Like a number of folks, I've been fascinated with quicksand scenes from an early age.

I started researching and collecting quicksand scenes in the early 80's. Back in the days of start-up video outlets and top-loading VCR's!  The collection that resulted was the fruits of hundreds of hours and lots of money expended, plus the contributions of several friends I've made along the way.  With the urging of a few of these folks, I started Mud Puddle Visuals as a way of sharing the information and some images I had collected. The more dramatic side of MPV has now grown into Quicksand Visuals. Please visit the new site and check out our interpretations of this classic dramatic element.  

'm happy to say that MPV has now grown to the point where I can showcase these clips at no charge.

So visit the review section and enjoy a small sampling of how quicksand is interpreted in movies and on television shows. See which are my favorite - and see if you draw the same conclusions!

Also included here is Cryptos
'Ultimate Guide to TV and Movie Quicksand Scenes',  a tremendous resource that has been selflessly honed over the years. So check it out and stop by often. The reviews will be updated as often as once a month.

Dave Lodoski