and Jerry enter a reality-TV contest in which they compete in a global car race that parodies "The Fast and The Furious." A soccer mom in a van is mis-directed by a race sign in the jungle and ends up driving into a quicksand bog (someone switched the signs). As the van slowly sinks, she calls Gone Star for remote road-side assistance. The telephone technician and computerized help system give a lot of unhelpful information until she opens the sun roof, grapples a tree branch with a rope, and swings to solid ground just as the van goes under.
Tom and Jerry Tales "Shiver Me Whiskers!" @
2006 TV Movie - Samuel Vincent, Don Brown, Michael Donovan
Tom and Jerry are pirates looking for the lost treasure of the Spanish Main. Jerry is being chased by 3 monkeys through the jungle. He runs across a vine that crosses a quicksand bog, and the monkeys fall in. As they sink, they do the classic "no-hear, no-see, no-tell" stance. Jerry uses another vine, lassos the monkeys, pulls them free, and makes friends with them.

Tom Thumb 1958 - Russ Tamblyn, Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers Adaptation of the famous Grimm brothers fairy tale about a five-inch-tall man who becomes the son of a forest woodcutter and his wife after their wish is granted by the Forest Queen and the two villains who plot to exploit his size for their own unsavory purposes. Tom escapes from the baddies and decides to walk through the notorious Black Swamp. He hears noises behind him and begins running, only to fall into a deep hole of very watery quicksand. He plunges in and immediately goes under. The huge hand (relatively speaking) of the Forest Queen comes down and scoops him out. The Tomb @ 2004 Italian - Robert Madison, Kasia Zurakolovska, Hugo Baret A team of young university researchers goes to San Isidro to study the ancient Mayas, but they become involved in tragic events and mysterious deaths as the Mayan priest Tatamackli comes back to life. A woman runs to catch up to others in the group and lands up to her shoulders in a leaf-covered pool of quicksand with her arms raised and yelling "Help me!" Her male companions scramble to rescue her, but she goes under. A native woman with strange powers manages to raise the woman from the bog and pull her free with some vines. Tombstone Pizza 1997 TV commercial A guy sinking in jungle quicksand is asked what he wants on his tombstone. Tommy: Lost in the Jungle @ 1999 animated Italian Jenny and her baby brother Tommy were born in the Amazon jungle. When their parents, dedicated archeologists, were attacked by tribal warriors, the family was separated. Tommy was carried off by an Indian wise man to be raised among the animals, and Jenny was taken to the city by her grandfather. Twenty years later, with her friend Lucy and with the help of a Mexican guide named Phelipe, Jenny undertakes an expedition into the heart of the jungle, aiming to find the hidden village and her lost brother. When Jenny sees a giant spider in a temple, she runs out screaming. The guide warns her to be careful and not to run because she might fall down the stairs (then, in the background, you hear her fall down the stairs). Then he says there is also the chance of getting stuck in quicksand (then you hear Jenny scream "I just walked into a pool of quicksand"). The guide and Lucy rush to help Jenny who is sitting in a pit of quicksand. Her friends try to reach her while trying to calm her as she sinks up to her neck. Suddenly, Tommy swings across the bog on a vine and pulls her out. (A very poor movie with awful dialog and dubbing.)

Total Drama Island "Up The Creek" @
2007 TV Canada animated - Christian Potenza, Scott McCord, Stephanie Anne Mills
Animated satire of survivor reality shows featuring random teenage archetypes vying for the final prize by any means necessary at a dilapidated summer camp. In this week's contest, the two teams take canoes to a nearby island called Boney Island and build rescue fires on it. The island is said to have a curse in which anyone who removes an item from the island will be cursed... FOREVER!!! When the Gopher team decides to take the left path, Trent (who is in front carrying the canoe) steps into quicksand and sinks steadily to his chest. (In the cut-scene commentary, Trent says how was he supposed to know what quicksand looks like - it looks just like sand. And Chris admits to setting the whole thing up but didn't think anybody would fall for it.) Lindsay, being an idiot, jumps in to save Trent and "unexpectedly" gets stuck, too. Cody and Gwen drop their canoe, and Cody swings across on a rope to grab Trent's hand. But he misses and slams into a tree. Trent manages to catch the rope and pulls Lindsay and himself out. Lindsay and Trent thank an obviously shaken Cody, and Lindsay hugs Cody. Cody learned how to rescue someone from quicksand by watching a lot of movies.

Total Drama World Tour "African Lying Safari" @
2007 TV Canada animated - Drew Nelson, Marco Grazzini, Peter Oldring
The cast of Total Drama goes on a tour around the world and faces the toughest, most embarrassing, most disgusting challenges you can imagine. In this week's contest, the final five arrive in Tanzania for their next challenge: hunt down an Ezekiel. Duncan teams up with Alejandro throughout the second part of the tranq-ball challenge, and they get stuck up to their waists in quicksand together... and get tranquilized together. Ezekiel helps Duncan and Alejandro out of the quicksand by biting a stick and pulling.

Totally Spies! "Feng Shui is Like So Passe" @ 2001 French/US animated - Andrea Baker, Katie Griffin, Jennifer Hale Three Beverly Hills teens who have to cope with their daily lives at high school as well as the unpredictable pressures of international espionage. The girls find WOOHP looking a bit different. Jerry reveals that it's all thanks to WOOHP's new Feng Shui guru, Yin Yang. Unfortunately, the guru makes Jerry so passive and calm that he doesn't do anything when the guru plans to rearrange the world. While trying to escape from the villain's island, the girls blunder into quicksand after jumping down into a ravine. All three try to run but can't. They struggle until they sink out of sight, with a close up shot of Clover's head and upturned face vanishing in the flowing sands as she sees the hole close up. The next scene shows the girls hanging upside down in the bad guy's lair, quicksand residue still dripping off of them. Trader Horn @ 1973 - Rod Taylor, Anne Heywood A perilous trek through Africa (a remake which stole footage from other jungle epics) has a safari slogging through knee-deep mud, trying to get away from German troops during WWI. An attractive woman wanders about three feet from the path and falls into watery, yellow, leech infested jungle ooze up to her neck. Another man behind her stumbles in as well. The hero dives in to rescue the woman as the man is pulled free by fellow travelers. The Transformers "Countdown to Extinction" 1984 TV animated While searching for some information, the Autobots are lured by the Decepticons into "Death valley" which is full of quicksand. The Autobots, in various vehicle forms, get mired and transform into their robot counterparts but continuing sinking as Megatron gloats. When the Decepticons fly off, Ironhide shoots liquid nitrogen into the quicksand, freezing it solid which allows the Autobots to climb out and pursue the Decepticons. The Transformers "Dinobot Island, 1 & 2" 1984 TV animated Shortly after the Dinobots are created, the Autobots find an island populated with dinosaurs and decide to put the Dinobots there until they learn to control themselves better. The Decepticons invade the island, and at the end of the first episode, Megatron causes the dinosaurs to stampede, driving the Dinobots off a cliff and into a tar pit in which they sink completely under. In the second episode, an earthquake, caused by the Decepticons' plundering of the island, causes the tar pit to empty out. The Dinobots wake up and burn off the tar by breathing fire on each other. They then go after the Decepticons. The Transformers "?" 1984 TV animated The Quintisons capture Spike's son and make a world out of his imagination. In one scene, the ground underneath the Transformers and the princess turns to quicksand. (Short and poorly drawn scene.) Transformers: Victory (aka Transformers V) "The Energy Base Explodes" 1989 TV animated - Hideyuki Tanaka In the middle of the jungle, the Destrons are rapidly gathering and storing energy in the hopes of recharging their space platform. Dinoforce member Yokuryu tries to blast the Cybertrons into the open from the air as the other Dinoforce spread out throughout the jungle. Dash and Tacker accidentally fall into some quicksand but are rescued by Blacker. Blacker tries to distract the Dinos so that the Multiforce can flee. Trap Them and Kill Them (aka Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali; Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals; Emanuelle's Amazon Adventure) @ 1977 Italian - Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Monica Zanchi While doing undercover work in a mental hospital, Emanuelle discovers a girl who seems to have been raised by a tribe of amazonian cannibals. Intrigued, Emanuelle and friends travel deep into the Amazon jungle, where they find that the supposedly extinct tribe of cannibals is still very much alive, and Emanuelle and her party are not welcome visitors. An attractive young blonde woman, wearing a half unbuttoned white shirt and backpack, plunges into a somewhat thick black bog with lots of grassy reeds. She sinks to her chin before being pulled out by fellow travelers. Travel Dares "How To Escape Quicksand"
2018 TV USA reality
A travel show from Insider Studios and The Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card that reveals how exciting the world can be, as two friends travel across the country and walk blindfolded into activities that will take them outside their comfort zones. Hosts A.J. and Caroline travel to Mont Saint Michel, where they encounter quicksand and learn how to escape from it.

Treacherous Places! "Earth" @ 2001 TV Discovery: Travel Channel documentary Miles of quicksand at Girdwood, Alaska. This segment discusses the dangers of the Turnagain Arm mudflats, demonstrates rescue techniques used by the local fire department with volunteer victims, and reenacts the story of the newlywed woman who got stuck and drowned in the incoming tide. Treasure Hunters "Follow The Drinking Gourd, Part 1" @ 2006 TV reality - Laird Macintosh (host) An adventure/mystery reality series where multi-player teams try to stay one step ahead of each other as they are mentally and physically challenged in their quest of a promised hidden treasure. The teams must avoid elimination as they travel to historically significant locations where they must decipher cryptic codes and puzzles, each with a clue leading them closer to solving the ultimate puzzle, and obtaining the coveted grand prize. In this July 10th 2006 episode, the teams search for hidden messages from the past to lead them through a famous yet treacherous route known as the Underground Railroad as they seek the fourth of seven artifacts in a muddy swamp. Treasure of Silver Lake (aka Der Schatz im Silbersee; Blago u srebrnom jezeru; le Tresor du lac D'Argent) @ 1962/1965 German - Pierre Brice, Lex Barker, Herbert Lom A Western about the legendary gunfighter Old Shatterhand who comes to the assistance of a friend whose father is murdered over a treasure map. Teaming with Indian friend Winnetou, he tracks down the band of outlaws at Silver Lake. At the end, the bad guy finds an old Indian in a cave, guarding a treasure horde. He shoots the man, and believing he is dead, goes to get the gold. But the old man is still alive and pulls on a lever, and the baddie falls through a trap door into a pit of quicksand at the bottom of the shaft where he slowly sinks to his death along with the treasure. The Treasure of the Amazon (aka Greed; El Tesoro del Amazones) @ 1984 Mexican - Donald Pleasence, Stuart Whitman, John Ireland, Hugo Stiglitz An action adventure about a group of fortune hunters who search for gold and jewels in the jungles of South America. Three guys argue in the swamp when one of them walks off and into water and grass quicksand. He immediately sinks to his neck while the other two laugh and light-up a smoke before pulling him out. Treasure of the Moon Goddess (aka Suenos de oro) @ 1987 US/Mexican - Linnea Quigley, Joann Ayers, Don Calfa A singer and her friends (2 gals, 2 guys) are out to entertain people living in the Central American jungle when their boat is attacked and destroyed by pirates. Local natives find the shipwrecked group and take them to an ancient temple where they begin to worship the blonde singer as their "Moon Goddess". Her resemblance to the tribe's obscure idol makes her key to finding a long lost treasure. Early in the movie, the group walks through the shallow, muddy marsh. The comic relief (a guy) falls down and gets rather muddy. Later, the group slip and slide down a muddy footpath, and the same guy ends up walking into a mud hole and sinks to his waist after the other guy warns him to be careful of the quicksand. He is pulled out by his friends, one under each arm. The Triumph of Hercules (aka Triunfo di Ercole, Il; Hercules and the Ten Avengers; Hercules vs. the Giant Warrior) @ 1964/1965/1966 French/Italian - Dan Vadis, Maril Tolo Hercules is forced to do battle with wicked sorceress Pasiphae and runs up against 10 gigantic bronze warriors while having been stripped of his powers by an angry Zeus. While on his way to meet Hercules, a man in a toga and sandals walks along the beach and into some steaming sawdust and water quicksand that was created by an evil sorceress. Hercules swings out over it on a vine and pulls him out. Troma's War @ 1988 - Carolyn Beauchamp, Sean Bowen, Michael Ryder A plane crashes on an island inhabited by a bunch of military crazies bent on infecting the US with the Aids virus. The surviving passengers of the crash band together to take on the radical group. A woman with a baby is attacked by baddies. She fights back, knocking two assailants into the muddy river and one into water and grass quicksand before she is knocked out by another baddie. The guy in quicksand goes under. True Hollywood Story "Gilligan's Island" @ 1999 TV documentary/profile After early stumbling blocks, critics scoffed and cast members' egos flared when "Gilligan's Island" made its debut in 1964. Narrator: Dick Van Patten. This 2-hour presentation includes some behind-the-scenes home-video footage, including 2 very brief shots the famous Mary Ann and Ginger mudbath scene: the first after they are out and wearing body stockings covered in a smooth coating of light brown mud, and the second of them up to their necks in the pit. There is also a shot of a crude map drawing of the island which includes an area marked "quicksand". Turn Off the Light @ 2001 music video by Nelly Furtado Furtado and several dancers emerge from the swamp of her down-home blues roots and dance, getting very muddy in the process. "We've re-created a swamp, and we use snorkels to come up out of the mud. It sounds all fun-and-games, but there's a pit that's five feet deep and very dangerous." TV Guide's Truth Behind the Sitcoms #2 @ 2000 TV special/profile The cast members of "Diff'rent Strokes" and "Gilligan's Island" tell revealing stories about their popular television series. The "Gilligan's Island" segment includes some behind-the-scenes home-video footage, including 2 very brief shots the famous Mary Ann and Ginger mudbath scene: the first after they are out and wearing body stockings covered in a smooth coating of light brown mud, and the second of them up to their necks in the pit. There is also another brief shot of Mary Ann up to her neck in the mud pit. Two Thousand Maniacs! (aka 2,000 Maniacs) @ 1964 - Thomas Wood, Connie Mason The citizens a southern town lure six northern tourists into their celebration of the day a band of renegade Union troops decimated the town, the events of which end with the death of a tourist. On the run from maniacs, Connie runs into a watery bog up to her knees wearing a white dress and cleans up in a lake. The guy chasing them runs into the same quicksand and promptly vanishes. The Underwater City 1962 B&W/Color - William Lundigan, Julie Adams, Roy Roberts A mild sci-fi adventure with people inhabiting the sea floor in an experimental domed city that eventually collapses under the unstable ocean bottom and leaves only the two engineer lovers alive, prepared to build again. In one scene, a woman in a black wetsuit and lead-soled boots is walking along the ocean floor, following a guy who has discovered cases of hooch in a nearby wreck and strolls out regularly to take a few nips. The woman takes a step, and her foot goes through the bottom. She becomes stuck in the ocean floor quicksand just as a giant octopus comes by which is then attacked by a giant eel. The good guy arrives to pull her out as these titans of the deep fight each other. Later, the local grumpy scientist goes out to test his theory that the ground is unstable and proceeds to disappear completely into the muck to the obvious annoyance of his assistant who pulls him free. Untamed Fury (aka Swamp Virgin) @ 1947 B&W - Steve "Gaylord" Pendleton, Mary Conwell, Mikel Conrad The relationship between two childhood friends is put to the test when one stays in the Okefenokee swamp and the other goes on to college and graduates as an engineer. When the educated man returns to his hometown in the hope of modernizing the area, he is met with protests and resistance to change. A guy with a gun chases another guy through a swamp. When the guy with the gun runs into watery quicksand, the other guy comes back to pull him out, and they reconcile their differences as a result. Ursus in the Valley of the Lions (aka Ursus nella valle dei leoni; Valley of the Lions) @ 1961 B&W/Color Italian/Spanish - Ed Fury, Moira Orfei The mighty Ursus takes on an army of terrible barbarians. A horse and its rider stumble into quicksand, and the man goes under. Soon after, as Ursus approaches the baddies, his girlfriend (in a white dress) is tied up and lowered into the same pit to force Ursus to surrender to the baddies. She moans and gasps as she sinks all the way up to her neck before Ursus agrees and she is pulled out. V: The Series "Breakout" 1984 TV - Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Badler Donovan and Ham head out to collect Donovan's son, Shaun. However, they are caught by the Visitors and sent to a prison camp. The only perimeter security there is a sand moat. As a convict tries to escape across it, the hump of a krivit (man-eating alien creatures that live in the sand) appears and races through the sand towards him. He is very quickly pulled under the sand, screaming. Valentina: Princess of the Forest @ 1996 adult video - Alex Sanders, Wilde Oscar, Ed Powers, Malina The boss of an organization in the States is interested in acquiring a section of the Amazon tropical rain forest, an unchartered area rich with trees and other natural resources. But the last group of people known to have gone there 25 years ago have never returned. He sends two of his best men, but after their plane crashes, the not-so-nice jungle explorer, complete with safari outfit, stumbles into a pit of watery quicksand and slowly sinks out of sight very nicely while the other ends up falling for the leader's princess daughter. Valley of Mystery (aka Stranded) @ 1966/1967 TV-Movie German - Lois Nettleton, Peter Graves, Leonard Nimoy An airliner crash lands in the South American jungle, and all survive except a lawman who is killed during the excitement by the dangerous killer he was escorting to the executioner. A woman, wearing a tight skirt and sweater, wanders away from the crash site and stumbles into some fairly thick, black quicksand. A very nice scene in which she struggles all the way up to her neck with lots of gurgling sounds emitting from the bog. One of the other passengers, a writer looking for his sister who married a missionary in the area, hears her calls for help. He cuts down a vine, and she is dragged out, blackened with ooze. Valley of Tomorrow, The 1920 B&W silent - William Russell, Mary Thurman, Frank Brownlee Upon discovering that his sister has been driven to suicide by the betrayal of Enrico Colonna, young mountaineer Dabney Morgan swears to avenge her death. Setting out to find Colonna, Dabney becomes enmeshed in quicksand and is rescued from certain death by a stranger who turns out to be the man he is pursuing. In gratitude Dabney gives the culprit a chance to make his getaway, but in his plight, Colonna is fatally wounded by a shot from Dabney's rifle. At this moment, the victim's sister Elenore arrives and at gunpoint impels Dabney to remove her brother to a nearby cabin. Obliging her, Dabney soon finds himself falling in love with his captor, thus presenting a conflict between his duty to his dead sister and his love for Elenore. This dilemma is resolved when Colonna finally dies from his wounds, freeing the couple to begin a new life in the valley of tomorrow. The Veiled Mystery "Chapter 2: The Quicksand" 1920 B&W silent serial - Antonio Moreno, Pauline Curley, Henry A. Barrows There may be a quicksand scene in the second chapter of this old western movie serial. VICE Essentials "Hollywood's Quicksand Fetish"
2015 TV documentary - Jedd Thomas
The quicksand scene was popularized in classic cinema; a new group of filmmakers attempt to revive the tradition for modern audiences. At the height of its popularity, quicksand appeared in one out of 35 Hollywood films. It has since disappeared from the mainstream psyche. Regardless of quicksand's cultural status today, impressionable audiences who grew up during its heyday have given birth to an aging community of quicksand fetishists that re­create versions of our favorite quicksand films with an erotic twist.

V.I.P. "ThunderVal" (aka "Val's Thunder") @ 1998 TV - Pamela Anderson Lee, Molly Culver, Natalie Raitano Vallery's former rival, an imprisoned chemist, insists V.I.P. protect her in exchange for helping the National Security Agency during a sting on a weapons smuggling ring. Half way into the program, there is a fight scene in which an attractive blonde baddie in a wetsuit is knocked into a pit of quicksand. She immediately sinks up to her shoulders, but refuses to drop her gun and grab the stick the V.I.P. agent offers her and quickly sinks out of sight. V.I.P. "Amazon Val" @ 1998 TV - Pamela Anderson Lee, Shaun Baker, Dustin Nguyen The team must protect a man from the Brazilian rain forest who has remarkable healing powers. A guy wearing a poor camouflage outfit is forced to step into a pool of quicksand at gunpoint by a baddie in order to extract information from him. Unfortunately, the guy doesn't know anything, and the baddie lets him slowly sink out of sight anyway. The Virginian "The Ordeal" @ 1962 TV - James Drury, Doug McClure, Lee J. Cobb Clay's Boston friend sends his spoiled son Scott Austin (Robert Pine) to work on the ranch to develop character. But the boy has a fancy for Elizabeth, not his rugged job, and when his negligence causes her colt to die, he runs off into the badlands. The Virginian follows and is incapacitated in an accident, causing the boy to finally face up to his manhood. When the young man is entrusted to take some horses into the canyon pass for grazing, he does not watch the horses closely enough, and while resting in a forest meadow, he awakes to find Elizabeth's colt has wondered off into a watery pool of quicksand. He tries desperately to rescue the horse by building a path of sticks. But it doesn't support his weight, and he sinks in up to his thighs. He gets himself out by pulling on a dead tree near the edge that falls down in the process. He tries crawling out on the downed tree but falls in again in the process. The horse eventually goes under; the branches of the tree are the last things you see sink out of sight when he returns with help. Vivarium
2019 Ireland - Imogen Poots, Jesse Eisenberg, Danielle Ryan
A young couple looking for the perfect home find themselves trapped in a mysterious labyrinth-like neighborhood of identical houses. Towards the end, the lead character sinks into and completely disappears into a floor that has turned into quicksand during a nightmare sequence.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "The Enemies" @ 1964 TV B&W/Color - Richard Basehart, David Hedison Captain Crane and Admiral Nelson are on an island, subjects of an experiment by an evil scientist. They are given something in the water to make them hate each other. In a fight with Crane, Nelson rolls into a pool of quicksand. As the scientist's military partner (Michael Ansara) comes up behind Crane, Nelson shoots him, and he falls into the quicksand and sinks beneath the surface, his rifle remaining on the surface. Morton and the men arrive, hold and subdue Crane, and pull Nelson out who has sunk to his waist. (B&W episode) Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "Night of Terror" @ 1964 TV B&W/Color - Richard Basehart, David Hedison Admiral Nelson, Chief Sharkey, and a geologist are in the diving bell when a large tidal wave hits the Seaview, and the bell is washed away onto a tropical volcanic island, where everything isn't what it seems. The geologist gets separated from the others and sees a pirate who leads him to chest of treasure across a clearing. When he runs to get the riches, he falls into the very dry quicksand trap that the pirate has led him into. He sinks to his chest and yells for help as the pirate taunts him. He is finally rescued, but not before he sinks to his neck. (Color episode) Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (aka Prehistoric Planet; Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet; Gill Women of Venus; Voyage to the Planet of the Prehistoric Women) @
1965 - Basil Rathbone, Faith Domergue, John Bix
In the year 2020, cosmonaut Marcia orbits the planet Venus while two astronauts and a robot journey on the surface. Professor Hartman is also on hand to observe the exploration from a distance. The explorers are attacked by prehistoric beasts and later lose their robot in a volcanic eruption that engulfs the planet. There is a scene of a classic-style sci-fi robot sinking into a lava flow (but in black and white, it looks very much like a river of mud). (In 1968, some footage was removed and other footage was added, then released again as "Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women" - the robot scene appears in both versions.)

Voyagers! "Bully and Billy" @ 1982 TV - Jon-Erik Hexum, Meeno Peluce The time-traveling pair, Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey, go back to the old west and meet up with Billy the Kid (Frank Koppala). They land in a large pool of very watery quicksand as the episode begins, and Billy the Kid rescues them by tossing them a rope and using his horse to pull them out. Voyagers! "Sneak Attack" 1982 TV - Jon-Erik Hexum, Meeno Peluce The Voyagers, after landing in the Philippines in 1944, find that America is losing the war because MacArthur (Frank Marth) was killed at Pearl Harbor. They go to Hawaii on the day before the attack and, while attempting to warn MacArthur, accidentally take Jackie Knox (Brianne Leary), an American intelligence officer, back to 1860 Utah. There, they try to help young Bill Cody (Ike Eisenmann) make a Pony Express delivery of drugs past a band of outlaws and on to Salt Lake City. An Omni escape takes Bogg, Jeff, and Jackie back to Hawaii where they finally save MacArthur. There was a scene in which Bogg and Jackie crawl over the top of a rise in the desert, and Jackie (at least) had apparently (?) been in quicksand. She was covered in wet dirt up to her shoulders, and her dress was filthy. (There is no quicksand in this episode - the woman was dressed in a light-brown leather cowboy shirt and long skirt outfit that made it look like she was covered in wet mud.) Wagon Train (aka Major Adams, Trail Master) "?" 1957 TV B&W - Ward Bond, John McIntire, Robert Horton Stories about the journeys of a wagon train as it leaves post-Civil War Missouri on its way to California through the plains, deserts, and Rocky Mountains. There is apparently a quicksand scene in one of the episodes. Wakfu "L'Arbre de vie" ("The Tree of Life") @
2008 TV French animated - Fanny Bloc, Genevičve Doang, Jules de Jongh
An orphaned boy named Yugo discovers he has powerful magic abilities using the power of Wakfu which he uses to protect his village from threats, while searching for his birth parents. After Percedal's attack on prince Armand, Ruel is arrested and Amalia is confined to her quarters. Helped by master Joris she escapes, and together with Evangelyne travels to the Tree of Life to warn her father about the impending attack from Nox. When running to Amalia's calls for help, Evangelyne stumbles into some pinkish quicksand and sinks all the way under. Gas bubbles erupt from the bog, and she is enveloped in one of them and rises into the strange jungle canopy.

Walker, Texas Ranger "The Road to Black Bayou 1 & 2" @ 1993 TV - Chuck Norris, Clarence Gilyard Jr. After Walker falls out of a helicopter during a bust and suffers a concussion, he is put on the sick-list. To recover, he goes on a fishing trip with Trivette and C.D. to the Louisiana bayou. But the Clayton family there isn't delighted to see Rangers in their area and try to keep them at a distance. And when Walker and Trivette stumble over one of their drug laboratories, the vacation is over. About 40 minutes into part 2, Walker knocks one of the bad guys into a pretty thick mud pit and waits for him to divulge the whereabouts of a woman and her son, who are being held captive by the Clayton family, as he sinks to his neck before rescuing him from the bog hole. Waterworld 1995 - Kevin Costner In a post apocalyptic future world where all land is submerged beneath the surface of the ocean, an amphibious loner roams the sea in search of fresh water and dry land. Near the beginning, he is caged and lowered into a pit of watery mud but manages to escape during an attack. We Are All Naked (aka Ils Sont Nus; Days of Desire; Elles sont nues) @ 1966/1970 B&W French - Alain Saury, Rita Maiden, Jacques Normand A stranger disrupts the troubled existence of a family in a small French fishing village. The father is a drunk, and his wife is unfaithful. He makes love to the wife in the sand, unaware that they are observed by her son. When seen, the boy runs off; his mother pursues him into quicksand along the coastal mud flat where both are drowned in the incoming tidal waters. The boy walks barefoot into the ever deepening smooth and thick mud up to his knees. Then there is a cut to a shot of him suddenly up to his armpits in watery sand before the tide comes in. Wet Gold (aka Fathoms Deep) 1921 B&W silent - Ralph Ince, Thomas Megraine, Aleen Burr, Alicia Turner An adventurer who escapes to Cuba from a band of cutthroats teams up with a Southern gentleman and his beautiful daughter as they race to recover lost treasure in a sunken ship. Villains attack the trio, but the hero manages to vanquish them in an undersea struggle, leaving them to the mercy of the hungry sharks. There is apparently a quicksand scene in this movie. Wezwanie (aka The Call) 1971 B&W Polish - Irena Karel, Olgierd Lukaszewicz, Zygmunt Malanowicz, Lawrence Pressman A young farm boy spends his days dreaming and making totem-pole like sculptures out of wood. His go-getter brother returns with a degree in agricultural engineering and marries the pretty girl next door. The dreamer puts his sculptures around, invoking anger of his father and ridicule of the peasants who find him useless. During the brother's wedding, he sets his totems ablaze and makes a pass at his new sister-in-law. At the end, he hears a call to bring a log out of the marshes, but during the escapade sinks into the bog. Whaddyado @
2005 TV reality - hosted by Christine Hamilton
An educational series chronicling the lives of teens who are faced with challenging situations. A man is stuck alone in an elevator for two days; a river tubing trip goes awry; a child gets stuck knee-deep in mud; kayakers get trapped under a bridge during the rising tide. A young boy Jadon Drake gets trapped up to his waist in thick brown mud along a small creek while walking in the woods near his school after it had rained the night before. He is slowly dug out by the local McCullouch fire department rescuers, one of whom Tony Hughes also needs to be dug out of the soft sticky mud.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? "Quicksand Quagmire" @
2015 TV USA reality - Kevin T. Moore, Grant Reynolds
Two men attempt some of the craziest acts in science to determine if they are possible or not. A plan to survive a three-story fall without a parachute; trying to escape the legendary powers of homemade quicksand; building a massive squirt gun from recycled items in the garage. The guys build a tub of quicksand, sink into it, and try to escape it clutches.

What I Like About You "Spa Day"
2002 TV USA - Amanda Bynes, Jennie Garth, Wesley Jonathan
When Holly's father takes a job in Japan, and she moves in with her strait-laced sister Valerie in New York City. Holly promised Val a girls day out at the spa, forgetting she had promised her friend to go see J.C. Chasez from NSYNC on the same day, so tries to sneak out of the spa to quickly meet J.C. and get back to the spa without Val's knowledge. Holly jumps into a mud bath at a spa fully clothed to avoid being caught sneaking out.

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth @ 1970 - Victoria Vetri, Robin Hawdon, Patrick Allen A prehistoric tale about a romance between a blonde outcast and a fisherman and their fight for survival in the wilderness amid beasts and a tribal uproar over the sun and the moon. At the end while escaping a geological disaster, a shapely cavewomen (Imogen Hassall) in a skimpy leather bikini runs into some beach quicksand and very quickly sinks out of sight. A caveman runs back and probes the bog for her with his arm without luck. Where Time Began (aka Viaje al centro de la Tierra; Fabulous Journey to the Center of the Earth; Journey to the Center of the Earth) @ 1976/1978 Spanish/British - Kenneth More, Pep Munn, Ivonne Sentis Four persons try to get to the center of the world by entering some caves by a volcano and encounter prehistoric dinosaurs along the way. A young woman wanders off in a very dark cave and steps into a mud pit. She quickly sinks all the way under before being pulled out by someone unknown. Caked heavily in drying gray mud, she then explains her experience to her follow explorers. Whiplash "Fire Rock" 1961 TV B&W Australian - Peter Graves, Anthony Wickert, Robert Tudawali The story of American Christopher Cobb and his founding of Australia's first stagecoach line in the 1850s. Cobb discovers one of his depot managers has gone missing. He was last heard in the area of Fire Ridge. The area is major aboriginal religious site, known for strange happenings. It is also rumored to be the location of exceptionally high quality opals. A woman, with long black hair and wearing riding clothes and boots, was escaping from Christopher Cobb and the rest of the guys with the illicit jewel, wrapped in a handkerchief. She rides her horse into a mess of mudpots, bubbling and boiling around her. Her horse spooks, and she clumsily drops the jewel. She gets off the horse to grab for the opal, leaning away from the horse while holding its reins. Suddenly, the horse rears up in fright, and the woman, still clutching the opal, falls into the boiling mud pit and instantly disappears. Wicked! "Sand Trap"
2001 TV Australia animated - Richard Kaminski, Matthew Caffrey, Bill Conn
Two teenagers are stalked by a doll with a head shaped like an apple core. Rory and Dawn are looking for fossils, but they get more than what they expected when the Apple Man turns the sand into living quicksand!

Wicked Go To Hell (aka Les Salands Vont En Enfer) 1956/1961 B&W French - Henri Vidal, Serge Reggiani, Marina Vlady Two prison escapees take refuge in an out-of-the way cabin along the shoreline. A woman becomes their prisoner, but she learns to manipulate them with her charms so they grow to desire her. When they get jealous of each other and quarrel, the tension builds, and the two finally die in quicksand. Wild Justice "Quicksand!" @
2010 TV USA reality - Thom Beers, Denny Heide
Wardens track down a man wanted in Oregon, work to save a cow trapped in quicksand, rescue bear cubs from a dumpster, and stop an illegal bear hunt. Officers discover a cow stuck in deep mud and struggle to pull it free. They dig and use ropes with a quad in the attempt.

Wild! Life Adventures "Vanished!" @ 1999 TV adventure/documentary Filmmaker Dyanna Taylor explores the water-carved canyons and wind-sculpted sandstone of Utah's rocky wilderness. After climbing over some muddy rocks, Dyanna and one of the guys cross a stream and jump into some quicksand. They jump up and down until he sinks about to his waist and she sinks up to her hips. They joke and laugh and have a great time. But an hour later, it's not so funny anymore, as they are still being dug out. Wild Rescues "Laura The Elephant" @ 1997 TV reality rescue drama Animal Planet An entire village in Kenya helps to free an elephant stuck in a pit of mud. Wild Rescues "Helicopter Horse Rescue" @ 1997 TV reality rescue drama Animal Planet Sylmar, CA, March 1998 - On a quiet weekday ride through a dry creek bed, a horse named Destined and its rider step off the path into a soft spot and began sinking into the mud. Some hikers come upon the scene who summon help. Members of the local police and fire departments respond, and it becomes a frantic race against time to get the horse pulled from the bog before it gets buried alive. The horse is finally airlifted to safety by helicopter. (See also "Animal Rescue".) Wild Rescues "Deer Savers" @ 1997 TV reality rescue drama Animal Planet Outdoorsmen videotape their rescue of a deer trapped in the mud of a local pond. Wild Rescues "Elk In Mud" @ 1997 TV reality rescue drama Animal Planet Cannon Beach, Oregon police rescue a baby elk stuck in thick mud on a slope near a highway. Several guys get covered in gray mud. Wild Rescues "Animal Hospital Collapse; Silk Road" @ 1997 TV reality rescue drama Animal Planet Segments: A horse named Silk Road is mired in a mud bog; elephant injured by land mine; puppy struggles to escape collapsed building. Rescuers get a bit muddy pulling a horse from some deep mud under a small bridge over a small creek. (See also "Real TV".) The Wild Thornberrys "Rumble In The Jungle" @ 1998 TV animated - Lacey Chabert, Jodi Carlisle, Tim Curry When Eliza meets up with some short tailed macaques who say they have been tormented by another tribe of long tailed macaques, she sets up a challenge of the two tribes by a creek. However, Darwin meets up with the long-tailed macaques and arranges to help them fight the short-tailed tribe. As Eliza and Darwin lead their separate groups into battle, they suddenly find themselves in an all out war! Now it's up to Eliza to quickly find a way avert the battle and teach the apes to get along. Meanwhile, Nigel takes Marianne on their annual anniversary hike, which always proves to be perilous - this time quicksand. As they marvel in awe at the unusual luminescent bugs in a tree, they start sinking in quicksand. Nigel throws and hooks his belt buckle on a tree limb and pulls them out. The Wild Thornberrys "Born To Be Wild" @ 1998 TV animated - Lacey Chabert, Jodi Carlisle, Tim Curry The Thornberrys discover that there is a rare Sumatran rhino nearby and set out to find it, and Eliza wants to help in the search. But with all the quicksand in the surrounding jungle, Marianne and Nigel forbid her to go. But that doesn't stop Eliza and Darwin from going anyway. She finds the rhino, and together they end up in quicksand. Eliza manages to rescue herself and, with a little effort, saves the rhino. She learns that to expose the rhino would only lead to its extinction. Now instead of taking the prized rhino to her parents, she must try to keep them from filming it. The Wild Thornberrys "April Fool's Day" @ 1998 TV animated - Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Taylor Thomas An April Fool's Day prank lands Eliza and Tyler in quicksand while Nigel helps Debbie complete her physical-education assignment. In once scene, Tyler plays a prank on Eliza by placing his hat on a pool of quicksand and calling out for help, causing Eliza to rush to his aid, panic, and trigger her own April Fool's trick on herself before he pops out of the brush laughing. In another scene, Tyler really does wander into an expanse of quicksand, but Eliza doesn't believe him until she steps out into it and gets stuck herself. Both sink slowly from their knees to their necks until Eliza recalls her father's advice about quicksand and are eventually pulled out by her mother. Wild West Cowboys from Moo Mesa "Sheepful of Dollars" 1997 TV animated - Tim Curry Out on the arid plains, a (personified) sheep gets stuck in river-bottom quicksand. The Wild, Wild West "The Night of the Bottomless Pit" @ 1965 TV - Robert Conrad, Ross Martin While watching the heroes escape from the French Devil's Island penal colony in a small rowboat, the villain (Theo Marcuse) walks into some quicksand and goes under after shooting his unfaithful aid who ignores his pleas for help. Wild Wild West @ 1999 - Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Salma Hayek A poor theatrical version of the TV series where super Secret Service agents James West and Artemus Gordon must save President Grant from the clutches of a 19th century inventor-villain. While running from the flying saw blades in the cornfield, West and Gordon collide mid-air over a deep ravine and plunge down into a bog of quicksand-like mud up to their shoulders. Wilder Reiter GmbH (aka Savage Rider GmbH; Wild Rider Ltd.) 1966 B&W German - Chantal Cachin, Herbert Fux, Marthe Keller Kim is an offbeat American student living near Munich in a house surrounded by woods and bogs who aspires to become a pop singer. His publicity manager Georg suggests that he perform several stunts that will be photographed to help boost his career, and he soon becomes a media darling with his escapades, which includes riding his horse through Munich, posing with models outside the Feldherrnhalle, being featured in a film, and "rescuing" a nun who landed in a woodland bog while fleeing from Kim on one of his "wild rides". The nun flees through the woods to escape from the roaring Kim, lands in a bog, and is only rescued (pulled out by a rope) by Kim and his team after Georg has saved the rescue on film. The rescue is first glorified on a record, the record is a best-seller, and Kim becomes a star.
Willie and the Yank (aka Mosby's Marauders) @ 1967 Disney - Kurt Russell, James MacArthur, Jack Ging This program aired as a 3-part Civil War adventure on "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color". A young rebel scout for the Confederacy named Willie is on the run after something goes wrong while on sentry duty across the river from some Union troops, one of whom he befriends, and is pursued by an elusive Union officer/Confederate spy named Mosby who is intent on catching him. One day, Mosby is following Willie, both on horseback, through the forest. Willie leads Mosby through a deep gully and notices some quicksand. He hides nearby and waits for Mosby to come by. Mosby's horse rears up, dumping him into the large pool of muddy and somewhat watery quicksand. He struggles to get out while Willie taunts him from the edge as he sinks up to his neck. He tells Willie to leave him alone so he can die in peace, but Willie pulls him out, thus causing Mosby to spend the rest of the program wondering what to do if and when he finally does catch Willie. (The program was later edited into a movie, but the quicksand scene was apparently cut out.) Wishbone "War of the Noses" 1995 TV - Jordan Wall, Mary Chris Wall, Larry Brantley Real life situations trigger a series of daydreams in which Wishbone the dog imagines himself as characters that parallel the storylines from classic literature. A woman in peasant clothes gets stuck in a mudhole. She tosses a rope to Wishbone, and she crawls her way out with Wishbone helping to pull. W.I.T.C.H. "Ambush at Torus Filney" @ 2005 animated - Kelly Stables, Candi Milo, Kitty Five teenage girls learn that they have been chosen to guard the walls between parallel universes. For this purpose, they have been given the powers of the elements. Tired of having their supply lines constantly ambushed by the rebels, Phobos and Cedric start a rumor that the Seal of Phobos has been found in order to flush out the spy. Caleb hears the false rumor and falls for it, eventually getting captured by a living quicksand pit at Torus Filney. Meanwhile, the girls are faced with the prospect of having to perform a play based on a myth of their choice. The girls save Caleb and everyone else who has been captured by the quicksand monster by diving into it and ending up in a subterranean chamber where Caleb is being held captive by ameoboid tentacles of pure, living quicksand. After escaping, the girls make sure no one falls victim to it again by using their powers of fire and sand to make a glassy seal. But the Seal is lying in a storm drain in Meridian, waiting for some poor schmuck to find. The Witchmaker (aka Witchkill; Witchmaster; Legend of Witch Hollow) @ 1969 - John Lodge, Alvy Moore, Thordis Brandt, Anthony Eisley A professor of paranormal studies leads a group into the Louisiana swamp to investigate a string of witchcraft-related murders. Running from an evil and powerful warlock, a young blonde is knocked into watery quicksand after a brief struggle with him in which her thin red dress is torn off (no nudity seen). She is rescued, coated with slick mud, by the man running with her after he pushes the evil one into the quicksand. The possessed woman then pushes the man into the same quicksand. With Williamson Beneath the Sea 1932 B&W - ?Sylvia Freeland-Munro A filmed autobiography of John Ernest Williamson, a pioneer of undersea photography. There is a scene in which a deep sea diver walks into an open sandy area on the floor of the ocean. Next thing you know, he's struggling to get out, but he keeps sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand. Just when you think he's doomed, another deep sea diver approaches with a length of chain, which he throws to the imperilled diver, thus rescuing him. The whole sequence is narrated with suspenseful background music. Wizards and Warriors "The Kidnap" @ 1983 TV - Jeff Conaway, Walter Olkewicz, Duncan Regehr, Julia Duffy This short-lived tongue-in-cheek comedy satirized the sword and sorcery genre and pop culture. Prince Erik Greystone is forced to postpone his marriage to the Princess of Camarand and defend her kingdom from attack by the evil Prince Blackpool. On the way to Vassar Ridge, Erik and his sidekick Marko come to a rope bridge suspended across a chasm. Halfway across, they are attacked by warriors sent by Blackpool. Their only hope is to jump over the side of the bridge and into the chasm. Fortunately, they dodn't land on hard jagged rocks. Unfortunately, they land chest-deep in some very watery quicksand. Erik warns Marko not to move too much, since the more they move, the faster they'll sink. After some idle banter, the two men look up to see a rope dangling above their heads, held in the mouth of Erik's stalwart steed, Southwind. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie @
2009 TV movie - Selena Gomez, David Henrie, David DeLuise
Powerful magic cast by Alex spells trouble for the Russo's. The kids must go on an adventure to save their family and their existence. While Alex and Justin are out in the rain forest following a map, Justin walks into a pool of quicksand and slowly sinks to his chest while Alex takes the map and mocks Justin's map-reading skills. Alex finally pulls him out with a stick if Justin lets her control the map. Later, the dad is shown sunk up to his armpits in the same pit while the mom and Max are trying to pull him out with a stick when they were all out looking for Alex and Justin.

Woman In Grey, A - Episode 11 "A Fight for Life" @ 1920 B&W silent serial - Arline Pretty, Henry G. Sell, Fred C. Jones A man and woman battle wits when they try to locate the Army Code. The woman is chased by some baddie hunters and is thrown down a steep embankment and rolls into some dry quicksand. She calls for Tom and is rescued as she sinks to her waist. Woman in the Dunes (aka Woman of the Dunes; Suna no onna) @ 1964 Japanese - Eiji Okada, Kyoko Kishida, Hiroko Ito An allegorical story about a man held captive in a sand pit shared by a mysterious woman who spends her time preventing her home from being swallowed by sand dunes and with whom he begins an unusual relationship. When an amateur entomologist, spending a three-day vacation pursuing his hobby in the desert, is in need of a place to spend the night, he is taken by the village locals to the house of a widow who lives at the bottom of a deep sand pit. The next morning when the man tries to leave, he is unable to scale the walls of the pit. He soon realizes that he is a prisoner and is to assist the woman in her nightly labors of shoveling sand. One night, he escapes one night but is pursued by the locals. He scrambles over and down a large sand dune and soon finds himself sinking into thick quicksand under the desert sands at the bottom of the dune. He struggles and sinks to his hips before being rescued by the villagers who are wearing small planks of wood on their feet to keep from sinking. They dig with shovels and pull him out using a long wood plank on a rope. He is then returned to his prison where he and the woman continue to constantly shovel sand to keep from being buried alive and to provide the village with sand which it sells to construction firms. The sand is almost alive in this movie, showing various expressions, and "acts" as a main character in several impressive scenes, including an unforgettable love scene where the sand clings to the sweaty couple.

Woman Obsessed @ 1959 - Susan Hayward, Stephen Boyd, Barbara Nichols, Dennis Holmes A widow is left with her eight-year-old son and a rugged Canadian ranch she can't handle alone. She hires a rough-hewn handyman to help her run the place, and they soon marry. The boy, however, resents him, especially when his new stepfather treats him harshly to prepare him for the hardships of life ahead. The woman learns that she's pregnant just as her son and the man get into a violent fight. Later, she is caught in a rainstorm, miscarries, and almost dies. The man finds her and takes her to a doctor before taking off to search for the son who, thinking the man may have killed his mother, has runoff into the wilderness. When the boy sees him, he runs away from him and hides. The man then blunders into a pool of thick, muddy quicksand. It looks as though he will die, but the son manages to extend a tree branch to him and saves him. (There is also an earlier scene where the boy tosses a rock into the mud pit and watches it sink.) World At War 1974 TV WWII documentary series narrated by Laurence Olivieris The North Africa 1940 desert war and how tanks held the key to success. Includes films from national and private sources, and officers from both sides candidly discussing the hardships and unique problems encountered in the war, including quicksand. World Is Not Enough, The 1999 - Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards, Robbie Coltrane Feeling responsible for the death of a British oil tycoon and a friend, who died in an explosion in MI6 headquarters, James Bond takes position as bodyguard to the tycoon's daughter, Elektra, and uncovers a sinister plot. While being chased through a caviar factory by Bond, a heavyset informant falls into a vat of black and somewhat thick caviar. The guy plunges in right up to his shoulders and neck. Bond doesn't rescue him until he gives him the information he needs. The World's Greatest Athlete @ 1973 Disney - Tim Conway, Jan-Michael Vincent, John Amos A down on his luck coach travels to Africa where he spots the world's greatest athlete - a jungle boy - and brings him back to the US to compete. While looking for quicksand from which to be rescued by the jungle boy, the assistant coach sinks into quicksand. (humorous) The World's Greatest Superfriends (aka Super Friends) "Planet of Oz" 1979 TV animated Superman's enemy Mr. Mxyzptlk traps Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman in the storybook "The Wizard of Oz". After being turned into the Lion, Wonder Woman wanders off the yellow brick road and sinks into the ground and is rescued by Superman. Later, the three of them are trapped in an hour glass that acts like quicksand. World's Most Incredible Animal Rescues 3 @ 2000 TV reality rescue drama Footage of real-life heroes saving the lives of animals. In Queensland, Australia, a boy and police officer pull a young kangaroo from some soupy mud along a river. The policeman stood in the water while the boy waded and crawled through waist deep mud. The boy pulled the kangaroo out by the tail while the policeman pulled the boy out by his feet. Eventually, the kangaroo swam out of the water and hopped out into the bush. (See also "Maximum Exposure ".) Worst-Case Scenario "Episode #105" 2002 TV reality - Mike Rowe (host) Segments included: Swamp Survival - You're on a fishing trip in the Louisiana bayou when your boat breaks down and you find yourself stuck in the middle of the swamp. Getting yourself out of there by nightfall is crucial. You'll have to find food and water, avoid snakes, gators, and insects, and find your way to dry land if you want to make it out of this Worst-Case Scenario alive. (There is no quicksand except they describe the mud as quicksand-like.) Worst-Case Scenario "Episode #108" @ 2002 TV reality - Mike Rowe (host) Segments include: two adventurers compete in an off-road challenge; a woman confronts her fear of water by kayaking; a stuntwoman dives into water that's surrounded by flaming gas. Also: tips on how to win a bar fight, and how to escape from quicksand. The quicksand segment is a simple 30-second review of what to do and what not to do when stuck in quicksand with simple moving "sketch" diagrams to illustrate the points. Worst-Case Scenario "Episode #117" @ 2002 TV reality - Mike Rowe (host) Segments included: Quicksand - While on a fishing trip, Bob Sebor was trapped in quicksand for two days before he was rescued. Worst-Case Scenario expert Kurt Troyer will take Bob back to confront the same quicksand he was stuck in. Bob will be given pointers on what to do in this sticky situation. Wreck-It Ralph @
2012 USA animated - John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch
A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives. Felix and Calhoun are crossing a pit on a candy stick and fall into an expanse of Nesquik-sand. They sink to their waists as Felix tries to jump out. When Calhoun hits him, the Laffy-Taffy "vines" are attracted to the silliness. Eventually, the taffy lowers enough for Felix to grab hold, and the taffy pulls them up and out.

The X-Files "Schizogeny" @ 1993 TV - David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson A teenage boy undergoing psychological counseling for anger becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his stepfather who was sucked down into the Michigan mud at the beginning of the episode. Yet stranger things are going on in the orchard where the murder took place. At the end, Mulder tries to save the boy who is sinking into the ground, and both end up chest deep the thick, leaf-covered mud at the will of a "possessed" young woman who meets her end in the mud after being decapitated. The X-Files "Via Negativa" 1993 TV - Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick While Scully is in the hospital for undisclosed reasons, Doggett investigates the identical deaths of 20 cult members and two FBI agents. He discovers a cult leader who is able to kill people in their dreams. A homeless man on the street bugged the guy for money. Later, when the beggar was sleeping on the sidewalk, he dreamed that the bad guy, a third eye on his forehead, was standing in front of him holding the axe. The concrete suddenly liquefied beneath the poor man's feet, and he began to sink. He fell backward, laying on his back, and sunk until only his face was showing. Then the bad guy axed him in the forehead, causing a fatal wound to appear spontaneously on the man's real body, killing him. X - The Movie @ 1996/2000 animated Janpanese - Tomokazu Seki, Junko Iwao, Ken Narita As the Year of Destiny dawns, the fate of the universe rests on the shoulders of a young warrior whose destiny is to defeat one of two armies. His choice will determine whether humanity survives or is banished from the Earth. Meanwhile, two oracles have seen opposing visions of the future, and they struggle to make their dreams a reality. A female character is pulled into a deadly and magically created black bog and goes under before the male character can help her. X-Men "Savage Land, Savage Heart" 1992 TV animated - Cedric Smith, Norm Spencer, Catherine Disher Under the instruction of high priestess Zaladane, Sauron, a strange half man / half pterodactyl, kidnaps Storm to the Savage Land in order to feed from her pure, boundless mutant energy. In the hidden jungles of the Savage Land, Jubilee is knocked into a tar pit after being buzzed by a Sauron. X-Men: Evolution "Proteus" @ 2000 TV animated - Kirby Morrow, Scott McNeil, Venus Terzo People with genetically endowed superpowers form a superhero team to fight the forces of evil in addition to trying to function in regular society. As the X-Men fight a mutant with the ability to change matter, he turns the ground under his mother to quicksand. She is pulled to safety by Professor Xavier. Xena: Warrior Princess "Return of Callisto" @ 1995 TV - Lucy Lawless, Rene O'Connor When Callisto (Hudson Leick), the fierce woman warrior who has vowed revenge on Xena for the death of her family, manages to escape from a brutal Mycenaean prison, Xena must face her in battle once again as Gabrielle receives another marriage proposal from Perdicas. The two warriors resume their epic battle as a fleeing Callisto leaps onto her chariot and thunders off. Xena jumps onto another chariot and sets off in hot pursuit. Continuing to fight each other from the chariots, they are finally thrown off and tumble into a dry expanse of black quicksand. Xena is able to save herself with the help of her chakram, whip, and a tree branch as she lets Callisto sink beneath the surface and perish. (The closing credits always contain a humorous note towards the end, and for this episode it was: "Although Xena finally conquered her dark nemesis Callisto, it took her weeks to get the sand out of her leather unmentionables.") Xena: Warrior Princess "Intimate Stranger" @ 1995 TV - Lucy Lawless, Rene O'Connor In the aftermath of Callisto's (Hudson Leick) agonizing death in a pit of quicksand, Xena's dreams are invaded by the evil warrior and by Ares, preying upon her deep-seated guilt at having let Callisto die. With the help of Ares in the Underworld, Callisto switches bodies with Xena and returns to the land of the living where the two women warriors battle once more, this time disguised as each other. There is a short nightmare sequence in which Ares invades Xena's dreams and shows her Callisto up to her waist in quicksand and sinking to her chest (but it was a jungle setting at night, not the open coastal area from before). Callisto pleads for Xena to save her, that she was scared, and that she would change. Then Ares "forces" Xena to point her sword at Callisto and kill her, causing Xena to wake and realize she was dreaming. Yako (aka Yako - Cazador De Malditos) @ 1986 Mexican - Eduardo Yanez, Gregorio Casals, Pedro Weber A young man forces a backwoodsman into a watery mud pit and allows the man to die. Yellow Back, The 1926 - B&W silent - Fred Humes, Lotus Thompson, Claude Payton As reward for saving her from quicksand, a man gets a job on the woman's ranch. One problem, though: he is afraid of horses due to some childhood trauma. A haughty rancher, who had previously fired the man due to his fear of horses, owns the water rights in the valley and is trying to force the woman's father off his land. Motivated by revenge and a newfound love for the woman he saved, the man conquers his fears and wins the Big Race to save the day. (Is there a quicksand scene seen?) Yellowneck @ 1955 - Stephen Courtleigh, Lin McCarthy, Bill Mason The struggle of five Confederate Army deserters as they make their way through the Florida Everglades with the intent of reaching Cuba. The swamp takes its toll, however, and one by one the men fall by the wayside. A sole survivor reaches the coast in hopes that the escape boat will be waiting for him. As two guys struggle through the swamp, one falls into a leaf-covered bog of thick, black muck up to his chest. The other guy tries to pull him free but is unable to do so. As the guy sinks, he tells the other to leave as he struggles up to his chin and eventually goes under with only his extended hand going limp and disappearing under the surface. Yes! PreCure 5 "Assault! Karen's Private Life" @
2007 TV animated Japanese
A regular student finds a magical book in the library and meets a creature from the Palmier Kingdom whom he decides to help restore his world which has been destroyed by an organization called the Nightmare Company. The villainess turns a greenhouse into a real jungle and uses her large monster to knock four of the Pretty Cure girls into quicksand up to their chests and necks. The fifth girl uses her water powers to turn the quicksand into water and save them.

Yogi and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose @ 1984/1987 animated - Daws Butler, Don Messick, Paul Winchell Yogi Bear and the entire Hanna-Barbara clan take a tour of the Spruce Goose and manage to take a trip all over the world after stumbling into the cockpit. A little red-headed girl in a baseball shirt walks into some quicksand and sinks to her knees. The baddie tries to rescue her as she sinks to her waist. She manages to crawl out using him as a bridge. Yogi's Treasure Hunt (aka Yogi's Space Race) "?" 1978 TV animated - Daws Butler, Don Messick, Andre Stojka Ranger Smith, Boo-Boo, Yogi get stuck in a quicksand trap inside a pyramid. Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (aka Ronin Warriors) "?" 1988 TV animated Japanese A series about five men who were gifted with supernatural armor and fight the evil Arago and his minions from the dark Phantom World. There is a quicksand scene in one of the episodes. You Asked For It 1950 TV B&W - reality/news - Art Baker (host) A weekly series that responded to viewer requests by showing them what they asked to see. In one segment, they explored the subject of quicksand. The segment started with a jungle explorer, dressed in white and wearing the typical jungle pith helmet, walking into a clearing when he suddenly starts to sink and discovers he's caught in quicksand. Young and the Restless, The 1998 TV soap opera Tony Perkins watches the car sink in the quicksand and says, "I am so sick of quadrangles." Young Hercules "The Beasts Beneath" @ 1998 TV - Ryan Gosling, Dean O'Gorman, Jodie Rimmer While searching for three lost cadets - Iolaus, Lilith, and Marco - who took a dangerous shortcut on their way back to the academy, Hercules and Thesius find themselves and the others trapped in a large area of sand known as the Dune Sea. They say it is forbidden, and there is a reason for that - it is inhabited by worm like creatures who live under the sand and hunt anyone foolish enough to enter. Lilith, wearing a warrior outfit, sinks into dry sand and is pulled out by Iolaus and Marco. The Young Master (aka Shi di chu ma) @ 1980 Hong Kong - Jackie Chan, Wei Pei After failing his fellow students in a Lion Dance competition, Dragon is sent away from his school in disgrace, on the condition that he must find his errant brother. Arrested by the cops as a criminal and being escorted away, Dragon tries to escape using the old "I gotta go to the bathroom" trick and runs right into a quicksand bog. He slowly sinks up to his eyes before the cop pulls him out, then he accidentally knocks the cop into the bog. He lowers a tree branch to the cop to pull himself out and then takes off. The Zack Files "Crypt Seeker" @ 2000 TV Canadian/US - Robert Clark, Michael Seater, Jake Epstein A comedy about the otherworldly adventures of a 13-year-old boy who is a magnet for paranormal happenings. In this episode: A female character from a computer jungle-adventure game springs to life and becomes Zack's worst nightmare. In one scene, the woman, teleported from the video game into the real world, asks the gym students what does one do to escape quicksand. Later, Zack's friend, teleported into the video game to replace the woman, gets stuck in some dry quicksand, sinking from his waist up to his neck. Zoids (aka Classic Zoids; Chaotic Century) "Memory" 1999 TV animated Van and Fiona are wandering through the desert when they come across a black Command Wolf. Suddenly, Fiona starts being pulled in by some dry desert quicksand. The Command Wolf's cockpit opens to reveal a pilot pointing a gun at Fiona. He fires a safety line next to her and pulls her out. Zoro (aka The New Adventures of Zorro) "Tar Pit Terror" (aka "The Monster Of La Brea") @ 1997 TV animated USA - Michael Gough, Jeannie Elias, Earl Boen Don Diego de la Vega opposes the corrupt tyrants of Spanish California as the masked swordsman, Zorro. A young woman on horseback is frighted by a fake monster and runs into a tar pit and sinks to her knees. The baddies taunt her until the real monster shows up and rescues her.
Zorro: La Espada y La Rosa
2007 TV Columbian soap opera - Christian Meier, Marlene Favela, Arturo Peniche
Don Diego de la Vega opposes the corrupt tyrants of Spanish California as the masked swordsman, Zorro. A young woman wearing nun/nurse garb finds herself sinking in a watery marsh after leaving the monastery and is rescued by Zorro just before going under.

(unknown 19980908) @ 1993? Hong Kong An Asian warrior and a woman named Almond walk into a leaf covered bog. He pushes her out, but he is stuck up to his neck and begs her to flee the approaching villain. She covers his head with leaves and runs off with muddy legs. (unknown) 19?? PBS A PBS Wonderworks movie based on the book "Freckles, Boy of the Limberlost". A boy working in a Pacific Northwest logging camp encourages his budding romance with a pretty naturalist by pulling her out of the quicksand into which she had sunk up to her ankles. (unknown) 1919 Universal serial - Marie Walcamp, Neal Hart In the 1950's book "A Pictorial History of the Silent Screen" by Daniel Blum, there is a very intriguing photo in 1919 with the caption "Marie Walcamp and Neal Hart in quicksand during scene from Universal serial". It's obviously not on a set; it's a sandbar close to a small stream and appears to be very realistic. The two stars mentioned are being helped out of the quicksand by three men, a couple of whom have no apparent costumes - just regular street clothes. One of them is even holding a clipboard. It looks as if this may have been accidental or something. (However, there was a fire in the Universal movie vaults, and all of Walcamp's Universal serials were destroyed.) (unknown) 19?? Toward the very end of a movie, there was a big gun fight near a big pit of quicksand. The men pretty much kill each other off except for one bad guy and one good guy. They run out of bullets and charge into the quicksand to fight each other. The fiancee of the good guy throws him a rope, ties it to the saddle of a horse, and pulls him out. She then stands there and lets the bad guy slowly die in the quicksand. (unknown brand of snuff tobacco) 198? TV commercial An Indiana Jones-like character runs through a jungle and right into a quicksand bog. As he sinks to his chest, he pulls out a tin of snuff and stuffs some into his mouth. He then pulls out a whip and snaps it around the limb of a nearby tree, but he is never actually shown pulling himself out. (unknown) 19?? TV Discovery Channel A program about an expedition in which several explorers, all men, were wading across some mud flats out to their canoe-like boats at the edge of the mud flats in a larger body of water. It was someplace warm or tropical, and they were lightly dressed. They were all having problems crossing the sticky, light brown mud, and as they neared the boats, a few of them plunged chest deep into the thick, treacherous muck. The others had to row the boats closer to assist in pulling the guys out which they had a lot of trouble doing. (unknown 19991018) @ 19?? Spanish A young guy in a white cowboy hat, light blue denim shirt, blue jeans, and handcuffs is being pursued by an older man. The guy hides behind some trees near a river, having lead the man near some quicksand, and waits. The man lands in some watery quicksand up to his shoulders and begins shooting at the guy when he notices him. The guy tells the man to toss his gun aside before he helps him. The man does, and the guy taunts the man and appears to leave him to his fate but returns with a branch, pulls the man out, then knocks him out so he can escape again. (unknown 20051122) @ 19?? Spanish/Mexican A boy and girl (and their scruffy little dog) are running through the woods and run into a watery bog. They immediately sink up to their necks and call for help. Another boy, carrying a musket, comes running to the rescue. He pulls down a small sapling tree over the bog and pulls them free.

(unknown 20070104) @
200? TV animated
Speeding along a road in a green super-charged car, a human girl (with brown hair, purple shirt, and square glasses) and an alien girl (with green hair, pink shirt, and antennae) run off the road and crash the car into a pool of cyber-quicksand 2.0 (which has happened before). The car quickly sinks under, and the girls are left chest deep in the bog. Driving up in another super-charged car, a human boy and girl along with a strange mechanical bird (with a red baseball cap and a propeller instead of tail feathers) come to their rescue. The bird opens his chest and pulls out a rope and winch. He flys over the bog, lowers the rope, and pulls the girls out by tying the other end to the hood ornement of the other car and backing up.

================================================================= REVISION HISTORY -------------------- VERSION #1: 09/08/98 -------------------- used Dave's list used Rob's list added many more scenes VERSION #2: 10/12/98 -------------------- added "Hot Lead and Cold Feet" scene changed "Cruel Swamp" - no quicksand; date should be 1955/1966 changed "Fall Guy" - no quicksand scene existed added actor's name to "Fruit of the Loom" commercial changed "Mistress of the World" - there is quicksand, but not very good added date and actors to "Plunder" added comment to Marie Walcamp scene that all her serials are gone added aka title "Warriors of the Wind" and additional info to "Nausicaa" added "The Electric Company" skit added "Sesame Street" segment added 2 more Benny Hill skits added "Jumanji" scene added "Gunsmoke" scene added 1977 "Hound Of The Baskervilles" scene changed "Jack Benny Show" to "Lucy Show" for valt scene updated the 3 "Lassie" scenes added more info to "Skippy" scene updated "Kung Fu" scene added "P.F. Flyers" TV commercial changed "Code Red" to "Code R" for scene changed (unknown) to "Search and Rescue" added episode title to "Flying Nun" added "Gold Bug" scene added "George of the Jungle" note added "Danger on Dangergrass Moor" scene added "Gentle Ben" scene added "Goosebumps" scene added 2 "Lone Ranger" scenes changed (unknown) to "The Long, Long Trail" and "Roaring Ranch" added "Mystery Files of Shelby Woo" scene added "The Red Green Show" scene added "Run of the Arrow" scene added "Seminole" scene added "Treasure of the Hidden City" scene added "Quicksand Game" commercial added "Power Rangers" scene added 27 animated cartoon scenes using Jacob's list changed "?Untitled Confession" to "Highway Dragnet" added "The Young Master" scene VERSION #3: 12/16/98 -------------------- added "Swan Princess II" scene added "Ocean Girl" scene added 2 "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" scenes updated "Mummy's Curse" info updated "Mummy's Ghost" info added "Return Of Count Yorga" scene added "Baywatch" scene added "Star Trek: TNG" scene updated "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" info updated "Kung Fu" scene added "Valentina: Princess of the Forest" scene added "Batman - The Animated Series" scene added "New Adventures of Robin Hood" scene added "Island of ?" scene added episode title to early "Six Million Dollar Man" updated "Dukes of Hazzard" Enos scene added "Animal Rescue" horse scene added 3 "Wild Rescues" scenes of elephant, horse, and deer added "Flight Log" scene added "Real TV" scene added "Diamonds Are Forever" scene added "Girl of the Limberlost" comment (no quicksand) added "The Evil" scene updated "All My Children" scene updated "Days Of Our Lives" scene added another "Days Of Our Lives" scene added 3 "General Hospital" scenes added "Guiding Light" scene updated "One Life to Live" scene added 2 more "One Life to Live" scenes added "The Young and the Restless" scene added 2 unknown scenes VERSION #4: 03/22/99 -------------------- updated "Skippy" scene added 2 "Crocodile Hunter" scenes added 2nd "Real TV" scene added unknown snuff tobacco commercial scene added "Miracles and Wonders" scene added "Game Warden Wildlife Journal" scene added "Another World" scene added "Run of the Country" scene added "Seal Morning" scene updated unknown scene with "Wild! Life Adventures: Vanished" scene added "Powers of Matthew Star" scene added "Voyagers!" scene added "Walker, Texas Ranger" scene added "Swiss Family Robinson" 1998 scene updated the 2 "Time Tunnel" scenes added animated "Zoro" scene added unknown scene of explorers with boats along mud flats added V.I.P. scene added another "Land of the Giants" scene added another "Lost In Space" scene changed "Lassie: Goodbye Forever" to "Lassie: Feud" added "Django" scene added "Transformers" scenes added "Wishbone" scene added "Dead Man's Gun" scene added "Outer Limits" scene added "999" scene added "Picture Windows: Lightning" scene added some music video scenes updated "Rifleman" info updated "La Chevre" details updated "Tarzan: The Epic Adventures" info changed "Tarzan" European to "?Tarzan En Las Minas Del Rey Salomon" VERSION #5: 04/30/99 -------------------- removed "Long Long Trail" and updated "Roaring Ranch" added "Checkmate" added "Mystery! - A Mind to Murder" added "Wet Gold" added "With Williamson Beneath the Sea" added "Flipper: ?Junior Ranger" changed "Heart and Soul" to "Body and Soul" added "Arabian Nights" added "Everglades" added "Fury" added "Jungle Girl" added "King of the Royal Mounted" changed "Mines of Kilimanjaro" to "King Solomon's Mines" changed "?Amazon Anaconda" to "Secrets of the Amazon" updated "Southern Star" added "Ramar of the Jungle" added "Thunder Over Sangoland" added "Treasure of Silver Lake" added "Robinson Crusoe and the Tiger" added "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show" added 2 "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" added "Futurama" added "Ghost Of Cypress Swamp" added "South Park" updated "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" updated "Tarzan: ?" to "Tarzan: ?The Cage" added "Lassie: Timmy, The Oil Millionaire" added "Cannonball" added "Fonz and the Happy Days Gang: ?" added "The Good Life: "?Home Sweet Home" added "Journey to the Seventh Planet" added "King Solomon's Treasure" added "Knight Rider: "Goliath Returns" added "MacGyver: The Wasteland" added "Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Alexander The Greater Affair" added "Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Prince of Darkness Affair" added "Perfect Strangers: Up The Lazy River, 1 & 2" added "Psycho" added "Samoa, Queen of the Jungle" added "Whiplash: ?" updated "Wishbone" episode to "?" added "I'll See You In Hell" added 2 Ron Ely "Tarzan: ?" added another Wolf Larson "Tarzan: ?" updated "Evil Stalks This House" added "Island of Kirigi" added another "Charlie's Angels: ?" updated "Lassie: Feud" added another "unknown" added "Duran Duran" music video added "Stripes" updated "Sparrows" added "Million Dollar Mystery" VERSION #6: 06/10/99 -------------------- added "Voyagers: Sneak Attack" added "Bring 'Em Back Alive: ?" added "Ammes Homes Loan Bank" commercial added "Jana of the Jungle: ?" added "It's About Time: ?" added "Wizards and Warriors: The Kidnap" added "Young Hercules: The Beasts Beneath" added "Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School" updated "?Bonanza" with "The Virginian: The Ordeal" updated "Gunsmoke: Hard-Luck Henry" updated "King Solomon's Treasure" added "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" added "Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot" added "The Monkees" added "The New Adventures of Gilligan" added "Lassie: ?The Dawning" added "The Purple Taxi" added "Yellowneck" added "How to Commit Marriage" added "A Midsummer Nights Dream" updated "George of the Jungle" updated "Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" added another "Captain N: The Game Master" added 2 "Darkwing Duck" added "Denver, The Last Dinosaur" added another "Gargoyles" added another "G.I. Joe" added "Jem!" added another animated "Jumanji" added "The Land Before Time" added "My Little Pony: The Movie" added "Paw Paw Bears" added "Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw" added "Rainbow Brite" added "Road Rovers" added "Sailor Moon" added "Samurai Pizza Cats" added "The Smurfs" added 2 "Spider-Man" added "Sub-Mariner" added "Super Mario Bros." added another "Transformers" added 2 "X-Men" added "Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose" VERSION #7: 07/27/99 -------------------- updated "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?: The Tale Of The Forever Game" updated "Riders of the Desert" added "Wild Thornberrys: Born To Be Wild" added "Wild Thornberrys: Rumble In The Jungle" added "Mosby's Marauders" added "Branded" added "Mean Dog Blues" added "Bret Maverick: The Lazy Ace" added "Devil At 4 O'Clock" added "Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles: ?" added "Landslide" added "Lawrence of Arabia" added "McLintock!" added "Mighty Max: ?" added "The Mummy" 1999 added "North to Alaska" updated "Superargo" updated "Merlin" added "Bloody New Year" added "The Flintstones: The Gruesomes" added "The Flintstones: The Monster From The Tar Pits" updated "Fonz and the Happy Days Gang: It's A Jungle Out There" added "The Simpsons: Bart Gets an Elephant" added "The Simpsons: Tree House of Horrors VI" updated "Sliders: Paradise Lost" added "Tarzan Escapes" added "Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters" added "Bloodlust!" added "Dark Waters" added "The Horrors of Spider Island" added "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Who Mourns for Morn?" updated "Goosebumps: How I Got My Shrunken Head" updated "Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson: Princess from the Sea" added "Wild Wild West" 1999 movie added "Rising Sun" updated "Bring 'Em Back Alive: ?The Pied Piper" VERSION #8: 10/18/99 -------------------- updated "Adventures of Goldie Gold and Action Jack: Island of Terror" added "Beetlejuice: Caddy Shock" updated "From Hell It Came" updated "Gargoyles: The Hound of Ulster" updated "Gargoyles: Walkabout" added "I Wear Your Love" music video added "Journey to the Center of the Earth (1999)" added 5 more "Jumanji" animated episodes added "Pluto" cartoon updated "Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders: Prince of the Forest" updated "Road Rovers: The Dog Who Knew Too Much" updated "Samurai Pizza Cats: Pizza Delivery of Doom" added "Soggy Bottom USA" updated "X-Men: Savage Land, Savage Heart" updated "X-Men: Proteus, part 1" updated "Sub-Mariner: Atlantis Under Attack" added "Rocket Robin Hood: Dementia Five" updated "Spider-Man: Revolt In The Fifth Dimension" updated "Days Of Our Lives" updated "Mistress of the World" added "Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead" added "Sconosciuto di San Marino" added "Sotto La Stella Del Sud" added "Ti aspettero all'inferno" added "Aladdin" added "Dinosaurus!" added "Fantasia" added "Gamera vs. Barugon" added "Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster" added "The Lost World" 1925 added "Relic Hunter: Buddha's Bowl" added "Teenage Caveman" added "Man And The Challenge: ?" updated "Jumanji "The Price" updated "Jumanji "The Three Peters" updated "Land Before Time" added "Flipper: Flipper and the Elephant 1,2,3" added "Operation Condor" added "Curse of the Swamp Creature" added "Laverne & Shirley: Life Is The Tar Pits" added "Simon & Simon: Ancient Echoes" added "Stryker Force" added "Swamp Thing: Children of the Fool" added "Swamp Country" added another "unknown" scene updated "Roaring Ranch" to "The Long Long Trail" updated "Curse of the Mayan Temple" to "Lost City of the Maya" added "The Ranch" added "I Spit on Your Grave" added "The Man Inside" added "Beastmaster: The Island" VERSION #9: 11/30/99 -------------------- updated "Beastmaster: The Island" updated "The Virginian: The Ordeal" updated "Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead" updated "Yogi and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose" updated "Jumanji "The Three Peters" updated "Jumanji: The Price" to "Jumanji: ?" added "Wild Rescues: Elk In Mud" added "Star Trek: TNG - Skin of Evil" added "Clutch Cargo: ?" added "Doctor Who: Full Circle" added "Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe, 1 & 2" added "Lassie: Lassie and the Birdwatch" added "Lost World: Out of Time" added "Relic Hunter: Transformation" added "Swiss Family Robinson: ?" added "Monster Rancher: My Name Is Pixie" added "Real Sex 19" added "M*A*S*H: Bulletin Board" added "Horse Sense" added "The World Is Not Enough" updated "Flipper: Junior Ranger" updated "Man Inside" added "The Adventures of Gulliver: ?" added "Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn: ?" added "Beach of Dreams" added "Campion: ?" added "Danger Island: ?" added "Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl: ?" added "Gulliver's Travels: ?" added "Land of the Dinosaurs "?" added "Land of the Lost: Tar Pit" added "Land of the Lost: Timestop" added "The Last Dinosaur" added "Macumba Love" added "Mister Magoo: ?" added "The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return" updated "The Acid Eaters" updated "Caxambu" updated "Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest" updated "Cinco Vidas Y Un Destino" updated "Convict Women" updated "Curse of the Crystal Eye" updated "Django" updated "En Peligro De Muerte" updated "Evil Stalks This House" updated "Fantastic Balloon Voyage" updated "Galyon" updated "High Tide" updated "Kilma, Queen of the Amazons" updated "King of the Congo" updated "Lord of Illusions" updated "Massacre in Dinosaur Valley" updated "The Pink Chiquitas" updated "Platypus Cove" updated "Robinson Crusoe and the Tiger" updated "Scirocco" updated "Japanese School Girl Adventure" to "Schoolgirl Power Rangers" updated "Sea Devils" updated "Stryker Force" updated "The Triumph of Hercules" updated "Valley of Mystery" changed "Voodoo Revenge" to "Voodoo Woman" updated "Wet Gold" updated "Wilder Reiter GmbH" updated "The Witchmaker" updated "A Woman In Grey" updated "Yako" removed "I Spit on Your Grave" VERSION #10: 01/14/00 --------------------- added "Frogs" added "Good Times" added "The Nine Tailors" updated "How to Commit Marriage" added "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" added "Red Dwarf: Terrorform" added "Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box" added "The Covered Wagon" added "Heartbeat: We're All Allies Really" added "No Time for Love" updated "Django" updated "Darkwing Duck: Dances with Bigfoot" updated "Darkwing Duck: Bad Luck Duck" added "Darkwing Duck: Double Darkwings" added "Darkwing Duck: Water Way to Go" added "The Avengers: Game" added "The F.B.I.: ?" added "Robin of Sherwood: ?Alan A'Dale" added "True Hollywood Story: Gilligan's Island" added "I Don't Mind" music video by Drain STH VERSION #11: 06/20/00 --------------------- updated "Gargoyles: Ill Met by Moonlight" added "Safari" added "Encyclopedia: The Q Volume" updated "Woman Obsessed" added "Hamish MacBeth: ?" updated "The Simpsons: Bart Gets an Elephant" added "The Simpsons: The Homer They Fall" added "Danger: Quicksand" documentary added "Lady Tarzan" added "The New Gidget: ?" added "Amazon: The White Witch" added "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: The End of an Era" added "Sea Hunt: Quicksand" added "Sea Hunt: ?" added "The Underwater City" added "The Pretender: School Daze" added "Amazon: Babel" added "Fantasy Island - Series Two: ?" added "Johnny Bravo: Beach Buffoon" added "Johnny Bravo: ?" added "Laugh-In: ?" added "Ranma 1/2: Hot Springs Battle Royale" added "Right Guard Anti-Perspirant" commercial added "Woman in the Dunes" added "Yoroiden Samurai Troopers: ?" added "Clarissa Explains It All: ?" added "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - ?" added "Quincy: ?" updated "Bring 'Em Back Alive: The Pied Piper" added "Bring 'Em Back Alive: Wilmer Bass and the Serengeti Kid" added "Sandokan Against the Leopard of Sarawak" added "The Terror" added "Cheyenne: Quicksand" added "Cheyenne: Test of Courage" added "Sugarfoot: ?" added "Bronco: ?" added "The Gunfighter: ?" added "Wagon Train: ?" updated "Gilligan's Island: Voodoo Something to Me" updated "P.F. Flyers" commercial added "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist: New Phone System" added "Survivor: Borneo" added "The Dark Crystal" added "The Secret of NIMH" added "Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: Seven Little Superheroes" removed "Real TV" kangaroos added "I-Witness Video" kangaroos VERSION #12: 08/02/00 --------------------- updated "Lois & Clark: That Old Gang of Mine" added TV Guide's Truth Behind the Sitcoms #2 (Gilligan's Island) added "Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie" added "High Tide" (2001) added "Survivor: Borneo" (scene 2) added "Satan's Mistress (aka Demon Rage)" added "The 13 Cold Blooded Eagles" added "Detention: A Friend in Greed" added "Roughnecks - Starship Troopers: ...And Then There Were Two" added "Support Your Local Sheriff!" added "Ring of Fire - An Indonesian Odyssey: Dream Wanderers of Borneo" VERSION #13: 09/01/00 --------------------- updated "Tarzan: Tarzan's Journey to Danger" updated "Tarzan: Tarzan and the Toxic Terror" updated "BattleTech: Trade Secrets" added "A Bunch of Munsch: Pigs" added "Camp Candy: ?" added "Dennis the Menace: ?" updated "Denver, The Last Dinosaur: ?" added "The Flintstone Kids: ?" updated "Goldie Gold and Action Jack: Island of Terror" added "McTreasure Island" added "My Little Pony and Friends: Woe Is Me" added "Popeye The Sailor: ?" added "Pretty Piggies: Prehistoric Piggies" added "Princess Rouge: Legend of the Last Labyrinth" updated "Shazzan: The Forest of Fear" updated "Smurfs" from 1 to 6 entries added "Wild West Cowboys from Moo Mesa: ?" updated (unknown) with "Terror in the Jungle" added "Tom Thumb" added "The Odyssey: The Believers" added "Dukes of Hazzard: The Treasure of Hazzard County" added "Hostage" VERSION #14: 10/12/00 --------------------- updated "Walker, Texas Ranger: The Road to Black Bayou" updated "Sesame Street" added "Sesame Street: Alphabet Jungle" updated "The Electric Company" added "Robo Warriors" updated "Robin of Sherwood: Alan A'Dale" added "Angela Anaconda: ?" updated (unknown) with "Jungle Drums of Africa" added "Sex Sells" special updated "Encyclopedia: The Q Volume" added "The NeverEnding Story" (animated) added "Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures: No Mouse Is An Island" added "NFL Teacher of the Year Award" commercial added "AT&T" commercial added "Norwest Bank" commercial added "Golden Gate Community Help House" commercial added "Sheena: Sheena" added "Simon Sez" VERSION #15: 11/07/00 --------------------- added "Montel Williams" talk show episode updated "Pluto" to "Canine Patrol" added "Rescue 911: ?" added "Hound of the Baskervilles" (2000) added "Days Of Our Lives" added "Passions" added "Drums o' Voodoo" added "Dad's Army: The Big Parade" added "Les Sables Mouvants" updated Transformers "Ultimate Doom" to "Countdown to Extinction" updated G.I. Joe "?" to "The Gamesmaster" VERSION #16: 01/24/01 --------------------- removed "Man Inside" added "Miracle Pets: Elmo" updated "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Night of Terror" updated "Bill Nye, Science Guy" added "The X-Files: Via Negativa" added "Amor Gitano" replaced "Arabian Nights" with "Cobra Woman" updated "Xena: Warrior Princess - Return of Callisto" added "Xena: Warrior Princess - Intimate Stranger" added "Lorna Doone" added "The Sleeper" added "Death Mask" VERSION #17: 02/05/01 --------------------- updated "Bionic Six: Scarabscam" updated "Captain Planet: I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear" updated "Conan and the Young Warriors: Covenet" added "Country Mouse/City Mouse: When Irish Mice Are Smiling" added "Dino Babies: ?" added "Ewoks: ?" added "Gary Colemon: ?" updated "Disney's Hercules: Hercules and the Girdle of Hyppolyte" updated "Journey to the Center of the Earth: Caveman Captives" added "Magic Knight Rayerth: ?" added "Max Steel: Amazon" added "My Little Pony and Friends: Quest of the Princess Ponies" added "Pocket Dragon Adventures: It Came From Outer Space" updated "Sailor Moon: Cherry Blossom Time" added "Sonic the Hedgehog: Sub-Sonic" added "Thundercats: ?" updated "Wild West Cowboys from Moo Mesa: Sheepful of Dollars" added "X - The Movie" added "The Zack Files: Crypt Seeker" added "The Beach Girls" added "The Pom Pom Girls" added "Crossfire Trail" VERSION #18: 07/29/01 --------------------- added Sheena "Divas of the Jungle" added "Attack of the Giant Leeches" added "La Captura de Gabino Barrera" added "Das Madchen Internat" added "World's Most Incredible Animal Rescues 3" added "Galtar and the Golden Lance: ?" updated "Captain N: The Game Master - How's Bayou" updated "Captain N: The Game Master - The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N" added "The Legend of Zelda: Doppelganger" updated "G.I. Joe: The Pyramid of Darkness" updated "Mighty Hercules: ?The Valley Of Whirlwinds" added "Thundarr the Barbarian: Battle of the Barbarians" added "Thundarr the Barbarian: Fortress of Fear" added "National Geographic Explorer: Africa Extreme & Ndoki Adventure" added "Treacherous Places: Earth" added "Los Luchadores: It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World" updated "The Return Of Count Yorga" added "V.I.P.: Amazon Val" added "Sri Rajarajeswari" added unknown movie with Omar Sharif added "Cardcaptors: ?" added "Fortune Quest: ?" added "Lunatic Frog Women" added "The Mummy Returns" added "Wild Thornberrys: April Fool's Day" added "The Simpsons: Tall Tales" added "Son of the Beach: The Island of Dr. Merlot" added "The Replacements" updated "Cheyenne: Quicksand" removed "Cheyenne: Test of Courage" added "Soft Fruit" added another "Real TV" mud scene added "Beastmaster: Fifth Element" added "Beastmaster: A Terrible Silence" added "Pathfinders To Mars: Episode Five - Zero Hour on the Red Planet" VERSION #19: NOV 11 2001 ------------------------ added "Suburu Outback" commercial added "Supercar: Jungle Hazard" added "The Yellow Back" added "Heartbreakers" added "As The World Turns" with Carly and Julia added "Turn Off the Light" music video updated "Fantasy Island" from "?Family Reunion" to "Searcher" added "The Great Adventurer" added "The Initiation of Sarah" added "Jumping Ship" added "Gunsmoke: Gold Mine" updated "Branded: The Bounty" updated "The Sleeper" added "The Mummy - The Animated Series: Eruption" added "The Outlaw Stallion" VERSION #20: JUN 23 2002 ------------------------ added "Starcrash (aka The Adventures of Stella Star)" added "Maximum Exposure: Critter 911" updated "Willie and the Yank" added "Beastmaster: Dispossessed" added "Sheena: Stranded in the Jungle" added "The Man Show: Outdoor Show" added "America's Funniest Home Videos: Athletic Supporters" added "America's Funniest People (Jackelope segment)" added "Thirty-Six Hours to Hell" added "Oops, teka lang... Diskarte ko 'to!" added "Fantaghiro" added "Rags to Riches: Wilderness Blues" added "7 Days to Live" added "Sandokan Fights Back" added "Amazon Quest" added "Swamp Girl" added "Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures: Oasis in the Desert" added "Jungle Girl and the Lost Island of the Dinosaurs" added "Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini" added "Samurai Jack: Jack and the Warrior Women" added "Zoids: Memory" added "Rescue Heroes: Shake Up In The Jungle" added "Marine Boy: Greatest Power on Earth" added "Cutey Honey: Diamond Princess" added "Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: The Sandman Is Coming" added "Challenge Of The SuperFriends: Swamp Of The Living Dead" added "The Adventures of Batman: ?" added "Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle: ?" added "Yogi's Treasure Hunt: ?" added "Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels: ?" added "The Herculoids: ?" added "Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor: ?" added "Dungeons & Dragons: ?" added "Doraemon and the Legend of the Sun King" added "New Adventures of Ocean Girl: True Friends" added "Airwaves Gum" commercial updated "Ocean Girl: Secrets" added "City Boy" VERSION #21: NOV 09 2002 ------------------------ added "Kim Possible: Number One" added "Tommy: Lost in the Jungle" added "Worst-Case Scenario: Episode #105 & #108" added "Danger! 50,000 Volts: Episode #?" added "Max Steel: Prey" added "Lost World: The Elixer" updated "Intruder In The Dust" updated "7 Days to Live" updated "Voodoo Woman" to "Revenge of the Zombies" VERSION #22: MAR 16 2003 ------------------------ updated "Initiation of Sarah" (no quicksand) added "General Hospital" (2002) added "Hound of the Baskervilles" (2002) added "Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Friends Forever" added "Blue Peter: ?episode" added "Worst-Case Scenario: Episode #117" added "Adventure Inc. "Secret of the Sand" added "Escape from Experiment Island: Fire Engine" added "The Simpsons: The Great Louse Detective" added "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" updated "The Outlaw Stallion" updated "Tarzan: ?The Four O'Clock Army" to "Tarzan: The Deadly Silence" VERSION #23: OCT 25 2003 ------------------------ updated "Bronco: ?" to "Bronco: Shadow of a Man" removed "Sugarfoot: ?" updated "unknown - Omar Sharif" to "The Burglars" updated "New Gidget: ?" to "New Gidget: Malibu Man" updated "The Smurfs: Handy's Sweetheart" added "Duck Tales: ?" added "Kissyfur: The Birds and the Bears" added "Kissyfur: The Bear Who Cried Wolf" added "Family Double Dare: ?" added "It's a Miracle: Benny" added "Real TV" kangaroos added "The Brendan Leonard Show: Mud Challenge" added "The Anna Nicole Show: That's A Wrap!" added "Freckles" (note: no quicksand) added "Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment" added "Saturday Night Live: The Falconer" added "Payroll" added "Eye of the Cat" VERSION #24: MAR 20 2004 ------------------------ updated "The Beastmaster" 1982 with DVD info updated "Das Mädcheninternat - Deine Schreie wird niemand hören" added "Surviving Nugent" added "This Happened to Me: Muddy Fisherman" added "Lonely Planet (aka Globe Trekker; Pilot Guides): Northern France" added Smallville "Slumber" added "Black Magic Terror" updated "Amazon Quest" updated "Samoa, Queen of the Jungle" updated "Mean Dog Blues" updated "Ghost Of Cypress Swamp" updated "The Last Dinosaur" updated "Dark Waters" (victim is a man - not a woman) updated "No Time For Love" added "Treasure of the Moon Goddess" removed "Sugarfoot" (see "Bronco" scene) updated "Bronco: Shadow of a Man" added "Tim Tyler's Luck" serial added "Mystery Of The River Boat" serial added "King Arthur, The Young Warlord" added "The Legend Of Wisely" added "Hidalgo" added "Isle of Fantasy"
added "Purple Sunset" VERSION #25: DEC 09 2004 ------------------------ added "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams: The Unholy Beast" removed "King of the Royal Mounted" (see "Mystery Of The River Boat" instead) added "Passions" (February 15, 2004) added "Forest Rangers: The Wendigo" added "Chopper Squad: ?" added "The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin: "?" added "Most People Live in China" (aka Utopia - Nobody is Perfect in the Perfect Country) added "The Pavilion" added "Elimidate: All-Stars in Las Vegas" added "MythBusters: Quicksand" added "Castlemaine XXXX" beer commercial VERSION #26: NOV 24 2005 ------------------------ added "The Adventures of Black Beauty: Where's Jonah" added "V - The Series: Breakout" added "Fireball XL5: The Day in the Life of a Space General" added "Mona The Vampire: The Alien Magician" updated "Riverboat: The Water of Gorgeous Springs" updated "Mystery Files of Shelby Woo: The Seminole Mystery" added "Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies: ?" added "The All-New Popeye Hour: ?" added "The Ant and the Aardvark: ?" added "Hi-de-hi!: The Perils of Peggy" added "Jonathan Creek: ?" added "Lorna Doone" scenes from 1935 & 1976 added "Bayou (aka Poor White Trash)" added "Renegade (aka Blueberry)" added "Adventures of Captain Africa" added "Hideous!" added "Spookies" added "Come and See" added "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" added "Todliche Wildnis" added "The Tomb" added "Border River" added "Laughter File" added "The Goodies: ?" added "Kadoyng" updated "Daughter of the Sun God" updated "Payroll" added "Hound of the Baskervilles" (1982 with Tom Baker) added "Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles" added "Dynasty: Alexis in Blunderland" added "Dynasty: Ben" added "Dynasty: The Fair" updated "Power Rangers: Ninja Quest Part 2" changed "Kilma, Queen of the Amazons" to "Kilma, Queen of the Jungle" added "Natale in India" added "Sin" added "Totally Spies! - Feng Shui is Like So Passe" added "W.I.T.C.H. - Ambush at Torus Filney" added "Mysterious Island: ?" added "Fireballs" updated "George of the Jungle" updated "Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo: The Raft" updated "Eye of the Cat" added "Shadow of the Cat" added "The Simpsons: Don't Fear the Roofer" added "Kekexili: Mountain Patrol" added "Man-Thing" added "Frankenfish" added "Sin City" added "Nissan" commercial added "Bride of the Monster" added "12 Mile Road" added "Caravan" added "Borderlands: A Romance of the Taiga" added "Saved from the Quicksand" added "Star Maidens" added "The New Addams Family: ?" added "Space Cases: ?" added "Las Coronelas" added "Por Siempre Amigos" added "Sheela" added "Joy ŕ Hong Kong" added "Chinese Odyssey" added "The Living Coffin" added "unknown 20051122" Spanish/Mexican scene added "The Mysterious Bog People" added "Digimon Frontier: ?" added "Erementar Gerad: Viro" added "Mew Mew Power: Buggin'" added "Amazing Race: Family Edition - I Don't Kiss, I Make Out!" added "Survivor: Guatemala" (2 scenes) added "Terminal Countdown" added "The Cambric Mask" added "The Eagle's Brood" added "Her Shattered Idol" added "Lasca" added "Life's Blind Alley" added "The Price of Treachery" added "The Ship of Doom" added "The Valley of Tomorrow" added "Silly Safari" game commercial by Topper Toys added "The Caribbean Mystery" added "The Family Next Door" added "The Lion and the Horse" added "Police Call (aka Wanted; Broadway to the Jungles!)" added "Port Sinister (aka Beast of Paradise Isle)" added "Reformatory" added "The Second Greatest Sex" added "Silly Billies" added "Spoilers of the Plains" added "Texas Masquerade" VERSION #27: APR 16 2006 ------------------------ updated "The Ant and the Aardvark: Technology, Phooey" updated "?Three Supermen in the Jungle" to "3 Supermen In The Jungle" updated "Miraculous Journey" updated "The Second Greatest Sex" updated "Django" updated "Amor Gitano" updated "Spookies" (no quicksand) updated "Eye of the Cat" added "Primitives" added "Power Rangers - Mystic Force: Fire Heart" added "Casualty: Walk Before You Run" added "The Veiled Mystery: The Quicksand" added "12 to the Moon" added "Across the Border" (no quicksand) added "You Asked For It" added "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Jar" added "My Family and Other Animals"

VERSION #28: DEC 20 2007 ------------------------ updated "The Nine Tailors" (no quicksand)
updated "Campion: Mystery Mile"
updated "Good Times"
updated "Hideous!"
updated "Sin"
updated "Spoilers of the Plains"
updated "Journey to the Seventh Planet"
added "Lorna Doone" (1922) added "Treasure Hunters: Follow The Drinking Gourd, Part 1" updated "My Family and Other Animals" updated "Yellowneck" added "Survivor: Cook Islands" added "Man vs. Wild: Moab Desert"
added "Dirty Jobs: Cheese Maker"
added "Calvaire"
added "The Marsh"
added "Pirate Master: I Want That Treasure"
added "Mela Thiranthathu Kadhavu"
added "Tarzan: Tarzan and the Pirate Treasure"
updated "Mysterious Island: Last Rites of Spring"
updated "Doctor Who: Full Circle"
added "The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: ?"
updated "Angela Anaconda: All For One"
added "A.T.O.M. - Alpha Teens on Machines: ?"
added "Armor Hunter Mellowlink: episode 3"
added "Aura Battler Dunbine: ?"
added "Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Avatar State"
added "Avatar: The Last Airbender - The King Of Omashu"
added "Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror: Episode 05"
added "Baby Felix & Friends: ?"
added "Ben 10: The Big Tick"
added "Captain Flamingo: Run Milo Run"
added "Daa! Daa! Daa! - The First Christmas with Saionji"
added "Deltora Quest: Nij and Doj's Trap"
added "Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone"
added "Dragon Quest: ?"
updated "Erementar Gerad: Viro"
updated "Fortune Quest: ?"
added "Galaxy Angel: ?"
added "Hell Girl: From Beyond the Twilight"
added "Jinki: Extend: ?"
added "Juanito Jones: ?"
updated "Jumanji: ?" to "Jumanji: Ransom of Redhead"
added "Little Dead Girl"
added "M.A.S.K. - ?"
updated "Mona The Vampire: The Alien Magician"
added "The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok: The Attacked Girl"
added "Negima: The Black Rose Baron"
added "Pani Poni Dash: ?"
added "Pinky and the Brain: Welcome To The Jungle"
added "Rambo and the Forces of Freedom: Swamp Monster"
added "The Smoggies: Don't Bug The Bugs"
added "Sugar Sugar Rune: Witch of Cocoa Desert, Ambe"
added "Teen Titans: Kole"
added "Tokimeki Tonight: Door to The Demon World"
added "Tokimeki Tonight: Bathroom Crisis"
added "Tom and Jerry: The Fast and The Furry"
added "Tom and Jerry Tales: Shiver Me Whiskers!"
added "Yes! PreCure 5: Assault! Karen's Private Life"
added (unknown 20070104)
added "Mercedes-Benz" commercial
added "Tarzan Korkusuz Adam"
added "Something Beneath"
added "Amen: ?"
added "The Legend of Gingko"
added "Bumbarash"
added "Jenseits der Morgenröte" (aka The Secret of the Black Dragon)
added "Kill Reality: The Scorned"
added "Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet"
added "The Messengers"
added "30 pripadu majora Zemana: Bestie - 1949"
updated "Tarzan: The Cage" to "Tarzan: The Three Faces of Death"
updated "Tarzan: ?" to "Tarzan: The End Of The River"
updated "Tarzan: ?" to "Tarzan: End of a Challenge" VERSION #29: MAR 24 2020 -------------------------------------------- updated "Gamera vs. Barugon"
added "Man vs. Wild: Everglades"
added "Man vs. Wild: Scotland"
added "Man vs. Wild: Sahara"
added "Total Drama Island: Up The Creek"
added "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"
added "Apocalypto"
added "Flash Gordon: Possession"
added "Survivor: Gabon"
added "The Saddle Club: Back In The Saddle"
added "Beleza Pura"
added "Pervirella"
added "Kuntilanak 3"
added "Elina"
added "George of the Jungle: Love In The Air"
added "Huntik: Secrets & Seekers - Words of Truth, Heart of Lies"
replaced "Macumba Love" with "Macumba"
added "Estate of Panic: That Sinking Feeling"
added "The Secret Saturdays: Eterno"
added "The Secret Saturdays: The Owlman Feeds At Midnight"
added "Growing Up Creepie: The Scared Twitch Project"
added "Iisa Pa Lamang" (soap opera)
added "Ninjai - The Little Ninja: Chapters 07 & 08"
added "Life On Mars: Let All the Children Boogie"
added "The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon"
updated "One Life to Live: Badderly Island"
added "The Legends of Treasure Island: Memories Are Made Of This"
added "The Legends of Treasure Island: Tails We Win"
merged "Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle" into "Jana of the Jungle"
updated "Dennis the Menace: Dennis of the Jungle"
added "Duck Tales: Sweet Duck of Youth"
added "Whaddyado"
added "Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie"
added "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - That Girl is Like a Virus"
added "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Expectations"
updated "Seal Morning"
updated "Woman in the Dunes"
updated "The Pavilion"
updated "Django"
updated "The Lion and the Horse"
added "Mantracker: Andrew & Hainsley"
added "Mantracker: Jordan & Suzie"
added "The Save-Ums! - Lava World Race"
added "Total Drama World Tour: African Lying Safari"
added "Sea Patrol: Paradise Lost"
added "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur"
Added "Archer: Danger Island - Strange Doings In The Taboo Groves"
Added "Scorpion: Gator Done"
Replaced "Treasure of the Hidden City" with "Legend of the Hidden City"
Replaced "Lo Sconosciuto di San Marino" with "Caravan"
Updated "The Good Life: "?Home Sweet Home" to "Sweet and Sour Charity"
Added "The 100: The Gospel of Josephine"
Added "90210: Blood Is Thicker Than Mud"
Added "Aayirathil Oruvan"
Added "Adventure Island"
Added "Alligator Alley"
Added "The Amazing Spiez: Operation: Desert Rescue"
Added "The Artist"
Added "As The World Turns" (2007)
Added " Online Shopping"
Added "Baratok Kozt"
Added "Beyond The Horizon: Episode 106"
Added "Bones: The Man in the Mud"
Added "Britain's Forgotten Children"
Added "Childrens Hospital: Run, Dr. Lola Spratt, Run"
Added "Class of the Titans: Grae's Anatomy"
Added "The Detour: The Funeral"
Added "Dino King 3D - Journey to Fire Mountain"
Added "Doctor Who: The Doctor's Daughter"
Added "Dora and the Lost City of Gold"
Added "Duelo de Pasiones"
Added "Easy Fortune Happy Life: Episode 1"
Added "Ellen: The Spa"
Added "Empire: Where the Hawk Is Wheeling"
Added "Eva uber Bord"
Added "Fear House"
Added "Filthy Riches: Honey Pot Spot"
Added "Galileo Mystery: ?Das Mädchen aus dem Moor"
Added "GEICO Insurance"
Added "Gensomaden Saiyuki: Sandstorm/The Quicksand Trap"
Added "George Of The Jungle: Trial By Jungle"
Added "Geronimo Stilton: Sorceress of the Bayou"
Added "Get Married If You Can"
Added "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"
Added "Gui meng jiao"
Added "The Guiding Light" (2006)
Added "Hana no Ko Lunlun"
Added "Hi-de-Hi!: The Perils of Peggy"
Added "Human Discoveries: And Then They Almost Died"
Added "Iggy Arbuckle: Pig Coloured Glasses"
Added "Jokk Cranberry Juice"
Added "Josh Kirby - Time Warrior!: Chapter 5: Journey to the Magic Cavern"
Added "Jumong"
Added "The Jungle Book: Save the Tiger"
Added "Kral Sumavy"
Added "Kruzheva: ?"
Added "The Legend of Tarzan: Tarzan and the Enemy Within"
Added "The Legend of Tarzan: Tarzan and the Challenger"
Added "Legends of the Hidden Temple"
Added " Online Buy/Sell"
Added "Letter Bee: The Sick Letter Bee and Girls"
Added "Liu Kuai Liu Mao Liu Na Dian Shi" Episode 7"
Added "The Lone Ranger Rides Again: Chapter 3: The Black Raiders Strike"
Added "Lost: ?"
Added "Love in the Wild: Week 6"
Added "Magadheera"
Added "Maken-Ki! Battling Venus: The Girls of Light and Shadow"
Added "Man, Woman, Wild: Quicksand & Sinkholes"
Added "Mantracker: Jake & Nick"
Added "Mazinger Z: The Operation To Capture Aphrodite A"
Added "Mazinger Z: The First Encounter!! Demon Officer Viscount Pygman!!"
Added "Monster: ?"
Added "Mr. Natwarlal"
Added "My Friend Marsupilami: The Sixth Marsu"
Added "Naruto - Shippuden: The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo!"
Added "Naruto - Shippuden: Escape vs. Pursuit"
Added "Natale in Sudafrica"
Added "Navstevnici: Stane se zitra"
Added "One Piece - Wan pisu: Steer for the Clouds! Capture the South Bird!"
Added "Pair of Kings: Return of the Kings"
Added "Pair of Kings: The Bite Stuff"
Added "Pair of Kings: Good King Hunting"
Added "Pasion de Gavilanes"
Added "Pirate Islands - The Lost Treasure of Fiji: Tabu"
Added "Quarks & Co."
Added "Quibi Online Videos"
Added "Rave Master: Under Desert Sands, Part 1 - Ray Barrier, The Hidden City"
Added "Redakai: The Cataclysm Stone"
Added "Rocket Robin Hood: Dementia Five"
Added "Rupert: Rupert And The Marsh Mystery"
Added "Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas: ?"
Added "Scooby-Doo And Guess Who?: Peebles' Pet Shop of Terrible Terrors!"
Added "Sea Patrol: Paradise Lost"
Added "The Secret Saturdays: Black Monday"
Added "Shadow Island"
Added "Snow White and The Huntsman"
Added "So You Think You'd Survive?: Snake Bites and Quicksand"
Added "The Sorceress"
Added "Special A: Girlfriend - Boyfriend"
Added "Star vs. The Forces of Evil: The Bogbeast of Boggabah"
Added "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker"
Added "Summer Camp Island: Time Traveling Quick Pants"
Added "Swiss Family Robinson - Flone of the Mysterious Island: Okaasan no Katsuyaku"
Added "The Tall Man"
Added "Terra Ribelle: Episode 7"
Added "Tierra de Lobos: Polvo al Polvo"
Added "Travel Dares: How To Escape Quicksand"
Added "VICE Essentials: Hollywood's Quicksand Fetish"
Added "Wakfu: L'Arbre de vie"
Added "What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Quicksand Quagmire"
Added "What I Like About You: Spa Day"
Added "Wicked: Sand Trap"
Added "Wild Justice: Quicksand!"
Added "Wreck-It Ralph"
Added "Zorro: La Espada y La Rosa"
VERSION #30: MAY 11 2020 --------------------------------------------
Added: Shaolin Wuzang "Your Worst Enemy"
Added: Laramie "License To Kill"
Updated: Zoro (aka The New Adventures of Zorro) "Tar Pit Terror"
Updated: The Family Next Door
Updated: The All-New Popeye Hour "The Treasure of Howe's Bayou"
Added: Jack Armstrong "Chapter 8: The Secret Room"
Added: Spirit Riding Free "Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy"
Updated: Whiplash "Fire Rock"
Added: Tobor the 8th Man "The Monster Bird"